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VA - World's Greatest Jazz Collection - The Encyclopedia of Jazz [Box Set 500CDs] (2008)

Posted By: juanchito
VA - World's Greatest Jazz Collection - The Encyclopedia of Jazz [Box Set 500CDs] (2008)

VA - World's Greatest Jazz Collection - The Encyclopedia of Jazz [Box Set 500CDs] (2008)
MP3 CBR 256 kbps | 500 Cds. | 60 GB
Genre: Jazz | Label: Membran

Incredible 500 CD box (yes, five hundred CDs!) that contains five separate 100 CD boxes that spotlight the different periods of Jazz Music (Big Band, Bop, Modern Jazz, Classic Jazz and Swing). This set encompassing an entire Who's Who of 20th century Jazz history: the essence of four decades of jazz, exclusively and compactly compiled especially for you. Doc. 2008.

VA - World's Greatest Jazz Collection - The Encyclopedia of Jazz [Box Set 500CDs] (2008)

Bebop\ -100 cds
Big Bands\ 100 cds
Classic\ 100 cds
Modern Jazz\ 100 cds
Swing\ 100 cds

001\001-01-Teddy Hill And His NBC Orchestra-Yours And Mine
001\001-02-Teddy Hill And His NBC Orchestra-King Porter Stomp
001\001-03-Teddy Hill And His NBC Orchestra-Blue Rhythm Fantasy
001\001-04-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-For The Last Time I Cried Over You
001\001-05-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-Twee-Twee-Tweet
001\001-06-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-Pluckin'The Bass
001\001-07-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-I Ain't Gettin' Nowhere Fast
001\001-08-Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra-Hot Mallets
001\001-09-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-A Bee Gezindt
001\001-10-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-Give, Baby, Give
001\001-11-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-Do It Again
001\001-12-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-Pickin'The Cabbage
001\001-13-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-Chop, Chop, Charlie Chan
001\001-14-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-Paradiddle
001\001-15-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-Boog It
001\001-16-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-Calling All Bars
001\001-17-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-Do I Care, No No
001\001-18-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-The Lone Arranger
001\001-19-Cab Calloway And His Orchestra-Topsy Turvy ( Hard Times)
001\001-20-Alice O'Connell With Glenn Hardman And His Trio-Once In A Lifetime
001\001-21-Alice O'Connell With Glenn Hardman And His Trio-Shades Of Twilight

002\002-01-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Come On With The 'Come On'
002\002-02-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Bye Bye Blues
002\002-03-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Limehouse Blues
002\002-04-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Hard Times (Topsy Turvy)
002\002-05-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Cupid's Nightmare
002\002-06-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Boog-It
002\002-07-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Cab Calloway - King Porter Stomp
002\002-08-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Papa's In Bed With His Britches On
002\002-09-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Boo-Wah-Boo-Wah
002\002-10-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Hot Air
002\002-11-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-A Chicken Ain't Nothin' But A Bird
002\002-12-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-The Workers' Train
002\002-13-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Are You All Reet
002\002-14-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Hey Doc
002\002-15-Cab Calloway and His Orchestra-Miss Finnigan
002\002-16-Pete Brown and His Band-Mound Bayou
002\002-17-Pete Brown and His Band-Unlucky Woman
002\002-18-Pete Brown and His Band-Gonna Buy Me A Telephone
002\002-19-Pete Brown and His Band-The Cannonball
002\002-20-Woody Herman and His Orchestra-Down Under
002\002-21-Lucky Millinder and His Orchestra-Mason Flyer
002\002-22-Lucky Millinder and His Orchestra-Little John Special

003\003-01-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Stardust
003\003-02-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Stardust
003\003-03-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Kerouac
003\003-04-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Swing To Bop
003\003-05-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Stompin' At The Savoy
003\003-06-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Up On Teddy's Hill
003\003-07-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Down On Teddy's Hill
003\003-08-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Guy's Go To Go (I Got Rhythm)
003\003-09-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Christian-Lips Flips (aka Stompin' At The Savoy)

004\004-01-Coleman Hawkins and his OrchestraTeddy Wilson-Woody'n You
004\004-02-Coleman Hawkins and his OrchestraTeddy Wilson-Bu-Dee-Daht
004\004-03-Coleman Hawkins and his OrchestraTeddy Wilson-Yesterdays
004\004-04-Coleman Hawkins and his OrchestraTeddy Wilson-Disorder at the Border
004\004-05-Coleman Hawkins and his OrchestraTeddy Wilson-Feeling Zero
004\004-06-Coleman Hawkins and his OrchestraTeddy Wilson-Rainbow Mist
004\004-07-Billy Eckstine-I Got a Date with the Rhythm Man
004\004-08-Billy Eckstine-I Stay in the Mood for You
004\004-09-Billy Eckstine-Good Jelly Blues
004\004-10-Billy Eckstine and his Orchestra-If That's the Way You Feel
004\004-11-Billy Eckstine and his Orchestra-I Want to Talk About You
004\004-12-Billy Eckstine and his Orchestra-Blowin' the Blues Away
004\004-13-Billy Eckstine and his Orchestra-Blowin' the Blues Away
004\004-14-Billy Eckstine and his Orchestra-Opus X
004\004-15-Billy Eckstine and his Orchestra-I'll Wait and Pray
004\004-16-Billy Eckstine and his Orchestra-The Real Thing Happened to Me
004\004-17-Sarah Vaughan-Signing Off
004\004-18-Sarah Vaughan-Interlude (A Night in Tunisia)
004\004-19-Sarah Vaughan-No Smokes Blues
004\004-20-Sarah Vaughan-East of the Sun

005\005-01-Charlie Parker-Variations on Honeysuckle Rose & Body and Soul
005\005-02-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Walkin' and Swingin' (I Got Rhythm)
005\005-03-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-I've Found a New baby
005\005-04-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Body and Soul
005\005-05-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Moten Swing
005\005-06-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Coquette
005\005-07-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Oh, Lady be Good
005\005-08-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Wichita Blues
005\005-09-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Honeysuckle Rose
005\005-10-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Swingmatism
005\005-11-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Hootie Blues
005\005-12-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Dexter Blues
005\005-13-Jay McShann Quartet-One Woman's Man
005\005-14-Clark Monroe's Band-Cherokee
005\005-15-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Lonely Boy Blues
005\005-16-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Get Me On Your Mind
005\005-17-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-The Jumpin' Blues
005\005-18-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Sepian Bounce (Sepian Stomp)
005\005-19-Jay McShann and his Orchestra-Cherokee
005\005-20-Charlie Parker-My Heart Tells Me (Should I Believe My Heart)
005\005-21-Charlie Parker-I've Found a New Baby
005\005-22-Charlie Parker-Body and Soul

006\006-01-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-You Talk A Little Trash
006\006-02-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Floogie Boo
006\006-03-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-I Don't Know
006\006-04-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Gotta Do Some War Work, Baby
006\006-05-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-My Old Flame
006\006-06-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Sweet Lorraine
006\006-07-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Echoes Of Harlem
006\006-08-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Honeysuckle Rose
006\006-09-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Now I Know
006\006-10-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Tess's Torch Song (I Had A Man)
006\006-11-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Cherry Red Blues
006\006-12-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Things Ain't What They Used To Be
006\006-13-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Is You Is, Or Is You Ain't My Baby
006\006-14-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Somebody's Gotta Go
006\006-15-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-'Round Midnight (Round About Midnight)
006\006-16-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Blue Garden Blues (1)
006\006-17-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-You Talk A Little Trash
006\006-18-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Blue Garden Blues (2)
006\006-19-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-'Round Midnight
006\006-20-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-Birmingham Special
006\006-21-The Early Years Vol. 6 - Cootie Williams-The Rhythm Is Jumpin'

007\007-01-Billy Eckstine-Blue'n Boogie (Theme)
007\007-02-Billy Eckstine-Blowin' The Blues Away
007\007-03-Billy Eckstine-'Deed I Do
007\007-04-Billy Eckstine-I Wanna Talk About You
007\007-05-Billy Eckstine-Blue'n Boogie (Theme) 1
007\007-06-Billy Eckstine-Blue'n Boogie (Theme) 2
007\007-07-Billy Eckstine-Together
007\007-08-Billy Eckstine-Mean To Me
007\007-09-Billy Eckstine-Without A Song
007\007-10-Billy Eckstine-Mr. Chips
007\007-11-Billy Eckstine-Blue 'n' Boogie (Theme) 3
007\007-12-Billy Eckstine-Blue 'n' Boogie (Theme) 4
007\007-13-Billy Eckstine-Air Mail Special
007\007-14-Billy Eckstine-Don't Blame Me
007\007-15-Billy Eckstine-If That's The Way You Feel
007\007-16-Billy Eckstine-Blue 'n' Boogie (Theme) 5
007\007-17-Billy Eckstine-Blue 'n' Boogie (Theme) 6
007\007-18-Billy Eckstine-Opus X
007\007-19-Billy Eckstine-Love Me Or Leave Me
007\007-20-Billy Eckstine-One O'Clock Jump
007\007-21-Billy Eckstine-Lonesome Lover Blues
007\007-22-Billy Eckstine-A Cottage For Sale
007\007-23-Billy Eckstine-I Love The Rhythm In A Riff
007\007-24-Billy Eckstine-Last Night

008\008-01-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-My Deep Blue Dream
008\008-02-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Prisoner Of Love
008\008-03-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-It Ain' Like That
008\008-04-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-A Penny For Your Thoughts
008\008-05-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-I'm In The Mood For Love
008\008-06-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-You Call It Madness
008\008-07-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-All I Sing Is Blues
008\008-08-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Long Long Journey
008\008-09-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-I Only Have Eyes For You
008\008-10-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-You're My Everything
008\008-11-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-The Jitney Man
008\008-12-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Blue
008\008-13-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Second Balcony Jump
008\008-14-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Tell Me Pretty Baby
008\008-15-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Love Is The Thing
008\008-16-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Without A Song
008\008-17-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Cool Breeze
008\008-18-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Don't Ever Take Your Love From Me
008\008-19-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Oo Bop Sh'Bam
008\008-20-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Oo Bop Sh'Bam
008\008-21-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-In The Still Of The Night
008\008-22-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Jelly Jelly

009\009-01-Woody Herman-Flying Home
009\009-02-Woody Herman-It Must Be Jelly
009\009-03-Woody Herman-Red Top
009\009-04-Woody Herman-Jones Beachhaed
009\009-05-Woody Herman-Apple Honey
009\009-06-Woody Herman-John Hardy's Wife
009\009-07-Woody Herman-Apple Honey
009\009-08-Woody Herman-Caldonia
009\009-09-Woody Herman-Goosey Gander
009\009-10-Woody Herman-Northwest Passage
009\009-11-Woody Herman-Bijou
009\009-12-Woody Herman-Ah Your Father's Moustache
009\009-13-Woody Herman-Don't Worry 'Bout The Mule
009\009-14-Woody Herman-125th St. Prophet
009\009-15-Woody Herman-Meshugah
009\009-16-Woody Herman-Caldonia
009\009-17-Woody Herman-Jackson Fiddles While Ralph Burns
009\009-18-Woody Herman-Blowin' Up A Storm

010\010-01-Red Norvo - 1-2-3-4 Jump
010\010-02-Red Norvo - Seven Come Eleven
010\010-03-Red Norvo - In A Mellotone (Red Norvo Repeats)
010\010-04-Red Norvo - Flying Home
010\010-05-Red Norvo - The Sergeant On Furlough
010\010-06-Red Norvo - NRC Jump
010\010-07-Red Norvo - Lagwood Walk
010\010-08-Red Norvo - Red Dust
010\010-09-Red Norvo - Blues Skies
010\010-10-Red Norvo - Purple Feathers
010\010-11-Red Norvo - Subtle sextology
010\010-12-Red Norvo - Blues A La red
010\010-13-Red Norvo - The Man I Love
010\010-14-Red Norvo - Seven Come eleven
010\010-15-Stan Hasselgard - Swedish Pastry
010\010-16-Stan Hasselgard - Sweet And Hot Mop
010\010-17-Stan Hasselgard - Who Sleeps
010\010-18-Stan Hasselgard - I'll Never Be The Same

011\011-01-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-What's The Matter Now
011\011-02-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-I Want Every Bit Of It
011\011-03-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-That's The Blues
011\011-04-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-4-F Blues
011\011-05-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-G.I. Blues
011\011-06-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Dream Of You
011\011-07-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Seventh Avenue
011\011-08-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Sorta Kinda
011\011-09-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Oh, Oh, My, My, Ooh, Ooh
011\011-10-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Groovin' High
011\011-11-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-All The Things You Are
011\011-12-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Dizzy Atmosphere
011\011-13-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Salt Peanuts
011\011-14-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Shaw 'Nuff
011\011-15-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Lover Man
011\011-16-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Hot House
011\011-17-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-What More Can A Woman Do
011\011-18-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-I'd Rather Have A Memory
011\011-19-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Mean To Me
011\011-20-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Sweet Georgia Brown
011\011-21-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Lover, Come Back To Me

012\012-01-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Hallelujah
012\012-02-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Get Happy
012\012-03-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Slam Slam Blues
012\012-04-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Congo Blues
012\012-05-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Hallelujah
012\012-06-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Get Happy
012\012-07-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Slam Slam Blues
012\012-08-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Congo Blues
012\012-09-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Congo Blues
012\012-10-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Billie's Bounce
012\012-11-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Billie's Bounce
012\012-12-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Warming Up A Riff
012\012-13-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Billie's Bounce
012\012-14-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Now's The Time
012\012-15-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Now's The Time
012\012-16-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Thriving On A Riff
012\012-17-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Thriving On A Riff
012\012-18-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Meandering
012\012-19-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Koko

013\013-01-Dizzy Gillespie + Charlie Parker-Dizzy Boogie
013\013-02-Dizzy Gillespie + Charlie Parker-Dizzy Boogie
013\013-03-Dizzy Gillespie + Charlie Parker-Flat Foot Floogie
013\013-04-Dizzy Gillespie + Charlie Parker-Flat Foot Floogie
013\013-05-Dizzy Gillespie + Charlie Parker-Bopity Bop
013\013-06-Dizzy Gillespie + Charlie Parker-Slim's Jam
013\013-07-Dizzy Gillespie + Charlie Parker-Shaw 'Nuff
013\013-08-Dizzy Gillespie + Charlie Parker-Groovin' High
013\013-09-Dizzy Gillespie + Charlie Parker-Dizzy Atmosphere
013\013-10-Dizzy Gillespie + Charlie Parker-Diggin' Dizz
013\013-11-Dizzy Gillespie + Charlie Parker-Koko
013\013-12-Dizzy Gillespie + Charlie Parker-Hot House
013\013-13-Dizzy Gillespie + Charlie Parker-Surrender Dear
013\013-14-Dizzy Gillespie + Charlie Parker-Fine And Dandy

014\014-01-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Koko - On The Sunny Side Of The Street
014\014-02-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-How Deep Is The Ocean
014\014-03-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Tiger Rag - Dizzy Atmosphere
014\014-04-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-52nd Street
014\014-05-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-A Night In Tunesia
014\014-06-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Dizzy Atmosphere
014\014-07-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Groovin' High
014\014-08-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Confirmation
014\014-09-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Koko
014\014-10-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Bloomdido
014\014-11-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-An Oscar For Treadwell
014\014-12-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-An Oscar For Treadwell
014\014-13-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Mohawk
014\014-14-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Mohawk
014\014-15-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-My Melancholy Baby
014\014-16-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-My Melancholy Baby
014\014-17-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Leap Frog
014\014-18-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Leap Frog
014\014-19-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Relaxin' With Lee
014\014-20-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Relaxin' With Lee

015\015-01-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Intro
015\015-02-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Blue'n' Boggie
015\015-03-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Anthropology
015\015-04-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-'Round Midnight
015\015-05-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Night In Tunesia + Jumpin' With Symphony Sid
015\015-06-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Hot House
015\015-07-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Perdido
015\015-08-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Salt Peanuts
015\015-09-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-All The Things You Are
015\015-10-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Wee
015\015-11-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-Hot House
015\015-12-Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker-A Night In Tunesia

016\016-01-Dizzy Gillespie-Something For You
016\016-02-Dizzy Gillespie-Worried Life Blues
016\016-03-Dizzy Gillespie-Empty Bed Blues Part 1
016\016-04-Dizzy Gillespie-Empty Bed Blues Part 2
016\016-05-Dizzy Gillespie-I Can't Get Started
016\016-06-Dizzy Gillespie-Good Bait
016\016-07-Dizzy Gillespie-Salt Peanuts
016\016-08-Dizzy Gillespie-Be-Bop
016\016-09-Dizzy Gillespie-Perdido
016\016-10-Dizzy Gillespie-My Melancholy Baby
016\016-11-Dizzy Gillespie-On The Alamo
016\016-12-Dizzy Gillespie-Cherokee
016\016-13-Dizzy Gillespie-A Night In Tunesia
016\016-14-Dizzy Gillespie-March Of The Boyds
016\016-15-Dizzy Gillespie-Georgie Porgie
016\016-16-Dizzy Gillespie-Sweetheart Of My Dreams
016\016-17-Dizzy Gillespie-In The Middle
016\016-18-Dizzy Gillespie-Groovin' High
016\016-19-Dizzy Gillespie-Blue 'n' Boogie
016\016-20-Dizzy Gillespie-I'll Never be The Same
016\016-21-Dizzy Gillespie-A Night In Tunesia

017\017-01-Dizzy Gillespie-Night And Day
017\017-02-Dizzy Gillespie-Weeping Willie
017\017-03-Dizzy Gillespie-Everytime I Think Of You
017\017-04-Dizzy Gillespie-Baranco Boogie
017\017-05-Dizzy Gillespie-Confirmation
017\017-06-Dizzy Gillespie-Diggin' For Diz
017\017-07-Dizzy Gillespie-Dynamo A
017\017-08-Dizzy Gillespie-Dynamo B
017\017-09-Dizzy Gillespie-When I Go Too Old To Dream
017\017-10-Dizzy Gillespie-When I Go Too Old To Dream
017\017-11-Dizzy Gillespie-'Round Midnight
017\017-12-Dizzy Gillespie-'Round Midnight
017\017-13-Dizzy Gillespie-Way You Look Tonight
017\017-14-Dizzy Gillespie-Why Do I Love You
017\017-15-Dizzy Gillespie-Who
017\017-16-Dizzy Gillespie-All The Things You Are
017\017-17-Dizzy Gillespie-52nd Street Theme
017\017-18-Dizzy Gillespie-52nd Street Theme
017\017-19-Dizzy Gillespie-A Night In Tunesia
017\017-20-Dizzy Gillespie-Ol' Man Rebop
017\017-21-Dizzy Gillespie-Anthropology
017\017-22-Dizzy Gillespie-All Too Soon
017\017-23-Dizzy Gillespie-You're Only Happy Whem I'm Blue
017\017-24-Dizzy Gillespie-Ten Lessons With TImothy

018\018-01-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-One Bass Hit (Part 1)
018\018-02-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-Oop Bop Sh'bam
018\018-03-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-A Handfulla Gimme
018\018-04-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-That's Earl, Brother
018\018-05-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-Our Delight
018\018-06-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-Good Dues Blues
018\018-07-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-One Bass Hit (Part 2)
018\018-08-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-Ray's Idea
018\018-09-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-Things To Come
018\018-10-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-He Beeped When He Shoulda Bopped (1)
018\018-11-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-He Beeped When He Shoulda Bopped (2)
018\018-12-Ray Brown's All-Stars-For Hecklers Only
018\018-13-Ray Brown's All-Stars-Smokey Hollow Jump
018\018-14-Ray Brown's All-Stars-Boppin' The Blues
018\018-15-Ray Brown's All-Stars-Moody Speaks
018\018-16-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-Ow! (1)
018\018-17-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-I Waited For You
018\018-18-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-Emanon
018\018-19-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-Ow! (2)
018\018-20-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-Oop-Pop-A-Da
018\018-21-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-Two Bass Hit
018\018-22-Dizzy Gillespie & Vol.3 1946-47-Stay On It

019\019-01-Dizzy Gillespie-Algo Bueno
019\019-02-Dizzy Gillespie-Cool breeze
019\019-03-Dizzy Gillespie-Cubana Be
019\019-04-Dizzy Gillespie-Cubana bop
019\019-05-Dizzy Gillespie-Manteca
019\019-06-Dizzy Gillespie-Good Bait
019\019-07-Dizzy Gillespie-Ool-Ya-Koo
019\019-08-Dizzy Gillespie-Minor Walk
019\019-09-Dizzy Gillespie-Emanon
019\019-10-Dizzy Gillespie-Ool-Ya-Koo
019\019-11-Dizzy Gillespie-'Round Midnight
019\019-12-Dizzy Gillespie-Stay On It
019\019-13-Dizzy Gillespie-Good Bait
019\019-14-Dizzy Gillespie-One Bass Hit
019\019-15-Dizzy Gillespie-I Can't Get Started
019\019-16-Dizzy Gillespie-Manteca
019\019-17-Dizzy Gillespie-Guarachi Guaro
019\019-18-Dizzy Gillespie-Duff Capers
019\019-19-Dizzy Gillespie-Lover Come Back To Me
019\019-20-Dizzy Gillespie-I'm Be Boppin' Too

020\020-01-Dizzy Gillespie-Swedish Suite
020\020-02-Dizzy Gillespie-St. Louis Blues
020\020-03-Dizzy Gillespie-I Should Care
020\020-04-Dizzy Gillespie-That Old Black Magic
020\020-05-Dizzy Gillespie-Katy
020\020-06-Dizzy Gillespie-Jump-Did-Le-Ba
020\020-07-Dizzy Gillespie-Hey Pete Let's Eat Mo' Meat
020\020-08-Dizzy Gillespie-Jumpin' With Symphony Sid
020\020-09-Dizzy Gillespie-If Love Is Trouble
020\020-10-Dizzy Gillespie-In The Land Of Oo-Bla-Dee
020\020-11-Dizzy Gillespie-She's Gone Again
020\020-12-Dizzy Gillespie-Nice Work If You Can Get It
020\020-13-Dizzy Gillespie-Thinking Of You
020\020-14-Dizzy Gillespie-Too Much Weight
020\020-15-Dizzy Gillespie-Birk's Works
020\020-16-Dizzy Gillespie-Good Bait
020\020-17-Dizzy Gillespie-Night In Tunesia
020\020-18-Dizzy Gillespie-We Love To Boogie
020\020-19-Dizzy Gillespie-Tin Tin Deo
020\020-20-Dizzy Gillespie-Birk's Works

021\021-01-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-Oh, Lady Be Good
021\021-02-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-Love Me Pretty Baby
021\021-03-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-The Champ, Part 1 & 2
021\021-04-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-I'm In A Mess
021\021-05-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-Schooldays
021\021-06-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-Swing Low Sweet Cadillac
021\021-07-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-Bopsie's Blues
021\021-08-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-I Couldn't Beat The Rap
021\021-09-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-Caravan
021\021-10-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
021\021-11-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-The Bluest Blues
021\021-12-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-On The Sunny Side Of The Street
021\021-13-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-Star Dust
021\021-14-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-Time On My Hands
021\021-15-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-Blue Skies
021\021-16-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-Umbrella Man
021\021-17-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-Pops' Confession
021\021-18-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-Oo-Shoo-Be-Doo-Bee
021\021-19-Dizzy Gillespie Vol. 6 1951-52-They Can't Take Away From Me

022\022-01-Hot Versus Cool - Dizzy Gillespie’s Cool Jazz Stars-How High The Moon
022\022-02-Hot Versus Cool - Dizzy Gillespie’s Cool Jazz Stars-Indiana
022\022-03-Hot Versus Cool - Dizzy Gillespie’s Cool Jazz Stars-Muskrat Ramble
022\022-04-Hot Versus Cool - Dizzy Gillespie’s Cool Jazz Stars-Battle Of Blues
022\022-05-Dizzy Gillespie – Stan Getz Sextet-Girl Of My Dreams
022\022-06-Dizzy Gillespie – Stan Getz Sextet-I Don't Mean A Thing
022\022-07-Dizzy Gillespie – Stan Getz Sextet-It's The Talk Of The Town
022\022-08-Dizzy Gillespie – Stan Getz Sextet-Siboney Part 1
022\022-09-Dizzy Gillespie – Stan Getz Sextet-Siboney Part 2
022\022-10-Dizzy Gillespie – Stan Getz Sextet-Exactly Like You
022\022-11-Dizzy Gillespie – Stan Getz Sextet-I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
022\022-12-Dizzy Gillespie – Stan Getz Sextet-Impromptu

023\023-01-Tiny Grimes Quintet-Tiny's Tempo
023\023-02-Tiny Grimes Quintet-I'll Always Love You Just The Same
023\023-03-Tiny Grimes Quintet-Romance Without Finance
023\023-04-Tiny Grimes Quintet-Red Cross
023\023-05-Cootie Williams and His Orchestra-'Round Midnight
023\023-06-Cootie Williams and His Orchestra-Seven Eleven
023\023-07-Cootie Williams and His Orchestra-Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
023\023-08-Cootie Williams and His Orchestra-Don't Blame Me
023\023-09-Cootie Williams and His Orchestra-Perdido
023\023-10-Cootie Williams and His Orchestra-Let's Have A Night Cap
023\023-11-Cootie Williams and His Orchestra-Saturday Night
023\023-12-Cootie Williams and His Orchestra-FLoogie Boo
023\023-13-Cootie Williams and His Orchestra-St. Louis Blues
023\023-14-Sir Charles Thompson and His All Stars-Takin's Off
023\023-15-Sir Charles Thompson and His All Stars-If I Had You
023\023-16-Sir Charles Thompson and His All Stars-20th Century blues
023\023-17-Sir Charles Thompson and His All Stars-The Street Beat

024\024-01-Charlie Parker Septet-Moose The Mooche
024\024-02-Charlie Parker Septet-Moose The Mooche
024\024-03-Charlie Parker Septet-Yardbird Suite
024\024-04-Charlie Parker Septet-Yardbird Suite
024\024-05-Charlie Parker Septet-Ornithology
024\024-06-Charlie Parker Septet-Ornithology (Bird Lore)
024\024-07-Charlie Parker Septet-Ornithology
024\024-08-Charlie Parker Septet-Famous Alto Break
024\024-09-Charlie Parker Septet-A Night In Tunisia
024\024-10-Charlie Parker Septet-A Night In Tunisia
024\024-11-Charlie Parker Quintet-Max Is Making Wax
024\024-12-Charlie Parker Quintet-Lover Man
024\024-13-Charlie Parker Quintet-The Gypsy
024\024-14-Charlie Parker Quintet-Be-Bop
024\024-15-Howard McGhee-Trumpet At Tempo
024\024-16-Howard McGhee-Thermo-dynamics
024\024-17-Chuck Copely Jam Session-Home Cookin' I (Opus)
024\024-18-Chuck Copely Jam Session-Home Cookin' II (Cherokee)
024\024-19-Chuck Copely Jam Session-Home Cookin' III (I Got Rhythm)

025\025-01-Charlie Parker Quartet- This Is Always
025\025-02-Charlie Parker Quartet- Dark Shadows
025\025-03-Charlie Parker Quartet- This Is Always
025\025-04-Charlie Parker Quartet- Dark Shadows
025\025-05-Charlie Parker Quartet- Dark Shadows
025\025-06-Charlie Parker Quartet- Bird's Nest
025\025-07-Charlie Parker Quartet- Bird's Nest
025\025-08-Charlie Parker Quartet- Cool Blues
025\025-09-Charlie Parker Quartet- Bird's Nest
025\025-10-Charlie Parker Quartet- Cool Blues (aka Hot Blues)
025\025-11-Charlie Parker Quartet- Cool Blues (aka Blowtop Blues)
025\025-12-Charlie Parker Quartet- Cool Blues
025\025-13-Charlie Parker's New Stars-Relaxin' At The Camarillo
025\025-14-Charlie Parker's New Stars-Relaxin' At The Camarillo
025\025-15-Charlie Parker's New Stars-Cheers
025\025-16-Charlie Parker's New Stars-Carvin' The Bird
025\025-17-Charlie Parker's New Stars-Stupendous
025\025-18-Charlie Parker's New Stars-Relaxin' At The Camarillo
025\025-19-Charlie Parker's New Stars-Relaxin' At The Camarillo
025\025-20-Charlie Parker's New Stars-Cheers
025\025-21-Charlie Parker's New Stars-Carvin' The Bird
025\025-22-Charlie Parker's New Stars-Stupendous (aka Surprising)

026\026-01-Charlie Parker-Donna Lee
026\026-02-Charlie Parker-Chasin' The Bird
026\026-03-Charlie Parker-Cheryl
026\026-04-Charlie Parker-Buzzy
026\026-05-Charlie Parker-Dexterity (1)
026\026-06-Charlie Parker-Dexterity (2)
026\026-07-Charlie Parker-Bongo Bop (1)
026\026-08-Charlie Parker-Bongo Bop (2)
026\026-09-Charlie Parker-Prezology
026\026-10-Charlie Parker-Dewey Square (1)
026\026-11-Charlie Parker-Dewey Square (2)
026\026-12-Charlie Parker-The Hymn
026\026-13-Charlie Parker-Superman (The Hymn)
026\026-14-Charlie Parker-Bird Of Paradise (1)
026\026-15-Charlie Parker-Bird Of Paradise (2)
026\026-16-Charlie Parker-Bird Of Paradise (3)
026\026-17-Charlie Parker-Embraceable You (1)
026\026-18-Charlie Parker-Embraceable You (2)

027\027-01-Charlie Parker-Bird Feathers
027\027-02-Charlie Parker-Klactoveesedstene (1)
027\027-03-Charlie Parker-Klactoveesedstene (2)
027\027-04-Charlie Parker-Scrapple From The Apple (1)
027\027-05-Charlie Parker-Scrapple From The Apple (2)
027\027-06-Charlie Parker-My Old Flame
027\027-07-Charlie Parker-Out Of Nowhere (1)
027\027-08-Charlie Parker-Out Of Nowhere (2)
027\027-09-Charlie Parker-Don't Blame Me
027\027-10-Charlie Parker-Drifting On A Reed (1)
027\027-11-Charlie Parker-Drifting On A Reed (2)
027\027-12-Charlie Parker-Drifting On A Reed (3)
027\027-13-Charlie Parker-Quasimodo (1)
027\027-14-Charlie Parker-Quasimodo (2)
027\027-15-Charlie Parker-Charlie's Wig (1)
027\027-16-Charlie Parker-Charlie's Wig (2)
027\027-17-Charlie Parker-Charlie's Wig (3)
027\027-18-Charlie Parker-Bird Feathers (1)
027\027-19-Charlie Parker-Bird Feathers (2)
027\027-20-Charlie Parker-Crazyology (1)
027\027-21-Charlie Parker-Crazyology (2)
027\027-22-Charlie Parker-How Deep Is The Ocean (1)
027\027-23-Charlie Parker-How Deep Is The Ocean (1)

028\028-01-Charlie Parker-The Bird
028\028-02-Charlie Parker-Repetition
028\028-03-Charlie Parker-Another Hair-Do
028\028-04-Charlie Parker-Blue Bird
028\028-05-Charlie Parker-Klaunstance
028\028-06-Charlie Parker-Birds Gets The Worm
028\028-07-Charlie Parker-Barbados
028\028-08-Charlie Parker-Ah-Leu-Cha
028\028-09-Charlie Parker-Constellation
028\028-10-Charlie Parker-Parkers's Mood
028\028-11-Charlie Parker-Perhaps
028\028-12-Charlie Parker-Marmaduke
028\028-13-Charlie Parker-Steeplechase
028\028-14-Charlie Parker-Merry-Go-Round
028\028-15-Charlie Parker-No Noise, Part 1 & 2
028\028-16-Charlie Parker-Mango Mangue
028\028-17-Charlie Parker-Okiedoke
028\028-18-Charlie Parker-Cardboard
028\028-19-Charlie Parker-Visa
028\028-20-Charlie Parker-Segment
028\028-21-Charlie Parker-Diverse
028\028-22-Charlie Parker-Passport (1)
028\028-23-Charlie Parker-Passport (2)

029\029-01-Charlie Parker-Just Friends
029\029-02-Charlie Parker-Everything Happens To Me
029\029-03-Charlie Parker-April In Paris
029\029-04-Charlie Parker-Summertime
029\029-05-Charlie Parker-I Didn't Know Wha Time It Was
029\029-06-Charlie Parker-If I Should Lose You
029\029-07-Charlie Parker-Star Eyes
029\029-08-Charlie Parker-Blues (Fast)
029\029-09-Charlie Parker-I'm In The Mood For Love
029\029-10-Charlie Parker-Dancing In Th Dark
029\029-11-Charlie Parker-Out Of Nowhere
029\029-12-Charlie Parker-Laura
029\029-13-Charlie Parker-East Of The Sun
029\029-14-Charlie Parker-They Can't Take That Away From Me
029\029-15-Charlie Parker-Easy To Love
029\029-16-Charlie Parker-I'm In The Mood For Love
029\029-17-Charlie Parker-I'll Remember April
029\029-18-Charlie Parker-What Is This Thing Called Love
029\029-19-Charlie Parker-April In Paris
029\029-20-Charlie Parker-Repetition
029\029-21-Charlie Parker-Easy To Love
029\029-22-Charlie Parker-Rocker

030\030-01-Charlie Parker-Celebrity
030\030-02-Charlie Parker-Ballade
030\030-03-Charlie Parker-Afro-Cuban Suite
030\030-04-Charlie Parker-Au Privave (1)
030\030-05-Charlie Parker-Au Privave (2)
030\030-06-Charlie Parker-She Rote (1)
030\030-07-Charlie Parker-She Rote (2)
030\030-08-Charlie Parker-K.C. Blues
030\030-09-Charlie Parker-Star Eyes
030\030-10-Charlie Parker-My Little Suede Shoes
030\030-11-Charlie Parker-Un Poquito De Tu amor
030\030-12-Charlie Parker-Tico Tico
030\030-13-Charlie Parker-Fiesta
030\030-14-Charlie Parker-Why Do I Love You (1)
030\030-15-Charlie Parker-Why Do I Love You (2)

