Omnium Gatherum - Beyond (2013)

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Omnium Gatherum - Beyond (2013)

Omnium Gatherum - Beyond (2013)
Finland | Mp3 320 Kbps | 123 MB
Melodic Death Metal

OMNIUM GATHERUM are best known for playing pure northern death metal with breathtaking melodies and a songwriting that is based upon superior intelligence. On “Beyond” the Finnish six-piece appear without limitations to their forward-thinking metal that is aggressive and heavy while quoting feels from prog rock to even AOR. This is why OMNIUM GATHERUM are speaking of themselves of adult oriented death metal in its most epic and purest form. Listening to “Beyond”, the sixth album of the Scandinavians, you will be able to relate to this classification in no time.

Tracklist :

1. Luoto
2. New Dynamic
3. In the Rim
4. Nightwalkers
5. Formidable
6. The Sonic Sign
7. Who Could Say
8. The Unknowing
9. Living in Me
10. White Palace

Total playing time 57:10