Philip Catherine & Paulo Morello - Manoir de mes Rêves (2019)

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Philip Catherine & Paulo Morello - Manoir de mes Rêves (2019)

Philip Catherine & Paulo Morello - Manoir de mes Rêves (2019)
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Jazz, Guitar Jazz | Label: Yellowbird Records

The two guitarists Catherine and Morello met in 2010 at the Burghausen Jazz Festival know and appreciate. In 2017, the two guitar virtuosos together with bassist Sven Faller founded an intimate and grooving trio. Now her first album "Manoir de mes Rêves" is released - named after a composition by European jazz pioneer Django Reinhardt. Much of the repertoire comes from the Paris of the 1950s and 60s, including compositions by Georges Brassens, Henri Salvador and Eddy Louiss, Philip admired since his youth. Even more recent material from the repertoire of the legendary Belgian singer Maurane or the famous bossa nova "Recado" offer an ideal springboard for the filigree interaction of the three individualists.

Philip Catherine is a jazz guitar legend. He toured at a young age with Dexter Gordon, Jean-Luc Ponty, Chet Baker, Tom Harrell and many other greats. Charles Mingus nicknamed him "Young Django". The Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote recently about him that he plays "things you can not hear from any other guitarist in the world right now". However, it is not the technique and speed that sets the string wizard apart, but its unmistakable acoustic guitar tone and improvisational style that inspired the great winds of jazz.

Paulo Morello is considered one of the most interesting jazz guitarists in Europe. He gained international fame with his Bossa Nova-Legends project: along with Grammy winner Leny Andrade or bossa nova grandfather Johnny Alf, Morello has appeared at major European and South American festivals. Morello toured with his trio Hammond Eggs with US musicians Randy Brecker and Bob Mintzer. In addition, he worked with Jimmy Smith, Paul Kuhn, Ivan Lins, Airto Moreira, Larry Coryell or Pat Martino.

Sven Faller has made a name for himself internationally with his melodic style on the double bass. After studying at the Mannes College of Music, he lived in New York for many years and shared the stage with numerous well-known artists such as Charlie Mariano, Chico Freeman, Bobby Watson, Pippo Pollina or Konstantin Wecker. With his CD "Night Music" and the book of the same name, he has finally established himself not only as a bassist, but also as a composer and author.


01. Les Amoureux Des Bancs Publics
02. Manoir De Mes Rêves
03. To Philip
04. L'ombrelle Et Le Parapluie
05. Recado
06. Insensiblement
07. Claudia's Delight
08. Jardin D'Hiver
09. Les Uns Contre Les Autres
10. Pas Encore
11. Enfant Des Etoiles
12. I'll See You In My Dreams




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