031\031-01-Charlie Parker-Blues For Alice
031\031-02-Charlie Parker-Si Si
031\031-03-Charlie Parker-Swedish Schnapps
031\031-04-Charlie Parker-Swedish Schnapps
031\031-05-Charlie Parker-Back Home Blues
031\031-06-Charlie Parker-Back Home Blues
031\031-07-Charlie Parker-Lover Man
031\031-08-Charlie Parker-Temptation
031\031-09-Charlie Parker-Lover
031\031-10-Charlie Parker-Autumn In New York
031\031-11-Charlie Parker-Stella By Starlight
031\031-12-Charlie Parker-Mama Inez
031\031-13-Charlie Parker-La Cucaracha
031\031-14-Charlie Parker-Estrellita
031\031-15-Charlie Parker-Begin The Beguine
031\031-16-Charlie Parker-La Paloma
031\031-17-Charlie Parker-Night And Day
031\031-18-Charlie Parker-Almost Like Being In Love
031\031-19-Charlie Parker-I Can't Get Started
031\031-20-Charlie Parker-What Is This Thing Called Love
031\031-21-Charlie Parker-The Song is You
031\031-22-Charlie Parker-Laird Baird
031\031-23-Charlie Parker-Kim
031\031-24-Charlie Parker-Kim
031\031-25-Charlie Parker-Cosmic Rays

032\032-01-Charlie Parker-Compulsion
032\032-02-Charlie Parker-The Serpent's Tooth
032\032-03-Charlie Parker-The Serpent's Tooth
032\032-04-Charlie Parker-'Round Mifnight
032\032-05-Charlie Parker-In The Still Of The Night
032\032-06-Charlie Parker-Old Folks
032\032-07-Charlie Parker-If I Love You Again
032\032-08-Charlie Parker-Chi Chi
032\032-09-Charlie Parker-Chi Chi
032\032-10-Charlie Parker-I Remember You
032\032-11-Charlie Parker-Now's The Time
032\032-12-Charlie Parker-Confirmation
032\032-13-Charlie Parker-I Get A Kick Out Of You
032\032-14-Charlie Parker-Just One Of Those Things
032\032-15-Charlie Parker-My Heart Belongs To Daddy
032\032-16-Charlie Parker-I've Got You Under My Skin
032\032-17-Charlie Parker-Love For Sale
032\032-18-Charlie Parker-I Love Paris

033\033-01-Kenny Clarke And His 52nd Street Boys-Epistrophy
033\033-02-Kenny Clarke And His 52nd Street Boys-52nd Street Theme
033\033-03-Kenny Clarke And His 52nd Street Boys-Oop-Bop-Sh-Bam
033\033-04-Kenny Clarke And His 52nd Street Boys-Rue Chaptal (Royal Roost)
033\033-05-The Be Bop Boys-Boppin' A Riff - Part 1
033\033-06-The Be Bop Boys-Boppin' A Riff - Part 2
033\033-07-The Be Bop Boys-Fat Boy - Part 1
033\033-08-The Be Bop Boys-Fat Boy - Part 2
033\033-09-The Be Bop Boys-Everything's Cool - Part 1
033\033-10-The Be Bop Boys-Everything's Cool - Part 2
033\033-11-The Be Bop Boys-Webb City - Part 1
033\033-12-The Be Bop Boys-Webb City - Part 2
033\033-13-Eddie Davis And His Be Boppers-Callin' Dr. Jazz
033\033-14-Eddie Davis And His Be Boppers-Fracture
033\033-15-Eddie Davis And His Be Boppers-Hollerin' And Screaming
033\033-16-Eddie Davis And His Be Boppers-Stealin' Trash
033\033-17-Eddie Davis And His Be Boppers-Just A Mystery
033\033-18-Eddie Davis And His Be Boppers-Red Pepper
033\033-19-Eddie Davis And His Be Boppers-Spinal
033\033-20-Eddie Davis And His Be Boppers-Maternity

034\034-01-'Fats' Navarro And His Thin Men-Fat Girl
034\034-02-'Fats' Navarro And His Thin Men-Ice Freezes Red
034\034-03-'Fats' Navarro And His Thin Men-Eb Pob
034\034-04-'Fats' Navarro And His Thin Men-Goin' To Minton's
034\034-05-Tadd Dameron Sextet-The Chase (1)
034\034-06-Tadd Dameron Sextet-The Chase (2)
034\034-07-Tadd Dameron Sextet-The Squirrel (1)
034\034-08-Tadd Dameron Sextet-The Squirrel (2)
034\034-09-Tadd Dameron Sextet-Our Delight (1)
034\034-10-Tadd Dameron Sextet-Our Delight (2)
034\034-11-Tadd Dameron Sextet-Dameronia (1)
034\034-12-Tadd Dameron Sextet-Dameronia (2)
034\034-13-Tadd Dameron Sextet-A Be Bop Carroll
034\034-14-Tadd Dameron And His Band-The Tadd Walk
034\034-15-Tadd Dameron And His Band-Gone With The Wind
034\034-16-Tadd Dameron And His Band-That Someone Must Be You
034\034-17-Barry Ulanov's All Star Metronome Jazzmen-52nd Street Theme
034\034-18-Barry Ulanov's All Star Metronome Jazzmen-Donna Lee
034\034-19-Barry Ulanov's All Star Metronome Jazzmen-Everything I Have Is Yours
034\034-20-Barry Ulanov's All Star Metronome Jazzmen-Fats Flats (Hot House)
034\034-21-Barry Ulanov's All Star Metronome Jazzmen-Tea For Two
034\034-22-Barry Ulanov's All Star Metronome Jazzmen-Don't Blame Me
034\034-23-Barry Ulanov's All Star Metronome Jazzmen-Groovin' High
034\034-24-Barry Ulanov's All Star Metronome Jazzmen-Koko + Anthropology

035\035-01-Fats Navarro-Nostalgia
035\035-02-Fats Navarro-Barry's Bop
035\035-03-Fats Navarro-Bebop Romp
035\035-04-Fats Navarro-Fats Blows
035\035-05-Fats Navarro-April In Paris
035\035-06-Fats Navarro-How Strange
035\035-07-Fats Navarro-Half Step Down Please
035\035-08-Fats Navarro-Angel Face
035\035-09-Fats Navarro-Jumpin' Jane
035\035-10-Fats Navarro-I Love You
035\035-11-Fats Navarro-Dexter's Mood
035\035-12-Fats Navarro-Dextrose
035\035-13-Fats Navarro-Index
035\035-14-Fats Navarro-Dextivity
035\035-15-Fats Navarro-Anthropology
035\035-16-Fats Navarro-Kitchenette Across The Hall
035\035-17-Fats Navarro-Lady Be Good
035\035-18-Fats Navarro-The Squirrel
035\035-19-Fats Navarro-Good Bait
035\035-20-Fats Navarro-Pennies From Heaven

036\036-01-Tadd Dameron Sextet-The Tadd Walk
036\036-02-Tadd Dameron Sextet-Symphonette
036\036-03-Tadd Dameron Sextet-The Squirrel
036\036-04-Benny Goodman Septet-Stealin' Apples
036\036-05-Tadd Dameron Sextet-Jabhero (1)
036\036-06-Tadd Dameron Sextet-Jabhero (2)
036\036-07-Tadd Dameron Sextet-Lady Bird (1)
036\036-08-Tadd Dameron Sextet-Lady Bird (2)
036\036-09-Tadd Dameron Sextet-Symphonette (1)
036\036-10-Tadd Dameron Sextet-Symphonette (2)
036\036-11-Tadd Dameron Sextet-I Think I'll Go Away
036\036-12-Tadd Dameron Sextet-Good Bait
036\036-13-Tadd Dameron Sextet-The Squirrel
036\036-14-Tadd Dameron Septet-Tadd Walk
036\036-15-Tadd Dameron Septet-Dameronia
036\036-16-Mcghee-Navarro Boptet-The Skunk (1)
036\036-17-Mcghee-Navarro Boptet-The Skunk (2)
036\036-18-Mcghee-Navarro Boptet-Boperation
036\036-19-Mcghee-Navarro Boptet-Double Talk (1)
036\036-20-Mcghee-Navarro Boptet-Double Talk (2)

037\037-01-Fats Navarro-Anthropology
037\037-02-Fats Navarro-Our Delight
037\037-03-Fats Navarro-The Tadd Walk
037\037-04-Fats Navarro-Our Delight
037\037-05-Fats Navarro-Good Bait
037\037-06-Fats Navarro-Eb-Pob
037\037-07-Fats Navarro-The Squirrel
037\037-08-Fats Navarro-Guilty
037\037-09-Fats Navarro-Yardbird Suite ( A Bebop Ballad)
037\037-10-Fats Navarro-A Stranger In Twon
037\037-11-Fats Navarro-As Times go By
037\037-12-Fats Navarro-Move
037\037-13-Fats Navarro-Move
037\037-14-Fats Navarro-Sid's Delight
037\037-15-Fats Navarro-Casbah
037\037-16-Fats Navarro-Wailing Wall
037\037-17-Fats Navarro-Go
037\037-18-Fats Navarro-Go
037\037-19-Fats Navarro-Infatuation
037\037-20-Fats Navarro-Stop

038\038-01-Bud Powell's Modernists-Bouncing With Bud (1)
038\038-02-Bud Powell's Modernists-Bouncing With Bud (2)
038\038-03-Bud Powell's Modernists-Bouncing With Bud (3)
038\038-04-Bud Powell's Modernists-Wail (1)
038\038-05-Bud Powell's Modernists-Wail (2)
038\038-06-Bud Powell's Modernists-Dance Of The Infidels (1)
038\038-07-Bud Powell's Modernists-Dance Of The Infidels (2)
038\038-08-Bud Powell's Modernists-52nd Street Theme
038\038-09-Charlie Parker Quintet-52nd Street Theme
038\038-10-Charlie Parker Quintet-Wahoo
038\038-11-Charlie Parker Quintet-Round Midnight
038\038-12-Charlie Parker Quintet-This Time The Dream's On Me
038\038-13-Charlie Parker Quintet-Dizzy Atmosphere
038\038-14-Charlie Parker Quintet-A Night In Tunisia
038\038-15-Charlie Parker Quintet-Move & 52nd Street Theme

039\039-01-Fats Navarro-The Street Beat
039\039-02-Fats Navarro-Out Of Nowhere
039\039-03-Fats Navarro-Little Willie Leaps + 52nd Street Theme
039\039-04-Fats Navarro-Ornithology
039\039-05-Fats Navarro-I'll Remeber April
039\039-06-Fats Navarro-52nd Street
039\039-07-Fats Navarro-Embraceable You
039\039-08-Fats Navarro-Cool Blues
039\039-09-Fats Navarro-52nd Street

040\040-01-Dexter Gordon-I've Found A New Baby
040\040-02-Dexter Gordon-Rosetta
040\040-03-Dexter Gordon-Sweet Lorraine
040\040-04-Dexter Gordon-I BLowed And Gone
040\040-05-Dexter Gordon-Blow Mr. Dexter
040\040-06-Dexter Gordon-Dexter's Deck
040\040-07-Dexter Gordon-Dexter's Cuttin' Out
040\040-08-Dexter Gordon-Dextor's Minor Mad
040\040-09-Dexter Gordon-Long Tall Dexter
040\040-10-Dexter Gordon-Dexter Rides Again
040\040-11-Dexter Gordon-I Can't Escape From You
040\040-12-Dexter Gordon-Dexter Digs It
040\040-13-Dexter Gordon-Mischievous Lady
040\040-14-Dexter Gordon-Mischievous Lady
040\040-15-Dexter Gordon-Lullaby In Rhythm
040\040-16-Dexter Gordon-Lullaby In Rhythm
040\040-17-Dexter Gordon-The Case Pt. + 2
040\040-18-Dexter Gordon-Iridescene
040\040-19-Dexter Gordon-It's The Talk Of The Twon
040\040-20-Dexter Gordon-Blues Bikini

041\041-01-Dexter gordon-I'll Follow You
041\041-02-Dexter gordon-Bop!
041\041-03-Dexter gordon-Ghost Of a Chance
041\041-04-Dexter gordon-Ghost Of a Chance
041\041-05-Dexter gordon-Sweet And Lovely
041\041-06-Dexter gordon-Sweet And Lovely
041\041-07-Dexter gordon-Hornin' In Pt. 1 + 2
041\041-08-Dexter gordon-The Duel Pt. 1 +2
041\041-09-Dexter gordon-Blues In Teddy's Flat
041\041-10-Dexter gordon-Settin' The Pace Pt. 1
041\041-11-Dexter gordon-Settin' The Pace Pt. 2
041\041-12-Dexter gordon-So Easy
041\041-13-Dexter gordon-Dexter's Riff
041\041-14-Dexter gordon-Wee Dot
041\041-15-Dexter gordon-Solitude
041\041-16-Dexter gordon-Lion Roars
041\041-17-Dexter gordon-Mad Lad Boogie
041\041-18-Dexter gordon-The Rubaiyat
041\041-19-Dexter gordon-The Rubaiyat
041\041-20-Dexter gordon-I Hear You Knockin'
041\041-21-Dexter gordon-My Kinda Love
041\041-22-Dexter gordon-Jingle Jangle Jump
041\041-23-Dexter gordon-Citizen's Bop
041\041-24-Dexter gordon-Man With A Horn

042\042-01-Dexter Grodon-The Chase
042\042-02-Dexter Grodon-The Steeplechase
042\042-03-Dexter Grodon-Silver Plated
042\042-04-Dexter Grodon-Rhythm Mad
042\042-05-Dexter Grodon-Bonna Rue
042\042-06-Dexter Grodon-Cry Me A River
042\042-07-Dexter Grodon-Don't Worry 'Bout Me
042\042-08-Dexter Grodon-I Hear Music
042\042-09-Dexter Grodon-I Should Care
042\042-10-Dexter Grodon-Blowin' For Dootsie
042\042-11-Dexter Grodon-Tenderly

043\043-01-Wardell Gray-Furlough Blues
043\043-02-Wardell Gray-Scoops-carey's-Merry
043\043-03-Wardell Gray-Nonchalant Man
043\043-04-Wardell Gray-At The Al Grotto
043\043-05-Wardell Gray-Spooks Ball
043\043-06-Wardell Gray-Rosetaa
043\043-07-Wardell Gray-Now That You're Mine
043\043-08-Wardell Gray-Straight Life
043\043-09-Wardell Gray-Margie
043\043-10-Wardell Gray-I Ain't Gonna Give Nobod None Of This Jelly Roll
043\043-11-Wardell Gray-Oh My Achin' Back
043\043-12-Wardell Gray-Let's Get Started
043\043-13-Wardell Gray-Throwin' The Switch
043\043-14-Wardell Gray-Trick A Track
043\043-15-Wardell Gray-Bamby
043\043-16-Wardell Gray-BLue Keys
043\043-17-Wardell Gray-Dell's Bells
043\043-18-Wardell Gray-How High the Moon
043\043-19-Wardell Gray-The Man I Love
043\043-20-Wardell Gray-Steeplechase
043\043-21-Wardell Gray-The Great Lie

044\044-01-Wardell gray-Light Gray
044\044-02-Wardell gray-Stoned
044\044-03-Wardell gray-Stoned
044\044-04-Wardell gray-Matter And Mind
044\044-05-Wardell gray-The Group
044\044-06-Wardell gray-Ollopa
044\044-07-Wardell gray-This Is It
044\044-08-Wardell gray-Sugar Hipd
044\044-09-Wardell gray-Coastin With J.C.
044\044-10-Wardell gray-Five Star
044\044-11-Wardell gray-Sugar Hill Bop
044\044-12-Wardell gray-In A Pinch
044\044-13-Wardell gray-It's The Talk Of The Town
044\044-14-Wardell gray-Twisted
044\044-15-Wardell gray-Twisted
044\044-16-Wardell gray-Twisted
044\044-17-Wardell gray-Southside
044\044-18-Wardell gray-Southside
044\044-19-Wardell gray-EasyLiving
044\044-20-Wardell gray-EasyLiving
044\044-21-Wardell gray-Sweet Lorraine

045\045-01-Wardell Gray-Trust
045\045-02-Wardell Gray-East Of The Sun
045\045-03-Wardell Gray-A Sinner Kissed An Angel
045\045-04-Wardell Gray-Blue Gray
045\045-05-Wardell Gray-Grayhound
045\045-06-Wardell Gray-Treadin' With treadwell
045\045-07-Wardell Gray-One O'clock Jump
045\045-08-Wardell Gray-Basies's Conversation
045\045-09-Wardell Gray-I Cried For You
045\045-10-Wardell Gray-Basie Boogie
045\045-11-Wardell Gray-Song Of The Islands
045\045-12-Wardell Gray-These Foolish Things
045\045-13-Wardell Gray-I'm Confessin'
045\045-14-Wardell Gray-One O'Clock Jump
045\045-15-Wardell Gray-I Ain't Got Nobody
045\045-16-Wardell Gray-Little White Lies
045\045-17-Wardell Gray-I'll Remember April
045\045-18-Wardell Gray-Tootie
045\045-19-Wardell Gray-Howitz
045\045-20-Wardell Gray-Nails
045\045-21-Wardell Gray-Little Pony
045\045-22-Wardell Gray-Beaver Junction

046\046-01-Count Basie Seven-Jumpin' At The Woodside
046\046-02-Count Basie Seven-How High The Moon
046\046-03-Count Basie Seven-Bluebeard's Blues
046\046-04-Count Basie Seven-One O'Clock Jump
046\046-05-Wardell Gray Sextet-April Skies
046\046-06-Wardell Gray Sextet-Bright Boy
046\046-07-Wardell Gray Sextet-Jackie
046\046-08-Wardell Gray Sextet-Farmer's Market
046\046-09-Wardell Gray Sextet-Sweet And Lovely
046\046-10-Wardell Gray Sextet-Lover Man
046\046-11-Louis Bellson And The Just Jazz All Stars-The Jeep Is Jumpin'
046\046-12-Louis Bellson And The Just Jazz All Stars-Passion Flower
046\046-13-Louis Bellson And The Just Jazz All Stars-Johnny Come Lately
046\046-14-Louis Bellson And The Just Jazz All Stars-Sticks
046\046-15-Louis Bellson And The Just Jazz All Stars-Punkin'
046\046-16-Louis Bellson And The Just Jazz All Stars-Eyes
046\046-17-Louis Bellson And The Just Jazz All Stars-Rainbow
046\046-18-Louis Bellson And The Just Jazz All Stars-Shadows

047\047-01-Wardell Gray-Donna Lee
047\047-02-Wardell Gray-Keen And Peachy (Fine And Dandy)
047\047-03-Wardell Gray-Lady Bird
047\047-04-Wardell Gray-Out Of Nowhere
047\047-05-Wardell Gray-The Man I Love
047\047-06-Wardell Gray-Lavonne
047\047-07-Wardell Gray-So Long Broadway
047\047-08-Wardell Gray-Paul's Cause
047\047-09-Wardell Gray-Milt's Tune
047\047-10-Wardell Gray-Get Happy
047\047-11-Wardell Gray-Neil's Blues
047\047-12-Wardell Gray-The Champ
047\047-13-Wardell Gray-Sweet Mouth
047\047-14-Wardell Gray-Blues In The Closet
047\047-15-Wardell Gray-Dat's It
047\047-16-Wardell Gray-Hey There

048\048-01-Thelonius Monk-Humph
048\048-02-Thelonius Monk-Evonce
048\048-03-Thelonius Monk-Suburban Eyes
048\048-04-Thelonius Monk-Thelonius
048\048-05-Thelonius Monk-Nice Work If You Can Get It
048\048-06-Thelonius Monk-Ruby My Dear
048\048-07-Thelonius Monk-Well You Needn't
048\048-08-Thelonius Monk-April In Paris
048\048-09-Thelonius Monk-Introspection
048\048-10-Thelonius Monk-Off Minor
048\048-11-Thelonius Monk-In Walked Bud
048\048-12-Thelonius Monk-Monk's Mood
048\048-13-Thelonius Monk-Who Knows
048\048-14-Thelonius Monk-'Round Midnight
048\048-15-Thelonius Monk-All The Things You Are
048\048-16-Thelonius Monk-I Should Care
048\048-17-Thelonius Monk-Evidence
048\048-18-Thelonius Monk-Misterioso
048\048-19-Thelonius Monk-Misterioso
048\048-20-Thelonius Monk-Epistrophy
048\048-21-Thelonius Monk-I Mean You

049\049-01-Thelonius Monk-Four In One
049\049-02-Thelonius Monk-Four In One
049\049-03-Thelonius Monk-Criss Cross
049\049-04-Thelonius Monk-Criss Cross
049\049-05-Thelonius Monk-Eronel
049\049-06-Thelonius Monk-Straight No Chaser
049\049-07-Thelonius Monk-Ask Me Now
049\049-08-Thelonius Monk-Ask Me Now
049\049-09-Thelonius Monk-Willow Weep For Me
049\049-10-Thelonius Monk-Skippy
049\049-11-Thelonius Monk-Skippy
049\049-12-Thelonius Monk-Hornin' In
049\049-13-Thelonius Monk-Hornin' In
049\049-14-Thelonius Monk-Sixteen
049\049-15-Thelonius Monk-Sixteen
049\049-16-Thelonius Monk-Carolina Moon
049\049-17-Thelonius Monk-Let's Cool One
049\049-18-Thelonius Monk-I'll Follow You
049\049-19-Thelonius Monk-Little Rootie Tootie
049\049-20-Thelonius Monk-Sweet And Lovely
049\049-21-Thelonius Monk-Bye-Ya
049\049-22-Thelonius Monk-Monk's Dream

050\050-01-Thelonious Monk Trio-Trinkle Tinkle
050\050-02-Thelonious Monk Trio-These Foolish Things
050\050-03-Thelonious Monk Trio-Bemsha Swing
050\050-04-Thelonious Monk Trio-Reflections
050\050-05-Thelonious Monk Quintet-Let's Call This
050\050-06-Thelonious Monk Quintet-Think Of One (1)
050\050-07-Thelonious Monk Quintet-Think Of One (2)
050\050-08-Thelonious Monk Quintet-Friday The Thirteenth
050\050-09-Thelonious Monk Quintet-We See
050\050-10-Thelonious Monk Quintet-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
050\050-11-Thelonious Monk Quintet-Locomotive
050\050-12-Thelonious Monk Quintet-Hackensack
050\050-13-Thelonious Monk Trio-Work
050\050-14-Thelonious Monk Trio-Nutty
050\050-15-Thelonious Monk Trio-Blue Monk
050\050-16-Thelonious Monk Trio-Just A Gigolo

051\051-01-Bud Powell-The Man I Love
051\051-02-Bud Powell-Reverse the Changes
051\051-03-Bud Powell-September In The Rain
051\051-04-Bud Powell-I'll Remeber April
051\051-05-Bud Powell-Indiana
051\051-06-Bud Powell-Somebody Loves Me
051\051-07-Bud Powell-I Should Care
051\051-08-Bud Powell-Bud's Bubble
051\051-09-Bud Powell-Off Minor
051\051-10-Bud Powell-Nice Work If You Can Get It
051\051-11-Bud Powell-Everything Happens To Me
051\051-12-Bud Powell-Tempus Fugit
051\051-13-Bud Powell-Celia
051\051-14-Bud Powell-Cherokee
051\051-15-Bud Powell-I'll Keep Loving
051\051-16-Bud Powell-Strictly Confidential
051\051-17-Bud Powell-All God's Chillun Got Rhythm
051\051-18-Bud Powell-You Go To My Head
051\051-19-Bud Powell-Ornithology
051\051-20-Bud Powell-Ornithology

052\052-01-Bud Powell-All God's Children Got Rhythm
052\052-02-Bud Powell-So Sorry Please
052\052-03-Bud Powell-Get Happy
052\052-04-Bud Powell-Sometimes I'm Happy
052\052-05-Bud Powell-Sweet Georgia Brown
052\052-06-Bud Powell-Yesterdays
052\052-07-Bud Powell-April In Paris
052\052-08-Bud Powell-Body And Soul
052\052-09-Bud Powell-Hallelujah
052\052-10-Bud Powell-Tea For Two
052\052-11-Bud Powell-Tea For Two
052\052-12-Bud Powell-Tea For Two
052\052-13-Bud Powell-Parisian Thoroughfare
052\052-14-Bud Powell-Oblivion
052\052-15-Bud Powell-Dusk In Sandi
052\052-16-Bud Powell-Hallucinations (Budo)
052\052-17-Bud Powell-The Fruit
052\052-18-Bud Powell-A NightingaleSang In Berkeley Square
052\052-19-Bud Powell-Just One Of Those Things
052\052-20-Bud Powell-The Last Time I Saw Paris

053\053-01-Bud Powell-Un Poco Loco
053\053-02-Bud Powell-Un Poco Loco
053\053-03-Bud Powell-Un Poco Loco
053\053-04-Bud Powell-OverThe Rainbow
053\053-05-Bud Powell-A Night In Tunesia
053\053-06-Bud Powell-A Night In Tunesia
053\053-07-Bud Powell-It Could Happen To You
053\053-08-Bud Powell-Parisian Thoroughfare
053\053-09-Bud Powell-Cherokee (Noble)
053\053-10-Bud Powell-Embraceable You
053\053-11-Bud Powell-Hallelujah (Jubilee)
053\053-12-Bud Powell-Lullaby Of Birdland
053\053-13-Bud Powell-Sure Thing
053\053-14-Bud Powell-My Heart Stood Still
053\053-15-Bud Powell-I Want To Be Happy

054\054-01-Howard McGhee-Deep Meditation
054\054-02-Howard McGhee-Intersection
054\054-03-Howard McGhee-Lifestream
054\054-04-Howard McGhee-Mop-Mop
054\054-05-Howard McGhee-Stardust
054\054-06-Howard McGhee-Mad Hype
054\054-07-Howard McGhee-Rummage Bounce
054\054-08-Howard McGhee-Playboy Blues
054\054-09-Howard McGhee-Around The Clock Part 1
054\054-10-Howard McGhee-Around The Clock Part 2
054\054-11-Howard McGhee-Gee I'm Lonesome
054\054-12-Howard McGhee-Call It The Blues
054\054-13-Howard McGhee-Cool Fantasy Part 1
054\054-14-Howard McGhee-Cool Fantasy Part 2
054\054-15-Howard McGhee-McGhee Special
054\054-16-Howard McGhee-Sweet Potato
054\054-17-Howard McGhee-Hoggin'
054\054-18-Howard McGhee-Blues A La King
054\054-19-Howard McGhee-Night Mist

055\055-01-Howard McGhee-Dialated Pupils
055\055-02-Howard McGhee-Dialated Pupils
055\055-03-Howard McGhee-Midnight At Minton's
055\055-04-Howard McGhee-Up In Dodo's Room
055\055-05-Howard McGhee-High Wind In Hollywood
055\055-06-Howard McGhee-ElSino
055\055-07-Howard McGhee-Ineta
055\055-08-Howard McGhee-Wild Leo
055\055-09-Howard McGhee-Leaping Leo
055\055-10-Howard McGhee-Dorothy
055\055-11-Howard McGhee-Night Mist
055\055-12-Howard McGhee-Coolie-Rini
055\055-13-Howard McGhee-Night Music
055\055-14-Howard McGhee-Turnip Blood
055\055-15-Howard McGhee-Surrender
055\055-16-Howard McGhee-Sleepwalker Boogie
055\055-17-Howard McGhee-Stoptime Blues
055\055-18-Howard McGhee-You
055\055-19-Howard McGhee-Yardbird Suite
055\055-20-Howard McGhee-Donna Lee

056\056-01-Howard McGhee-Merry Lee
056\056-02-Howard McGhee-Short Life
056\056-03-Howard McGhee-It's TheTalk Of The Town
056\056-04-Howard McGhee-BassC Jam
056\056-05-Howard McGhee-Down Home
056\056-06-Howard McGhee-Sweet And Lovely
056\056-07-Howard McGhee-Fiesta
056\056-08-Howard McGhee-I'm In The Moode For Love
056\056-09-Howard McGhee-Flip Lip
056\056-10-Howard McGhee-Belle From Bunnycock
056\056-11-Howard McGhee-The Last Word
056\056-12-Howard McGhee-The Man I Love
056\056-13-Howard McGhee-Lean On Me
056\056-14-Howard McGhee-Recognition
056\056-15-Howard McGhee-Lo-Flame
056\056-16-Howard McGhee-Fuguetta
056\056-17-Howard McGhee-FlLuid Drive
056\056-18-Howard McGhee-Meciendo
056\056-19-Howard McGhee-Donnellon Square
056\056-20-Howard McGhee-I'll Remember April

057\057-01-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Bird Legs
057\057-02-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Out Of Nowhere
057\057-03-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Roy's Boy
057\057-04-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Steady With Teddy
057\057-05-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Rexology
057\057-06-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Three Bass Hit
057\057-07-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-R.B.'s Wig
057\057-08-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Body And Soul
057\057-09-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Teddy's Tune
057\057-10-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Wonderful Work
057\057-11-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Fairy Dance
057\057-12-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-It's The Talk Of The Town
057\057-13-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-The Fuller Bop Man
057\057-14-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Workshop
057\057-15-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Oh Henry
057\057-16-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Moodamorphosis
057\057-17-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Tropicana
057\057-18-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Cu-Ba
057\057-19-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Moody's All Frantic
057\057-20-Teddy Edwards + James Moody-Tin Tin Deo

058\058-01-J. J. Johnson-Jay Bird
058\058-02-J. J. Johnson-Coppin' The Bop
058\058-03-J. J. Johnson-Jay Jay (Hey Jay Jay)
058\058-04-J. J. Johnson-Mad Be Bop
058\058-05-J. J. Johnson-Bone-o-logy
058\058-06-J. J. Johnson-Down Vernon's Alley
058\058-07-J. J. Johnson-Yesterdays
058\058-08-J. J. Johnson-Rifette
058\058-09-J. J. Johnson-Audobahn (Audobon)
058\058-10-J. J. Johnson-Don't Blame Me
058\058-11-J. J. Johnson-Goof Square
058\058-12-J. J. Johnson-Bee Jay
058\058-13-J. J. Johnson-Elyses
058\058-14-J. J. Johnson-Opus V
058\058-15-J. J. Johnson-Hilo
058\058-16-J. J. Johnson-Fox Hunt
058\058-17-J. J. Johnson-Aftrnoon In Paris
058\058-18-J. J. Johnson-Aftrnoon In Paris
058\058-19-J. J. Johnson-Elora
058\058-20-J. J. Johnson-Elora
058\058-21-J. J. Johnson-Tea Pot
058\058-22-J. J. Johnson-Tea Pot
058\058-23-J. J. Johnson-Blue Mode
058\058-24-J. J. Johnson-Blue Mode

059\059-01-Sonny Stitt-Bye Bye
059\059-02-Sonny Stitt-Let It Be
059\059-03-Sonny Stitt-Blues Up And Down
059\059-04-Sonny Stitt-You Can Depend On Me
059\059-05-Sonny Stitt-You Can Depend On Me
059\059-06-Sonny Stitt-A Touch Of The Blues
059\059-07-Sonny Stitt-Chabootie
059\059-08-Sonny Stitt-Who Put The Sleeping Pill In Rip VanWinkles's Coffee
059\059-09-Sonny Stitt-Gravy
059\059-10-Sonny Stitt-Easy Glide
059\059-11-Sonny Stitt-I Wanna Be Loved
059\059-12-Sonny Stitt-I Can't Give You Anything But Love
059\059-13-Sonny Stitt-P.S. I Love You
059\059-14-Sonny Stitt-This Can't Be Love
059\059-15-Sonny Stitt-Cool Mambo
059\059-16-Sonny Stitt-Sonny Sounds
059\059-17-Sonny Stitt-Blue Mambo
059\059-18-Sonny Stitt-Stitt's it
059\059-19-Sonny Stitt-Later
059\059-20-Sonny Stitt-Ain't Misbehavin'

060\060-01-Sonny Stitt-Bepob In Pastel
060\060-02-Sonny Stitt-Fools Fancy
060\060-03-Sonny Stitt-Bombay
060\060-04-Sonny Stitt-Ray's Idea
060\060-05-Sonny Stitt-Serenade To A Suqare
060\060-06-Sonny Stitt-Good Kick
060\060-07-Sonny Stitt-Seven Up
060\060-08-Sonny Stitt-Blues In Bebop
060\060-09-Sonny Stitt-Stardust
060\060-10-Sonny Stitt-Red Shoes
060\060-11-Sonny Stitt-Body And Soul
060\060-12-Sonny Stitt-Ratio And Proportion
060\060-13-Sonny Stitt-Royal Wedding
060\060-14-Sonny Stitt-Be Bop Blues
060\060-15-Sonny Stitt-Fine And Dandy
060\060-16-Sonny Stitt-3rd Song
060\060-17-Sonny Stitt-All God's Chillun Got Rhythm
060\060-18-Sonny Stitt-Sonny Side
060\060-19-Sonny Stitt-Bud's Blues
060\060-20-Sonny Stitt-Sunset
060\060-21-Sonny Stitt-Strike Up The Band
060\060-22-Sonny Stitt-I Want To Be Happy
060\060-23-Sonny Stitt-Taking A Chance On Love
060\060-24-Sonny Stitt-Fine And Dandy
060\060-25-Sonny Stitt-Fine And Dandy

