Kaleidoscope - Incredible Kaleidoscope (Expanded Edition) (1969/2018)

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Kaleidoscope - Incredible Kaleidoscope (Expanded Edition) (1969/2018)

Kaleidoscope - Incredible Kaleidoscope (Expanded Edition) (1969/2018)
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Psychedelic Rock | Label: Legacy Recordings

Incredible! (1969) was the combo's third album and first to boast contributions from newest members Stuart Brotman (bass/vocals) and Paul Lagos (percussion), flanking David Lindley (guitar/banjo/violin/vocals), Solomon Feldthouse (guitar/oud/clarinet/saz/jumbas/vocals), and Chester Crill (harmonica/violin/organ/vocal). In the absence of Chris Darrow's commanding songwriting, each member projected himself into the material, which adopts a discernible country-rock lilt accompanying Kaleidoscope's established Eastern-informed psychedelia. Nowhere do the two seemingly disparate styles fuse as effortlessly as the upbeat opener, "Lie to Me." Similarly the rural feel of "Let the Good Love Flow" could be easily mistaken for the New Riders of the Purple Sage or Commander Cody, with Lindley pulling off a convincing faux steel guitar lead. On the other side of the spectrum is the funky workout on Howlin' Wolf's "Killing Floor," as it slithers and slides around Lagos' solid rhythm. The bayou-tinged "Petite Fleur" hearkens to a sound the band explored on the cover of Doug Kershaw's "Louisiana Man" from their previous long-player, A Beacon from Mars. The appropriately titled "Banjo" provides Lindley with a vehicle for his remarkable virtuosity, likewise adding stimulation from Feldthouse's strong East-meets-West vibe. The traditional "Cuckoo" is one of Kaleidoscope's heavier numbers, reinforcing Lagos' muscular interjections. The disc concludes with the lengthy and adeptly crafted "Seven-Ate Sweet," a reference to the time signature of the 11-plus-minute instrumental. It offers nothing short of a consistently inspired example of the power and prowess within this incarnation.


01. Lie to Me
02. Let the Good Love Flow
03. Killing Floor
04. Petit Fleur
05. Banjo
06. Cuckoo
07. Seven-Ate Sweet
08. Sefan (Single Version)




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