Smokey Wilson - Smoke 'N' Fire (1993/2019)

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Smokey Wilson - Smoke 'N' Fire (1993/2019)

Smokey Wilson - Smoke 'N' Fire (1993/2019)
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Blues | Label: Bullseye Blues

Transplanted Mississippian Smokey Wilson has made plenty of records, but usually for poorly distributed regional labels. So although he is far from a newcomer, he might as well be a fledgling rookie to the average listener. The songs, aside from the lyrically commendable but awkward "Don't Burn Down L.A.," are primarily his own urgent expositions on love, life's unfairness, and pain. His playing blends slamming fills, chunky riffs, and sonic barrages mixed with expert uses of distortion, bent notes, and flashy chords. This is the kind of no-nonsense set that has earned Rounder/Bullseye its exemplary reputation.


01. Don't Burn Down L.A.
02. You Took Everything From Me
03. Smoke N' Fire
04. Tired Of Cryin'
05. 88th Street Blues
06. Killin' Floor
07. Tired Of Waiting On You
08. Nobody's Bid'ness
09. I Didn't Know
10. Just Messin' Around
11. Why Don't You Let Me Be




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