061\061-01-Sonny Stitt-Avalon
061\061-02-Sonny Stitt-Later
061\061-03-Sonny Stitt-Ain't Misbehavin'
061\061-04-Sonny Stitt-Mean To Me
061\061-05-Sonny Stitt-Stairway To The Stars
061\061-06-Sonny Stitt-Count Every Star
061\061-07-Sonny Stitt-Nice Work If You Can Get It
061\061-08-Sonny Stitt-There Will Never Be Another You
061\061-09-Sonny Stitt-Blazin'
061\061-10-Sonny Stitt-To Think You've Chosen Me
061\061-11-Sonny Stitt-After You've Gone
061\061-12-Sonny Stitt-Our Very Own
061\061-13-Sonny Stitt-'S Wonderful
061\061-14-Sonny Stitt-Nevertheless
061\061-15-Sonny Stitt-Jeepers Creepers
061\061-16-Sonny Stitt-Imagination
061\061-17-Sonny Stitt-Cherokee
061\061-18-Sonny Stitt-Liza
061\061-19-Sonny Stitt-Can't We Be Friends
061\061-20-Sonny Stitt-The Thrill Of Your Kiss
061\061-21-Sonny Stitt-It The Moon Turns Green

062\062-01-Milt Jackson-Bobbin' With Robin
062\062-02-Milt Jackson-Autumn Breeze
062\062-03-Milt Jackson-Slits
062\062-04-Milt Jackson-Baggy Eyes
062\062-05-Milt Jackson-Hearing Bells
062\062-06-Milt Jackson-Junior
062\062-07-Milt Jackson-Junior
062\062-08-Milt Jackson-Bluesology
062\062-09-Milt Jackson-Bluesology
062\062-10-Milt Jackson-Bubu
062\062-11-Milt Jackson-Milt Meets Sid
062\062-12-Milt Jackson-D And E
062\062-13-Milt Jackson-Yesterdays
062\062-14-Milt Jackson-Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
062\062-15-Milt Jackson-Autumn Breze
062\062-16-Milt Jackson-Movin' Nicely
062\062-17-Milt Jackson-'Round Midnight
062\062-18-Milt Jackson-Bluesology
062\062-19-Milt Jackson-Softly As In A Morning Rise
062\062-20-Milt Jackson-Love Me Pretty Baby
062\062-21-Milt Jackson-Heart And Soul
062\062-22-Milt Jackson-True Blues

063\063-01-Miles Davis-That's The Stuff You Gotta Watch
063\063-02-Miles Davis-Pointless Mama
063\063-03-Miles Davis-Deep Sea Blues
063\063-04-Miles Davis-Bring It On Homr
063\063-05-Miles Davis-Milestones
063\063-06-Miles Davis-Milestones
063\063-07-Miles Davis-Little Willie Leaps
063\063-08-Miles Davis-Little Willie Leaps
063\063-09-Miles Davis-Half Nelson
063\063-10-Miles Davis-Half Nelson
063\063-11-Miles Davis-Sippin' At Bells
063\063-12-Miles Davis-Sippin' At Bells
063\063-13-Miles Davis-Move
063\063-14-Miles Davis-Why Do I Love You
063\063-15-Miles Davis-Godchild
063\063-16-Miles Davis-S'il Vous Plait
063\063-17-Miles Davis-Moon Dreams
063\063-18-Miles Davis-Hallucinations
063\063-19-Miles Davis-Darn That Dream
063\063-20-Miles Davis-Move
063\063-21-Miles Davis-Monndreams
063\063-22-Miles Davis-Hallucinations

064\064-01-Miles Davis-Jeru
064\064-02-Miles Davis-Move
064\064-03-Miles Davis-Godchild
064\064-04-Miles Davis-Budo
064\064-05-Miles Davis-John's Delight
064\064-06-Miles Davis-What's New
064\064-07-Miles Davis-Heaven's Doors Are Open Wide
064\064-08-Miles Davis-Focus
064\064-09-Miles Davis-Venus De Milo
064\064-10-Miles Davis-Rouge
064\064-11-Miles Davis-Boplicity
064\064-12-Miles Davis-Israel
064\064-13-Miles Davis-Deception
064\064-14-Miles Davis-Rocker
064\064-15-Miles Davis-Moon Dreams
064\064-16-Miles Davis-Darn that Dream
064\064-17-Miles Davis-Morphues
064\064-18-Miles Davis-Down
064\064-19-Miles Davis-The Blue Room
064\064-20-Miles Davis-The Blue Room
064\064-21-Miles Davis-Whispering
064\064-22-Miles Davis-I Know

065\065-01-Miles Davis-Conception
065\065-02-Miles Davis-Out Of The Blue
065\065-03-Miles Davis-Denial
065\065-04-Miles Davis-Bluing
065\065-05-Miles Davis-Dig
065\065-06-Miles Davis-My Old Flame
065\065-07-Miles Davis-It's Only A Paper Moon
065\065-08-Miles Davis-Dear Old Stockholm
065\065-09-Miles Davis-Chance It
065\065-10-Miles Davis-Donna (Dig)
065\065-11-Miles Davis-Donna (Dig)
065\065-12-Miles Davis-Woody'n You
065\065-13-Miles Davis-Woody'n You
065\065-14-Miles Davis-Yesterdy
065\065-15-Miles Davis-How Deep Is The Ocean

066\066-01-Coleman Hawkins' 52nd Street All Stars-Say It Isn't So
066\066-02-Coleman Hawkins' 52nd Street All Stars-Spotlite
066\066-03-Coleman Hawkins' 52nd Street All Stars-Low Flame
066\066-04-Coleman Hawkins' 52nd Street All Stars-Allen's Alley
066\066-05-Coleman Hawkins And Orchestra-I Mean You
066\066-06-Coleman Hawkins And Orchestra-Bean And The Boys (1)
066\066-07-Coleman Hawkins And Orchestra-Bean And The Boys (2)
066\066-08-Coleman Hawkins And Orchestra-You Go To My Head
066\066-09-Coleman Hawkins And Orchestra-Cocktails For Two
066\066-10-Coleman Hawkins All Stars-Bean-A-Re-Bop
066\066-11-Coleman Hawkins All Stars-Isn't It Romantic
066\066-12-Coleman Hawkins All Stars-The Way You Look Tonight
066\066-13-Coleman Hawkins All Stars-Phantomesque
066\066-14-Coleman Hawkins And His All Stars-The Big Head
066\066-15-Coleman Hawkins And His All Stars-Skippy
066\066-16-Coleman Hawkins And His All Stars-Platinum Love (1)
066\066-17-Coleman Hawkins And His All Stars-Platinum Love (2)
066\066-18-Coleman Hawkins And His All Stars-There's A Small Hotel

067\067-01-Lennie Tristano-Out On A Limb
067\067-02-Lennie Tristano-I Can't Get Started
067\067-03-Lennie Tristano-I Surrender Dear
067\067-04-Lennie Tristano-Interlude
067\067-05-Lennie Tristano-I Can't Get Started
067\067-06-Lennie Tristano-A Night In Tunesia
067\067-07-Lennie Tristano-Blue Boy
067\067-08-Lennie Tristano-Atonement
067\067-09-Lennie Tristano-Coolin' Off With Ulanov
067\067-10-Lennie Tristano-Supersonic
067\067-11-Lennie Tristano-On A Planet
067\067-12-Lennie Tristano-Air Pcoket
067\067-13-Lennie Tristano-Celestia
067\067-14-Lennie Tristano-Freedom
067\067-15-Lennie Tristano-Parallel
067\067-16-Lennie Tristano-Apellation
067\067-17-Lennie Tristano-Abstraction
067\067-18-Lennie Tristano-Palimpsest
067\067-19-Lennie Tristano-Dissonance
067\067-20-Lennie Tristano-Though These Portals
067\067-21-Lennie Tristano-Speculation
067\067-22-Lennie Tristano-New Sound
067\067-23-Lennie Tristano-Resemblance

068\068-01-Lenny Tristano-Progression
068\068-02-Lenny Tristano-Tautology
068\068-03-Lenny Tristano-Retrospection
068\068-04-Lenny Tristano-Subconscious Lee
068\068-05-Lenny Tristano-Judy
068\068-06-Lenny Tristano-Wow
068\068-07-Lenny Tristano-Crosscurrent
068\068-08-Lenny Tristano-Yesterdays
068\068-09-Lenny Tristano-Marionette
068\068-10-Lenny Tristano-Sax Of A Kind
068\068-11-Lenny Tristano-Intuition
068\068-12-Lenny Tristano-Digression
068\068-13-Lenny Tristano-Juju
068\068-14-Lenny Tristano-Passtime
068\068-15-Lenny Tristano-Line Up
068\068-16-Lenny Tristano-Requiem
068\068-17-Lenny Tristano-Turkish Mambo
068\068-18-Lenny Tristano-East Thirty-Second

069\069-01-Metronome All-Stars-Sweet Lorraine
069\069-02-Metronome All-Stars-Sweet Lorraine
069\069-03-Metronome All-Stars-Nat Meets June
069\069-04-Metronome All-Stars-Nat Meets June
069\069-05-Metronome All-Stars-Leap Here
069\069-06-Metronome All-Stars-Metronome Riff
069\069-07-Metronome All-Stars-Overtime
069\069-08-Metronome All-Stars-Overtime
069\069-09-Metronome All-Stars-Victory Ball
069\069-10-Metronome All-Stars-Victory Ball
069\069-11-Metronome All-Stars-Double Date
069\069-12-Metronome All-Stars-No Figs
069\069-13-Metronome All-Stars-Billies's Bounce

070\070-01-Chubby Jackson-Crown Pilots
070\070-02-Chubby Jackson-Lemon Drop
070\070-03-Chubby Jackson-Begin The Beguine
070\070-04-Chubby Jackson-Crying Sands
070\070-05-Chubby Jackson-Boomsie
070\070-06-Chubby Jackson-Dee Dee's Dance
070\070-07-Dizzy Gillespie-Oop Pop A Da
070\070-08-Dizzy Gillespie-'Round Midnight
070\070-09-Dizzy Gillespie-Algo Bueno
070\070-10-Dizzy Gillespie-I Can't Get Started
070\070-11-Dizzy Gillespie-Ool Ya Koo
070\070-12-Dizzy Gillespie-Afro Cubano Suite
070\070-13-Dizzy Gillespie-Things To Come
070\070-14-Dizzy Gillespie-Two Bass Hit
070\070-15-Dizzy Gillespie-Good Bait

071\071-01-Max Roach Quintet-Prince Albert Pt. 1 & 2
071\071-02-Max Roach Quintet-Baby Sis Pt. 1& 2
071\071-03-Max Roach Quintet-Tomorrow Pt. 1 & 2
071\071-04-Max Roach Quintet-Maximum
071\071-05-James Moody Quintet-More Than You Know
071\071-06-James Moody Quintet-Deep Purple
071\071-07-James Moody Quintet-I Cover The Waterfront
071\071-08-James Moody Quintet-Moody's Mode
071\071-09-James Moody Quintet-That's My Desire
071\071-10-James Moody Quintet-Bootsie
071\071-11-James Moody Quintet-Lover Come Back To Me
071\071-12-James Moody Quintet-This Is Always
071\071-13-Dizzy Gillespie Quintet-Afro Paris
071\071-14-Dizzy Gillespie Quintet-Afro Paris
071\071-15-Dizzy Gillespie Quintet-Hurry Home
071\071-16-Dizzy Gillespie Quintet-Hurry Home
071\071-17-Dizzy Gillespie Quintet-Say Eh!
071\071-18-Dizzy Gillespie Quintet-Say Eh!
071\071-19-Dizzy Gillespie Quintet-I Cover The Waterfront

072\072-01-Dizzy Gillespie-The Champ
072\072-02-Dizzy Gillespie-Good Bait
072\072-03-Dizzy Gillespie-Swing Low Sweet Cadillac
072\072-04-Dizzy Gillespie-Oh Lady Be Good
072\072-05-Dizzy Gillespie-My Man (Mon Homme)
072\072-06-Dizzy Gillespie-(I've Got) The Bluest Blues
072\072-07-Dizzy Gillespie-Birk's Works
072\072-08-Dizzy Gillespie-Ooh-Shoo-Bee-Doo-Bee
072\072-09-Dizzy Gillespie-They Can't Take That Away From Me
072\072-10-Dizzy Gillespie-Embraceable You
072\072-11-Dizzy Gillespie-Play Fiddle, Play
072\072-12-Dizzy Gillespie-I Can't Get Started
072\072-13-Dizzy Gillespie-Tin Tin Deo
072\072-14-Dizzy Gillespie-On The Sunny Side Of The Street
072\072-15-Dizzy Gillespie-School Days

073\073-01-Woody's Boys-I Gotcha Covered
073\073-02-Woody's Boys-Popsie
073\073-03-Woody's Boys-Bass Face
073\073-04-Woody's Boys-Don't Get Too Wild, Child
073\073-05-Woody's Boys-Skyscraper
073\073-06-Woody's Boys-Papilloma
073\073-07-Woody's Boys-A Melody From The Sky
073\073-08-Woody's Boys-1-2-3-4 Jump
073\073-09-Woody's Boys-Bob's Belief
073\073-10-Woody's Boys-Sweet And Lovely
073\073-11-Woody's Boys-Lover Come Back To Me
073\073-12-Woody's Boys-Northwest Passage
073\073-13-Woody's Boys-Crying Sands
073\073-14-Woody's Boys-Cross Country
073\073-15-Woody's Boys-Characteristically B.H.
073\073-16-Woody's Boys-Mean To Me
073\073-17-Woody's Boys-She's Funny That Way
073\073-18-Woody's Boys-Stompin' At The Savoy
073\073-19-Woody's Boys-Why Shouldn't I
073\073-20-Woody's Boys-Swingin' For Popsie
073\073-21-Woody's Boys-Without Woody
073\073-22-Woody's Boys-More Than You Know

074\074-01-Sonny Berman-Woodchopper's Holiday (Down With Up)
074\074-02-Sonny Berman-Sonny's Blues (Ciretose)
074\074-03-Sonny Berman-Sonny Speaks Out (Higgimus Hoggimus)
074\074-04-Sonny Berman-Bmt Face (Slumbering Giant)
074\074-05-Bill Harris And His New Music-Everything Happens To Me
074\074-06-Bill Harris And His New Music-Frustration
074\074-07-Bill Harris Big Eight-Curbstone Scuffle
074\074-08-Bill Harris Big Eight-Curbstone Scuffle
074\074-09-Bill Harris Big Eight-Nocturne
074\074-10-Bill Harris Big Eight-Moon Burns
074\074-11-Bill Harris Big Eight-Woodchopper's Holiday
074\074-12-Bill Harris Big Eight-Woodchopper's Holiday
074\074-13-Bill Harris Big Eight-Harris Tweed (Somebody Loves Me)
074\074-14-Bill Harris Big Eight-Somebody Loves Me
074\074-15-Serge Chaloff-Blue Serge (The Mad Monk)
074\074-16-Serge Chaloff-Blue Serge

075\075-01-Woody's Boys-Head Quarters
075\075-02-Woody's Boys-Head Hunters
075\075-03-Woody's Boys-Sam's Caravan
075\075-04-Woody's Boys-Two Heads Atre Better Than One
075\075-05-Woody's Boys-I Woke Up Dizzy
075\075-06-Woody's Boys-Sloppy Joe's
075\075-07-Woody's Boys-All God's Chillun Got Rhythm
075\075-08-Woody's Boys-Elevation
075\075-09-Woody's Boys-Fine And Dandy
075\075-10-Woody's Boys-The Goof And I
075\075-11-Woody's Boys-Pumpernickel
075\075-12-Woody's Boys-Gabardine And Serge
075\075-13-Woody's Boys-Serge's Urge
075\075-14-Woody's Boys-A Bar A Second
075\075-15-Woody's Boys-The Happy Monster
075\075-16-Woody's Boys-Follow The Leader
075\075-17-Woody's Boys-L'ana
075\075-18-Woody's Boys-'Mom' Jackson
075\075-19-Woody's Boys-Cake
075\075-20-Woody's Boys-Znarg Blues
075\075-21-Woody's Boys-My Old Flame
075\075-22-Woody's Boys-Cool
075\075-23-Woody's Boys-Chickasaw
075\075-24-Woody's Boys-Bop Scotch
075\075-25-Woody's Boys-The Most!
075\075-26-Woody's Boys-Chasing The Bass

076\076-01-Serge Chaloff + Ralph Burns-Pat
076\076-02-Serge Chaloff + Ralph Burns-King Edward The Flatted Fifth
076\076-03-Bill Harris And His Orchestra-Imagination
076\076-04-Bill Harris And His Orchestra-Opus 69
076\076-05-Flip Phillips Quartet-Drowsy
076\076-06-Flip Phillips Quartet-Vortex
076\076-07-Flip Phillips Quartet-Milano
076\076-08-Flip Phillips Quartet-But Beautiful
076\076-09-Flip Phillips Quartet-Lover
076\076-10-Flip Phillips Quartet-Don t Take Your Love From Me
076\076-11-Flip Phillips Quartet-Flip s Boogie
076\076-12-Flip Phillips Quartet-Feelin The Blues
076\076-13-Flip Phillips Quartet-Lover Come Back To Me
076\076-14-Flip Phillips Quartet-Blue Room
076\076-15-Flip Phillips And His Orchestra-Bebe
076\076-16-Flip Phillips And His Orchestra-Dream A Little Dream Of Me
076\076-17-Flip Phillips And His Orchestra-Bright Blues
076\076-18-Flip Phillips Quintet-Cheek To Cheek
076\076-19-Flip Phillips Quintet-Sorjoro
076\076-20-Flip Phillips Quintet-I ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
076\076-21-Flip Phillips Quintet-Funky Blues
076\076-22-Flip Phillips Quintet-Indiana

077\077-01-Kai's Krazy Kats-Sweet Miss
077\077-02-Kai's Krazy Kats-Sweet Miss
077\077-03-Kai's Krazy Kats-Loaded
077\077-04-Kai's Krazy Kats-Loaded
077\077-05-Kai's Krazy Kats-Grab Your Axe, Max
077\077-06-Kai's Krazy Kats-Grab Your Axe, Max
077\077-07-Kai's Krazy Kats-Always
077\077-08-Allen Eager Quartet-Rampage
077\077-09-Allen Eager Quartet-Vot's Dot
077\077-10-Allen Eager Quartet-Booby Hatch (Pogo Stick)
077\077-11-Allen Eager Quartet-Symphony Sid's Idea (Zadah)
077\077-12-Gene Krupa and his Orchestra-How High the Moon
077\077-13-Stan Getz Quartet-Opus De Bop
077\077-14-Stan Getz Quartet-And the Angels Swing
077\077-15-Stan Getz Quartet-Running Water
077\077-16-Stan Getz Quartet-Don't Worry 'Bout Me
077\077-17-Terry Reig's All-Stars-O-Go-Mo
077\077-18-Terry Reig's All-Stars-Mr. Deus
077\077-19-Terry Reig's All-Stars-Oh, Kai (Kai's Day)
077\077-20-Terry Reig's All-Stars-Saxon
077\077-21-Gene Krupa and his Orchestra-Disc Jockey Jump

078\078-01-Allen Eager With The Be Bop Boys-All Night, All Frantic
078\078-02-Allen Eager With The Be Bop Boys-Donald Jay
078\078-03-Allen Eager With The Be Bop Boys-Meeskite
078\078-04-Allen Eager With The Be Bop Boys-And That's For Sure
078\078-05-Stan Getz Quintet-Pardon My Bop
078\078-06-Stan Getz Quintet-Pardon My Bop
078\078-07-Stan Getz Quintet-Pardon My Bop
078\078-08-Stan Getz Quintet-As I Live And Bop (Bopcycle)
078\078-09-Stan Getz Quintet-Interlude In Bebop (Bopelbath)
078\078-10-Stan Getz Quintet-Interlude In Bebop
078\078-11-Stan Getz Quintet-Pinhead (Allen)
078\078-12-Stan Getz Quintet-Pinhead (Diaper Pin)
078\078-13-Allen Eager Quartet-Pogo Stick
078\078-14-Allen Eager Quartet-Alley Talk (Bow Tie)
078\078-15-Allen Eager Quartet-The Way You Look Tonight
078\078-16-Brew Moore Quartet-Brew Blew
078\078-17-Brew Moore Quartet-Brew Blew
078\078-18-Brew Moore Quartet-No More Brew
078\078-19-Brew Moore Quartet-More Brew
078\078-20-Stan Getz Orchestra-Frosty (Getz)

079\079-01-Tadd Dameron Quintet-The Chase
079\079-02-Tadd Dameron Quintet-Wahoo
079\079-03-Tadd Dameron Quintet-Lady Be Good (Rifftide)
079\079-04-Tadd Dameron Quintet-Wahoo
079\079-05-Tadd Dameron Quintet-Anthropology
079\079-06-Tadd Dameron Quintet-Tiny's Blues
079\079-07-Kai Winding Sextet-Bop City
079\079-08-Kai Winding Sextet-Wallington's Godchild
079\079-09-Kai Winding Sextet-Crossing The Channel
079\079-10-Kai Winding Sextet-Sleepy Bop
079\079-11-Stan Getz And His Five Brothers-Battleground
079\079-12-Stan Getz And His Five Brothers-Battleground
079\079-13-Stan Getz And His Five Brothers-Four And One Moore
079\079-14-Stan Getz And His Five Brothers-Four And One Moore
079\079-15-Stan Getz And His Five Brothers-Five Brothers
079\079-16-Stan Getz And His Five Brothers-Five Brothers
079\079-17-Stan Getz And His Five Brothers-Battle Of The Saxes
079\079-18-Stan Getz Boppers-Stan Gets Along
079\079-19-Stan Getz Boppers-Stans Mood
079\079-20-Stan Getz Boppers-Slow
079\079-21-Stan Getz Boppers-Fast

080\080-01-George Wallington Trio-Racing
080\080-02-George Wallington Trio-Fairyland
080\080-03-George Wallington Trio-Knockout
080\080-04-george Wallington Trio-Igloo
080\080-05-Stan Getz Quintet-Skull Buster
080\080-06-Stan Getz Quintet-Ante Room
080\080-07-Stan Getz Quintet-Pennies From Heaven
080\080-08-Stan Getz Quintet-Poop Deck
080\080-09-Brew Moore-The Mud Bug
080\080-10-Brew Moore-Gold Rush
080\080-11-Brew Moore-Lestorian Mode
080\080-12-Brew Moore-Kai's Kid
080\080-13-Stan Getz Quartet-Indian Summer
080\080-14-Stan Getz Quartet-Long Island Sound
080\080-15-Stan Getz Quartet-Mar Cia
080\080-16-Stan Getz Quartet-Crazy Chords
080\080-17-Lee Konitz Quintet-Marshmallow
080\080-18-Lee Konitz Quintet-Fishin' Around
080\080-19-Kai Winding Sextet-Sid's Bounce
080\080-20-Kai Winding Sextet-Broadway
080\080-21-Kai Winding Sextet-Broadway
080\080-22-Kai Winding Sextet-Waterworks
080\080-23-Kai Winding Sextet-Waterworks
080\080-24-Kai Winding Sextet-A Night On Bop Mountain
080\080-25-Kai Winding Sextet-A Night On Bop Mountain

081\081-01-Lee Konitz Quintet-Tautology
081\081-02-Lee Konitz Quintet-Sound Lee
081\081-03-Stan Getz + Kai Winding Quintet-Always
081\081-04-Stan Getz + Kai Winding Quintet-Sweet Miss
081\081-05-Stan Getz Quartet-Long Island Sound
081\081-06-Stan Getz Quartet-There's A Small Hotel
081\081-07-Stan Getz Quartet-Too Marvelous For Words
081\081-08-Stan Getz Quartet-I've Got You Under My Skin
081\081-09-Stan Getz Quartet-What's New
081\081-10-Stan Getz Quartet-You Stepped Out Of A Dream
081\081-11-Stan Getz Quartet-My Old Flame
081\081-12-Stan Getz Quartet-My Old Flame
081\081-13-Stan Getz Quartet-The Lady In Red
081\081-14-Stan Getz Quartet-The Lady In Red
081\081-15-Stan Getz Quartet-Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
081\081-16-Stan Getz Quartet-On The Alamo
081\081-17-Stan Getz Quartet-On The Alamo
081\081-18-Stan Getz Quartet-Gone With The Wind
081\081-19-Stan Getz Quartet-Yesterdays
081\081-20-Stan Getz Quartet-Sweetie Pie
081\081-21-Stan Getz Quartet-You Go To My Head
081\081-22-Stan Getz Quartet-Hershey Bar

082\082-01-Terry Gibbs New Jazz Pirates-Michelle, Part 1
082\082-02-Terry Gibbs New Jazz Pirates-Michelle, Part 2
082\082-03-Terry Gibbs New Jazz Pirates-Michelle
082\082-04-Terry Gibbs New Jazz Pirates-T & S
082\082-05-Terry Gibbs New Jazz Pirates-Terry's Tune
082\082-06-Terry Gibbs New Jazz Pirates-Cuddles (Speedway)
082\082-07-Al Cohn Quartet-Groovin' With Gus
082\082-08-Al Cohn Quartet-Groovin' With Gus
082\082-09-Al Cohn Quartet-Infinity
082\082-10-Al Cohn Quartet-Infinity
082\082-11-Al Cohn Quartet-How Long Has This Been Going On
082\082-12-Al Cohn Quartet-Let's Get Away From It All
082\082-13-Zoot Sims Quartet-My Silent Love
082\082-14-Zoot Sims Quartet-Jane-O
082\082-15-Zoot Sims Quartet-Dancing In The Dark
082\082-16-Zoot Sims Quartet-Memories Of You
082\082-17-Stan Getz Quartet-Tootsie Roll
082\082-18-Stan Getz Quartet-Strike Up The Band
082\082-19-Stan Getz Quartet-Imagination
082\082-20-Stan Getz Quartet-For Stompers Only
082\082-21-Stan Getz Quartet-Navy Blue
082\082-22-Stan Getz Quartet-Out Of Nowhere
082\082-23-Stan Getz Quartet-'s Wonderful

083\083-01-Stan Getz Quartet-Penny
083\083-02-Stan Getz Quartet-Split Kick
083\083-03-Stan Getz Quartet-It Might As Well Be Spring
083\083-04-Stan Getz Quartet-The Best Thing For You
083\083-05-Kai Winding's Band-Deep Purple
083\083-06-Kai Winding's Band-I'm Shooting High
083\083-07-Kai Winding's Band-You're Blas
083\083-08-Kai Winding's Band-Moonshower
083\083-09-Kai Winding's Band-Honey
083\083-10-Kai Winding's Band-Someone To Watch Over Me
083\083-11-Kai Winding's Band-Cheek To Cheek
083\083-12-Kai Winding's Band-Harlem Buffet
083\083-13-Flip Phillips Quintet-Broadway
083\083-14-Flip Phillips Quintet-Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
083\083-15-Flip Phillips Quintet-Apple Honey
083\083-16-Flip Phillips Quintet-Long Island Boogie
083\083-17-Flip Phillips Quintet-Stardust
083\083-18-Zoot Sims Quartet-Trotting
083\083-19-Zoot Sims Quartet-It Had To Be You
083\083-20-Zoot Sims Quartet-Zoot Swings The Blues
083\083-21-Zoot Sims Quartet-Swingin'
083\083-22-Zoot Sims Quartet-East Of The Sun
083\083-23-Zoot Sims Quartet-I Wonder Who

084\084-01-Stan Getz Quartet-Melody Express
084\084-02-Stan Getz Quartet-Yvette
084\084-03-Stan Getz Quartet-Potters Luck
084\084-04-Stan Getz Quartet-The Song Is You
084\084-05-Stan Getz Quartet-Wildwood
084\084-06-Stan Getz Quartet-Twins
084\084-07-George Wallinton-Polka Dot
084\084-08-George Wallinton-I'll Remember April
084\084-09-George Wallinton-High Score
084\084-10-George Wallinton-Hyacinth
084\084-11-George Wallinton-Joy Bell
084\084-12-George Wallinton-I Didn't Know What Time It Was
084\084-13-George Wallinton-Brown Gold
084\084-14-Art Pepper-These Foolish Things
084\084-15-Art Pepper-Surf Ride
084\084-16-Art Pepper-Holiday Flight
084\084-17-Art Pepper-Tangerine
084\084-18-Zoot Sims Sextet-Zootcase
084\084-19-Zoot Sims Sextet-The Red Door
084\084-20-Zoot Sims Sextet-Morning Fun
084\084-21-Zoot Sims Sextet-Chili Pepper
084\084-22-Art Pepper Quartet-Suzy The Poodle
084\084-23-Art Pepper Quartet-Everything Happens To Me
084\084-24-Art Pepper Quartet-Tickle Toe

085\085-01-Charlie Barnet And His Orchestra-The Moose
085\085-02-Charlie Barnet And His Orchestra-Skyliner
085\085-03-Dodo Marmarosa Trio-Mellow Mood
085\085-04-Dodo Marmarosa Trio-Dodo's Blues
085\085-05-Dodo Marmarosa Trio-How High The Moon
085\085-06-Dodo Marmarosa Trio-I Surrender Dear
085\085-07-Dodo Marmarosa Trio-Raindrops
085\085-08-Dodo Marmarosa Trio-I've Got News For You
085\085-09-Lucky Thompson And His Lucky Seven-Just One More Chance
085\085-10-Lucky Thompson And His Lucky Seven-From Dixieland To Bop
085\085-11-Lucky Thompson And His Lucky Seven-Boulevard Bounce
085\085-12-Lucky Thompson And His Lucky Seven-Boppin' The Blues
085\085-13-Dodo Marmarosa Trio-Bopmatism
085\085-14-Dodo Marmarosa Trio-Dodo's Dance (Marmarosa)
085\085-15-Dodo Marmarosa Trio-Trade Winds (Marmarosa)
085\085-16-Dodo Marmarosa Trio-Dary Departs (Marmarosa)
085\085-17-Dodo Marmarosa Trio-Cosmo Street (Lover) (Marmarosa)
085\085-18-Dodo Marmarosa Trio-My Foolish Heart
085\085-19-Dodo Marmarosa Trio-Blue Room
085\085-20-Dodo Marmarosa Trio-Why Was I Born
085\085-21-Dodo Marmarosa Trio-The Night Was Young

086\086-01-Charlie Parker Quintet-I Didn't Know What Time It Was
086\086-02-Charlie Parker Quintet-Ornithology
086\086-03-Charlie Parker Quintet-Embraceable You
086\086-04-Charlie Parker Quintet-Visa
086\086-05-Charlie Parker Quintet-I Cover The Waterfront
086\086-06-Charlie Parker Quintet-Scrapple From The Apple
086\086-07-Charlie Parker Quintet-Star Eyes & 52nd Street Theme
086\086-08-Charlie Parker Quintet-Confirmation
086\086-09-Charlie Parker Quintet-Out Of Nowhere
086\086-10-Charlie Parker Quintet-Hot House
086\086-11-Charlie Parker Quintet-What's New
086\086-12-Charlie Parker Quintet-Now's The Time
086\086-13-Charlie Parker Quintet-Smoke Gets In You Eyes & 52nd Street Theme
086\086-14-Charlie Parker Quintet-Just Friends
086\086-15-Charlie Parker Quintet-April In Paris
086\086-16-Charlie Parker Quintet-Just Friends
086\086-17-Charlie Parker Quintet-April In Paris
086\086-18-Charlie Parker Quintet-Ballad Medley Bewitched - Summertime
086\086-19-Charlie Parker Quintet-Ballad Medley I Cover The Waterfront

087\087-01-Charlie Parker-Lover Come Back To Me
087\087-02-Charlie Parker-52nd Stret
087\087-03-Charlie Parker-The Squirrel
087\087-04-Charlie Parker-Irresistible You
087\087-05-Charlie Parker-Indiana - Donna Lee
087\087-06-Charlie Parker-Liza

088\088-01-Charlie Parker Quartet-Ornithology
088\088-02-Charlie Parker Quartet-52nd Street Theme
088\088-03-Charlie Parker With The Milt Jackson Quartet-How High The Moon
088\088-04-Charlie Parker With The Milt Jackson Quartet-Embraceable You
088\088-05-Charlie Parker With The Milt Jackson Quartet-52nd Street Theme
088\088-06-Charlie Parker Quartet-Anthropology
088\088-07-Charlie Parker Quartet-Cool Blues
088\088-08-Charlie Parker Quartet-Out Of Nowhere
088\088-09-Charlie Parker Quartet-Ornithology
088\088-10-Charlie Parker Quintet-Now's The Time
088\088-11-Charlie Parker Quintet-My Little Suede Shoes
088\088-12-Charlie Parker Quintet-Groovin' High
088\088-13-Charlie Parker Quintet-Cheryl

089\089-01-Charlie Parker Quintet-Hot House
089\089-02-Charlie Parker Quintet-Slow Boat To China
089\089-03-Charlie Parker Quintet-Be Bop
089\089-04-Charlie Parker Quintet-Hot House
089\089-05-Charlie Parker Quintet-Scrapple From The Apple
089\089-06-Charlie Parker Quintet-Oop-Bop-Sh-Bam
089\089-07-Charlie Parker Quintet-Barbados
089\089-08-Charlie Parker Quintet-Groovin' High
089\089-09-Charlie Parker-Laura
089\089-10-Charlie Parker-This Time The Dream's On Me
089\089-11-Charlie Parker-Cool Blues
089\089-12-Charlie Parker-My Little Suede Shoes
089\089-13-Charlie Parker-Lester Leaps In
089\089-14-Charlie Parker-Sly Mongoose
089\089-15-Charlie Parker-Moose The Mooche
089\089-16-Charlie Parker-Rocker
089\089-17-Charlie Parker-Star Eyes

090\090-01-Jazz At The Philharmonic-Crazy Rhythm
090\090-02-Jazz At The Philharmonic-The Man I Love
090\090-03-Jazz At The Philharmonic-Sweet Georgia Brown
090\090-04-Jazz At The Philharmonic-Blues For Norman
090\090-05-Jazz At The Philharmonic-Lady Be Good
090\090-06-Jazz At The Philharmonic-I Can't Get Started
090\090-07-Jazz At The Philharmonic-After You've Done

