Kaotik - Starving Death (2012)

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Kaotik - Starving Death (2012)

Kaotik - Starving Death (2012)
Canada | Mp3 320 Kbps | 117 MB
Death/Thrash Metal

Kaotik have a mix of Morgoth, Entombed, Pestilence, and Obituary in their sound- the sense of apocalyptic vision as the riffs unfurl, sometimes in an ascending fashion with speedy trilling or at other times drop tuned with simplistic grooves made for windmill action. From opener "War at the Door" to the scary epic ending "Inbreeding" with Alexis taking the bass lead at times, Kaotik feel perfectly at home in a direction that Asphyx and Hail Of Bullets know has met with fan favor.

Tracklist :

1. War at the Door
2. Carnivorous Madnesss
3. Creature
4. Lobotomy
5. The Screeching Sound
6. Bad Awakening
7. Pesticide Shower
8. Starving Death
9. Terror
10. Inbreeding

Total playing time 51:06