Eric Salazar - Salazar: Soul Search (2018)

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Eric Salazar - Salazar: Soul Search (2018)

Eric Salazar - Salazar: Soul Search (2018)
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Label: Centaur Records, Inc. | Tracks: 08 | Time: 27:51 min

Soul Search is a guided exploration of musical possibilities. The blending of clarinet with electronics is meditative at times, while soulful at others, and even raucous at certain moments. Eric Salazar is an emerging artist with international press attention. Dubbed a super-human clarinet hero (Big Car, 2015), Salazar pioneers the indie-classical genre. He takes his classical training and fuses together modern electronics with classical instruments, blending ancient styles with present musical trends. Salazar s connective approach to performing wins the hearts of audiences as he guides them through explorations of raw emotion. Eric s purpose for writing music is to create art that challenges standards, unites audiences of uncommon backgrounds, and connects souls through creative understanding. Salazar wass a 2017 recipient of the Robert D. Beckmann Jr. Emerging Artist fellowship by the Arts Council of Indianapolis.

1. Lotus Fist 02:25
2. A Necessary Pause 04:20
3. Soul Search 03:32
4. Siren 04:12
5. Timeshift 04:12
6. From the Steppes 03:04
7. Braga Dum 02:08
8. Sky So Blue 03:58

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