091\091-01-Junior Jazz At The Auditorium-Ornithology
091\091-02-Junior Jazz At The Auditorium-Hot House (What Is This Thing Called Love)
091\091-03-Junior Jazz At The Auditorium-Allen's Alley
091\091-04-Junior Jazz At The Auditorium-Lover
091\091-05-Saturday Night Swing Session-High On An Open Mic
091\091-06-Saturday Night Swing Session-Sweet Georgia Brown
091\091-07-Just Jazz Concert-Just You, Just Me
091\091-08-Just Jazz Concert-Perdido

092\092-01-Jazz At The Philharmonic-JATP Blues
092\092-02-Jazz At The Philharmonic-I Got Rhythm
092\092-03-Jazz At The Philharmonic-I Surrender Dear
092\092-04-Jazz At The Philharmonic-I Found A New Baby
092\092-05-Just Bop All Stars-Sweet Georgia Bop
092\092-06-Just Bop All Stars-Just Bop pt. 1to4 (Just You, Just Me)
092\092-07-Just Bop All Stars-C Jam Blues

093\093-01-Just Jazz Concert-Groovin' High
093\093-02-Just Jazz Concert-Be Bop
093\093-03-Just Jazz Concert-Hot House
093\093-04-Just Jazz Concert-Donna Lee (Incomplete)
093\093-05-Erroll Garner Trio-Lover
093\093-06-Erroll Garner Trio-Tenderly
093\093-07-Erroll Garner Trio-Someone To Watch Over Me
093\093-08-Just Jazz Concert-Blue Lou
093\093-09-Just Jazz Concert-One O'Clock Jump

094\094-01-Just Jazz Concert-Body And Soul
094\094-02-Just Jazz Concert-How High The Moon
094\094-03-Just Jazz Concert-I (Charlie's) Got Rhythm
094\094-04-Hollywood Jazz Concert-The Hunt (Rocks n' Shoals)
094\094-05-Hollywood Jazz Concert-Bopera (Disorder At The Border)

095\095-01-Bop Jam All Stars-What Is This Thing Called Love
095\095-02-Bop Jam All Stars-Back Breaker
095\095-03-Bop Jam All Stars-Blow Blow Blow (Rhythm)
095\095-04-The Bopland Boys-Byas-A-Drink (Bopland)

096\096-01-The Bopland Boys-Cherokee (Jeronimo)
096\096-02-The Bopland Boys-After Hours Bop
096\096-03-Bill Harris All Stars-What Is This Thing Called Love
096\096-04-Bill Harris All Stars-A Knight In The Village
096\096-05-Bill Harris All Stars-Just You, Just Me

097\097-01-Bill Harris And Charlie Ventura-Characteristically B.H.
097\097-02-Bill Harris And Charlie Ventura-Blue Champagne
097\097-03-Bill Harris And Charlie Ventura-Mordido
097\097-04-Bill Harris And Charlie Ventura-High On An Open Mike
097\097-05-Bill Harris And Charlie Ventura-Body And Soul
097\097-06-Bill Harris And Charlie Ventura-The Great Lie
097\097-07-Bill Harris And Charlie Ventura-Eleven Sixty
097\097-08-Bill Harris And Charlie Ventura-All Of Me
097\097-09-Bill Harris And Charlie Ventura-The Man I Love
097\097-10-Bill Harris And Charlie Ventura-Aces At The Deuces

098\098-01-Charlie Parker Jam Session-There's A Small Hotel
098\098-02-Charlie Parker Jam Session-These Foolish Things
098\098-03-Charlie Parker Jam Session-Fine And Dandy
098\098-04-Charlie Parker Jam Session-Hot House
098\098-05-Roy Eldridge-The Opener
098\098-06-Roy Eldridge-Lester Leaps In
098\098-07-Roy Eldridge-Embraceable You
098\098-08-Roy Eldridge-The Closer

099\099-01-Chet Baker-Out Of Nowhere
099\099-02-Chet Baker-Strike Up The Band
099\099-03-Chet Baker-Pennies From Heaven
099\099-04-Gerry Mulligan-Tiny's Blues
099\099-05-Gerry Mulligan-Medley I Cover Up The Waterfront Im In The Mood For Love
099\099-06-Gerry Mulligan-Out Of Nowhere
099\099-07-Gerry Mulligan-Our Delight
099\099-08-Gerry Mulligan-Lullaby Of The Leaves
099\099-09-Gerry Mulligan-Blues

100\100-01-Wardell Gray's Los Angeles All Stars-Jazz On Sunset (Move)
100\100-02-Wardell Gray's Los Angeles All Stars-Kiddo (Scrapple From The Apple)
100\100-03-Charlie Parker Quintet-Lullaby In Rhythm
100\100-04-Charlie Parker Quintet-Scrapple From The Apple
100\100-05-Charlie Parker Quintet-Happy Bird Blues
100\100-06-Charlie Parker Quintet-I'll Remember April

001\001-01-Fletcher Henderson-Oh, It Looks Like Rain
001\001-02-Fletcher Henderson-sweet Music
001\001-03-Fletcher Henderson-My Sweet Tootf Says I Wanna (But My Wisdom Says No)
001\001-04-Fletcher Henderson-Malinda's Wedding Day
001\001-05-Fletcher Henderson-You Rascal You (1)
001\001-06-Fletcher Henderson-You Rascal You (2)
001\001-07-Fletcher Henderson-Blue Rhythm (1)
001\001-08-Fletcher Henderson-Blue Rhythm (2)
001\001-09-Fletcher Henderson-Sugarfoot Stomp
001\001-10-Fletcher Henderson-Low Down On The Bayou
001\001-11-Fletcher Henderson-Singin' The Blues
001\001-12-Fletcher Henderson-It's The Darndest Thing
001\001-13-Fletcher Henderson-Blues In My Heart
001\001-14-Fletcher Henderson-Sugar
001\001-15-Fletcher Henderson-Business In F
001\001-16-Fletcher Henderson-12th Street Rag
001\001-17-Fletcher Henderson-Milenberg Joys
001\001-18-Fletcher Henderson-Strangers
001\001-19-Fletcher Henderson-Take Me Away From The River (Song Of The Viper)
001\001-20-Fletcher Henderson-Say That You Were Teasing Me
001\001-21-Fletcher Henderson-Take A Picture Of The Moon
001\001-22-Fletcher Henderson-I Wanna Count Sheep Till The Cows Come Home
001\001-23-Fletcher Henderson-Poor Old Joe

002\002-01-Fletcher Henderson-Casa Loma Stomp
002\002-02-Fletcher Henderson-Blue Moments
002\002-03-Fletcher Henderson-How Am I Doin', Hey Hey
002\002-04-Fletcher Henderson-Goodbye Blues
002\002-05-Fletcher Henderson-Honeysuckle Rose
002\002-06-Fletcher Henderson-New King Porter Stomp
002\002-07-Fletcher Henderson-Underneath The Harlem Moon
002\002-08-Fletcher Henderson-Yeah Man!
002\002-09-Fletcher Henderson-King Porter Stomp
002\002-10-Fletcher Henderson-Queer Notions (1)
002\002-11-Fletcher Henderson-Can You Take It (1)
002\002-12-Fletcher Henderson-Can You Take It (2)
002\002-13-Fletcher Henderson-Queer Notions (2)
002\002-14-Fletcher Henderson-It's The Talk Of The Town
002\002-15-Fletcher Henderson-Night Live
002\002-16-Fletcher Henderson-Nagasaki
002\002-17-Fletcher Henderson-Happy Feet
002\002-18-Fletcher Henderson-I'm Rhythm Crazy Now
002\002-19-Fletcher Henderson-Ol' Man River
002\002-20-Fletcher Henderson-Minnie The Moocher's Wedding Day
002\002-21-Fletcher Henderson-Ain't Cha Glad
002\002-22-Fletcher Henderson-I've Got To Sing A Torch Song

003\003-01-Fletcher Henderson-Hocus Pocus (1)
003\003-02-Fletcher Henderson-Hocus Pocus (2)
003\003-03-Fletcher Henderson-Phantom Fantasy
003\003-04-Fletcher Henderson-Harlem Madness
003\003-05-Fletcher Henderson-Tidal Wave (1)
003\003-06-Fletcher Henderson-Limehouse Blues
003\003-07-Fletcher Henderson-Shanghai Shuffle
003\003-08-Fletcher Henderson-Big John's Special
003\003-09-Fletcher Henderson-Happy As The Day Is Long
003\003-10-Fletcher Henderson-Tidal Wave (2)
003\003-11-Fletcher Henderson-Down South Camp Meetin'
003\003-12-Fletcher Henderson-Wrappin' It Up
003\003-13-Fletcher Henderson-Menphis Blues
003\003-14-Fletcher Henderson-Wild Party
003\003-15-Fletcher Henderson-Rug Cutter's Swing
003\003-16-Fletcher Henderson-Hotter Than 'Ell
003\003-17-Fletcher Henderson-Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)
003\003-18-Fletcher Henderson-Christopher Columbus (A Rhythm Cocktail)
003\003-19-Fletcher Henderson-Grand Terrace Swing (Big Chief De Sota)
003\003-20-Fletcher Henderson-Blue Lou
003\003-21-Fletcher Henderson-Stealin' Apples

004\004-01-Fletcher Henderson-I'm A Fool For Lovin' You
004\004-02-Fletcher Henderson-Moonrise On The Lowlands
004\004-03-Fletcher Henderson-I'll Always Be In Love With You
004\004-04-Fletcher Henderson-Jangled Nerves (Jungled Nerves)
004\004-05-Fletcher Henderson-Where There's You There's Me
004\004-06-Fletcher Henderson-Do You Or Don't You Love Me
004\004-07-Fletcher Henderson-Grand Terrace Rhythm
004\004-08-Fletcher Henderson-Riffin'
004\004-09-Fletcher Henderson-Mary Had A Little Lamb
004\004-10-Fletcher Henderson-Shoe Shine Boy
004\004-11-Fletcher Henderson-Sing, Sing, Sing
004\004-12-Fletcher Henderson-Until Today
004\004-13-Fletcher Henderson-Knock, Knock, Who's There
004\004-14-Fletcher Henderson-Jimtown Blues
004\004-15-Fletcher Henderson-You Can Depend On Me
004\004-16-Fletcher Henderson-What Will I Tell My Heart
004\004-17-Fletcher Henderson-It's Wearin' Me Down
004\004-18-Fletcher Henderson-Slumming On Park Avenue
004\004-19-Fletcher Henderson-Rhythm Of The Tambourine

005\005-01-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Stampede
005\005-02-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Back in Your Own backyard
005\005-03-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Rose Room (In Sunny Roseland)
005\005-04-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Great Caesar's Ghost
005\005-05-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-If You Ever Should Leave
005\005-06-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Posin'
005\005-07-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-All God's Chillun Got Rhythm
005\005-08-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Chris and his Gang
005\005-09-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Let 'er Go
005\005-10-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Worried Over You
005\005-11-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-What's Your Story (What's Your Jive)
005\005-12-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Trees
005\005-13-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-If It's the Last Thing I Do
005\005-14-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Sing You Sinners
005\005-15-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-You're in Love with Me
005\005-16-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Stealin' Apples
005\005-17-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Don' Let the Rhythm Go to Your Head
005\005-18-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-(I've Been) Saving Myself for You
005\005-19-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-There's Rain in My Eyes
005\005-20-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-What Do You Hear from the Mob in Scotland
005\005-21-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-It's the Little Things that Count
005\005-22-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Moten Stomp

006\006-01-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Trouble, Why Pick on Me
006\006-02-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Shakin' the African
006\006-03-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Chant of the Weed
006\006-04-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Chant of the Weed
006\006-05-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Shakin' the African
006\006-06-Don Redman and his Orchestra-I Heard
006\006-07-Don Redman and his Orchestra-How'm I Doin'
006\006-08-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Try Getting a Good Night's Sleep
006\006-09-Don Redman and his Connie's Inn Orchestra-Chant of the Weed
006\006-10-Don Redman and his Connie's Inn Orchestra-I Heard
006\006-11-Don Redman and his Connie's Inn Orchestra-Got the South in My Soul
006\006-12-Don Redman and his Connie's Inn Orchestra-Reefer Man
006\006-13-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Got the South in My Soul
006\006-14-Don Redman and his Orchestra-If It's True
006\006-15-Don Redman and his Orchestra-It's a Great World After All
006\006-16-Don Redman and his Orchestra-You Gave Me Everything but Love
006\006-17-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Tea for Two
006\006-18-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Hot and Anxious
006\006-19-Don Redman and his Orchestra-I Got Rhythm
006\006-20-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Pagan paradise
006\006-21-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Two-Time Man
006\006-22-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Teo-Time Man

007\007-01-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Underneath the Harlem Moon
007\007-02-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Ain't I the Lucky One
007\007-03-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Doin' What I Please
007\007-04-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Nagasaki
007\007-05-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Doin' the New Low-Down
007\007-06-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Doin' the New Low-Down
007\007-07-Don Redman and his Orchestra-How Ya Feelin'
007\007-08-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Shuffle Your Feet Bandanna Babies
007\007-09-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Mommy, I Don't Want to Go to Bed
007\007-10-Don Redman and his Orchestra-How Can I Hi-De-Hi (When I Feel so Low-De-Low)
007\007-11-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Shuffle Your Feet Bandanna Babies
007\007-12-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Sophisticated Lady
007\007-13-Don Redman and his Orchestra-I Won't Tell
007\007-14-Don Redman and his Orchestra-The Blue Eyed Baby from memphis
007\007-15-Don Redman and his Orchestra-It's All Your Fault
007\007-16-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Lazy Bones
007\007-17-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Watching the Knife and the Fork Spoon
007\007-18-Don Redman and his Orchestra-I Found a New Way to Go to Town
007\007-19-Don Redman and his Orchestra-You Told Me but Half of the Story
007\007-20-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Lonely Cabin
007\007-21-Don Redman and his Orchestra-She's Not Bad
007\007-22-Don Redman and his Orchestra-No-one Loves Me Like that Dallas Man

008\008-01-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Our Big Love Scene
008\008-02-Don Redman and his Orchestra-After Sundown
008\008-03-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Puddin' Head Jones
008\008-04-Don Redman and his Orchestra-My Old Man
008\008-05-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Tired of it All
008\008-06-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Keep on Doin' What you're Doin'
008\008-07-Don Redman and his Orchestra-I Wanna Be Loved
008\008-08-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Got the Jitters
008\008-09-Cahn Chaplin Orchestra-Christopher Columbus
008\008-10-Don Redman and his Orchestra-A Little Bit Later On
008\008-11-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Lazy Weather
008\008-12-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Moonrise on the Lowlands
008\008-13-Don Redman and his Orchestra-I Gotcha
008\008-14-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Who Wants to Sing My Love Song
008\008-15-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Too Bad
008\008-16-Don Redman and his Orchestra-We Don't Know from Nothin'
008\008-17-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Bugle Call Rag
008\008-18-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Stormy Weather
008\008-19-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Exactly Like You
008\008-20-Don Redman and his Orchestra-The Man on the Flying Trapeze
008\008-21-Don Redman and his Orchestra-On The Sunny Side of the Street
008\008-22-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Swingin' with the Fat Man
008\008-23-Don Redman and his Orchestra-Sweet Sue, Just You
008\008-24-Don Redman and his Orchestra-That Naughty Waltz

009\009-01-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Eerie Moan
009\009-02-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Merry-Go-Round
009\009-03-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Merry-Go-Round
009\009-04-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Sophisticated Lady
009\009-05-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-I've Got the World on a String
009\009-06-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Down a Carolina Lane
009\009-07-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Slippery Horn
009\009-08-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Black Bird Medley Part 1
009\009-09-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Black Bird Medley Part 2
009\009-10-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Drop Me Off in Harlem
009\009-11-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Bundle of Blues (Dragon Blues)
009\009-12-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Sophisticated Lady
009\009-13-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Stormy Weather
009\009-14-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Hyde Park (Every Tub)
009\009-15-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Harlem Speaks
009\009-16-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Ain't Misbehavin'
009\009-17-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Chicago
009\009-18-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-I'm Satisfied
009\009-19-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Jive Stomp
009\009-20-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Harlem Speaks
009\009-21-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
009\009-22-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Rude Interlude
009\009-23-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Dallas Doin's
009\009-24-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Dear Old Southland
009\009-25-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Daybreak Express

010\010-01-Duke Ellington-Delta Serenade
010\010-02-Duke Ellington-Stompy Jones
010\010-03-Duke Ellington-Solitude (1)
010\010-04-Duke Ellington-Blue Feeling
010\010-05-Duke Ellington-Solitude (2)
010\010-06-Duke Ellington-Saddest Tale
010\010-07-Duke Ellington-Moonglow
010\010-08-Duke Ellington-Sump 'n' Bout Rhythm
010\010-09-Duke Ellington-Admiration
010\010-10-Duke Ellington-Farewell Blues
010\010-11-Duke Ellington-Let's Have A Jubilee
010\010-12-Duke Ellington-Margie
010\010-13-Duke Ellington-Moonlight Fiesta (Porto Rican Chaos
010\010-14-Duke Ellington-Tough Truckin'
010\010-15-Duke Ellington-Indigo Echoes
010\010-16-Duke Ellington-In A Sentimental Mood
010\010-17-Duke Ellington-Showboat Shuffle
010\010-18-Duke Ellington-Merry-Go-Round
010\010-19-Duke Ellington-Cotton
010\010-20-Duke Ellington-Truckin'
010\010-21-Duke Ellington-Accent On Youth
010\010-22-Duke Ellington-Reminiscing In Temp, Part 1
010\010-23-Duke Ellington-Reminiscing In Temp, Part 2
010\010-24-Duke Ellington-Reminiscing In Temp, Part 3
010\010-25-Duke Ellington-Reminiscing In Temp, Part 4

011\011-01-Duke Ellington-Clarinet Lament (Barney's Concerto)
011\011-02-Duke Ellington-Echoes Of Harlem (Cootie's Concerto)
011\011-03-Duke Ellington-Shoe Shine Boy
011\011-04-Duke Ellington-It Was A Sad Night In Harlem
011\011-05-Duke Ellington-Trumpet In Spades (Rex's Concerto)
011\011-06-Duke Ellington-Yearning For Love (Lawrence's Concerto)
011\011-07-Duke Ellington-In A Jam
011\011-08-Duke Ellington-Exposition Swing
011\011-09-Duke Ellington-Uptown Downbeat (Blackout)
011\011-10-Duke Ellington-Scattin' At The Cotton Club
011\011-11-Duke Ellington-Black Butterfly
011\011-12-Duke Ellington-The New Birmingham Breakdown
011\011-13-Duke Ellington-Scattin' At The Kit Kat
011\011-14-Duke Ellington-I've Got To Be A Rug Cutter
011\011-15-Duke Ellington-The New East St. Louis Toodle-Oo
011\011-16-Duke Ellington-Caravan
011\011-17-Duke Ellington-Azure
011\011-18-Duke Ellington-All God's Chillun Got Rhythm
011\011-19-Duke Ellington-Alabama Home
011\011-20-Duke Ellington-Chatter Box
011\011-21-Duke Ellington-Jubilesta
011\011-22-Duke Ellington-Diminuendo In Blue
011\011-23-Duke Ellington-Crescendo In Blue
011\011-24-Duke Ellington-Harmony In Harlem
011\011-25-Duke Ellington-Dusk In The Desert

012\012-01-Duke Ellington-Stepping Into Swing Society
012\012-02-Duke Ellington-Prologue To Black And Tan Fantasy
012\012-03-Duke Ellington-The New Black And Tan Fantasy
012\012-04-Duke Ellington-Riding On A Blue Note
012\012-05-Duke Ellington-Lost In Meditation
012\012-06-Duke Ellington-The Gal From Joe's
012\012-07-Duke Ellington-I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
012\012-08-Duke Ellington-Braggin' In Brass
012\012-09-Duke Ellington-Carnival In Caroline
012\012-10-Duke Ellington-Dinah's In A Jam
012\012-11-Duke Ellington-Rose Of The Rio Grande
012\012-12-Duke Ellington-Pyramid
012\012-13-Duke Ellington-Prelude To A Kiss
012\012-14-Duke Ellington-Boy Meets Horn (Twits And Twerps)
012\012-15-Duke Ellington-Slap Happy
012\012-16-Duke Ellington-Portrait Of The Lion
012\012-17-Duke Ellington-Cotton Club Stomp
012\012-18-Duke Ellington-Doin' The Voom Voom
012\012-19-Duke Ellington-Little Posey (A Portrait Of Freddy Jenkins)
012\012-20-Duke Ellington-Grievin'
012\012-21-Duke Ellington-Tootin' Through The Roof
012\012-22-Duke Ellington-Weely (A Portrait Of Billy Strayhorn)

013\013-01-Duke Ellington-Jack The Bear
013\013-02-Duke Ellington-Ko-Ko
013\013-03-Duke Ellington-Morning Glory
013\013-04-Duke Ellington-Conga Brava
013\013-05-Duke Ellington-Concerto For Cootie
013\013-06-Duke Ellington-Cotton Tail
013\013-07-Duke Ellington-Never No Lament (Don't Get around Much Anymore)
013\013-08-Duke Ellington-Dusk
013\013-09-Duke Ellington-Bojangles
013\013-10-Duke Ellington-A Portrait Of Bert Williams
013\013-11-Duke Ellington-Blue Goose
013\013-12-Duke Ellington-Harlem Air Shift (Rumpus In Richmond)
013\013-13-Duke Ellington-At A Dixie Roadside Diner
013\013-14-Duke Ellington-All Too Soon (Slow Tune)
013\013-15-Duke Ellington-Rumpus In Richmond (Brassiere)
013\013-16-Duke Ellington-Sepia Panorama (Night House)
013\013-17-Duke Ellington-In A Mellotone
013\013-18-Duke Ellington-Five O'Clock Whistle
013\013-19-Duke Ellington-Warm Valley
013\013-20-Duke Ellington-Across The Track Blues
013\013-21-Duke Ellington-Chloe (Song Of The Swamp)

014\014-01-Duke Ellington-Sidewalks Of New York
014\014-02-Duke Ellington-Take The 'A' Train
014\014-03-Duke Ellington-Jumpin' Punkins
014\014-04-Duke Ellington-John Hardy's Wife
014\014-05-Duke Ellington-Blue Serge
014\014-06-Duke Ellington-After All
014\014-07-Duke Ellington-Bakiff
014\014-08-Duke Ellington-Are You Sticking
014\014-09-Duke Ellington-Just A-Sittin' And A-Rockin'
014\014-10-Duke Ellington-The Giddybug Gallop
014\014-11-Duke Ellington-Chocolate Shake
014\014-12-Duke Ellington-I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
014\014-13-Duke Ellington-Clementine
014\014-14-Duke Ellington-The Brown Skin Gal
014\014-15-Duke Ellington-Jump For Joy
014\014-16-Duke Ellington-Moon Over Cuba
014\014-17-Duke Ellington-Five O'Clock Drag
014\014-18-Duke Ellington-Rocks In My Bed
014\014-19-Duke Ellington-Bli-Blip
014\014-20-Duke Ellington-Raincheck
014\014-21-Duke Ellington-I Don't Know What Kind Of Blues I Got
014\014-22-Duke Ellington-Chelsea Bridge

015\015-01-Duke Ellington-Perdido
015\015-02-Duke Ellington-C Jam Blues
015\015-03-Duke Ellington-Moon Mist
015\015-04-Duke Ellington-What Am I Here For
015\015-05-Duke Ellington-I Don't Mind
015\015-06-Duke Ellington-Someone (You've Got My Heart)
015\015-07-Duke Ellington-My Little Brown Book
015\015-08-Duke Ellington-Main Steam
015\015-09-Duke Ellington-Johnny Come Lately
015\015-10-Duke Ellington-Hayfoot, Strawfoot
015\015-11-Duke Ellington-Sentimental Lady
015\015-12-Duke Ellington-A Slip Of The Lip (Can Sink A Ship)
015\015-13-Duke Ellington-Sherman Shuffle
015\015-14-Duke Ellington-I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues
015\015-15-Duke Ellington-I'm Beginning To See The Light
015\015-16-Duke Ellington-Don't You Know I Care
015\015-17-Duke Ellington-I Didn't Know About You
015\015-18-Duke Ellington-Work Song
015\015-19-Duke Ellington-Come Sunday
015\015-20-Duke Ellington-The Blues
015\015-21-Duke Ellington-Three Dances -

016\016-01-Duke Ellington-Carnegie Blues
016\016-02-Duke Ellington-Blue Cellophane
016\016-03-Duke Ellington-The Mood To Be Wooed
016\016-04-Duke Ellington-My Heart Sings
016\016-05-Duke Ellington-Perfume Suit, Part 1 a) Love, b) Strange Feeling
016\016-06-Duke Ellington-Perfume Suit, Part 2 a) Dancers In Love, b) Coloratura
016\016-07-Duke Ellington-Frantic Fantasy
016\016-08-Duke Ellington-It Don't Mean A thing
016\016-09-Duke Ellington-Black, Brown And Beige, Part 1, a) The Blues
016\016-10-Duke Ellington-Black, Brown And Beige, Part 2.
016\016-11-Duke Ellington-Caravan
016\016-12-Duke Ellington-Black And Tan Fantasy
016\016-13-Duke Ellington-Mood Indigo
016\016-14-Duke Ellington-Take The 'A' Train (Theme) Harlem Air Shaft
016\016-15-Duke Ellington-Black Beauty
016\016-16-Duke Ellington-Every Hour On The Hour (I Fall In Love With You)

017\017-01-Duke Ellington 1945-46-Hollywood Hangover
017\017-02-Duke Ellington 1945-46-The Kissing Bug
017\017-03-Duke Ellington 1945-46-In The Shade Of The Old Appletree
017\017-04-Duke Ellington 1945-46-Frankie And Johnny, Part 1
017\017-05-Duke Ellington 1945-46-Frankie And Johnny, Part 2
017\017-06-Duke Ellington 1945-46-Sugar Hill Penthouse
017\017-07-Duke Ellington 1945-46-Diminuendo In Blue Crescendo In Blue
017\017-08-Duke Ellington 1945-46-New World A Comin', Part 1
017\017-09-Duke Ellington 1945-46-New World A Comin', Part 2
017\017-10-Duke Ellington 1945-46-Prelude To A Kiss
017\017-11-Duke Ellington 1945-46-Ring Dem Bells
017\017-12-Duke Ellington 1945-46-Time's A Wastin'
017\017-13-Duke Ellington 1945-46-Carnegie Blues
017\017-14-Duke Ellington 1945-46-Rockabye River
017\017-15-Duke Ellington 1945-46-Suddenly It Jumped
017\017-16-Duke Ellington 1945-46-Transblucency
017\017-17-Duke Ellington 1945-46-Just Squeeze Me

018\018-01-Duke Ellington-Take The 'A' Train
018\018-02-Duke Ellington-I Hear A Rhapsody
018\018-03-Duke Ellington-It's Sad But True
018\018-04-Duke Ellington-Madame Will Drop Her Shawl
018\018-05-Duke Ellington-frenesi
018\018-06-Duke Ellington-Until Tonight
018\018-07-Duke Ellington-West Indian Stomp
018\018-08-Duke Ellington-Love And I
018\018-09-Duke Ellington-John Hardy's Wife
018\018-10-Duke Ellington-Clementine
018\018-11-Duke Ellington-Chelsea Bridge
018\018-12-Duke Ellington-Love Like This Can't Last
018\018-13-Duke Ellington-After All
018\018-14-Duke Ellington-Jumpin' Punkins
018\018-15-Duke Ellington-Frankie And Johnny
018\018-16-Duke Ellington-Flamingo
018\018-17-Duke Ellington-Bakiff
018\018-18-Duke Ellington-Stomp Caprice
018\018-19-Duke Ellington-Bugle Breaks
018\018-20-Duke Ellington-Have You Changed (Blue Tears
018\018-21-Duke Ellington-Raincheck
018\018-22-Duke Ellington-Blue Serge
018\018-23-Duke Ellington-Moon Mist
018\018-24-Duke Ellington-I Don't Want To Set The World On fire
018\018-25-Duke Ellington-Easy Street
018\018-26-Duke Ellington-Perdido

019\019-01-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Straddle The Fence
019\019-02-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Levee Low Down
019\019-03-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Moanin'
019\019-04-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Blues In My Heart
019\019-05-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Minnie The Moocher (1)
019\019-06-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Minnie The Moocher (2)
019\019-07-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Blue Rhythm (1)
019\019-08-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Blue Flame
019\019-09-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Red Devil
019\019-10-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Star Dust
019\019-11-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Minnie The Moocher (3)
019\019-12-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Black And Tan Fantasy
019\019-13-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Sugar Blues (1)
019\019-14-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Sugar Blues (2)
019\019-15-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Low Down On The Bayou (1)
019\019-16-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Futuristic Jungleism
019\019-17-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Moanin' (1)
019\019-18-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-I Can't Get Along Without My Baby
019\019-19-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Moanin' (2)
019\019-20-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Low Down On The Bayou (2)
019\019-21-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Blue Rhythm (2)
019\019-22-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Heebie Jeebies
019\019-23-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Minnie The Moocher (4)

020\020-01-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Savage Rhythm
020\020-02-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-I'm Sorry I Made You Blue
020\020-03-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Ev'ry Time I Look At You
020\020-04-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Snake Hips
020\020-05-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-The Scat Song (1)
020\020-06-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Heat Waves
020\020-07-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Doin' The Shake
020\020-08-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-The Scat Song (2)
020\020-09-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Cabin In The Cotton
020\020-10-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Minnie The Moocher's Wedding Day
020\020-11-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-The Growl
020\020-12-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Mighty Sweet
020\020-13-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-The Scat Song
020\020-14-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Minnie The Moocher's Wedding Day
020\020-15-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Rhythm Spasm
020\020-16-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-My Swanee Lullaby
020\020-17-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-White Lightning
020\020-18-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Wild Waves
020\020-19-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Oh! You Sweet Thing
020\020-20-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-I Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing
020\020-21-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia
020\020-22-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-You Gave Me Everything But Love
020\020-23-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Old Yazoo
020\020-24-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Reefer Man

021\021-01-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Jazz Cocktail
021\021-02-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Smoke Rings
021\021-03-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Ridin' In Rhythm
021\021-04-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Weary Traveller
021\021-05-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Buddy's Wednesday Outing
021\021-06-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Harlem After Midnight
021\021-07-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Jazz Martini
021\021-08-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Feeling Gay
021\021-09-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Break It Down
021\021-10-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Kokey Joe
021\021-11-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Love's Serenade
021\021-12-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Harlem After Midnight
021\021-13-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-The Stuff Is Here
021\021-14-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-The Growl
021\021-15-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Frankie And Johnny
021\021-16-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-I Can't Dance (I've Got Ants In My Pants)
021\021-17-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Swingin' In E Flat
021\021-18-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Let's Have A Jubilee
021\021-19-Mills Blue Rhythm Band 1932-34-Out Of A Dream

022\022-01-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-African Lullaby
022\022-02-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Solitude
022\022-03-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Dancing Dogs
022\022-04-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Love's Serenade
022\022-05-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Keep that Rhythm Going
022\022-06-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Like a Bolt from the Blue
022\022-07-Chuck Richards-Blue Interlude
022\022-08-Chuck Richards-A Rainbow Filled with Music
022\022-09-Chuck Richards-Devil in the Moon
022\022-10-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Back Beats
022\022-11-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Spitfire
022\022-12-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Brown Sugar Mine
022\022-13-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Ride, Red, Ride
022\022-14-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Harlem Beat
022\022-15-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Once to Every Heart
022\022-16-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Congo Caravan
022\022-17-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-There's Thythm in Harlem
022\022-18-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Talahassii
022\022-19-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Waiting in the Garden
022\022-20-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Dinah Lou
022\022-21-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Cotton
022\022-22-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Truckin'

023\023-01-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Blue Mood
023\023-02-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-E-Flat Stride
023\023-03-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Broken Dreams of You
023\023-04-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Yes Yes (Baby Said Yes)
023\023-05-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Shoe Shine Boy
023\023-06-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Midnight Ramble
023\023-07-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Red Rhythm
023\023-08-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Everything is Still Okay
023\023-09-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Jes' Natch'ully Lazy
023\023-10-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-St. Louis Wiggle Rhythm
023\023-11-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Merry-Go-Round
023\023-12-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Until the Real Thing Comes Along
023\023-13-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-In a Sentimental Mood
023\023-14-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Carry Me Back to Green Pastures
023\023-15-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Balloonacy
023\023-16-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Barelhouse
023\023-17-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-The Moon is Grinning at Me
023\023-18-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Showboat Shuffle
023\023-19-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Big John's Special
023\023-20-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Mr. Ghost Goes to Town
023\023-21-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Callin' Your Bluff
023\023-22-Mills Blue Rhythm Band-Algiers Stomp

024\024-01-Jimmie Lunceford-White Heat
024\024-02-Jimmie Lunceford-Jazznocrazy
024\024-03-Jimmie Lunceford-Chillun, Get Up
024\024-04-Jimmie Lunceford-Leaving Me
024\024-05-Jimmie Lunceford-Swingin' Uptown (1)
024\024-06-Jimmie Lunceford-Swingin' Uptown (2)
024\024-07-Jimmie Lunceford-Breakfast Ball
024\024-08-Jimmie Lunceford-Here goes (1)
024\024-09-Jimmie Lunceford-Here goes (2)
024\024-10-Jimmie Lunceford-Remember When (1)
024\024-11-Jimmie Lunceford-Remember When (2)
024\024-12-Jimmie Lunceford-Sophisticated Lady
024\024-13-Jimmie Lunceford-Mood Indigo
024\024-14-Jimmie Lunceford-Rose Room
024\024-15-Jimmie Lunceford-Black And Tan Fantasy
024\024-16-Jimmie Lunceford-Stratosphere
024\024-17-Jimmie Lunceford-Nana
024\024-18-Jimmie Lunceford-Miss Otis Regrets
024\024-19-Jimmie Lunceford-Unsophisticated Sue
024\024-20-Jimmie Lunceford-Star Dust

