Papadosio - Pattern Integrities: Remixed (2017)

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Papadosio - Pattern Integrities: Remixed (2017)

Papadosio - Pattern Integrities: Remixed (2017)
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Genre: Psychill, Downtempo, Ambient | RAR 3% Rec. | Label: Self-released

Papadosio is known for their layered sound and seemingly infinite depth, as recent release Pattern Integrities showed. Building the perfect Papadosio song is a process of making choice after choice until the track emerges. Thankfully, the production finish line isn’t always the final word in the evolution of the music. For the first time, Papadosio has decided that the end isn’t truly the end with the release of Pattern Integrities: Remixed. There are a million reasons for one artist to want to deconstruct the creations of others. Often, it is to single out an element that intrigues them. For example, Bluetech takes the more down-tempo aspects of “Each And Every Wave” and strips away anything that elevates the track’s high end. The effect is a meditative jam that allows the mind to float and bob to its own beat.
Kalya Scintilla took elements of “Euclidean Lights” and added layers of distorted echo-laden wails and higher-sped beats. The remix proves that sometimes you can say more with less song itself. Aligning Minds focus on “Mr. Turtles Cloud Kingdom,” turning the track into a tight, trippy, psychedelic dream.
The bass line of “Omnifreeze” goes from a sparse click to a thumping organic beat in the hands of Living Light. Slow-building “Oblivion” skips the preamble and gets straight to full-speed funk in the hands of Push Pull. Anthony Thogmartin, under the alias EarthCry, pulls off one of the most remarkable transformations with a tempo-inverted take on “Vactollio,” which works just as well. It makes one wonder if he had this direction in mind earlier in the production cycle.
The most charming take on this collection is Scott Hannay’s fantastically retro 8-bit version of “Threes.” Self-imposed restrictions, like the use of the OG video game music parameters, can be inspirational and comical at the same time. The second take on “Euclidean Lights” on Pattern Integrities: Remixed by Soulacybin goes in a much more structured and danceable direction.
Including multiple takes by different remix artists on a collection illustrates the conceit behind these packages perfectly, giving artists like Futexture and Erothyme opportunities to showcase their thoughts alongside Living Light and the band itself. Papadosio wisely chose artists whom they appreciate to reinvent their work and the result is a lively album that stands on its own merits. Let’s hope that they continue to see where others can take their creations!
01. Each and Every Wave - (Bluetech Remix)
02. Euclidean Lights - (Kalya Scintilla Remix)
03. Mr. Turtles Cloud Kingdom - (Aligning Minds Remix)
04. Omnifreeze - (Living Light Remix)
05. Oblivion - (Push Pull Remix)
06. Vactrollio - (Earthcry Remix)
07. Threes - Scott Hannay (Mister F 8 Bit Remix)
08. Euclidean Lights - (Soulacybin Remix)
09. Omnifreeze - (Futexture's Carefully Ambivalent Detailing)
10. Vactrollio - (Erothyme Remix)

Total time: 53:39

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Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: FD4BFC8F7E9F5145CCFCE229D352AEFD30555370
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