The Beatles - Dig It (1989) {Condor/Toasted} **[RE-UP]**

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The Beatles - Dig It (1989) {Condor/Toasted} **[RE-UP]**

The Beatles - Dig It (1989) {Condor/Toasted}
EAC Rip | FLAC (no CUE or log) | scans | 397 mb
MP3 CBR 320kbps | RAR | 156 mb
Genre: pop rock

Dig It was a Beatles bootleg CD released in 1989 on Condor Records, allegedly pressed in Australia but the CD said it was made in Korea. This was one of the first boot CD's I bought way back then and while it did look like professionally made compact discs, if you looked at the CD through a light, there were a few pinholes through the metal within the disc itself. It had been said that this shows the inferiority of bootleg discs but it was just a disc that was not made as well as companies who had a bigger budget to use better material. Nonetheless, when it was possible to rip CD's, this was also one of the first I saved, in fear of the CD deteriorating.

01. Soldier Of Love
02. That's Alright Mama
03. I'll Be On My Way
04. Twist And Shout
05. Roll Over Beethoven
06. I Wanna Be Your Man
07. Can't Buy Me Love
08. Yes It Is
09. Magical Mystery Tour
10. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
11. Christmas Time (Is Here Again)
12. Oh! Darling
13. Across The Universe
14. Lady Madonna
15. Dig It
16. Strawberry Fields Forever
17. Her Majesty
18. Child Of Nature
19. 12 Bar Original
20. Strawberry Fields Forever
21. The Walk
22. I Feel Fine
23. Everyone Had A Hard Year
24. Day Tripper
25. Strawberry Fields Forever
26. Misery

The Beatles - Dig It (1989) {Condor/Toasted} **[RE-UP]**