025\025-01-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Dream of You
025\025-02-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Stomp it Off
025\025-03-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Call It Anything (It Wasn't Love)
025\025-04-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Because You're You
025\025-05-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Chillun' Get Up
025\025-06-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Solitude
025\025-07-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Rain
025\025-08-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Since My Best Gal Turned Me Down
025\025-09-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Jealous
025\025-10-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Rhythm is Our Business
025\025-11-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Rhythm is Our Business
025\025-12-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-I'm Walking Through Heaven with You
025\025-13-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Shake Your Head (from Side to Side)
025\025-14-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Sleepy Time Gal
025\025-15-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Bird of Paradise
025\025-16-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Rhapsody Junior
025\025-17-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Runnin' Wild
025\025-18-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Four or Five Times
025\025-19-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-(If I Had) Rhythm in My Nursery Rhymes
025\025-20-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Babs
025\025-21-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Swanee River
025\025-22-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Thunder
025\025-23-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Oh Boy

026\026-01-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-I'll Take the South
026\026-02-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Avalon
026\026-03-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Charmaine
026\026-04-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Hittin' the Bottle
026\026-05-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-My Blue Heaven
026\026-06-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-I'm Nuts about Screwy Music
026\026-07-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-The Best Things in Life are Free
026\026-08-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-The Melody Man
026\026-09-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Organ Grinder's Swing
026\026-10-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-On the Beach at Bali-Bali
026\026-11-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Me and the Moon
026\026-12-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Living from Day to Day
026\026-13-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-'Tain't No Good (like a Nickel Made of Wood)
026\026-14-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Muddy Water (A Mississippi Moan)
026\026-15-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-I Can't Escape from You
026\026-16-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Harlem Shout
026\026-17-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-My Last Affair
026\026-18-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Running a Temperature
026\026-19-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Count Me Out
026\026-20-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-I'll See You in My Dreams
026\026-21-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-He Ain't Got Rhythm
026\026-22-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Linger Awhile
026\026-23-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Honest and Truly
026\026-24-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Slumming on Park Avenue

027\027-01-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Coquette
027\027-02-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-The Merry-Go-Round
027\027-03-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Raggin' The Scale
027\027-04-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Hell's Bells
027\027-05-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-For Dancers Only
027\027-06-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Posin'
027\027-07-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-The First Time I Saw You
027\027-08-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Honey, Keep Your Mind On Me
027\027-09-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet
027\027-10-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Pigeon Walk
027\027-11-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Like A Ship At Sea
027\027-12-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Teasin' Tessie Brown
027\027-13-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Annie Laurie
027\027-14-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Frisco Frog
027\027-15-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Margie
027\027-16-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-The Love Nest
027\027-17-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-I'm Laughin Up My Sleeve
027\027-18-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Down by The Old Mill Stream
027\027-19-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-My Melancholy Baby
027\027-20-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Sweet Sue, Just You
027\027-21-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-By The River Sainte Marie
027\027-22-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Rainin'
027\027-23-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-'Tain't What You Do (It's The Way That Cha Do It)
027\027-24-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Cheatin' On Me
027\027-25-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Le Jazz Hot
027\027-26-Jimmie Lunceford 1937-39-Time's A Wastin'

028\028-01-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Baby Won't You Please Come Home
028\028-02-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-You're Just A Dream
028\028-03-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-The Lonesome Road
028\028-04-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-You Set Me On Fire
028\028-05-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-I've Only Myself To Blame
028\028-06-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-What's This Thing Called Swing
028\028-07-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Mixup
028\028-08-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Shoemaker's Holiday
028\028-09-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Blue Blazes
028\028-10-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Mandy
028\028-11-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Easter Parade
028\028-12-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Ain't She Swwet
028\028-13-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-White Heat
028\028-14-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Oh Why, Oh Why
028\028-15-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Well, All Right Then
028\028-16-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-You Let Me Down
028\028-17-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-I Love You
028\028-18-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Who Did You Meet Last Night
028\028-19-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-You Let Me Down
028\028-20-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Sassin' The Boss
028\028-21-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-I Want The Waiter (With The Water)
028\028-22-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-I Used To Love You (But It's All Over Now)
028\028-23-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Belgium Stomp
028\028-24-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-You Can Fool Some Of The People
028\028-25-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Think Of Me, Little Daddy
028\028-26-Jimmie Lunceford and his Orchestra-Liza (all The Clouds'll Roll Away)

029\029-01-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Put It Away
029\029-02-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-I'm Alone With You
029\029-03-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Rock It For Me
029\029-04-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-I'm In An Awful Mood
029\029-05-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Wham (Re Bop Boom Bam)
029\029-06-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Pretty Eyes
029\029-07-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Uptown Blues
029\029-08-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Lunceford Special
029\029-09-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Bugs Parade
029\029-10-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Blues In The Groove
029\029-11-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-I Wanta Hear Swing Songs
029\029-12-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-It's Time To Jump And Shout
029\029-13-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-What's Your Story Mornin' Glory
029\029-14-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Dinah pt1
029\029-15-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Dinah pt2
029\029-16-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Sonata By L Van Beethoven
029\029-17-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-I Got It
029\029-18-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Chopin's Prelude No 7
029\029-19-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Swingin' On C
029\029-20-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Let's Try Again
029\029-21-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Monotony In Four Flats
029\029-22-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Barefoot Blues
029\029-23-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Minnie The Moocher Is Dead
029\029-24-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-I Ain't Gonna Study War No More
029\029-25-Jimmie Lunceford 1939-40-Pavanne

030\030-01-Earl Hines-Deep Forest
030\030-02-Earl Hines-Oh! You Sweet Thing
030\030-03-Earl Hines-Blue Drag (1)
030\030-04-Earl Hines-Blue Drag (2)
030\030-05-Earl Hines-I Love You Because I Love You (1)
030\030-06-Earl Hines-I Love You Because I Love You (2)
030\030-07-Earl Hines-I Love You Because I Love You (3)
030\030-08-Earl Hines-Sensationel Mood (1)
030\030-09-Earl Hines-Sensationel Mood (2)
030\030-10-Earl Hines-Rosetta
030\030-11-Earl Hines-Why Must We Part (1)
030\030-12-Earl Hines-Why Must We Part (2)
030\030-13-Earl Hines-Maybe I'm To Blame (1)
030\030-14-Earl Hines-Maybe I'm To Blame (2)
030\030-15-Earl Hines-Cavernism (1)
030\030-16-Earl Hines-Cavernism (2)
030\030-17-Earl Hines-Take It Easy
030\030-18-Earl Hines-Harlem Lament
030\030-19-Earl Hines-Bubbling Over
030\030-20-Earl Hines-I Want A Lot Of Love

031\031-01-Earl Hines-Just To Be In Caroline (1)
031\031-02-Earl Hines-Just To Be In Caroline (2)
031\031-03-Earl Hines-We Found Romance (1)
031\031-04-Earl Hines-We Found Romance (2)
031\031-05-Earl Hines-Blue (1)
031\031-06-Earl Hines-Blue (2)
031\031-07-Earl Hines-Madhouse
031\031-08-Earl Hines-Julia (1)
031\031-09-Earl Hines-Julia (2)
031\031-10-Earl Hines-Darkness
031\031-11-Earl Hines-You're The One Of My Dreams
031\031-12-Earl Hines-Swingin' Down
031\031-13-Earl Hines-That's A Plenty
031\031-14-Earl Hines-Fat Babes
031\031-15-Earl Hines-Maple Leaf Rag
031\031-16-Earl Hines-Sweet Georgia Brown
031\031-17-Earl Hines-Rosetta
031\031-18-Earl Hines-Copenhagen
031\031-19-Earl Hines-Angry
031\031-20-Earl Hines-Wolverine Blues
031\031-21-Earl Hines-Rock And Rye
031\031-22-Earl Hines-Cavernism

032\032-01-Earl Hines-Disappointed In Love
032\032-02-Earl Hines-Rhythm Lullaby
032\032-03-Earl Hines-Japanese Sandman
032\032-04-Earl Hines-Bubbling Over
032\032-05-Earl Hines-Blue
032\032-06-Earl Hines-Julia
032\032-07-Earl Hines-Flany Doodle Swing
032\032-08-Earl Hines-Pianology
032\032-09-Earl Hines-Rhythm Sundae
032\032-10-Earl Hines-Inspiration
032\032-11-Earl Hines-I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
032\032-12-Earl Hines-Honeysuckle Rose
032\032-13-Earl Hines-Blue Skies
032\032-14-Earl Hines-Blue Skies
032\032-15-Earl Hines-Hines Rhythm
032\032-16-Earl Hines-Hines Rhythm
032\032-17-Earl Hines-Rhythm Rhapsody
032\032-18-Earl Hines-A Mellow Bit Of Rhythm
032\032-19-Earl Hines-Ridin' A Riff
032\032-20-Earl Hines-Solid Mama
032\032-21-Earl Hines-Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, Goodnight

033\033-01-Earl Hines-Indiana
033\033-02-Earl Hines-G.T. Stomp (1)
033\033-03-Earl Hines-G.T. Stomp (2)
033\033-04-Earl Hines-Ridin' And Jivin'
033\033-05-Earl Hines-Grand Terrace
033\033-06-Earl Hines-Father Steps In
033\033-07-Earl Hines-Piano Man
033\033-08-Earl Hines-Riff Medley
033\033-09-Earl Hines-Me And Columbus
033\033-10-Earl Hines-XYZ
033\033-11-Earl Hines-'Gator Swing
033\033-12-Earl Hines-After All I've Been To You
033\033-13-Earl Hines-Lightly And Politely
033\033-14-Earl Hines-Rosetta
033\033-15-Earl Hines-Boogie Woogie On St. Louis Blues (1)
033\033-16-Earl Hines-Boogie Woogie On St. Louis Blues (2)
033\033-17-Earl Hines-Deep Forest
033\033-18-Earl Hines-My Heart Beats For You
033\033-19-Earl Hines-Number 19
033\033-20-Earl Hines-Body And Soul
033\033-21-Earl Hines-Child Of A Disordered Brain

034\034-01-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Wait 'Til it Hapens to You
034\034-02-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Call Me Happy
034\034-03-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Ann
034\034-04-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Topsy Turvy
034\034-05-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Blue Because of You
034\034-06-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-You Can Depend on Me
034\034-07-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Tantalizing a Cuban
034\034-08-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Easy Rhythm
034\034-09-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-In Swamp Lands
034\034-10-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-I'm Falling For You
034\034-11-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Everything Depends on You
034\034-12-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Coming Home
034\034-13-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Jelly, Jelly
034\034-14-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Up Jumped the Devil
034\034-15-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Sally Won't You Come Back
034\034-16-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Jersey Bounce
034\034-17-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Julia
034\034-18-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Southside
034\034-19-Earl Hines-On the Sunny Side of the Street
034\034-20-Earl Hines-On the Sunny Side of the Street
034\034-21-Earl Hines-My Melancholy Baby
034\034-22-Earl Hines-My Melancholy Baby

035\035-01-Earl Hines-If I Had To Be You
035\035-02-Earl Hines-Windy City Jive
035\035-03-Earl Hines-Straight To Love
035\035-04-Earl Hines-Water Boy
035\035-05-Earl Hines-Swingin' On C
035\035-06-Earl Hines-Yellow Fire
035\035-07-Earl Hines-Somehow
035\035-08-Earl Hines-I Got It Bad
035\035-09-Earl Hines-I Never Dreamt
035\035-10-Earl Hines-The Father Jumps
035\035-11-Earl Hines-The Boy With The Wistful Eyes
035\035-12-Earl Hines-The Jitney Man
035\035-13-Earl Hines-The Earl
035\035-14-Earl Hines-You Don't Know What Love Is
035\035-15-Earl Hines-She'll Always Remember
035\035-16-Earl Hines-Skylark
035\035-17-Earl Hines-Second Balcony Jump
035\035-18-Earl Hines-Stormy Monday Blues

036\036-01-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Heebie jeebies
036\036-02-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Blues in My Heart
036\036-03-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Soft and Sweet
036\036-04-Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra-On the Sunny Side of the Street
036\036-05-Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra-The Darktown Strutters' Ball
036\036-06-Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra-If Dreams Come True
036\036-07-Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra-Let's Get Together
036\036-08-Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra-I Can't Dance (I Got Ants in my Pants)
036\036-09-Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra-Imagination
036\036-10-Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra-Why Should I Beg for Love
036\036-11-Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra-Stompin' at the Savoy
036\036-12-Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra-Blue Minor
036\036-13-Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra-True
036\036-14-Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra-Lonesome Moments
036\036-15-Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra-If It Ain't Love
036\036-16-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-That Rhythm man
036\036-17-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-On the Sunny Side of the Street
036\036-18-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Lona
036\036-19-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Blue Minor
036\036-20-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-It's Over Because We're Through
036\036-21-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Don't Be That Way
036\036-22-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-What a Shuffle
036\036-23-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Blue Lou

037\037-01-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-I'll Chase the Blues Away
037\037-02-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Down Home Rag
037\037-03-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Are You Here to Stay
037\037-04-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Love and Kisses
037\037-05-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Rhythm and Romance
037\037-06-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Moonlight and Magnolias
037\037-07-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-I'll Chase the Blues Away
037\037-08-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-I May be Wrong
037\037-09-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Facts and Figures
037\037-10-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Cryin' My Heart Out for You
037\037-11-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Under the Spell of the Blues
037\037-12-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-When I Get Low, I Get High
037\037-13-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Go Harlem
037\037-14-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Sing Me a Swing Song (and Let Me Dance)
037\037-15-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-A Little Bit Later On
037\037-16-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Love, You're Just a Laugh
037\037-17-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Devoting My Time to You
037\037-18-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-You'll Have to Swing It
037\037-19-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Swingin' on the Reservation
037\037-20-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-I Got the Spring Fever Blues
037\037-21-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Vote for Mr. Rhythm
037\037-22-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Take Another Guess
037\037-23-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Love Marches On
037\037-24-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-There's Frost on the Moon
037\037-25-Chick Webb and his Orchestra-Gee! But You're Swell

038\038-01-Chick Webb 1937-38-Rusty Hinge
038\038-02-Chick Webb 1937-38-Wake Up And Live
038\038-03-Chick Webb 1937-38-It's Swell Of You
038\038-04-Chick Webb 1937-38-You Showed Me The Way
038\038-05-Chick Webb 1937-38-Clap Hands! Here Comes Charly
038\038-06-Chick Webb 1937-38-Cyrin' Mood
038\038-07-Chick Webb 1937-38-Love Is The Thing, So They Say
038\038-08-Chick Webb 1937-38-That Naughty Waltz
038\038-09-Chick Webb 1937-38-Just A Simple Melody
038\038-10-Chick Webb 1937-38-I Got A Guy (Sunshine)
038\038-11-Chick Webb 1937-38-Strictly Jive
038\038-12-Chick Webb 1937-38-Holiday In Harlem
038\038-13-Chick Webb 1937-38-Rock It For Me
038\038-14-Chick Webb 1937-38-Squeeze Me
038\038-15-Chick Webb 1937-38-Harlem Congo
038\038-16-Chick Webb 1937-38-I Want To Be Happy
038\038-17-Chick Webb 1937-38-The Dipsy Doodle
038\038-18-Chick Webb 1937-38-If Dreams Come True
038\038-19-Chick Webb 1937-38-Hallelujah
038\038-20-Chick Webb 1937-38-Midnite In A Madhouse (Midnite In Harlem)
038\038-21-Chick Webb 1937-38-A-Tisket, A-Tasket
038\038-22-Chick Webb 1937-38-Heart Of Mine
038\038-23-Chick Webb 1937-38-I'm Just A Jitterbug
038\038-24-Chick Webb 1937-38-Azure

039\039-01-Chick Webb 1938-39-Spinning' The Webb
039\039-02-Chick Webb 1938-39-Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)
039\039-03-Chick Webb 1938-39-Pack Up Your Sins And Go To The Devil
039\039-04-Chick Webb 1938-39-MacPherson Is Rehearsin' (To Swing)
039\039-05-Chick Webb 1938-39-Everybody Step
039\039-06-Chick Webb 1938-39-Ella
039\039-07-Chick Webb 1938-39-Wacky Dust
039\039-08-Chick Webb 1938-39-Gotta Pebble In My Shoe
039\039-09-Chick Webb 1938-39-I Can't Stop Loving You
039\039-10-Chick Webb 1938-39-Who Ya Hunchin'
039\039-11-Chick Webb 1938-39-I Let A Tear Fall In The River
039\039-12-Chick Webb 1938-39-F.D.R. Jones
039\039-13-Chick Webb 1938-39-I Love Each Move You Make
039\039-14-Chick Webb 1938-39-It's Foxy
039\039-15-Chick Webb 1938-39-I Found My Yellow Basket
039\039-16-Chick Webb 1938-39-Undecided
039\039-17-Chick Webb 1938-39-'Tain't What Yo Do (It's The Way That Cha Do It)
039\039-18-Chick Webb 1938-39-In The Groove At The Grove
039\039-19-Chick Webb 1938-39-One Side Of Me
039\039-20-Chick Webb 1938-39-My Heart Belongs To Daddy
039\039-21-Chick Webb 1938-39-Sugar Pie
039\039-22-Chick Webb 1938-39-It's Slumbertime Along The Swanee
039\039-23-Chick Webb 1938-39-I#m Up A Tree
039\039-24-Chick Webb 1938-39-Chew-Chew-Chew (Your Bubble Gum)

040\040-01-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-I Would Do Anything for You
040\040-02-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Mad Moments
040\040-03-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Mush Mouth
040\040-04-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-How'm I Doin
040\040-05-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Three Little Words
040\040-06-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-I Would Do Anything for You
040\040-07-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Kopkins' Scream
040\040-08-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Washington Squabble
040\040-09-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Look Who's ere!
040\040-10-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-He's a Son of the South
040\040-11-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Canadian Capers
040\040-12-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-California, Here I Come
040\040-13-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Three Little Words
040\040-14-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Shake Your Ashes
040\040-15-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Mystic Moan
040\040-16-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Just You, Just Me
040\040-17-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Washington Squabble
040\040-18-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Ain't Misbehavin'
040\040-19-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Honeysuckle Rose
040\040-20-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Washington Squabble
040\040-21-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Mystic Moan
040\040-22-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Marie
040\040-23-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Ain't Misbahavin'
040\040-24-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Harlem Rhythm Dance
040\040-25-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Minor Mania

041\041-01-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-My Gal Sal
041\041-02-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Three Little Words
041\041-03-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Everybody Shuffle
041\041-04-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Don't Let Your Love Go Wrong
041\041-05-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-I Can't Dance (I Got Ants in my Pants)
041\041-06-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Margie
041\041-07-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Chasing All the Blues Away
041\041-08-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Just You, Just Me
041\041-09-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-King Porter Stomp
041\041-10-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
041\041-11-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Who
041\041-12-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Walkin' the Dog
041\041-13-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Sweetheart O'Mine
041\041-14-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Monkey Business
041\041-15-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Zozoi
041\041-16-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Mandy
041\041-17-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Do YOU Ever Think of Me
041\041-18-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Trees
041\041-19-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-Love in Bloom
041\041-20-Claude Hopkins and his Orchestra-June in January

042\042-01-Count Basie-Honeysuckle Rose
042\042-02-Count Basie-Pennies from Heaven
042\042-03-Count Basie-Swinging at the Daisy Chain
042\042-04-Count Basie-Roseland Shuffle
042\042-05-Count Basie-Exactly Like You
042\042-06-Count Basie-Boo Hoo
042\042-07-Count Basie-The Glory Of Love
042\042-08-Count Basie-Boogie Woogie (I May Be Wrong)
042\042-09-Count Basie-Smarty (You Know It All)
042\042-10-Count Basie-One O'Clock Jump
042\042-11-Count Basie-Listen My Children and You Shall Hear
042\042-12-Count Basie-John's Idea
042\042-13-Count Basie-Good Morning Blues [1st take]
042\042-14-Count Basie-Good Morning Blues [2nd take]
042\042-15-Count Basie-Our Love Was Meant to Be
042\042-16-Count Basie-Time Out
042\042-17-Count Basie-Topsy
042\042-18-Count Basie-I Keep Remembering
042\042-19-Count Basie-Out the Window
042\042-20-Count Basie-Don't You Miss Your Baby
042\042-21-Count Basie-Let Me Dream

043\043-01-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Georgianna
043\043-02-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Blues in the Dark
043\043-03-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Sent for You Yesterday and Here You Come Today
043\043-04-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Every Tub
043\043-05-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Now Will You Be Good
043\043-06-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Swinging the Blues
043\043-07-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Mama Don't Want No Peas an' Rice an' Coconut Oil
043\043-08-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Blue and Sentimental
043\043-09-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Doggin' Around
043\043-10-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Stop Beatin' the Mulberry Bush
043\043-11-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Stop Beatin' the Mulberry Bush
043\043-12-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Londond Bridge is Falling Down
043\043-13-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Texas Shuffle
043\043-14-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Jumpin' at the Woodside
043\043-15-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Dark Rapture
043\043-16-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Shorty George
043\043-17-Count Basie and his Orchestra-The Blues I Like to Hear
043\043-18-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Do You Wanna Jump Children
043\043-19-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Panassie Stomp
043\043-20-Count Basie and his Orchestra-My Heart Belongs to Daddy
043\043-21-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Sing for Your Supper
043\043-22-Count Basie Sextet-You Can Depend on Me

044\044-01-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Cherokee - Part 1
044\044-02-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Cherokee - Part 2
044\044-03-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Blame It On My Last Affair
044\044-04-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Blame It On My Last Affair
044\044-05-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Jive At Five
044\044-06-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Thursday
044\044-07-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Evil Blues
044\044-08-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Oh, Lady Be Good
044\044-09-Count Basie & His Orchestra-What Goes Up Must Come Down
044\044-10-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Rock-A-Bye Basie
044\044-11-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Baby, Don't Tell On Me
044\044-12-Count Basie & His Orchestra-If I could Be With You One Hour Tonight
044\044-13-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Taxi War Dance
044\044-14-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Don't Worry 'Bout Me
044\044-15-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Jump For Me
044\044-16-Count Basie & His Orchestra-And The Angles Sing
044\044-17-Count Basie & His Orchestra-If I Didn't Care
044\044-18-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Twelth Street Rag
044\044-19-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Miss Thing, Part 1
044\044-20-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Miss Thing, Part 2
044\044-21-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Lonesome Miss Pretty
044\044-22-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Bolero At The Savoy
044\044-23-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Nobody Knows
044\044-24-Count Basie & His Orchestra-Poung Cake

045\045-01-Count Basie-You Can Count On Me
045\045-02-Count Basie-You And Your Love
045\045-03-Count Basie-How Long Blues
045\045-04-Count Basie-Seb-Deb Blues
045\045-05-Count Basie-Moonlight Serenade
045\045-06-Count Basie-Song Of The Islands
045\045-07-Count Basie-I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
045\045-08-Count Basie-Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie
045\045-09-Count Basie-The Apple Jump
045\045-10-Count Basie-I Left My Baby
045\045-11-Count Basie-Riff Interlude
045\045-12-Count Basie-Volcano
045\045-13-Count Basie-Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
045\045-14-Count Basie-Ham'n' Eggs
045\045-15-Count Basie-Hollywood Jump
045\045-16-Count Basie-Someday Sweetheart
045\045-17-Count Basie-I Never Knew (What Love Could Do)
045\045-18-Count Basie-Tickle-Toe
045\045-19-Count Basie-Let's Make Hey! While The Sun Shines
045\045-20-Count Basie-Louisiana
045\045-21-Count Basie-Easy Does It
045\045-22-Count Basie-Let Me See
045\045-23-Count Basie-A Blues (I Still Think Of Her)
045\045-24-Count Basie-Somebody Stole My Gal

046\046-01-Count Basie-Blow Top
046\046-02-Count Basie-Gone With' What' Wind
046\046-03-Count Basie-Super Chief
046\046-04-Count Basie-You Can't Run Around
046\046-05-Count Basie-Evenin'
046\046-06-Count Basie-The World Is Mad - Part 1
046\046-07-Count Basie-The World Is Mad - Part 2
046\046-08-Count Basie-Moten Swing
046\046-09-Count Basie-It's Torture
046\046-10-Count Basie-I Want A Little Girl
046\046-11-Count Basie-All Or Nothing At All
046\046-12-Count Basie-The Moon Fell In The River
046\046-13-Count Basie-What's Your Number
046\046-14-Count Basie-Drafin' Blues
046\046-15-Count Basie-Five O'Clock Whistle
046\046-16-Count Basie-Love Jumped Out
046\046-17-Count Basie-My Wandering' Man
046\046-18-Count Basie-Broadway
046\046-19-Count Basie-It's The Same Old South
046\046-20-Count Basie-Stampede In G Minor
046\046-21-Count Basie-Who Am I
046\046-22-Count Basie-Rockin' The Blues

047\047-01-Count Basie-It's Square But It Rocks
047\047-02-Count Basie-I'll Forget
047\047-03-Count Basie-You Lied To Me
047\047-04-Count Basie-Wiggle Woogie
047\047-05-Count Basie-Beau Brummel
047\047-06-Count Basie-Music Makers
047\047-07-Count Basie-Jump The Blues Away
047\047-08-Count Basie-Deep In The Blues
047\047-09-Count Basie-The Jitters
047\047-10-Count Basie-Tuesday At Ten
047\047-11-Count Basie-Undecided Blues
047\047-12-Count Basie-I Do Mean You
047\047-13-Count Basie-920 Special
047\047-14-Count Basie-H And J
047\047-15-Count Basie-Feedin' The Bean
047\047-16-Count Basie-Goin' To Chicago Blues
047\047-17-Count Basie-You Betcha My Life
047\047-18-Count Basie-Down, Down, Down (1)
047\047-19-Count Basie-Down, Down, Down (2)
047\047-20-Count Basie-Tune Town Shuffle
047\047-21-Count Basie-I'm Tired Of Waiting For You

048\048-01-Count Basie-One-Two-Three-O'Lairy
048\048-02-Count Basie-Basie Boogie
048\048-03-Count Basie-Fancy Meetin' You
048\048-04-Count Basie-Diggin' For Dex
048\048-05-Count Basie-My Old Flame
048\048-06-Count Basie-Fiesta In Blue
048\048-07-Count Basie-Tom Thumb
048\048-08-Count Basie-Take Me Back, Baby
048\048-09-Count Basie-King Joe - Part 1
048\048-10-Count Basie-King Joe - Part 2
048\048-11-Count Basie-Moon Nocturne
048\048-12-Count Basie-Something New
048\048-13-Count Basie-I Struck A Match In The Dark
048\048-14-Count Basie-Platterbrains
048\048-15-Count Basie-All Of Me
048\048-16-Count Basie-Feather Merchant
048\048-17-Count Basie-Down For Double
048\048-18-Count Basie-More Than You Know
048\048-19-Count Basie-Harvard Blues
048\048-20-Count Basie-Coming Out Party

049\049-01-Count Basie-One O'Clock Jump
049\049-02-Count Basie-Blue Shadows and White Gardenias
049\049-03-Count Basie-'Ay Now
049\049-04-Count Basie-Basie Blues
049\049-05-Count Basie-I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
049\049-06-Count Basie-How Long Blues
049\049-07-Count Basie-Royal Garden Blues
049\049-08-Count Basie-Bugle Blues
049\049-09-Count Basie-Sugar Blues
049\049-10-Count Basie-Farewell Blues
049\049-11-Count Basie-Cafe Society Blues
049\049-12-Count Basie-Way Back Blues
049\049-13-Count Basie-St Louis Blues
049\049-14-Count Basie-Rusty Dusty Blues
049\049-15-Count Basie-Ride On
049\049-16-Count Basie-Lost The Blackout Blues
049\049-17-Count Basie-Time On My Hands
049\049-18-Count Basie-It's Sand Man
049\049-19-Count Basie-Ain't It The Truth
049\049-20-Count Basie-For The Good Of Your Country

050\050-01-Count Basie-Kansas City Stride
050\050-02-Count Basie-Beaver Junction
050\050-03-Count Basie-Circus In Rhythm
050\050-04-Count Basie-Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
050\050-05-Count Basie-Basie Strides Again
050\050-06-Count Basie-Aunt Hagar's Country Home
050\050-07-Count Basie-Harvard Blues
050\050-08-Count Basie-Taps Miller
050\050-09-Count Basie-Jimmy's Blues
050\050-10-Count Basie-Take Me Back Baby
050\050-11-Count Basie-Playhouse No 2 Stomp
050\050-12-Count Basie-Just An Old Manuscript
050\050-13-Count Basie-On The Upbeat
050\050-14-Count Basie-High Tide (I Ain't Mad At You)
050\050-15-Count Basie-Sent For You Yesterday
050\050-16-Count Basie-Jimmy's Boogie Woogie
050\050-17-Count Basie-Tippin' On The Q.T.
050\050-18-Count Basie-San Jose
050\050-19-Count Basie-B-Flat Blues
050\050-20-Count Basie-Sweet Lorraine

051\051-01-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Bill's Mill
051\051-02-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Me ad the Blues
051\051-03-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Free Eats
051\051-04-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Brand New Wagon
051\051-05-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Open the Door Richard
051\051-06-Count Basie and his Orchestra-One O'Clock Boogie
051\051-07-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Meet Me at No Special Place
051\051-08-Count Basie and his Orchestra-I'm Drowning in Your Deep Blue Eyes
051\051-09-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Futile Frustration
051\051-10-Count Basie and his Orchestra-The Jungle King
051\051-11-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Take a Little Off the Top
051\051-12-Count Basie and his Orchestra-I Ain't Mad at You
051\051-13-Count Basie and his Orchestra-House Rent Bogie
051\051-14-Count Basie and his Orchestra-South
051\051-15-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Don't You Want a Man Like Me
051\051-16-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Blue and Sentimental
051\051-17-Count Basie and his Orchestra-7th Avenue Express
051\051-18-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Mr. Robert's Roost (Paradise Squat)
051\051-19-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Sophisticated Swing
051\051-20-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Guest in a Nest
051\051-21-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Your Red Wagon
051\051-22-Count Basie and his Orchestra-Money is Honey

052\052-01-Count Basie-Just A Minute
052\052-02-Count Basie-Baby Don't Be Mad At Me
052\052-03-Count Basie-I've Only Myself To Blame
052\052-04-Count Basie-Robbin's Nest
052\052-05-Count Basie-Hey Pretty Baby
052\052-06-Count Basie-It's Monday Every Day
052\052-07-Count Basie-Bye Bye Baby
052\052-08-Count Basie-Ready, Set Go!
052\052-09-Count Basie-Brand New Doll
052\052-10-Count Basie-Cheek To Cheek
052\052-11-Count Basie-Just An Old Manuskript
052\052-12-Count Basie-Katy
052\052-13-Count Basie-She's A Wine-O
052\052-14-Count Basie-Shoutin' Blues
052\052-15-Count Basie-After You've Gone
052\052-16-Count Basie-St. Louis Baby
052\052-17-Count Basie-Did You Ever See Jackie Robinson Hit The Ball
052\052-18-Count Basie-Mine Too
052\052-19-Count Basie-Walking Slow Behind You
052\052-20-Count Basie-Slider
052\052-21-Count Basie-Normania
052\052-22-Count Basie-Rocky Mountain Blues

053\053-01-Louis Armstrong-Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (1)
053\053-02-Louis Armstrong-Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (2)
053\053-03-Louis Armstrong-Kickin' The Gong Around
053\053-04-Louis Armstrong-Home
053\053-05-Louis Armstrong-All Of Me
053\053-06-Louis Armstrong-Love You Funny Thing
053\053-07-Louis Armstrong-The New Tiger Rag
053\053-08-Louis Armstrong-Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now
053\053-09-Louis Armstrong-Lawd You Made The Night Too Long
053\053-10-Louis Armstrong-That's My Home (1)
053\053-11-Louis Armstrong-That's My Home (1)
053\053-12-Louis Armstrong-Hobo, You Can't Ride This Train
053\053-13-Louis Armstrong-I Hate To Leave You Now (1)
053\053-14-Louis Armstrong-I Hate To Leave You Now (2)
053\053-15-Louis Armstrong-You'll Wish You'd Never Been Born
053\053-16-Louis Armstrong- When You're Smiling - St. James Infiemary
053\053-17-Louis Armstrong-Medley Of Armstrong Hits - Part 1
053\053-18-Louis Armstrong-I've Got The World On A String
053\053-19-Louis Armstrong-I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
053\053-20-Louis Armstrong-Hustlin' And Bustlin' For Baby
053\053-21-Louis Armstrong-Sittin' In The Dark
053\053-22-Louis Armstrong-High Society
053\053-23-Louis Armstrong-He's A Son Of The South

054\054-01-Louis Armstrong-Some Sweet Day
054\054-02-Louis Armstrong-Basin Street Blues
054\054-03-Louis Armstrong-Honey Do!
054\054-04-Louis Armstrong-Snowball
054\054-05-Louis Armstrong-Mahogony Hall Stomp
054\054-06-Louis Armstrong-Swing You Cats
054\054-07-Louis Armstrong-Honey Don't You Love Me Anymore
054\054-08-Louis Armstrong-Mississipi Basin
054\054-09-Louis Armstrong-Laughin' Louie
054\054-10-Louis Armstrong-Tomorrow Night
054\054-11-Louis Armstrong-Dusky Stevedore
054\054-12-Louis Armstrong-There's A Cabin In The Pines
054\054-13-Louis Armstrong-Mighty River
054\054-14-Louis Armstrong-Sweet Sue, Just You
054\054-15-Louis Armstrong-I Wonder Who
054\054-16-Louis Armstrong-St. Louis Blues (1)
054\054-17-Louis Armstrong-Don't Play Me Cheap
054\054-18-Louis Armstrong-St. Louis Blues (2)
054\054-19-Louis Armstrong-Tiger Rag
054\054-20-Louis Armstrong-Will You, Won't You Be My Baby
054\054-21-Louis Armstrong-On The Sunny Side Of The Street, Pt. 1&2
054\054-22-Louis Armstrong-St. Louis Blues (3)
054\054-23-Louis Armstrong-Song Of The Vipers

