Joel Remmel Trio - Kevad (2021)

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Joel Remmel Trio - Kevad (2021)

Joel Remmel Trio - Kevad (2021)
WEB FLAC (tracks) - 231 MB | Tracks: 8 | 46:25
Style: Jazz | Label: Playground Music

Joel Remmel Trio celebrates its 10th anniversary with the album "Spring"! This time, in addition to the regular members of the ensemble, the album will also feature the beloved singer Liisi Koikson, Finnish trumpet player Jukka Eskola and the excellence of the domestic saxophone performance performed by Aleksander Paal. The album mainly features Joel Remmel's original work, which is fresh and diverse - typical of jazz music, you can enjoy lively improvisations and gentle grooves.


01. Waltz of the Flowers
02. Rumba Azul
03. Arabian Nightmare
04. South 5th Street
05. Diane (Tropical Moon)
06. Singin' the Blues
07. Jubilee Stomp
08. Negotiations of South Williamsburg
09. Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes
10. Lujon
11. Effervescent Blues
12. Rumba Tambah

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