Sacred Steel - The Bloodshed Summoning (2013)

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Sacred Steel - The Bloodshed Summoning (2013)

Sacred Steel - The Bloodshed Summoning (2013)
Germany | Mp3 320 Kbps | 138 MB
Epic Power Metal

Raise your swords and put on your best chainmail armor before embarking on the quest that is The Bloodshed Summoning, Sacred Steel’s 8th studio album. These German metal giants have been smashing eardrums since 1996. This latest album does not stray from their heavy, power-thrashing legacy.Bloodshed Summoning album by Sacred Steel is scheduled to be released Feb 19, 2013 on the Cruz Del Sur label. "The Bloodshed Summoning" offers everything that old or new SACRED STEEL fans desire: heavy riffs and aggressive but catchy metal hymns. Bloodshed Summoning music CDs The cd-version comes with 3-bonus tracks, including a cover version of MISFITS "Dig Up Her Bones" SACRED STEEL is a trademark in the metal scene: all METAL with an own attitude, never everybody's darling - and damned proud of it! Bloodshed Summoning CD music contains a single disc with 15 songs.

Tracklist :

1. Storm of Fire 1916
2. No God / No Religion
3. When the Siren Calls
4. The Darkness of Angels
5. The Bloodshed Summoning
6. Under the Banner of Blasphemy
7. Black Towers
8. Crypts of the Fallen
9. The Night They Came to Kill
10. Join the Congregation
11. Journey into Purgatory
12. Doomed to Eternal Hell
13. Perversions of the Scriptures
14. Unbinding the Chains
15. Dig Up Her Bones (Misfits cover)

Total playing time 01:01:42