Radament - Due (2019)

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Radament - Due (2019)

Radament - Due (2019)
WEB FLAC (tracks) - 281 MB | Tracks: 9 | 54:51 min
Style: Jazz | Label: Giant Pulse

Radament presents its second album “due” after the good reviews received by its homonymous first record in 2017.
Formed in Barcelona by the Galician pianist and composer Juanjo Fernández and the Italian drummer Giorgio Fausto Menossi, the duo keeps the original formula of its debut, with instinctive and raw arrangements, and it is capable to add a compositional maturity that gives more interest and depth.
Radament’s jazz is still blended with classical and rock music, but the spectrum of influences is increasingly wider.


01. Otro día
02. Beatus ille
03. Vuelve al mar
04. Danza involuntaria
05. Ensimismado
06. Dithiramba
07. Bla bla
08. Claroscuro
09. 7th St, Vancouver

FILE: 01. Otro día.flac
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FILE: 02. Beatus ille.flac
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FILE: 03. Vuelve al mar.flac
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FILE: 04. Danza involuntaria.flac
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FILE: 05. Ensimismado.flac
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Signature: 22EA882F7F6002581294C0BB466DD15F8A394AA9
FILE: 06. Dithiramba.flac
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Signature: 10CE2F30FD8AD3A4A096C9ED158BCA802B21A9A1
FILE: 07. Bla bla.flac
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Signature: 5FC58DF7A3812C2DABEB1F98E3A5A690E3FD6224
FILE: 08. Claroscuro.flac
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