Raven Black Night - Barbarian Winter (2013)

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Raven Black Night - Barbarian Winter (2013)

Raven Black Night - Barbarian Winter (2013)
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Epic Doom/Heavy Metal

Australian heavy metal warlords RAVEN BLACK NIGHT will release their Metal Blade debut, Barbarian Winter, on February 19th.Raven Black Night formed in 1999 in Adelaide, Australia to start their campaign to bring their traditional metal sound to a worldwide audience. After numerous gigs throughout their home country they recorded and released their debut album Choose The Dark in 2005. Choose The Dark garnered praise throughout Australia and Europe, culminating into an invitation in 2007 to perform at the 10th annual Headbangers Open Air in Germany. Several years of touring and festival appearances were to follow where Raven Black Night played the Hard and Heavy summer nights, the Hamburg Ballroom, and more dates throughout Australia.Raven Black Night mainmen Jim and Rino are prepared to take the band's sound of true metal/doom to a global audience. A new partnership with Metal Blade Records and a new album will firmly put Raven Black Night on the world map of true heavy metal.

Tracklist :

1. Fire in Your Eyes
2. Morbid Gladiator
3. Mystery Woman
4. Fallen Angel
5. Black Queen
6. If You Choose the Dark
7. Warriors Call
8. Barbarian Winter
9. Changes
10. Lips of Desire
11. Nocturnal Birth
12. Angel with a Broken Wing

Total playing time 59:08