055\055-01-Louis Armstrong-I'm In The Mood For Love (1)
055\055-02-Louis Armstrong-I'm In The Mood For Love (2)
055\055-03-Louis Armstrong-You Are My Lucky Star
055\055-04-Louis Armstrong-La Cucaracha
055\055-05-Louis Armstrong-Got A Bran' New Suit
055\055-06-Louis Armstrong-I've Got My Fingers
055\055-07-Louis Armstrong-Old Man Mose (1)
055\055-08-Louis Armstrong-Old Man Mose (2)
055\055-09-Louis Armstrong-Old Man Mose (3)
055\055-10-Louis Armstrong-I'm Shooting High
055\055-11-Louis Armstrong-Falling In Love With You
055\055-12-Louis Armstrong-Red Sails In The Sunset
055\055-13-Louis Armstrong-On Treasure Island
055\055-14-Louis Armstrong-Thanks A Million (1)
055\055-15-Louis Armstrong-Thanks A Million (2)
055\055-16-Louis Armstrong-Shoe Shine Boy
055\055-17-Louis Armstrong-Solitude (1)
055\055-18-Louis Armstrong-Solitude (2)
055\055-19-Louis Armstrong-Solitude (3)
055\055-20-Louis Armstrong-I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music
055\055-21-Louis Armstrong-The Music Goes 'Round And 'Round
055\055-22-Louis Armstrong-Rhythm Saved The World
055\055-23-Louis Armstrong-I Come From A Musical Family
055\055-24-Louis Armstrong-Somebody Stole My Break

056\056-01-Louis Armstrong-If We Never Meet Again
056\056-02-Louis Armstrong-Lyin' To Myself
056\056-03-Louis Armstrong-Ev'ntide
056\056-04-Louis Armstrong-Swing That Music
056\056-05-Louis Armstrong-Thankful
056\056-06-Louis Armstrong-Red Nose
056\056-07-Louis Armstrong-Mahogany Hall Stomp
056\056-08-Louis Armstrong-Public Melody Number One
056\056-09-Louis Armstrong-Yours And Mine
056\056-10-Louis Armstrong-Red Cap
056\056-11-Louis Armstrong-She's The Daughter Of A Planter In Havana
056\056-12-Louis Armstrong-Alexander's Ragtime Band
056\056-13-Louis Armstrong-Cuban Pete
056\056-14-Louis Armstrong-I've Got A Heart Full Of Rhythm
056\056-15-Louis Armstrong-Sun Showers
056\056-16-Louis Armstrong-Once In A While
056\056-17-Louis Armstrong-On The Sunny Side Of The Street
056\056-18-Louis Armstrong-Satchel Mouth Swing
056\056-19-Louis Armstrong-Jubilee
056\056-20-Louis Armstrong-Struttin' With Some Barbecue
056\056-21-Louis Armstrong-The Trumper Player's Lament
056\056-22-Louis Armstrong-I Double Dare You
056\056-23-Louis Armstrong-A True Confession
056\056-24-Louis Armstrong-Let That Be A Lesson To You
056\056-25-Louis Armstrong-Sweet As A Song

057\057-01-Louis Armstrong-So Little Time
057\057-02-Louis Armstrong-Mexican Swing
057\057-03-Louis Armstrong-As Long As You Live
057\057-04-Louis Armstrong-When The Saints Go Marching In
057\057-05-Louis Armstrong-On The Sentimental Side
057\057-06-Louis Armstrong-It's Wonderful
057\057-07-Louis Armstrong-Something Tells Me
057\057-08-Louis Armstrong-Love Walked In
057\057-09-Louis Armstrong-Jeepers Creepers
057\057-10-Louis Armstrong-What Is This Thing Called Swing
057\057-11-Louis Armstrong-Hear Me Talkin' To Ya
057\057-12-Louis Armstrong-Save It Pretty Mama
057\057-13-Louis Armstrong-West End Blues
057\057-14-Louis Armstrong-Savoy Blues
057\057-15-Louis Armstrong-I'm Confessin'
057\057-16-Louis Armstrong-A Monday Date
057\057-17-Louis Armstrong-If It's Good Then I Want It
057\057-18-Louis Armstrong-Brother Bill
057\057-19-Louis Armstrong-Baby, Won't You Please Come Home
057\057-20-Louis Armstrong-Poor Old Joe
057\057-21-Louis Armstrong-Shanty Boat On The Mississipi
057\057-22-Louis Armstrong-Poor Old Joe (2)
057\057-23-Louis Armstrong-You're A Lucky Guy
057\057-24-Louis Armstrong-You're Just A No Account
057\057-25-Louis Armstrong-Bye And Bye

058\058-01-Louis Armstrong-Hep Cat's Ball
058\058-02-Louis Armstrong-You've Got Me Voodoo'd
058\058-03-Louis Armstrong-Harlem Stomp
058\058-04-Louis Armstrong-Wolverine Blues
058\058-05-Louis Armstrong-Lazy 'Sippi Steamer
058\058-06-Louis Armstrong-Sweethearts On Parade
058\058-07-Louis Armstrong-You Run Your Mouth, I'll Run My Business
058\058-08-Louis Armstrong-Cut Off My Legs And Call Me Shorty
058\058-09-Louis Armstrong-Cain And Abel
058\058-10-Louis Armstrong-Everything's Been Done Before
058\058-11-Louis Armstrong-I Cover The Waterfront
058\058-12-Louis Armstrong-In The Gloamin'
058\058-13-Louis Armstrong-Long, Long Ago
058\058-14-Louis Armstrong-Hey Lawdy Mama
058\058-15-Louis Armstrong-I'll Get Mine By And Bye
058\058-16-Louis Armstrong-Do You Call That A Buddy
058\058-17-Louis Armstrong-Yes Suh!
058\058-18-Louis Armstrong-When It's Sleepy Time Down South
058\058-19-Louis Armstrong-Leap Frog
058\058-20-Louis Armstrong-I Used To Love You
058\058-21-Louis Armstrong-You Rascal You
058\058-22-Louis Armstrong-Cash For Your Trash
058\058-23-Louis Armstrong-Among My Souvenirs
058\058-24-Louis Armstrong-Coquette
058\058-25-Louis Armstrong-I Never Knew

059\059-01-Cab Calloway-Trickeration
059\059-02-Cab Calloway-Kickin´The Gong Around
059\059-03-Cab Calloway-How Come You Do Me Like You Do
059\059-04-Cab Calloway-Hot Toddy
059\059-05-Cab Calloway-Hot Water
059\059-06-Cab Calloway-Harlem Hospitality
059\059-07-Cab Calloway-Moon Glow
059\059-08-Cab Calloway-Avalon
059\059-09-Cab Calloway-I Ain´t Got Nobody
059\059-10-Cab Calloway-Baby Won´t You Please Come Home
059\059-11-Cab Calloway-The Wedding Of Mr. And Mrs. Swing
059\059-12-Cab Calloway-Congo
059\059-13-Cab Calloway-Manhattan Jam
059\059-14-Cab Calloway-Queen Isabelle
059\059-15-Cab Calloway-Savage Rhythm
059\059-16-Cab Calloway-At The Clambake Carnival
059\059-17-Cab Calloway-The Congo-Conga
059\059-18-Cab Calloway-Ratamacue
059\059-19-Cab Calloway-Trylon Swing
059\059-20-Cab Calloway-A Ghost Of A Chance
059\059-21-Cab Calloway-Cupid´s Nightmare
059\059-22-Cab Calloway-Take The 'A' Train

060\060-01-Teddy Hil-Lookie, Lookie, Lookie Here Comes Cookie
060\060-02-Teddy Hil-Got Me Doin' Things
060\060-03-Teddy Hil-When The Robin Sings His Song Again
060\060-04-Teddy Hil-Uptown Rhapsody
060\060-05-Teddy Hil-At The Rug Cutters Ball
060\060-06-Teddy Hil-Blue Rhythm Fantasy
060\060-07-Teddy Hil-Passionette
060\060-08-Teddy Hil-The Love Bug Will Bite You
060\060-09-Teddy Hil-Would You Like To Buy A Dream
060\060-10-Teddy Hil-Big Boy Blue
060\060-11-Teddy Hil-Where Is The Sun
060\060-12-Teddy Hil-The Harlem Twister
060\060-13-Teddy Hil-My Marie
060\060-14-Teddy Hil-I Know Now
060\060-15-Teddy Hil-The Lady Who Couldn't Be Kissed
060\060-16-Teddy Hil-The You And Me That Used To Be
060\060-17-Teddy Hil-A Study In Brown
060\060-18-Teddy Hil-Twilight In Turkey
060\060-19-Teddy Hil-China Boy
060\060-20-Teddy Hil-San Anton'
060\060-21-Teddy Hil-I'm Happy, Darling, Dancing With You
060\060-22-Teddy Hil-Yours And Mine
060\060-23-Teddy Hil-I'm Feelin' Like A Million
060\060-24-Teddy Hil-King Porter Stomp
060\060-25-Teddy Hil-Blue Rhythm Fantasy

061\061-01-Lionel Hampton-I Can't Believe That You Are In Love Whith Me
061\061-02-Lionel Hampton-Cool Train
061\061-03-Lionel Hampton-Gladysee Bounce
061\061-04-Lionel Hampton-Air Mail Special
061\061-05-Lionel Hampton-Gates Steps Out
061\061-06-Lionel Hampton-A Kiss Was Just A Kiss
061\061-07-Lionel Hampton-Alone
061\061-08-Lionel Hampton-Love You Like Mad
061\061-09-Lionel Hampton-Cryin'
061\061-10-Lionel Hampton-Helpless
061\061-11-Lionel Hampton-Jumpin' With G.H.
061\061-12-Lionel Hampton-Sampson's Boogie
061\061-13-Lionel Hampton-Gabby's Gabbin'
061\061-14-Lionel Hampton-Don't Flee The Scene Salty
061\061-15-Lionel Hampton-Kingfish
061\061-16-Lionel Hampton-Oh, Lady Be Good
061\061-17-Lionel Hampton-Oh, Rock

062\062-01-Lionel Hampton-The Chase
062\062-02-Lionel Hampton-Stardust
062\062-03-Lionel Hampton-Mark VII
062\062-04-Lionel Hampton-Love For Sale
062\062-05-Lionel Hampton-Wailin' At The Trianon
062\062-06-Lionel Hampton-How High The Moon

063\063-01-Casa Loma Orchestra-Alexander's Ragtime Band
063\063-02-Casa Loma Orchestra-Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet
063\063-03-Casa Loma Orchestra-Wanna Be Around My Baby All the Time
063\063-04-Casa Loma Orchestra-I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby
063\063-05-Casa Loma Orchestra-White Jazz
063\063-06-Casa Loma Orchestra-Black Jazz
063\063-07-Casa Loma Orchestra-Maniac's Ball
063\063-08-Casa Loma Orchestra-Clarinet Marmalade
063\063-09-Casa Loma Orchestra-Smoke Rimgs
063\063-10-Casa Loma Orchestra-I Never Knew
063\063-11-Casa Loma Orchestra-Indiana
063\063-12-Casa Loma Orchestra-Blue Jazz
063\063-13-Casa Loma Orchestra-Thanksgiving
063\063-14-Casa Loma Orchestra-The Lady from St. Paul's
063\063-15-Casa Loma Orchestra-The Dance o the Lame Duck
063\063-16-Casa Loma Orchestra-Rhythm Man
063\063-17-Casa Loma Orchestra-New Orleans
063\063-18-Casa Loma Orchestra-Blue Prelude
063\063-19-Casa Loma Orchestra-Wild Goose Chase
063\063-20-Glen Gray and his Orchestra-Dardanella
063\063-21-Glen Gray and his Orchestra-Casa Loma Stomp
063\063-22-Casa Loma Orchestra-Buji

064\064-01-Casa Loma Orchestra-Lazy Bones
064\064-02-Casa Loma Orchestra-Sophisticated Lady
064\064-03-Casa Loma Orchestra-It' The Talk Of The Town
064\064-04-Casa Loma Orchestra-That's How Rhythm Was Born
064\064-05-Casa Loma Orchestra-Heat Wave
064\064-06-Casa Loma Orchestra-I Got Rhythm
064\064-07-Casa Loma Orchestra-Ol' Man River
064\064-08-Casa Loma Orchestra-A Hundred Years From Today
064\064-09-Casa Loma Orchestra-Limehouse Blues
064\064-10-Casa Loma Orchestra-Dallas Blues
064\064-11-Casa Loma Orchestra-Moon Country
064\064-12-Casa Loma Orchestra-Milenberg Joys
064\064-13-Casa Loma Orchestra-Out Of Space
064\064-14-Casa Loma Orchestra-Chinatown, My Chinatown
064\064-15-Casa Loma Orchestra-Nagasaki
064\064-16-Casa Loma Orchestra-Blue Moon
064\064-17-Casa Loma Orchestra-Lookie, Lookie, Lookie, Here Comes Cookie
064\064-18-Casa Loma Orchestra-Copenhagen
064\064-19-Casa Loma Orchestra-Royal Garden Blues
064\064-20-Casa Loma Orchestra-Rose Of The Rio Grande
064\064-21-Casa Loma Orchestra-Jungle Jitters
064\064-22-Casa Loma Orchestra-Bugle Call Rag
064\064-23-Casa Loma Orchestra-A Study In Brown

065\065-01-Benny Goodman-The Dixieland Band
065\065-02-Benny Goodman-Blue Moon
065\065-03-Benny Goodman-Throwin' Stones At The Sun
065\065-04-Benny Goodman-Down Home Rag
065\065-05-Benny Goodman-Singin A Happy Song
065\065-06-Benny Goodman-Clouds
065\065-07-Benny Goodman-I Was Lucky
065\065-08-Benny Goodman-Night Wind
065\065-09-Benny Goodman-Hunkadola
065\065-10-Benny Goodman-I'm Livin' In A Great Big Way
065\065-11-Benny Goodman-Hooray For Love
065\065-12-Benny Goodman-The Dixieland Band
065\065-13-Benny Goodman-Japanes Sandman
065\065-14-Benny Goodman-You're A Heavenl
065\065-15-Benny Goodman-Restless
065\065-16-Benny Goodman-Always
065\065-17-Benny Goodman-Get Rhythm In Your Feet
065\065-18-Benny Goodman-Ballad In Blue
065\065-19-Benny Goodman-Blue Skies
065\065-20-Benny Goodman-Dear Old Southland
065\065-21-Benny Goodman-Sometimes I'm Happy
065\065-22-Benny Goodman-King Porter Stomp
065\065-23-Benny Goodman-The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
065\065-24-Benny Goodman-Jingle Bells

066\066-01-Benny Goodman-Santa Claus Came In The Spring
066\066-02-Benny Goodman-Goodbye
066\066-03-Benny Goodman-Madhouse
066\066-04-Benny Goodman-Madhouse 2
066\066-05-Benny Goodman-Sandman
066\066-06-Benny Goodman-Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town
066\066-07-Benny Goodman-No Other One
066\066-08-Benny Goodman-Eeny Meeny Miney Mo
066\066-09-Benny Goodman-Basin Street Blues
066\066-10-Benny Goodman-If I Could Be With You One Hour
066\066-11-Benny Goodman-When Buddha Smiles
066\066-12-Benny Goodman-It's Been So Long
066\066-13-Benny Goodman-Stompin At The Savoy
066\066-14-Benny Goodman-Goody Goody
066\066-15-Benny Goodman-Breakin' In A New Pair Of Shoes
066\066-16-Benny Goodman-Get Happy
066\066-17-Benny Goodman-Christopher Columbus
066\066-18-Benny Goodman-I Know That You Know
066\066-19-Benny Goodman-Star Dust
066\066-20-Benny Goodman-You Can't Pull The Wool Over My Eyes
066\066-21-Benny Goodman-The Glory Of Love
066\066-22-Benny Goodman-Remember
066\066-23-Benny Goodman-Walk. Jennie, Walk

067\067-01-Benny Goodman-House Hop
067\067-02-Benny Goodman-Sing Me A Swing Song
067\067-03-Benny Goodman-I Would Do Anything For You
067\067-04-Benny Goodman-In A Sentimental Mood
067\067-05-Benny Goodman-I've Found A New Baby
067\067-06-Benny Goodman-Swingtime In The Rockies
067\067-07-Benny Goodman-These Foolish Things
067\067-08-Benny Goodman-House Hop 2
067\067-09-Benny Goodman-There's A Small Hotel
067\067-10-Benny Goodman-You Turned The Tables On Me
067\067-11-Benny Goodman-Here's Love In Your Eyes
067\067-12-Benny Goodman-Pick Yourself Up
067\067-13-Benny Goodman-Down South Camp Meetin'
067\067-14-Benny Goodman-St. Louis Blues
067\067-15-Benny Goodman-Love Me Or Leave Me
067\067-16-Benny Goodman-When A Lady Meets A Gentleman Down South
067\067-17-Benny Goodman-You're Giving Me A Song And A Dance
067\067-18-Benny Goodman-Organ Grinder's Swing
067\067-19-Benny Goodman-Peter Piper
067\067-20-Benny Goodman-Riffin At The Ritz
067\067-21-Benny Goodman-Alexanders's Ragtime Band

068\068-01-Benny Goodman-Somebody Loves Me
068\068-02-Benny Goodman-'Tain't No Use
068\068-03-Benny Goodman-Bugle Call Rag
068\068-04-Benny Goodman-Jam Session
068\068-05-Benny Goodman-Goodnight My Love
068\068-06-Benny Goodman-Take Another Guess
068\068-07-Benny Goodman-Did You Mean It
068\068-08-Benny Goodman-When You And I Were Young, Maggie
068\068-09-Benny Goodman-Gee! But You're Swell
068\068-10-Benny Goodman-Smoke Dreams
068\068-11-Benny Goodman-Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
068\068-12-Benny Goodman-He Ain't Got Rhythm
068\068-13-Benny Goodman-Never Should HaveTold You
068\068-14-Benny Goodman-This Year's Kisses
068\068-15-Benny Goodman-You Can Tell She Comes From Dixie
068\068-16-Benny Goodman-Goodnight My Love
068\068-17-Benny Goodman-I Want To Be Happy
068\068-18-Benny Goodman-Chloe (Song Of The Swamp)
068\068-19-Benny Goodman-Rosetta
068\068-20-Benny Goodman-Pechin'
068\068-21-Benny Goodman-Can't We Be Friends
068\068-22-Benny Goodman-Can't We Be Friends 2
068\068-23-Benny Goodman-Sing, Sing, Sing (intro. Christopher Columbus) Part 1 & 2

069\069-01-Benny Goodman-Roll 'Em
069\069-02-Benny Goodman-When It's Sleepy Time Down South
069\069-03-Benny Goodman-Afraid To Dream
069\069-04-Benny Goodman-Changes
069\069-05-Benny Goodman-Bob White (Watcha Gonna Swing Tonight)
069\069-06-Benny Goodman-Sugar Foot Stomp
069\069-07-Benny Goodman-I Can't Give You Anything But Love
069\069-08-Benny Goodman-Minnie The Moocher's Wedding Day
069\069-09-Benny Goodman-Let That Be A Lesson To You
069\069-10-Benny Goodman-Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks
069\069-11-Benny Goodman-I've Hitched My Wagon To A Star
069\069-12-Benny Goodman-Popcorn Man
069\069-13-Benny Goodman-You Took The Words Right Out Of My Heart
069\069-14-Benny Goodman-Mama, That Moon Is Here Again
069\069-15-Benny Goodman-Loch Lomond
069\069-16-Benny Goodman-Camel Hop
069\069-17-Benny Goodman-Life Goes To A Party
069\069-18-Benny Goodman-Life Goes To A Party 2
069\069-19-Benny Goodman-It's Wonderful
069\069-20-Benny Goodman-Thanks For The Memory
069\069-21-Benny Goodman-If Dreams Come
069\069-22-Benny Goodman-I'm Like A Fish Out Of Water
069\069-23-Benny Goodman-Sweet Stranger

070\070-01-Benny Goodman-Don't Be That Way
070\070-02-Benny Goodman-One O'Clock Jump
070\070-03-Benny Goodman-Please Be Kind
070\070-04-Benny Goodman-Ti-Pi-Tin
070\070-05-Benny Goodman-Ooooo-Oh Boom!
070\070-06-Benny Goodman-Always And Always
070\070-07-Benny Goodman-Make Believe
070\070-08-Benny Goodman-The Blue Room
070\070-09-Benny Goodman-It's The Dreamer In Me
070\070-10-Benny Goodman-Lullaby In Rhythm
070\070-11-Benny Goodman-I Never Knew
070\070-12-Benny Goodman-That Feeling Is Gone
070\070-13-Benny Goodman-Sweet Sue-Just You
070\070-14-Benny Goodman-Feelin' High And Happy
070\070-15-Benny Goodman-I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
070\070-16-Benny Goodman-Why'd Ya Make Me Fall in Love
070\070-17-Benny Goodman-Don't Wake Up My Heart
070\070-18-Benny Goodman-(I've Been) Saving Myself For You
070\070-19-Benny Goodman-Big John Special
070\070-20-Benny Goodman-My Melancholy Baby
070\070-21-Benny Goodman-Wrappin' It Up
070\070-22-Benny Goodman-What Goes On Here In My Heart

071\071-01-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-A Little Kiss At Twilight
071\071-02-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-The Flat Foot Floogie
071\071-03-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-I've Got A Date With A Dream
071\071-04-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Could You Pass In Love
071\071-05-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Blue Interlude
071\071-06-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-When I Go A-Dreaming'
071\071-07-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-You're A Sweet Little Headache
071\071-08-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-I Have Eyes
071\071-09-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Margie
071\071-10-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-What Have You Got That Gets Me
071\071-11-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Russian Lullaby
071\071-12-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-You're Lovely, Madame
071\071-13-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-I Had To Do It
071\071-14-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Is That The Way To Treat A Sweetheart
071\071-15-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Bumple Bee Stomp
071\071-16-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Ciribiribin
071\071-17-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-This Can't Be Love
071\071-18-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Sing For Your Supper
071\071-19-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Topsy
071\071-20-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Smoke House
071\071-21-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-I Must See Annie Tonight
071\071-22-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Kinda Lonesome
071\071-23-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-My Honey's Lovin' Arms
071\071-24-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-My Honey's Lovin' Arms
071\071-25-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Farewell Blues

072\072-01-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-It Had to be You
072\072-02-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Louise
072\072-03-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Whispering
072\072-04-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Bach Goes to Town
072\072-05-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-I'll Always Be in Love with You
072\072-06-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Undecided
072\072-07-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-We'll Never Know
072\072-08-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Good for Nothin' but Love
072\072-09-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-(Gotta Get Some) Shut-Eye
072\072-10-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Cuckoo in the Clock
072\072-11-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-And the Angels Sing
072\072-12-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Sent for you Yesterday
072\072-13-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Estrellita (Little Star)
072\072-14-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-A Home in the Clouds
072\072-15-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Show Your Linen Miss Richardson
072\072-16-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-The Lady's in Love with You
072\072-17-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-The Kingdom of Swing
072\072-18-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Rose of Washington Square
072\072-19-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-The Siren's Song
072\072-20-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-You and Your Love
072\072-21-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Who'll Buy My Bublitchki

073\073-01-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-There'll Be Some Changes Made
073\073-02-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-Night And Day
073\073-03-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-What's New
073\073-04-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-One Sweet Letter From You
073\073-05-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-Make With The Kisses
073\073-06-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-I Thought About You
073\073-07-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-Bluebirds In The Moonlight
073\073-08-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-Peace, Brother
073\073-09-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-Beyond The Moon
073\073-10-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-Zaggin' With Zig
073\073-11-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-How High The Moon
073\073-12-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-Shake Down The Stars
073\073-13-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-It Never Entered My Mind
073\073-14-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-I'm Nobody's Baby
073\073-15-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-Henderson Stomp
073\073-16-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-Taking A Chance On Love
073\073-17-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-Superman
073\073-18-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-Yes, My Darling Daughter
073\073-19-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-Scarecrow
073\073-20-Benny Goodman His Orchestra-Cherry

074\074-01-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Something New
074\074-02-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Air Mail Special
074\074-03-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-I Found A Million Dollar Baby
074\074-04-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-When The Sun Comes Out
074\074-05-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Pound Ridge
074\074-06-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Elmer's Tune
074\074-07-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-I See A Million People (But All I Can See Is You)
074\074-08-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-The Earl
074\074-09-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-That's The Way It Goes
074\074-10-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)
074\074-11-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Caprice XXIV Paganini
074\074-12-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-I Got It Bad
074\074-13-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-My Old Flame
074\074-14-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Clarinet A La King
074\074-15-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-How Deep Is The Ocean
074\074-16-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Shady Lady Bird
074\074-17-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)
074\074-18-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
074\074-19-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Somebody Nobody Loves
074\074-20-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-How Long Has This Been Going On
074\074-21-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-That Did It; Marie
074\074-22-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Winter Weather
074\074-23-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Ev'rything I Love

075\075-01-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Not Mine
075\075-02-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Not A Care In The World
075\075-03-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-The Lamp Of Memory
075\075-04-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-If You Build A Better Mousetrap
075\075-05-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-The Darktown Strutters' Ball
075\075-06-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Tangerine
075\075-07-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-My Little Cousin
075\075-08-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-I Threw A Kiss In The Ocean
075\075-09-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-We'll Meet Again
075\075-10-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Full Moon
075\075-11-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-All I Need Is You
075\075-12-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Six Flats Unfurnished
075\075-13-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Why Don't You Do Right
075\075-14-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-After You've Gone
075\075-15-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Mission To Moscow
075\075-16-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Fascinating Rhythm
075\075-17-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Lucky (You're Right, I'm Wrong)
075\075-18-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Rattle And Roll
075\075-19-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-Swing Angel
075\075-20-Benny Goodman & His Orchestra-All The Cats Join In

076\076-01-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-I'm Prayin' Humble
076\076-02-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Knockin' at the Famous Door
076\076-03-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-The Gal from Joe's
076\076-04-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Jump Session
076\076-05-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Swing Street Strut
076\076-06-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Echoes of Harlem
076\076-07-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Scotch and Soda
076\076-08-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Lazy Bug
076\076-09-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-I Never Knew
076\076-10-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Cherokee
076\076-11-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-The Last Jump (A Jump to End all Jumps)
076\076-12-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-The Duke's Idea
076\076-13-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-The Count's Idea
076\076-14-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-The Right Idea
076\076-15-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie
076\076-16-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Leapin' at the Lincoln
076\076-17-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Flying Home
076\076-18-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Rockin' in Rhythm
076\076-19-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Pompton Turnpike
076\076-20-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Ring 'dem Bells
076\076-21-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Wild Mab of the Fish Pond
076\076-22-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Night and Day
076\076-23-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Merry-Go-Round
076\076-24-Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra-Birmingham Breakdown

077\077-01-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Harlem Speaks
077\077-02-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Murder At Peyton
077\077-03-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Smiles
077\077-04-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Shady Lady
077\077-05-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-That Old Black Magic
077\077-06-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Oh! Miss Jaxson
077\077-07-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Things Ain't What They Used To Be
077\077-08-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Strollin'
077\077-09-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-The Moose
077\077-10-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Pow Wow
077\077-11-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-The Great Lie
077\077-12-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Drop Me Off In Harlem
077\077-13-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Gulf Coast Blues
077\077-14-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Flat Top Flips
077\077-15-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Skyliner
077\077-16-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Share Croppin' Blues
077\077-17-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
077\077-18-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-You Always Hurt The One You Love
077\077-19-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-West End Blues
077\077-20-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Desert Sands
077\077-21-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-E-Bop-O-Lee-Bop
077\077-22-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Andy's Boogie
077\077-23-Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra-Dark Bayou

078\078-01-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-Dixieland Shuffle
078\078-02-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-Royal Garden Blues
078\078-03-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-The Old Spinning Wheel
078\078-04-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
078\078-05-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-Little Rock Getaway
078\078-06-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-South Rampart Street Parade
078\078-07-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-Dogtown Blues
078\078-08-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-Panama
078\078-09-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-Wolverine Blues
078\078-10-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-Big Noise from Winnetka (Haggart - Bauduc)
078\078-11-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-Swingin' at the Sugar Bowl
078\078-12-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-I'm Prayin' Humble
078\078-13-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-I'm Free (What's New)
078\078-14-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-My Inspiration
078\078-15-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-Skater's Waltz (In Swingtime)
078\078-16-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-Air Mail Stomp
078\078-17-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-Complainin'
078\078-18-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-Jimtown Blues
078\078-19-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-Milenberg Joys
078\078-20-Bob Crosby & His Orchestra-Chain Gang

079\079-01-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-The Last Two Weeks In July
079\079-02-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-Oh ! Lady, Be Good
079\079-03-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-I Surrender, Dear
079\079-04-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-Many Dreams Ago
079\079-05-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-A Table In A Corner
079\079-06-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-If What You Say Is True
079\079-07-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-Without A Dream To My Name
079\079-08-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-Love Is Here
079\079-09-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-All Is Fun
079\079-10-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-All The Things You Are
079\079-11-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-You're A Lucky Guy
079\079-12-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-Shadows
079\079-13-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-I Didn't Know What Time It Was
079\079-14-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-Do I Love You
079\079-15-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-When Love Backoned
079\079-16-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-Frenesi
079\079-17-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-Adios, Mariquita Linda
079\079-18-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-Gloomy Sunday
079\079-19-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-My Fantasy
079\079-20-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-A Deserted Farm
079\079-21-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-Don't Fall Asleep
079\079-22-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-Dreaming Out Loud
079\079-23-Artie Shaw & His Orchestra-Now We Know

080\080-01-Artie Shaw-Mister Meadowlark
080\080-02-Artie Shaw-April In Paris
080\080-03-Artie Shaw-King For A Day
080\080-04-Artie Shaw-If It´s You
080\080-05-Artie Shaw-Old, Old Castle In Scotland
080\080-06-Artie Shaw-Temptation
080\080-07-Artie Shaw-Chantez-Lez Bas
080\080-08-Artie Shaw-Love Of My Life
080\080-09-Artie Shaw-A Handful Of Stars
080\080-10-Artie Shaw-Star Dust
080\080-11-Artie Shaw-Merinella
080\080-12-Artie Shaw-Danza Lucumi
080\080-13-Artie Shaw-Blues - Part I
080\080-14-Artie Shaw-Blues - Part II
080\080-15-Artie Shaw-Who´s Excited
080\080-16-Artie Shaw-Prelude In C Major
080\080-17-Artie Shaw-This Is Romance
080\080-18-Artie Shaw-What Is There To Say
080\080-19-Artie Shaw-Pyramid
080\080-20-Artie Shaw-You Forgot About Me
080\080-21-Artie Shaw-Whispers In The Night

081\081-01-Artie Shaw-The Calypso
081\081-02-Artie Shaw-Beau Night In Hotchkiss Corners
081\081-03-Artie Shaw-Concerto For Clarinet - Part 1
081\081-04-Artie Shaw-Concerto For Clarinet - Part 2
081\081-05-Artie Shaw-Dancing In The Dark
081\081-06-Artie Shaw-I Cover The Waterfront
081\081-07-Artie Shaw-Moonglow
081\081-08-Artie Shaw-Alone Together
081\081-09-Artie Shaw-If I Had You
081\081-10-Artie Shaw-Georgia On My Mind
081\081-11-Artie Shaw-Why Shouldn't I
081\081-12-Artie Shaw-It Had To Be You
081\081-13-Artie Shaw-Confessin'
081\081-14-Artie Shaw-Love Me A little Little
081\081-15-Artie Shaw-Beyond The Blue Horizon
081\081-16-Artie Shaw-Don't Take Your Love From Me
081\081-17-Artie Shaw-Blues In The Night
081\081-18-Artie Shaw-Nocturne
081\081-19-Artie Shaw-Rockin' Chair
081\081-20-Artie Shaw-Take Your Shoes Off, Baby
081\081-21-Artie Shaw-Solid Sam
081\081-22-Artie Shaw-Just Kiddin' Around

082\082-01-Artie Shaw-To A Broadway Rose
082\082-02-Artie Shaw-St. James Infirmary Blues - Part I
082\082-03-Artie Shaw-St. James Infirmary Blues - Part II
082\082-04-Artie Shaw-Deuces Wild
082\082-05-Artie Shaw-Suite No. 8
082\082-06-Artie Shaw-Someones Rockin´ My Deam Boat
082\082-07-Artie Shaw-Absent-Minded Moon
082\082-08-Artie Shaw-Hindustan
082\082-09-Artie Shaw-Carnival
082\082-10-Artie Shaw-Needlenose
082\082-11-Artie Shaw-Two In One Blues
082\082-12-Artie Shaw-Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
082\082-13-Artie Shaw-Ac-centuate The Positive
082\082-14-Artie Shaw-Lady Day
082\082-15-Artie Shaw-Let´s Take The Long Way Home
082\082-16-Artie Shaw-Jumpin´ On The Merry-Go-Round
082\082-17-Artie Shaw-I´ll Never Be The Same
082\082-18-Artie Shaw-Can´t Help Lovin´ Dat Man
082\082-19-Artie Shaw-S Wonderful
082\082-20-Artie Shaw-Bedford Drive
082\082-21-Artie Shaw-September Song
082\082-22-Artie Shaw-Little Jazz
082\082-23-Artie Shaw-But Not For Me

