Henry Mancini And His Orchestra - Mancini In Hollywood: Mr. Lucky And Other Film & TV Greats (1993) [Dolby Surround]

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Henry Mancini And His Orchestra - Mancini In Hollywood: Mr. Lucky And Other Film & TV Greats (1993) [Dolby Surround]

Henry Mancini And His Orchestra - Mancini In Hollywood: Mr. Lucky And Other Film & TV Greats (1993) [Dolby Surround]
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Henry Mancini enjoyed great success in every field he has entered, but one of his most satisfying endeavors has been his concert touring. Performing with major orchestras all across the country, he always plays to sold-out audiences. To quote his 1989 autobiography Did They Mention The Music?: "I like presenting the music directly to people."

This release is one of two volumes of Mr. Mancini's concert arrangements of material that are now available on compact disc and cassette. Both volumes were assembled from three concert albums that Mr. Mancini recorded for RCA Victor in 1964, 1967 and 1971. In addition, a compilation of his recordings with the Philadelphia and London Symphony Orchestras will be released shortly, so that, for the first time, all of this type of his recordings made for the RCA label will be available on CD.

Newly remixed from available two-, three- and four-track tapes for Dolby Surround, this release allows a similarly-equipped listener the chance to experience the same hall acoustics heard during the recording of these albums, and presents a quality of sound superior to the original vinyl album. The critical listener will also note that current digital technology can reveal the limitations of the analog source material, and that radical restoration methods were not attempted, in order to preserve the full-frequency content of the original recordings.

Of special interest in this volume are his tributes to other Hollywood composers in his Academy Awards Selections and his very popular Peter Gunn Meets Mr. Lucky suite. As millions of fans can attest, it can all be said in three words: Mancini, Majestic, Marvelous! - Al Lutz

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Henry Mancini / Mancini In Hollywood

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==== Log checksum 465C8E5A75C2C621094E4D02B3A05D31B246789C0F2BA342AE961245FCA0CD7D ====

Track Listing:

- Never On Sunday (1960)
- High Noon (1952)
- Over The Rainbow (1939) from The Wizard Of Oz
- Buttons And Bows (1948) from The Paleface
- Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing (1955)
- Three Coins In The Fountain (1954)
- Moon River (1961) from Breakfast At Tiffany's

- Born Free
- The Song From Moulin Rouge (Where Is Your Heart?)
- More From Mondo Cane
- Samba De Orfeu From Black Orpheus
- Theme From Zorba The Greek
- I Will Wait For You From The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg

- Exodus
- The Man With The Golden Arm (Main Title Theme)
- Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo From Lili
- Somewhere, My Love (Lara's Theme) From Dr. Zhivago
- Conquest From Captain From Castile
- Laura

- Mr. Lucky - Lightly Latin - Dreamsville - Timothy
March Of The Cue Balls - Joanna - My Friend Andamo - Peter Gunn

- Holiday For Strings - One Love - American Hoe Down
Manhattan Square Dance - The Stripper - California Melodies
Dance Of The Spanish Onion - Our Watlz

All arrangements by: Mr. Mancini
Produced by: Joe Reisman
Digital Re-mastering and Dolby Surround Remix: Robert S. Warren
Additional Engineering: Ted Trewhella
Digital Master Assembly: Nathaniel S. Johnson
Art Director: J.J. Stemach
Design: Gina Bello
Photo Montage: Geoff Spear

All selections recorded prior to 1972.

Album Released: February 9, 1993

foobar2000 1.1.7 / Dynamic Range Meter 1.1.0
log date: 2013-02-11 22:10:06

Analyzed: Henry Mancini / Mancini In Hollywood

DR Peak RMS Duration Track
DR13 -1.29 dB -19.05 dB 10:48 01-Academy Award Selections
DR14 -2.29 dB -20.25 dB 10:48 02-Foreign Film Festival
DR13 -0.81 dB -20.73 dB 13:12 03-Music From Hollywood
DR14 -0.79 dB -19.75 dB 11:09 04-Peter Gunn Meets Mr. Lucky
DR13 -1.47 dB -19.96 dB 10:20 05-The Music Of David Rose

Number of tracks: 5
Official DR value: DR14

Samplerate: 44100 Hz
Channels: 2
Bits per sample: 16
Bitrate: 672 kbps
Codec: FLAC

This project is the latest release in an exciting series that unites the music of RCA Victor with the audio technology of Dolby Laboratories.
When played on a conventional stereo system with two speakers it presents a stereo recording as fine as any available.
But when the recording is played with a Dolby Surround decoder, and two small additional speakers at the back of the listening area,
an extra dimension is added: the music springs vividly to life.
It comes toward you, and from around and behind you can be heard natural reverberation of the concert hall -
as exciting as if you were sitting by the microphones while the recording was being made.

Henry Mancini And His Orchestra - Mancini In Hollywood: Mr. Lucky And Other Film & TV Greats (1993) [Dolby Surround]

Henry Mancini And His Orchestra - Mancini In Hollywood: Mr. Lucky And Other Film & TV Greats (1993) [Dolby Surround]

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