Philippe Manoury: ZEITLAUF

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Philippe Manoury: ZEITLAUF

Philippe Manoury (b. 1952): "ZEITLAUF"
Label: ERATO ECD 75552
Avant-Garde | EAC FLAC separate tracks + CUE + LOG | Scans | 295 MB
Recorded in 1984

For a long time I had had the idea of using a large-scale work to put into concrete form a concept that seemed to me to symbolize the apparatus of sensory perception in music. The concept permits two types of attitude as its extremes: immediate perception, linked to the nature of phenomena at the moment they occur, and reflective perception, which takes the relationships between phenomena into consideration, and causes memory to intervene. In symmetry with the latter type we have foreseeability. That is, the unconscious will to anticipate the musical discourse, with this will feeding on memorized objects…

Philippe MANOURY (born 1952)

1 - 13 ZEITLAUF (1982) 67'00

for voice and computer-synthesized tape
Poème de Georg Webern

Groupe Vocal De France Chorus-master: Michel Tranchant
Ensemble InterContemporain Direction: Peter Eötvös

Total: 67'00

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Track 7
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Track 10
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Track 11
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Track 13
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