083\083-01-Woody Herman-I Double Dare You
083\083-02-Woody Herman-Why Talk About Love
083\083-03-Woody Herman-My Find Feathered Friend
083\083-04-Woody Herman-Youre a Sweetheart
083\083-05-Woody Herman-Lets Pitch a Little Woo
083\083-06-Woody Herman-I Wanna Be in Winchells Column
083\083-07-Woody Herman-Loch Lomond (Trad.)
083\083-08-Woody Herman-Broadways Gone Hawaii
083\083-09-Woody Herman-Calliope Blues
083\083-10-Woody Herman-Twin City Blues
083\083-11-Woody Herman-Carolina in the Morning
083\083-12-Woody Herman-Saving Myself For You
083\083-13-Woody Herman-Laughing Boy Blues
083\083-14-Woody Herman-The Flat Foot Floogie
083\083-15-Woody Herman-Lullaby in Rhythm
083\083-16-Woody Herman-Dont Wake Up My Heart
083\083-17-Woody Herman-Blue Evening
083\083-18-Woody Herman-River Bed Blues
083\083-19-Woody Herman-Indian Boogie Woogie

084\084-01-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Dupree Blues
084\084-02-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Doctor Jazz
084\084-03-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Woodchoppers' Ball
084\084-04-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Blues Downstairs Upstairs
084\084-05-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-East Side Kick
084\084-06-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Blues On Parade
084\084-07-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Careless
084\084-08-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-It's A Blue World
084\084-09-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Blue Ink
084\084-10-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Herman At The Sherman
084\084-11-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Jukin'
084\084-12-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Get Your Boots Laced Papa - Part 1 & 2
084\084-13-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Golden Wedding
084\084-14-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Blue Flame
084\084-15-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-South
084\084-16-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Fan It
084\084-17-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Woodsheddin' With Woody
084\084-18-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Too Late
084\084-19-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Fort Worth Jail
084\084-20-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Yardbird Shuffle
084\084-21-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Four Or Five Times
084\084-22-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Who Dat Up Dere

085\085-01-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Bijou
085\085-02-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Sweet And Lovely
085\085-03-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Superman With A Horn
085\085-04-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Blowin' Up A Storm
085\085-05-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-The Man I Love
085\085-06-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Four Man On A Horse
085\085-07-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-The Good Earth
085\085-08-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Your Father's Moustache
085\085-09-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Everywhere
085\085-10-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Mean To Me
085\085-11-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Red Top
085\085-12-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Panacea
085\085-13-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Hallelujah
085\085-14-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Heads Up
085\085-15-Woody Herman & his Orchestra-Wild Root

086\086-01-Woody Herman-Four Brothers
086\086-02-Woody Herman-Everywhere
086\086-03-Woody Herman-Keen And Peachy
086\086-04-Woody Herman-Early Autumn
086\086-05-Woody Herman-Keeper of the Flame
086\086-06-Woody Herman-Lemon Drop
086\086-07-Woody Herman-More Moon
086\086-08-Woody Herman-Not Really the Blues
086\086-09-Woody Herman-Rhapsody in Wood
086\086-10-Woody Herman-Here Comes the Blues
086\086-11-Woody Herman-Life Ist Just a Bowl of Cherries
086\086-12-Woody Herman-Cohn's Alley
086\086-13-Woody Herman-Mulligantawny
086\086-14-Woody Herman-Why Not
086\086-15-Woody Herman-Would He
086\086-16-Woody Herman-Off Shore
086\086-17-Woody Herman-Hitting the Bottle
086\086-18-Woody Herman-It Happens To Me
086\086-19-Woody Herman-Strange
086\086-20-Woody Herman-Moten Stomp

087\087-01-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Weary Blues
087\087-02-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
087\087-03-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-I'm Shooting High
087\087-04-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Rhythm Saved The World
087\087-05-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Royal Garden Blues
087\087-06-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Star Dust
087\087-07-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Ja Da
087\087-08-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Mary Had A Little Lamb
087\087-09-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-You've Gotta Eat Your Spinach, Baby
087\087-10-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-On The Beach At Bali-Bali
087\087-11-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-San Francisco
087\087-12-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-That'a A Plenty
087\087-13-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-After You've Gone
087\087-14-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Head Over Heals In Love
087\087-15-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Sleep
087\087-16-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Maple Leaf Rag
087\087-17-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-There's Frost On The Moon
087\087-18-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Tea On The Terrace
087\087-19-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-I'm In A Dancing Mood
087\087-20-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now
087\087-21-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Jamboree

088\088-01-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-The Goona Goo
088\088-02-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-If My Heart Could Only Talk
088\088-03-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Mr. Ghost Goes To Town
088\088-04-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Lookin' Around Corners For You
088\088-05-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Who'll Buy My Violets
088\088-06-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-On A Little Bamboo Bridge
088\088-07-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-How Could You
088\088-08-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Melody In F
088\088-09-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-You're Here, You're There, You're Everywhere
088\088-10-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Song Of India
088\088-11-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Marie
088\088-12-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Dedicated To You
088\088-13-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Sweet Is The Word For You
088\088-14-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-In A Little Hula Heaven
088\088-15-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-I'll Dream My Way To Heaven
088\088-16-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Thanks For Everything
088\088-17-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Liebestraum
088\088-18-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Mendelssohn's Spring Song
088\088-19-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Blue Danube
088\088-20-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Dark Eyes
088\088-21-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Jammin'
088\088-22-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-They Can't Take That Away From Me
088\088-23-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Twilight In Turkey
088\088-24-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Satan Takes A Holiday
088\088-25-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Stop, Look And Listen

089\089-01-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Humoreske
089\089-02-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Beale Street Blues
089\089-03-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-That Stolen Melody
089\089-04-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Night And Day
089\089-05-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
089\089-06-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Canadian Capers
089\089-07-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Getting Some Fun Out Of Life
089\089-08-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Who
089\089-09-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-The Dipsy Doodle
089\089-10-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-The Big Dipper
089\089-11-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Shine On, Harvest Moon
089\089-12-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Music, Maestro, Please
089\089-13-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Panama
089\089-14-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Washboard Blues
089\089-15-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Copenhagen
089\089-16-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Symphony In Riffs
089\089-17-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Boogie Woogie
089\089-18-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Tin Roof Blues
089\089-19-Tommy Dorsey & his Orchestra-Sweet Sue, Just You

090\090-01-Tommy Dorsey-Lonesome Road Part 1
090\090-02-Tommy Dorsey-Lonesome Road Part 2
090\090-03-Tommy Dorsey-Well All Right
090\090-04-Tommy Dorsey-Night In Sudan
090\090-05-Tommy Dorsey-Stomp It Off
090\090-06-Tommy Dorsey-Easy Does It
090\090-07-Tommy Dorsey-Quiet Please
090\090-08-Tommy Dorsey-So What
090\090-09-Tommy Dorsey-Swing High
090\090-10-Tommy Dorsey-Swanee River
090\090-11-Tommy Dorsey-Deep River
090\090-12-Tommy Dorsey-Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
090\090-13-Tommy Dorsey-Yes Indeed
090\090-14-Tommy Dorsey-Loose Lid Special
090\090-15-Tommy Dorsey-Blue Skies
090\090-16-Tommy Dorsey-Swingin´ On Nothing
090\090-17-Tommy Dorsey-Hallelujah!
090\090-18-Tommy Dorsey-What Is This Thing Called Love
090\090-19-Tommy Dorsey-Moonlight On The Ganges
090\090-20-Tommy Dorsey-Well, Git It!
090\090-21-Tommy Dorsey-Mandy
090\090-22-Tommy Dorsey-On The Sunny Side Of The Street
090\090-23-Tommy Dorsey-Opus 1
090\090-24-Tommy Dorsey-Chloe
090\090-25-Tommy Dorsey-At The Fat Man´s

091\091-01-Tommy Dorsey-Come Rain Or Come Shine
091\091-02-Tommy Dorsey-(I Wanna Go Where You Go) Then I'll Be Happy
091\091-03-Tommy Dorsey-The Song Is You
091\091-04-Tommy Dorsey-Hollywood Hat
091\091-05-Tommy Dorsey-Bingo, Bango, Boffo
091\091-06-Tommy Dorsey-Tom Foolery (Finegan)
091\091-07-Tommy Dorsey- At Sundown
091\091-08-Tommy Dorsey-How Are Things In Glocca Moraa
091\091-09-Tommy Dorsey-Trombonology
091\091-10-Tommy Dorsey-Puddle Wump
091\091-11-Tommy Dorsey-The Continental
091\091-12-Tommy Dorsey-Drumology
091\091-13-Tommy Dorsey-Pussy Willow
091\091-14-Tommy Dorsey-The Hucklebuck
091\091-15-Tommy Dorsey-Summertime
091\091-16-Tommy Dorsey-I Get A Kick Out Of You
091\091-17-Tommy Dorsey-Comin' Through The Rye
091\091-18-Tommy Dorsey-Birmingham Bounce

092\092-01-Jimmy Dorsey-Parade Of The Milk Bottle Caps
092\092-02-Jimmy Dorsey-In A Sentimental Mood
092\092-03-Jimmy Dorsey-Stompin´ At The Savoy
092\092-04-Jimmy Dorsey-I Got Rhythm
092\092-05-Jimmy Dorsey-I Can´t Face The Music
092\092-06-Jimmy Dorsey-Don´t Be That Way
092\092-07-Jimmy Dorsey-I Cried For You
092\092-08-Jimmy Dorsey-John Silver
092\092-09-Jimmy Dorsey-The Darktown Strutters Ball
092\092-10-Jimmy Dorsey-Dusk In Upper Sundusky
092\092-11-Jimmy Dorsey-All Of Me
092\092-12-Jimmy Dorsey-Contrasts
092\092-13-Jimmy Dorsey-Dolemite
092\092-14-Jimmy Dorsey-Turn Left
092\092-15-Jimmy Dorsey-When The Sun Comes Out
092\092-16-Jimmy Dorsey-Turn Right
092\092-17-Jimmy Dorsey-Charleston Alley
092\092-18-Jimmy Dorsey-Tangerine
092\092-19-Jimmy Dorsey-Sorghum Switch
092\092-20-Jimmy Dorsey-King POrter Stomp

093\093-01-Jack Teagarden-Persian Rug
093\093-02-Jack Teagarden-The Sheik Of Araby
093\093-03-Jack Teagarden-Class Will Tell
093\093-04-Jack Teagarden-If It's Good (Then I Want It)
093\093-05-Jack Teagarden-I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
093\093-06-Jack Teagarden-Octeroon
093\093-07-Jack Teagarden-The Little Man Who Wasn't Here
093\093-08-Jack Teagarden-Puttin' And Takin'
093\093-09-Jack Teagarden-I Swung The Election
093\093-10-Jack Teagarden-Blues To The Dole
093\093-11-Jack Teagarden-Aunt Hagar's Blues
093\093-12-Jack Teagarden-Peg O' My Heart
093\093-13-Jack Teagarden-Muddy River
093\093-14-Jack Teagarden-Wolverine Blues (1)
093\093-15-Jack Teagarden-Red Wing
093\093-16-Jack Teagarden-United We Swing
093\093-17-Jack Teagarden-Beale Street Blues
093\093-18-Jack Teagarden-Somewhere A Voice Is Calling
093\093-19-Jack Teagarden-Swingin' On The Teagarden Gate
093\093-20-Jack Teagarden-On Revival Day
093\093-21-Jack Teagarden-Wolverine Blues (2)
093\093-22-Jack Teagarden-If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
093\093-23-Jack Teagarden-My Melancholy Baby
093\093-24-Jack Teagarden-The Blues

094\094-01-Gene Krupa-Wire Brush Stomp
094\094-02-Gene Krupa-Jeepers Creepers
094\094-03-Gene Krupa-Symphony in Riffs
094\094-04-Gene Krupa-Drummin´Man
094\094-05-Gene Krupa-Sweet Georgia Brown
094\094-06-Gene Krupa-Georgia on my mind
094\094-07-Gene Krupa-Just al little bit South of North Carolina
094\094-08-Gene Krupa-Slow Down
094\094-09-Gene Krupa-Green Eyes
094\094-10-Gene Krupa-Let me off uptown
094\094-11-Gene Krupa-Kick it
094\094-12-Gene Krupa-After you´ve gone
094\094-13-Gene Krupa-Rockin Chair
094\094-14-Gene Krupa-Stop!
094\094-15-Gene Krupa-Walls keep talking
094\094-16-Gene Krupa-Skylark
094\094-17-Gene Krupa-Bolero at the Savoy
094\094-18-Gene Krupa-Thanks for the Boogie Ride
094\094-19-Gene Krupa-Harlem on Parade
094\094-20-Gene Krupa-Knock me a kiss
094\094-21-Gene Krupa-That Drummer´s Band
094\094-22-Gene Krupa-Massachusetts
094\094-23-Gene Krupa-Murder He Says
094\094-24-Gene Krupa-Opus No. 1
094\094-25-Gene Krupa-Boogie Blues

095\095-01-Harry James-Ciribiribin
095\095-02-Harry James-Sweet Georgia Brown
095\095-03-Harry James-Two O'Clock Jump
095\095-04-Harry James-Indiana
095\095-05-Harry James-King Porter Stomp
095\095-06-Harry James-I've Found A New Baby
095\095-07-Harry James-Willow, Weep For Me
095\095-08-Harry James-Feet Draggin' Blues
095\095-09-Harry James-Music Makers
095\095-10-Harry James-You Made Me Love You
095\095-11-Harry James-Strictly Instrumental
095\095-12-Harry James-Trumpet Blues
095\095-13-Harry James-I'm Beginning To See The Light
095\095-14-Harry James-I'm Confessin'
095\095-15-Harry James-Who's Sorry Now
095\095-16-Harry James-Moten Swing
095\095-17-Harry James-Keb-Lah
095\095-18-Harry James-East Coast Blues
095\095-19-Harry James-Blue Turning Grey Over You
095\095-20-Harry James-Cotton Tail
095\095-21-Harry James-Tuxedo Junction
095\095-22-Harry James-New Two O'Clock Jump

096\096-01-Georgie Auld-Georgie Porgie
096\096-02-Georgie Auld-Sweetheart Of All My Dreams
096\096-03-Georgie Auld-In The Middle
096\096-04-Georgie Auld-I'll Never Be The Same
096\096-05-Georgie Auld-Stompin' At The Savoy
096\096-06-Georgie Auld-Daily Double
096\096-07-Georgie Auld-Here Comes Heaven Again
096\096-08-Georgie Auld-It Had To Be You
096\096-09-Georgie Auld-Air Mail Special
096\096-10-Georgie Auld-Just A-Sittin' And A-Rockin'
096\096-11-Georgie Auld-Time On My Hands
096\096-12-Georgie Auld-Come To Baby, Do
096\096-13-Georgie Auld-Stormy Weather
096\096-14-Georgie Auld-You Haven't Changed At All
096\096-15-Georgie Auld-Blue Moon
096\096-16-Georgie Auld-A Hundred Years From Today
096\096-17-Georgie Auld-I Don't Know Why
096\096-18-Georgie Auld-Route 66
096\096-19-Georgie Auld-Canyon Passage
096\096-20-Georgie Auld-You're Blase

097\097-01-Stan Kenton-Lover Man
097\097-02-Stan Kenton-Fascinatin Rhythm
097\097-03-Stan Kenton-Malaguena
097\097-04-Stan Kenton-Stella By Starlight
097\097-05-Stan Kenton-Limelight
097\097-06-Stan Kenton-Painted Rhythm
097\097-07-Stan Kenton-Artistry In Boogie
097\097-08-Stan Kenton-Southern Scandal
097\097-09-Stan Kenton-Minor Riff
097\097-10-Stan Kenton-Collaboration
097\097-11-Stan Kenton-Intermission Riff
097\097-12-Stan Kenton-Peanut Vendor
097\097-13-Stan Kenton-Unison Riff
097\097-14-Stan Kenton-Eager Beaver
097\097-15-Stan Kenton-Lover
097\097-16-Stan Kenton-Artistry Jumps
097\097-17-Stan Kenton-Concerto To End All Concertos
097\097-18-Stan Kenton-Interlude

098\098-01-Pete Rugolo-Good Evening Friends Boogie
098\098-02-Pete Rugolo-King Porter Stomp
098\098-03-Pete Rugolo-Jingle Bells Mambo
098\098-04-Pete Rugolo-Poinciana
098\098-05-Pete Rugolo-My Funny Valentine
098\098-06-Pete Rugolo-Rugolo Meets Shearing
098\098-07-Pete Rugolo-Mixin´the Blues
098\098-08-Pete Rugolo-There´ll Never Be Another You
098\098-09-Pete Rugolo-Conversation
098\098-10-Pete Rugolo-You are too Beautiful
098\098-11-Pete Rugolo-Here´s Pete
098\098-12-Pete Rugolo-Sambamba
098\098-13-Pete Rugolo-Later Team
098\098-14-Pete Rugolo-Dream of You
098\098-15-Pete Rugolo-Once in a while
098\098-16-Pete Rugolo-Fancy Meeting
098\098-17-Pete Rugolo-For Hi-Fi Bugs
098\098-18-Pete Rugolo-These Foolish Things
098\098-19-Pete Rugolo-Oscar and Pete´s Blues
098\098-20-Pete Rugolo-Snowfall

099\099-01-Shorty Rogers-Pay the Piper
099\099-02-Shorty Rogers-At Home with Sweets
099\099-03-Shorty Rogers-Pink Squirrel
099\099-04-Shorty Rogers-Blues Express
099\099-05-Shorty Rogers-A Geophisical Ear
099\099-06-Shorty Rogers-The Line Backer
099\099-07-Shorty Rogers-Playboy
099\099-08-Shorty Rogers-Saturnian Sleigh Ride
099\099-09-Shorty Rogers-Martians Lullaby
099\099-10-Shorty Rogers-Bluezies
099\099-11-Shorty Rogers-Red Dog Play
099\099-12-Shorty Rogers-Grand Slam

100\100-01-Glenn Miller-King Porter Stomp
100\100-02-Glenn Miller-Little Brown Jug
100\100-03-Glenn Miller-Runnin´Wild
100\100-04-Glenn Miller-Sliphorn Jive
100\100-05-Glenn Miller-Sold American
100\100-06-Glenn Miller-Pagan Love Song
100\100-07-Glenn Miller-Glen Island Special
100\100-08-Glenn Miller-In the Mood
100\100-09-Glenn Miller-Wham
100\100-10-Glenn Miller-I want to be happy
100\100-11-Glenn Miller-Farewell Blues
100\100-12-Glenn Miller-Johnson Rag
100\100-13-Glenn Miller-Rug Cutter´s Swing
100\100-14-Glenn Miller-Tuxedo Junction
100\100-15-Glenn Miller-Slow Freight
100\100-16-Glenn Miller-Bugle Call Rag
100\100-17-Glenn Miller-My Blue Heaven
100\100-18-Glenn Miller-I dream I dwelt in Harlem
100\100-19-Glenn Miller-Sun Valley Jump
100\100-20-Glenn Miller-Chattanooga Choo Choo
100\100-21-Glenn Miller-Long Tall Mama
100\100-22-Glenn Miller-Chip off the Block
100\100-23-Glenn Miller-American Patrol
100\100-24-Glenn Miller-Carribbean Clipper
100\100-25-Glenn Miller-It must be jelly

001\001-01-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Darktown Strutters' Ball (Brooks)
001\001-02-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Darktown Strutters' Ball (Brooks)
001\001-03-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Indiana (McDonald - Hanley)
001\001-04-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Indiana (McDonald - Hanley)
001\001-05-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Livery Stable Blues (ODJB)
001\001-06-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Dixie Jass Band One-Step (ODJB)
001\001-07-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Barnyard Blues (ODJB)
001\001-08-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Ostrich Walk (ODJB)
001\001-09-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Tiger Rag (ODJB)
001\001-10-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-At The Jazz Band Ball (LaRocca - Shields)
001\001-11-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Look At 'Em Doing It Now (Shields)
001\001-12-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Reisenweber Rag (ODJB)
001\001-13-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Oriental Jazz (Sudan) (Sebek)
001\001-14-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-At The Jazz Band Ball (LaRocca-Shields)
001\001-15-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Ostrich Walk (ODJB)
001\001-16-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Skeleton Jangle (LaRocca)
001\001-17-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Tiger Rag (ODJB)
001\001-18-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Bluin' The Blues (Ragas)
001\001-19-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Fidgety Feet (War Cloud) (LaRocca - Shields)
001\001-20-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Sensation Rag (Edwards)
001\001-21-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Mournin' Blues (Sbarbaro)
001\001-22-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Clarinet Marmalade (Blues) (Ragas - Shields)
001\001-23-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Lazy Daddy (LaRocca - Shields - Ragas)

002\002-01-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Barnyard Blues (Livery Stable Blues) (ODJB)
002\002-02-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-At The Jazz Band Ball (LaRocca - Shields)
002\002-03-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Ostrich Walk (ODJB)
002\002-04-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Sensation Rag (Edwards)
002\002-05-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Look At 'Em Doing It (Shields)
002\002-06-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Tiger Rag (ODJB)
002\002-07-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Satanic Blues (Shields-Christian)
002\002-08-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-'Lasses Candy (LaRocca)
002\002-09-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-My Baby's Arms (Tierney- McCarthy)
002\002-10-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Tell Me (Kortlander)
002\002-11-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-I've Got My Captain Working For Me Now (Berlin)
002\002-12-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (Waltz) (Kenbrovin - Kellette)
002\002-13-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Mammy O'Mine (Pinkard)
002\002-14-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-I've Lost My Heart In Dixieland (Berlin)
002\002-15-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Sphinx (Barbour)
002\002-16-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Alice Blue Gown (Waltz) (Tierney - McCarthy)
002\002-17-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Soudan (Sebek)
002\002-18-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Margie (Conrad - Robinson)
002\002-19-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Palesteena (Conrad - Robinson)
002\002-20-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Broadway Rose
002\002-21-Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Sweet Mamma

003\003-01-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Just Gone (Oliver - Johnson)
003\003-02-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Canal Street Blues (Oliver-Armstrong)
003\003-03-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Mandy Lee Blues (Bloom - Melrose)
003\003-04-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-I'm Going Away To Wear You Off My Mind (Smith)
003\003-05-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Chimes Blues (Oliver)
003\003-06-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Weather Bird Rag (Armstrong)
003\003-07-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Dippermouth Blues (Oliver-Armstrong)
003\003-08-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Froggie Moore (Spike - Spike- Morton)
003\003-09-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Snake Rag (Take 1) (Oliver - Piron)
003\003-10-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Snake Rag (Take 2) (Oliver - Piron)
003\003-11-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Sweet Lovin' Man (Melrose - Hardin)
003\003-12-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-High Society Rag (Steele)
003\003-13-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Sobbin' Blues (Kassell - Berton)
003\003-14-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Where Did You Stay Last Night (Armstrong- Hardin)
003\003-15-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Dippermouth Blues (Oliver-Armstrong)
003\003-16-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Jazzin' Babies' Blues (Jones)
003\003-17-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Alligator Hop (Oliver - Piron)
003\003-18-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Zulu's Ball (Oliver - Robinson)
003\003-19-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Workingman Blues (Oliver - Hardin)
003\003-20-King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band-Krooked Blues (Spike-Spike-Johnson)

004\004-01-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Chattanooga Stomp
004\004-02-King Oliver's Jazz Band-London Cafe Blues
004\004-03-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Camp Meeting Blues
004\004-04-King Oliver's Jazz Band-New Orleans Stomp
004\004-05-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Buddy's Habit
004\004-06-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Tears
004\004-07-King Oliver's Jazz Band-I Ain't Gonna Tell Nobody
004\004-08-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Room Rent Blues
004\004-09-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Riverside Blues
004\004-10-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Sweet Baby Doll
004\004-11-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Working Man Blues
004\004-12-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Mabel's Dream
004\004-13-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Mabel's Dream
004\004-14-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Mabel's Dream
004\004-15-King Oliver's Jazz Band-The Southern Stomps
004\004-16-King Oliver's Jazz Band-The Southern Stomps
004\004-17-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Riverside Blues
004\004-18-King Oliver-King Porter
004\004-19-Butterbeans and Susie-Tom Cat
004\004-20-Butterbeans and Susie-Kiss Me Sweet
004\004-21-Butterbeans and Susie-Construction Gang

005\005-01-Friars Society Orchestra-Eccentric
005\005-02-Friars Society Orchestra-Farewell Blues
005\005-03-Friars Society Orchestra-Discontented Blues
005\005-04-Friars Society Orchestra-Bugle Call Blues
005\005-05-Friars Society Orchestra-Panama
005\005-06-Friars Society Orchestra-Tiger Rag
005\005-07-Friars Society Orchestra-Livery Stable Blues
005\005-08-Friars Society Orchestra-Oriental
005\005-09-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Sweet Lovin' Man
005\005-10-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Sweet Lovin' Man
005\005-11-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-That's A Plenty
005\005-12-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-That's A Plenty
005\005-13-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble
005\005-14-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble
005\005-15-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Weary Blues
005\005-16-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Da Da Strain
005\005-17-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Wolverine Blues
005\005-18-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Wolverine Blues
005\005-19-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Maple Leaf Rag
005\005-20-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Tin Roof Blues
005\005-21-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Tin Roof Blues
005\005-22-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Tin Roof Blues

006\006-01-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Sobbin's Blues
006\006-02-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Marguerite
006\006-03-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Angry
006\006-04-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Angry
006\006-05-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Clarinet Marmelade
006\006-06-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Clarinet Marmelade
006\006-07-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Mr. Jelly Lord
006\006-08-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Mr. Jelly Lord
006\006-09-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-London Blues
006\006-10-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Milenberg Joys
006\006-11-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Milenberg Joys
006\006-12-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Mad (Cause You Treat Me This Way)
006\006-13-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Baby
006\006-14-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-I Never Knew What A Gal Could Do
006\006-15-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-She's Crying For Me Blues
006\006-16-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Golden Leaf Strut (Millenberg Joys)
006\006-17-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-She's Crying For Me
006\006-18-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-She's Crying For Me
006\006-19-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Everybody Loves Somebody Blues (But Nobody Loves Me)
006\006-20-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Everybody Loves Somebody Blues (But Nobody Loves Me)

007\007-01-Johnny de Droit and His New Orleans Orchestra-Panama
007\007-02-Johnny de Droit and His New Orleans Orchestra-Nobody Knows Blues
007\007-03-Johnny de Droit and His New Orleans Orchestra-New Orleans Blues
007\007-04-Johnny de Droit and His New Orleans Orchestra-The Swing
007\007-05-Johnny de Droit and His New Orleans Orchestra-Brown Eyes
007\007-06-Johnny de Droit and His New Orleans Orchestra-Number Two Blues
007\007-07-Fate Marable's Society Syncopators-Frankie and Johnny
007\007-08-Fate Marable's Society Syncopators-Pianoflage
007\007-09-Johnny Bayersdorffer and His Jazzola Novelty Orchestra-Sensation Rag
007\007-10-Johnny Bayersdorffer and His Jazzola Novelty Orchestra-Christine
007\007-11-Johnny Bayersdorffer-I Wonder Where my Easy Rider's Riding Now
007\007-12-Johnny Bayersdorffer and His Jazzola Novelty Orchestra-The Waffle Man's Call
007\007-13-Halfway House Orchestra-Pussy Cat Rag
007\007-14-Halfway House Orchestra-Barataria
007\007-15-Tobin's Midnight Serenaders-I'm Afraid to Care for You
007\007-16-Anthony Parenti and His Famous Melody Boys-That's a Plenty
007\007-17-Anthony Parenti and His Famous Melody Boys-Cabaret Echoes
007\007-18-Brownlee's Orchestra of New Orleans-Dirty Rag
007\007-19-Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra-Original Tuxedo Rag
007\007-20-Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra-Careless Love
007\007-21-Original Tuxedo Jazz Orchestra-Black Rag
007\007-22-Anthony Parenti and His Famous Melody Boys-Dizzy Lizzie
007\007-23-Anthony Parenti and His Famous Melody Boys-French Market Blues

008\008-01-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Big Foot Ham
008\008-02-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Big Fot Ham
008\008-03-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Muddy Water Blues
008\008-04-Jelly Roll Morton's Jazz Band-Some Day Sweetheart
008\008-05-Jelly Roll Morton's Jazz Band-London Blues
008\008-06-Jelly Roll Morton's Steamboat Four-Mr. Jelly Lord
008\008-07-Jelly Roll Morton's Stomp Kings or Jazz Kids-Steady Roll
008\008-08-Jelly Roll Morton's Kings o Jazz-Fish Tail Blues
008\008-09-Jelly Roll Morton's Kings o Jazz-High Society
008\008-10-Jelly Roll Morton's Kings o Jazz-Weary Blues
008\008-11-Jelly Roll Morton's Kings o Jazz-Tiger Rag
008\008-12-Jelly Roll Morton and his Jazz Trio-My Gal
008\008-13-Voltaire de Faut-Wolverine Blues
008\008-14-Jelly Roll Morton's Incomparables-Mr. Jelly Lord
008\008-15-St. Louis Levee Band-Soap Suds
008\008-16-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Black Bottom Stomp
008\008-17-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Smoke House Blues
008\008-18-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-The Chant
008\008-19-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-The Chant
008\008-20-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Sidewalk Blues
008\008-21-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Sidewalk Blues
008\008-22-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Dead Man Blues
008\008-23-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Dead Man Blues
008\008-24-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Steamboat Stomp

009\009-01-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Someday Sweetheart
009\009-02-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Someday Sweetheart
009\009-03-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Gradpa's Pells
009\009-04-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Grandpa's Spells
009\009-05-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Original Jelly Roll Blues
009\009-06-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Original Jelly Roll Blues
009\009-07-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Dr. Jazz
009\009-08-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Cannon Ball Bllues
009\009-09-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Cannon Ball Blues
009\009-10-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Hyena Stomp
009\009-11-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Hyena Stomp
009\009-12-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Billy Goat Stomp
009\009-13-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Billy Goat Stomp
009\009-14-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Wild Man Blues
009\009-15-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Wild Man Blues
009\009-16-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Jungle Blues
009\009-17-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Jungle Blues
009\009-18-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Beale Street Blues
009\009-19-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Beale Street Blues
009\009-20-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-The Pearls
009\009-21-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-The Pearls

010\010-01-levee Serenaders-Midnight Mama
010\010-02-levee Serenaders-Mr. Jelly Lord
010\010-03-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Georgia Swing
010\010-04-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Kansas City
010\010-05-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Shoe Shiner's Drag
010\010-06-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Boogaboo
010\010-07-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Shreveport
010\010-08-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Shreveport
010\010-09-Jelly Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers-Mournful Serenade
010\010-10-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Red ot Pepper
010\010-11-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Deep creek
010\010-12-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Burnin' The Iceburg
010\010-13-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Burnin' The Iceburg
010\010-14-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Courthouse Bump
010\010-15-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Courthouse Bump
010\010-16-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Pretty Lil
010\010-17-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Pretty Lil
010\010-18-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Sweet Aneta Mine
010\010-19-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Sweet Aneta Mine
010\010-20-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-New Orleans Bump
010\010-21-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-New Orleans Bump
010\010-22-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Down My Way
010\010-23-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Try Me Out
010\010-24-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Tank Town Bump
010\010-25-Jelly Roll Morton and his Orchestra-Tank Town Bump

011\011-01-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Manda
011\011-02-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Go Long, Mule
011\011-03-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Tell Me, Dreamy Eyes
011\011-04-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-My Rose Marir
011\011-05-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Don't Forget, You'll Regret Day By Day
011\011-06-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Shanghai Shuffle
011\011-07-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Texas Moaner Blues
011\011-08-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Early In The Morning
011\011-09-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-You've Got The Right Key But The Wrong Keyhole
011\011-10-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Words
011\011-11-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Words
011\011-12-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Copenhagen
011\011-13-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Copenhagen
011\011-14-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Of All The Wrongs You've Done To Me
011\011-15-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Everybody Loves My Baby
011\011-16-Josephine Beatty acc. by Red Onion Jazz Babies-Everybody Loves My Baby
011\011-17-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Shanghai Shuffle
011\011-18-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Naughty Man
011\011-19-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Naughty Man
011\011-20-Josephine Beatty acc. by Red Onion Jazz Babies-Texas Moaner Blues
011\011-21-Josephine Beatty acc. by Red Onion Jazz Babies-Of All The Wrongs You've Done To Me
011\011-22-Fletcher Henderson-One Of These Days
011\011-23-Fletcher Henderson-My Dream Man
011\011-24-Fletcher Henderson-My Dream Man

012\012-01-Various-Fletcher Henderson The Meanest Kind Of Blues
012\012-02-Various-Fletcher Henderson Naughty Man
012\012-03-Various-Fletcher Henderson How Come You Do Me Like You Do
012\012-04-Various-Fletcher Henderson How Come You Do Me Like You Do
012\012-05-Various-Fletcher Henderson How Come You Do Me Like You Do
012\012-06-Various-Fletcher Henderson Araby
012\012-07-Various-Fletcher Henderson Everybody Loves My Baby
012\012-08-Various-Fletcher Henderson Everybody Loves My Baby
012\012-09-Various-Fletcher Henderson Naughty Man
012\012-10-Various-Margaret Johnson Papa, Mama's All Alone
012\012-11-Various-Margaret Johnson Changeable Daddy Of Mine
012\012-12-Various-Red Onion Jazz Babies Terrible Blues
012\012-13-Various-Red Onion Jazz Babies Santa Claus Blues
012\012-14-Various-Sippie Wallace Baby, I Can't Use You No More
012\012-15-Various-Sippie Wallace Trouble Everywhere I Roam
012\012-16-Various-Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra Prince Of Wails
012\012-17-Various-Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra Prince Of Wails
012\012-18-Various-Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra Prince Of Wails
012\012-19-Various-Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra Mandy
012\012-20-Various-Fletcher Henderson And His Orchestra Mandy
012\012-21-Various-Clarence Williams Blue Five Mandy, make Up Your Mind
012\012-22-Various-Clarence Williams Blue Five I'm A Little Blackbird
012\012-23-Red Onion Jazz Babies-Josephine Beatty Nobody Knows The Way I Feel 'Dis Mornin'
012\012-24-Red Onion Jazz Babies-Josephine Beatty Early Every Morn'
012\012-25-Red Onion Jazz Babies-Josephine Beatty Cake Walkin' Babies From Home

