Rogerio Tutti - Cinematic Piano (2019)

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Rogerio Tutti - Cinematic Piano (2019)

Rogerio Tutti - Cinematic Piano (2019)
WEB FLAC (Tracks) | Cover | 20:01 | 46 MB
Classical | Label: Rogerio Tutti

Maestro Rogerio Tutti is a piano virtuoso showman known for his impeccable technique and charismatic personality.
With vibrating performances and interactive fun stage presence, Tutti has conquered the public presenting the best of the classical music world mixed with his contemporary and original arrangements of the most popular and beloved music.
Tutti conducts and performs with his own orchestra presenting many of his unique and emotional compositions.


01. Rogerio Tutti - Comptine d'un autre éte: L'après-midi
02. Rogerio Tutti - Forrest Gump Suite
03. Rogerio Tutti - Für Alina
04. Rogerio Tutti - Nuvole Bianche
05. Rogerio Tutti - River Flows in You
06. Rogerio Tutti - La valse d'amèlie
07. Rogerio Tutti - Watermark




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