Shakra - Powerplay (2013)

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Shakra - Powerplay (2013)

Shakra - Powerplay (2013)
Switzerland | Mp3 320 Kbps | 139 MB
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

“Powerplay”: the title says it all. The 9th album of Swiss power rockers SHAKRA, picks up where their last chart-breaking album, “Back on Track”, left off.The 13-track LP is the most varied SHAKRA album so far. The band has grown and blossomed in this formation throughout the 50 gigs they have played together. Songs such as “Dream of Mankind”, “Higher”, “Wonderful Life” and “Because Of You” display the whole variety of SHAKRA’s sound. The album was once again produced by Thom Blunier in the Powerride studios. “Powerplay” is a high-class traditional but at the same time up-to-date piece of work.

Tracklist :

01.Life Is Now
02.The Mask
04.Wonderful Life
05.Dear Enemy
06.Save You From Yourself
07.Don’t Keep Me Hanging
08.Dream Of Mankind
10.Because Of You
11.Secret Hideaway
12. The World Keeps Turning (bonus)
13. Too Good To Be True