013\013-01-Eva Taylor-Cake Walkin' Babies from Home
013\013-02-Eva Taylor-Pickin' on Your Baby
013\013-03-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-I'll See You in My Dreams
013\013-04-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Why Couldn't It Be Poor Little Me
013\013-05-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-I'll See You in My Dreams
013\013-06-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-I'll See You in My Dreams
013\013-07-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Why Couldn't It Be Poor Little Me
013\013-08-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Why Couldn't It Be Poor Little Me
013\013-09-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Why Couldn't It Be Poor Little Me
013\013-10-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Bye and Bye
013\013-11-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Play Me Slow
013\013-12-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Play Me Slow
013\013-13-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Alabama Bound
013\013-14-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Alabama Bound
013\013-15-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Alabama Bound
013\013-16-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Swanee Butterfly
013\013-17-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Swanee Butterfly
013\013-18-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Swanee Butterfly
013\013-19-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Poplar Street Blues
013\013-20-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-12th Street Blues
013\013-21-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Me Neenyah
013\013-22-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Cast Away
013\013-23-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Papa De-Da-Da

014\014-01-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Memphis Bound
014\014-02-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-When You Do What You Do
014\014-03-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-I'll Take Her Back If She Wants to Come Back
014\014-04-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Money Blues
014\014-05-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Money Blues
014\014-06-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Sugarfoot Stomp
014\014-07-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-What-Cha-Call-'Em Blues
014\014-08-Southern Serenaders-I Miss My Swiss
014\014-09-Southern Serenaders-Alone at Last
014\014-10-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Just Wait 'til You See My Baby Do the Charleston
014\014-11-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Livin' High Sometimes
014\014-12-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Coal Cart Blues
014\014-13-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Santa Claus Blues
014\014-14-Clarence Williams' Trio-Santa Claus Blues
014\014-15-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-TNT
014\014-16-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Carolina Stomp
014\014-17-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Squeeze Me
014\014-18-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-You Can't Shush Katie
014\014-19-Perry Bradford's Jazz Phools-Lucy Long
014\014-20-Perry Bradford's Jazz Phools-I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle

015\015-01-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra Fidgety Feet
015\015-02-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra Jazz Me Blues
015\015-03-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra Oh Baby
015\015-04-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra Copenhagen
015\015-05-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra Riverboat Shuffle
015\015-06-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra Susie (Of The Islands)
015\015-07-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra Susie (Of The Islands)
015\015-08-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra I Need Some Pettin'
015\015-09-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra Royal Garden Blues
015\015-10-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra Tiger Rag
015\015-11-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra Sensation
015\015-12-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra Lazy Daddy
015\015-13-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra Lazy Daddy
015\015-14-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra Tia Juana
015\015-15-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra Big Boy
015\015-16-Wolverine Orchestra-Sioux City Six Flock O'Blues
015\015-17-Wolverine Orchestra-Sioux City Six I'm Glad
015\015-18-Wolverine Orchestra-Bix Beiderbecke And His Rhythm Jugglers Toddin' Blues
015\015-19-Wolverine Orchestra-Bix Beiderbecke And His Rhythm Jugglers Davenport Blues
015\015-20-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra When My Sugar Walks Down The Street
015\015-21-Wolverine Orchestra-Wolverine Orchestra Prince Of Wails

016\016-01-The Bucktown Five-Steady Roll Blues
016\016-02-The Bucktown Five-Steady Roll Blues
016\016-03-The Bucktown Five-Modile Blues
016\016-04-The Bucktown Five-Really a Pain
016\016-05-The Bucktown Five-Really a Pain
016\016-06-The Bucktown Five-Chicago Blues
016\016-07-The Bucktown Five-Hot Mittens
016\016-08-The Bucktown Five-Hot Mittens
016\016-09-The Bucktown Five-Buddy's Habits
016\016-10-The Bucktown Five-Buddy's Habits
016\016-11-The Bucktown Five-Someday, Sweetheart
016\016-12-The Stomp Six-Why Can't it be Poor Little Me
016\016-13-The Stomp Six-Everybody Loves my Baby
016\016-14-Hitch's Happy Harmonists-Cruel Woman
016\016-15-Hitch's Happy Harmonists-Home Brew Blues
016\016-16-Hitch's Happy Harmonists-Steady Steppin' Papa
016\016-17-Hitch's Happy Harmonists-Baptistown Crawl (River Bottom Glide)
016\016-18-Hitch's Happy Harmonists-Ethiopian Nightmare (Nellie, Where You Going)
016\016-19-Hitch's Happy Harmonists-Cataract Rag Blues
016\016-20-Hitch's Happy Harmonists-Nightengale Rag Blues
016\016-21-Hitch's Happy Harmonists-Boneyard Shuffle
016\016-22-Hitch's Happy Harmonists-Washboard Blues

017\017-01-Bennie Moten + John Williams-Elephant's Wobble
017\017-02-Bennie Moten + John Williams-Crawdad Blues
017\017-03-Bennie Moten + John Williams-South
017\017-04-Bennie Moten + John Williams-Vine Street Blues
017\017-05-Bennie Moten + John Williams-Tulsa Blues
017\017-06-Bennie Moten + John Williams-Goofy Dust
017\017-07-Bennie Moten + John Williams-Baby Dear
017\017-08-Bennie Moten + John Williams-She's Sweeter Than Sugar
017\017-09-Bennie Moten + John Williams-South Street Blues
017\017-10-Bennie Moten + John Williams-Sister Honky Tonk
017\017-11-Bennie Moten + John Williams-As I Like It
017\017-12-Bennie Moten + John Williams-Things Seem So Blue To Me
017\017-13-Bennie Moten + John Williams-18th Street Strut
017\017-14-Bennie Moten + John Williams-Kater Street Rag
017\017-15-Bennie Moten + John Williams-Midnight Stomp
017\017-16-Bennie Moten + John Williams-Downhearted Mama
017\017-17-Bennie Moten + John Williams-The Bumps
017\017-18-Bennie Moten + John Williams-What's That Thing
017\017-19-Bennie Moten + John Williams-Down In Gallion
017\017-20-Bennie Moten + John Williams-Goose Grease
017\017-21-Bennie Moten + John Williams-Pee Wee Blues
017\017-22-Bennie Moten + John Williams-Now Cut Loose

018\018-01-Bennie Moten-Thick Lip Stomp (Moten)
018\018-02-Bennie Moten-Thick Lip Stomp (Moten)
018\018-03-Bennie Moten-Harmony Blues (Moten)
018\018-04-Bennie Moten-Harmony Blues (Moten)
018\018-05-Bennie Moten-KC Shuffle (Moten)
018\018-06-Bennie Moten-Yazoo Blues (Moten)
018\018-07-Bennie Moten-Yazoo Blues (Moten)
018\018-08-Bennie Moten-White Lightnin' Blues (Moten)
018\018-09-Bennie Moten-Muscle Shoals Blues (Thomas)
018\018-10-Bennie Moten-Midnight Mama (Morton)
018\018-11-Bennie Moten-Missouri Wobble (Moten)
018\018-12-Bennie Moten-Missouri Wobble (Moten)
018\018-13-Bennie Moten-Sugar (Pinkard)
018\018-14-Bennie Moten-Dear Heart (Dent)
018\018-15-Bennie Moten-The New Tulsa Blues (Moten)
018\018-16-Bennie Moten-Baby Dear (Moten-Hayes)
018\018-17-Bennie Moten-Twelfth Street Rag (Bowman)
018\018-18-Bennie Moten-Twelfth Street Rag (Bowman)
018\018-19-Bennie Moten-Pass Out Lightly (Washington)
018\018-20-Bennie Moten-Pass Out Lightly (Washington)
018\018-21-Bennie Moten-Ding Dong Blues (Moten-Station)
018\018-22-Bennie Moten-Ding Dong Blues (Moten-Station)
018\018-23-Bennie Moten-Moten Stomp (Moten-Hayes)

019\019-01-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Wild Cat Blues
019\019-02-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Kansas City Man Blues
019\019-03-Sara Martin-Blind Man Blues
019\019-04-Sara Martin-Atlanta Blues
019\019-05-Maggie Smith-Lady Luck Blues
019\019-06-Maggie Smith-Kansas City Man Blues
019\019-07-Eva Taylor and Clarence Williams-Oh! Daddy Blues
019\019-08-Eva Taylor and Clarence Williams-I've Got the 'Yes We Have No Bananas' Blues
019\019-09-Eva Taylor-Irresistable Blues
019\019-10-Eva Taylor-Jazzin' Baby Blues
019\019-11-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-'Tain't Nobody's Bus'ness if I Do
019\019-12-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-New Orleans Hop Scop Blues
019\019-13-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Oh! Daddy Blues
019\019-14-Rosetta Crawford-Down on the Levee Blues
019\019-15-Rosetta Crawford-Lonesome Woman Blues
019\019-16-Sara Martin-Graveyard Dream Blues
019\019-17-Sara Martin-A Green Gal Can't Catch On Blues
019\019-18-Margaret Johnson-If I Let You Get Away With It Blues
019\019-19-Margaret Johnson-E Flat Blues
019\019-20-Eva Taylor - Lawrence Lomax-Old Fashioned Love
019\019-21-Eva Taylor - Lawrence Lomax-Open Your Heart
019\019-22-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Shreveport Blues
019\019-23-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Old Fashioned Love
019\019-24-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-House Rent Blues
019\019-25-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Mean Blues

020\020-01-Varsity Eight-Mean Blues
020\020-02-Varsity Eight-Say it with a Ukelele
020\020-03-Varsity Eight-Doodle-Doo-Doo
020\020-04-Varsity Eight-San
020\020-05-The Little Ramblers-Them Ramblin' Blues
020\020-06-The Little Ramblers-Arkansas Blues
020\020-07-Varsity Eight-Copenhagen
020\020-08-Varsity Eight-I'm Satisfied Beside that Sweetie o' Mine
020\020-09-The Little Ramblers-Those Panama Mamas
020\020-10-The Little Ramblers-Prince of Wails
020\020-11-The Little Ramblers-Melancholy Lou
020\020-12-The Little Ramblers-Deep Elm
020\020-13-Varsity Eight-I'm Gonna Hang Around my Sugar
020\020-14-Varsity Eight-Milenberg Joys
020\020-15-University Six-I Wish I Could Shimmy like my Sister Kate
020\020-16-University Six-Beale Street Blues
020\020-17-The Little Ramblers-Play it, Red
020\020-18-The Little Ramblers-Swamp Blues
020\020-19-Varsity Eight-Clementine (from New Orleans)
020\020-20-Ted Wallace and his Orchestra-Cornfed
020\020-21-Ted Wallace and his Orchestra-Buffalo Rhythm
020\020-22-Ted Wallace and his Orchestra-Zulu Wail

021\021-01-Duke Ellington-Choo Choo (I Gotta Hurry Home)
021\021-02-Duke Ellington-Rainy Nights
021\021-03-Duke Ellington-I'm Gonna Hang Around My Sugar
021\021-04-Duke Ellington-Trombone Blues
021\021-05-Duke Ellington-Georgia Grind
021\021-06-Duke Ellington-Parlour Social Stomp
021\021-07-Duke Ellington-(You've Got Those) Wanna-Go-Back-Again-Blues
021\021-08-Duke Ellington-If You Can't Hold the Man You Love
021\021-09-Duke Ellington-Animal Crackers
021\021-10-Duke Ellington-Li'l Farina
021\021-11-Duke Ellington-East St. Louis Toodle-Oo
021\021-12-Duke Ellington-Birmingham Breakdown
021\021-13-Duke Ellington-Immigration Blues
021\021-14-Duke Ellington-The Creeper
021\021-15-Duke Ellington-The Creeper
021\021-16-Duke Ellington-If You Can't Hold the Man You Love
021\021-17-Duke Ellington-New Orleans Low-Down
021\021-18-Duke Ellington-Song of the Cotton Field
021\021-19-Duke Ellington-Birmingham Breakdown
021\021-20-Duke Ellington-East St. Louis Toodle-Oo

022\022-01-Duke Ellington-East St. Louis Toodle-Oo
022\022-02-Duke Ellington-Hop Head
022\022-03-Duke Ellington-Down in our Alley Blues
022\022-04-Duke Ellington-Black and Tan Fantasy
022\022-05-Duke Ellington-Soliloquy
022\022-06-Duke Ellington-Washington Wobble
022\022-07-Duke Ellington-Washington Wobble
022\022-08-Duke Ellington-Creole Love Call
022\022-09-Duke Ellington-The Blues I Love to Sing
022\022-10-Duke Ellington-The Blues I Love to Sing
022\022-11-Duke Ellington-Black and Tan Fantasy
022\022-12-Duke Ellington-Washington Wobble
022\022-13-Duke Ellington-What Can a Poor Fellow Do
022\022-14-Duke Ellington-Black and Tan Fantasy
022\022-15-Duke Ellington-Black and Tan Fantasy
022\022-16-Duke Ellington-Black and Tan Fantasy
022\022-17-Duke Ellington-Chicago Stomp Down
022\022-18-Duke Ellington-Harlem River Quiver (Brown Berries)
022\022-19-Duke Ellington-Harlem River Quiver
022\022-20-Duke Ellington-Harlem River Quiver
022\022-21-Duke Ellington-East St. Louis Toodle-Oo
022\022-22-Duke Ellington-Blue Bubbles
022\022-23-Duke Ellington-Blue Bubbles
022\022-24-Duke Ellington-Red Hot Band
022\022-25-Duke Ellington-Doin' the Frog

023\023-01-Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings-Gravier Street Blues
023\023-02-Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings-Candy Lips
023\023-03-Clarence Williams' Washboard Four-Nobody But
023\023-04-Clarence Williams' Washboard Four-Candy Lips
023\023-05-Clarence Williams and his Washboard Band-Cushion Foot Stomp
023\023-06-Clarence Williams and his Washboard Band-Cushion Foot Stomp
023\023-07-Clarence Williams and his Washboard Band-P.D.Q. Blues
023\023-08-Clarence Williams and his Washboard Band-P.D.Q. Blues
023\023-09-Clarence Williams' Washboard Five-Cushion Foot Stomp
023\023-10-Clarence Williams' Washboard Five-Take Your Black Bottom Outside
023\023-11-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Black Snake Blues
023\023-12-Clarence Williams' Blue Five-Old Folks Shuffle
023\023-13-Clarence Williams' Blue Five Orchestra-Baltimore
023\023-14-Clarence Williams' Blue Five Orchestra-Baltimore
023\023-15-Clarence Williams' Blue Five Orchestra-Take Your Black Bottom Dance Outside
023\023-16-Clarence Williams and His Bottomland Orchestra-Slow River
023\023-17-Clarence Williams and His Bottomland Orchestra-Slow River
023\023-18-Clarence Williams and His Bottomland Orchestra-Zulu Wail
023\023-19-Clarence Williams and His Bottomland Orchestra-Zulu Wail
023\023-20-Clarence Williams' Orchestra-Shooting the Pistol
023\023-21-Clarence Williams' Orchestra-(I'm Goin' Back to) Bottomland
023\023-22-Clarence Williams' Orchestra-(I'm Goin' Back to) Bottomland

024\024-01-Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings-I'm Goin' Back to Bottomland
024\024-02-Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings-You'll Long for Me (When the Cold Wind Blows)
024\024-03-Clarence Williams' Blue Seven-Baby, Won't you Please Come Home
024\024-04-Clarence Williams' Blue Seven-Close Fit Blues
024\024-05-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-Shake 'em Up
024\024-06-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-Yama Yama Blues
024\024-07-Clarence Williams' Washboard Four-Church Street Sobbin' Blues
024\024-08-Clarence Williams' Washboard Four-Dreaming the Hours Away
024\024-09-Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings-Close Fit Blues
024\024-10-Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings-Sweet Emmalina
024\024-11-Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings-Any Time
024\024-12-Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings-Sweet Emmalina
024\024-13-Clarence Williams' Washboard Five-Log Cabin Blues
024\024-14-Clarence Williams' Washboard Five-Organ Grinder Blues
024\024-15-Clarence Williams' Washboard Five-I'm Busy and you Can't Come In
024\024-16-Clarence Williams' Washboard Five-Walk that Broad
024\024-17-Clarence Williams' Washboard Five-Have You Ever Felt That Way
024\024-18-Clarence Williams' Washboard Five-Watchin' the Clock
024\024-19-Clarence Williams' Orchestra-Freeze Out
024\024-20-Clarence Williams' Orchestra-Midriff

025\025-01-Ladd's Black Aces-Aunt Hagar's Children's Blues
025\025-02-Ladd's Black Aces-Shake it and Break it
025\025-03-The Cotton Pickers-I Wish I Could Shimmy Like my Sister Kate
025\025-04-The Cotton Pickers-I Wish I Could Shimmy Like my Sister Kate
025\025-05-The Cotton Pickers-Got to Cool my Doggies Now
025\025-06-The Cotton Pickers-Got to Cool my Doggies Now
025\025-07-The Southland Six-Runnin' Wild
025\025-08-The Southland Six-Ivy (Cling to me)
025\025-09-Original Memphis Five-Loose Feet
025\025-10-Original Memphis Five-Aggrevatin' Papa
025\025-11-Original Memphis Five-The Great White Way Blues
025\025-12-Original Memphis Five-Four O'Clock Blues
025\025-13-Original Memphis Five-The Jelly Roll Blues
025\025-14-Original Memphis Five-A Bunch of Blues
025\025-15-Original Memphis Five-It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo'
025\025-16-Original Memphis Five-Red Hot Mamma
025\025-17-Original Memphis Five-How Come You Do Me Like You Do
025\025-18-Original Memphis Five-Meanest Blues
025\025-19-The Cotton Pickers-Prince of Wails
025\025-20-The Cotton Pickers-Jimtown Blues
025\025-21-The Cotton Pickers-Those Panama Mamas
025\025-22-The Cotton Pickers-Down and Out Blues
025\025-23-Original Memphis Five-Indiana Stomp

026\026-01-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Just Rite
026\026-02-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Just Rite
026\026-03-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Slow Motion
026\026-04-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Tough Breaks
026\026-05-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-It's Hard to Laugh or Smile
026\026-06-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Sad Man Blues
026\026-07-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Kansas City Breakdown
026\026-08-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Trouble in Mind
026\026-09-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Hot Water Blues
026\026-10-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Get Low-Down Blues
026\026-11-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-She's No Trouble
026\026-12-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-South
026\026-13-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Terrific Stomp
026\026-14-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Let's Get It
026\026-15-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Kansas City Squabble
026\026-16-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Rite Tite
026\026-17-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Moten's Blues
026\026-18-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-That's What I'm Talking About
026\026-19-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-That Certain Motion
026\026-20-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-It Won't Be Long
026\026-21-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-When Life Seems So Blue
026\026-22-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Loose as a Goose
026\026-23-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Just Say It's Me
026\026-24-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-New Goofy Dust-Rag

027\027-01-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Romba Negro (Spanish Stomp)
027\027-02-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-The Jones Law Blues
027\027-03-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-The Jones Law Blues
027\027-04-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Band Box Shuffle
027\027-05-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Small Black
027\027-06-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Small Black
027\027-07-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Every Day Blues (Yo Yo Blues)
027\027-08-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Boot It
027\027-09-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Mary Lee
027\027-10-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Rit-Dit-Ray
027\027-11-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Rit-Dit-Ray
027\027-12-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-New Vine Street Blues
027\027-13-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Sweethearts of Yesterday
027\027-14-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Won't you be my Baby
027\027-15-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-I Wish I Could Be Blue
027\027-16-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Oh! Eddie
027\027-17-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-That Too, Do
027\027-18-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-That Too, Do
027\027-19-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Mack's Rhythm
027\027-20-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-You Made Me Happy
027\027-21-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Here Comes Marjorie
027\027-22-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-The Count
027\027-23-Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra-Liza Lee

028\028-01-Bennie Moten 1930-32-Get Goin' (Get Ready to Love)
028\028-02-Bennie Moten 1930-32-Professor Hot Stuff
028\028-03-Bennie Moten 1930-32-When I'm Alone
028\028-04-Bennie Moten 1930-32-New Moten Sromp
028\028-05-Bennie Moten 1930-32-As Long as I Love You (Jeanette)
028\028-06-Bennie Moten 1930-32-Somebody Stole My Gal
028\028-07-Bennie Moten 1930-32-Now That I Need You
028\028-08-Bennie Moten 1930-32-Bouncin' Around
028\028-09-Bennie Moten 1930-32-Ya Got Love
028\028-10-Bennie Moten 1930-32-I Wanna Be Around My Baby All the Time
028\028-11-Bennie Moten 1930-32-Toby
028\028-12-Bennie Moten 1930-32-Moten Swing
028\028-13-Bennie Moten 1930-32-The Blue Room
028\028-14-Bennie Moten 1930-32-Imagination
028\028-15-Bennie Moten 1930-32-New Orleans
028\028-16-Bennie Moten 1930-32-The Only Girl I Ever Loved
028\028-17-Bennie Moten 1930-32-Milenberg Joys
028\028-18-Bennie Moten 1930-32-Lafayette
028\028-19-Bennie Moten 1930-32-Prince of Wails
028\028-20-Bennie Moten 1930-32-Two Times

029\029-01-Blyth's Washboard Band-Bohunkus Blues
029\029-02-Blyth's Washboard Band-Buddy Burton's Jazz
029\029-03-Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards-Little Bits
029\029-04-Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards-Little Bits
029\029-05-Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards-Struggling
029\029-06-Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards-Struggling
029\029-07-New Orleans Wanderers-perdido Street Blues
029\029-08-New Orleans Wanderers-Gate Mouth
029\029-09-New Orleans Wanderers-Too Tight
029\029-10-New Orleans Wanderers-Papa Dip
029\029-11-New Orleans Wanderers-Mixed Salad
029\029-12-New Orleans Wanderers-I Can't Say
029\029-13-New Orleans Wanderers-Flat Foot
029\029-14-New Orleans Wanderers-Mad Dog
029\029-15-Jimmy Blyth and his Ragmuffins-Messin' Around
029\029-16-Jimmy Blyth and his Ragmuffins-Messin' Around
029\029-17-Jimmy Blyth and his Ragmuffins-Adam's Apple
029\029-18-Junie Cobb's Hometown Band-East Coast Trot
029\029-19-Junie Cobb's Hometown Band-Chicago Blues
029\029-20-Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards-Idle Hour Special
029\029-21-Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards-47th Street Romp

030\030-01-Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals-Stock Yards Strut
030\030-02-Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals-Salty Dog
030\030-03-Freddie Keppard's Jazz Cardinals-Salty Dog
030\030-04-Blyth's Washboard Ragmuffins-Ape Man
030\030-05-Blyth's Washboard Ragmuffins-Your Folks
030\030-06-Dixieland Jug Blowers-House Rent Rag
030\030-07-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Memphis Shake
030\030-08-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Carpet Alley Breakdown
030\030-09-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Carpet Alley Breakdown
030\030-10-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Hen Party Blues
030\030-11-Dixieland Jug Blowers-Hen Party Blues
030\030-12-Jasper Taylor and his State Street Boys-Stomp Time Blues
030\030-13-Jasper Taylor and his State Street Boys-It Must Be the Blues
030\030-14-Dodds and Parham-Oh! Daddy
030\030-15-Dodds and Parham-Loveless Love
030\030-16-Dodds and Parham-19th Street Blues
030\030-17-Johnny Dodds-San
030\030-18-Johnny Dodds-Oh Lizzie
030\030-19-Johnny Dodds-Oh Lizzie
030\030-20-Johnny Dodds-The New St. Louis Blues
030\030-21-Johnny Dodds-Clarinet Wobble

031\031-01-Louis Armstrong-Gambler's Dream
031\031-02-Louis Armstrong-Sunshine Baby
031\031-03-Louis Armstrong-Adam and Eve had the Blues
031\031-04-Louis Armstrong-Put It Where I Can Get It
031\031-05-Louis Armstrong-Washwoman Blues
031\031-06-Louis Armstrong- I've Stopped My Man
031\031-07-Louis Armstrong-My Heart
031\031-08-Louis Armstrong-Yes I'm in The Barrel
031\031-09-Louis Armstrong-Gut Bucket Blues
031\031-10-Louis Armstrong-Come Back Sweet Papa
031\031-11-Louis Armstrong-Georgia Grind
031\031-12-Louis Armstrong-Heebie Jeebies
031\031-13-Louis Armstrong-Cornet Chop Suey
031\031-14-Louis Armstrong-Oriental Strut
031\031-15-Louis Armstrong-You're Next
031\031-16-Louis Armstrong-Muskrat Ramble
031\031-17-Louis Armstrong-Static Strut
031\031-18-Louis Armstrong-Stomp Off, Let's Go
031\031-19-Louis Armstrong-Stomp Off, Let's Go
031\031-20-Louis Armstrong-Georgia Bo Bo
031\031-21-Louis Armstrong-Drop That Sack
031\031-22-Louis Armstrong-Drop That Sack

032\032-01-Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five-Don't Forget to Mess Around
032\032-02-Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five-I'm Gonna Gitcha
032\032-03-Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five-Droppin' Shucks
032\032-04-Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five-Whosit
032\032-05-Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five-The King of the Zulus
032\032-06-Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five-Big Fat Ma and Skinny Pa
032\032-07-Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five-Lonesome Blues
032\032-08-Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five-Sweet Little Papa
032\032-09-Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five-Jazz Lips
032\032-10-Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five-Skid-Dat-De-Dat
032\032-11-Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five-(I Want a) Big Butter and Egg Man (from the West)
032\032-12-Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five-Sunset Cafe Stomp
032\032-13-Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five-You Made Me Love You
032\032-14-Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five-Irish Black Bottom
032\032-15-Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards-Easy Come Easy Go Blues
032\032-16-Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards-The Blues Stampede
032\032-17-Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards-I'm Goin' Huntin'
032\032-18-Jimmy Bertrand's Washboard Wizards-If You Want to be my Sugar Papa
032\032-19-Johnny Dodds Black Bottom Stompers-Weary Blues
032\032-20-Johnny Dodds Black Bottom Stompers-New Orleans Stomp
032\032-21-Johnny Dodds Black Bottom Stompers-Wild Man Blues
032\032-22-Johnny Dodds Black Bottom Stompers-Wild Man Blues
032\032-23-Johnny Dodds Black Bottom Stompers-Melancholy
032\032-24-Johnny Dodds Black Bottom Stompers-Melancholy

033\033-01-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Too Bad
033\033-02-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Too Bad
033\033-03-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Snag It
033\033-04-King Oliver's Jazz Band-Snag It
033\033-05-Teddy peters-Georgia Man
033\033-06-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Deep Henderson
033\033-07-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Jackass Blues
033\033-08-Irene Scruggs-Home Town Blues
033\033-09-Irene Scruggs-Sorrow Valley Blues
033\033-10-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Sugar Foot Stomp
033\033-11-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Wa Wa Wa
033\033-12-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Tack Annie
033\033-13-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Tack Annie
033\033-14-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Someday, Sweetheart
033\033-15-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Dead Man Blues
033\033-16-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-New Wang Wang Blues
033\033-17-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Snag It
033\033-18-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Snag It
033\033-19-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Dr. Jazz
033\033-20-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Showboat Shuffle
033\033-21-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Every Tub
033\033-22-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Willie the Weeper
033\033-23-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Black Snake Blues

034\034-01-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Farewell Blues
034\034-02-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Sobbin' Blues
034\034-03-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Speakeasy Blues
034\034-04-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Aunt Hagar's Blues
034\034-05-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-I'm Watching the Clock
034\034-06-King Oliver's Dixie Syncopators-Slow and Steady
034\034-07-Clarence Williams' Washboard Five-Shake it Down
034\034-08-Clarence Williams' Washboard Five-Red River Blues
034\034-09-Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings-Red River Blues
034\034-10-Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings-I Need You
034\034-11-King Oliver and his Dixie Syncopators-Tin Roof Blues
034\034-12-King Oliver and his Dixie Syncopators-West End Blues
034\034-13-King Oliver and his Dixie Syncopators-Sweet Emmalina
034\034-14-King Oliver and his Dixie Syncopators-Lazy Mama
034\034-15-Clarence Williams' Orchestra-Lazy Mama
034\034-16-Clarence Williams' Orchestra-Mountain City Blues
034\034-17-Elizabeth Johnson-Empty Bed Blues, Part 1
034\034-18-Elizabeth Johnson-Empty Bed Blues, Part 2
034\034-19-Lizzie Miles-You're Such a Cruel Papa to me
034\034-20-Lizzie Miles-My Diff'rent Kind o' Man
034\034-21-King Oliver and his Dixie Syncopators-Got Everything but You
034\034-22-King Oliver and his Dixie Syncopators-Got Everything but You
034\034-23-King Oliver and his Dixie Syncopators-Got Everything but You
034\034-24-King Oliver and his Dixie Syncopators-Four or Five Times
034\034-25-King Oliver and his Dixie Syncopators-Four or Five Times

035\035-01-Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings-The Keyboard Express
035\035-02-Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings-Walk That Broad
035\035-03-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-Long, Deep and Wide
035\035-04-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-Speakeasy
035\035-05-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-Squeeze Me (The Boy in a Boat)
035\035-06-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-New Down Home Blues (New Down Home Rag)
035\035-07-Hazel Smith-West End Blues
035\035-08-Hazel Smith-Get Up Off Your Knees
035\035-09-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-Wildflower Rag
035\035-10-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-Wildflower Rag
035\035-11-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-Midnight Stomp
035\035-12-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-Midnight Stomp
035\035-13-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-I'm Through
035\035-14-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-Bozo
035\035-15-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-Bimbo
035\035-16-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-Longshoreman's Blues
035\035-17-Sarah Martin-Mean Tight Mama
035\035-18-Sarah Martin-Sarah MartinMistreatin' Man Blues
035\035-19-Sarah Martin-Kitchen Man Blues
035\035-20-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-Beau-Koo-Jack
035\035-21-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-Sister Kate
035\035-22-Clarence Williams and his Orchestra-Pane in the Glass

036\036-01-King Oliver's Orchestra-n I Tell You (Oliver)
036\036-02-King Oliver's Orchestra-n I Tell You (Oliver)
036\036-03-King Oliver's Orchestra-My Good Man Sam (Oliver-Nelson)
036\036-04-King Oliver's Orchestra-What You Want Me To Do (Oliver)
036\036-05-King Oliver's Orchestra-Sweet Like This (Oliver - Nelson)
036\036-06-King Oliver's Orchestra-Too Late (Oliver - Nelson)
036\036-07-King Oliver's Orchestra-I'm Lonesome, Sweetheart (Oliver - Nelson)
036\036-08-King Oliver's Orchestra-I Want You Just Myself (Oliver)
036\036-09-King Oliver's Orchestra-I Can't Stop Loving You (Oliver-Nelson)
036\036-10-King Oliver's Orchestra-Everybody Does It In Hawaii (Trad)
036\036-11-King Oliver's Orchestra-Frankie And Johnny (Trad)
036\036-12-King Oliver's Orchestra-Frankie And Johnny (Trad)
036\036-13-King Oliver's Orchestra-New Orleans Shout (Oliver - Nelson)
036\036-14-King Oliver's Orchestra-Everybody Does It In Hawaii (Trad)
036\036-15-King Oliver's Orchestra-Frankie And Johnny (Trad)
036\036-16-King Oliver's Orchestra-St. James Infirmary (Primrose)
036\036-17-King Oliver's Orchestra-When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)
036\036-18-King Oliver's Orchestra-I Must Have It (Oliver)
036\036-19-King Oliver's Orchestra-Rhythm Club Stomp (Curwhiship Glide) (Oliver- Nelson)
036\036-20-King Oliver's Orchestra-You're Just My Type (Oliver - Nelson)
036\036-21-King Oliver's Orchestra-Edna (Oliver - Nelson)
036\036-22-King Oliver's Orchestra-Boogie Woogie (Oliver - Nelson)
036\036-23-King Oliver's Orchestra-Mule Face Blues (Oliver - Nelson)

037\037-01-King Oliver's Orchestra-Struggle Buggy (Walker)
037\037-02-King Oliver's Orchestra-Don't You Think I Love You (Oliver - Nelson)
037\037-03-King Oliver's Orchestra-Olga (Oliver - Nelson)
037\037-04-King Oliver's Orchestra-Olga (Oliver - Nelson)
037\037-05-King Oliver's Orchestra-Shake It And Break It (Friscoe - Clarke)
037\037-06-King Oliver's Orchestra-Stingaree Blues (Kemp)
037\037-07-King Oliver's Orchestra-What's The Use Of Living Without Love (McCarthy - Hanley)
037\037-08-King Oliver's Orchestra-You Were Only Passing Time With Me (Hill)
037\037-09-King Oliver's Orchestra-You Were Only Passing Time With Me (Hill)
037\037-10-King Oliver's Orchestra-Nelson Stomp (Oliver - Nelson)
037\037-11-King Oliver's Orchestra-Nelson Stomp (Oliver - Nelson)
037\037-12-King Oliver's Orchestra-Nelson Stomp (Oliver - Nelson)
037\037-13-King Oliver's Orchestra-Stealing Love (Nelson)
037\037-14-King Oliver's Orchestra-Stealing Love (Nelson)
037\037-15-King Oliver's Orchestra-Papa-De-Da-Da (Williams - Todd - Williams)
037\037-16-King Oliver's Orchestra-Who's Blue (Gould - Rule)
037\037-17-King Oliver's Orchestra-Stop Crying (Oliver)
037\037-18-King Oliver's Orchestra-Sugar Blues (Fletcher-Williams)
037\037-19-King Oliver's Orchestra-I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby (Waller - Hill)
037\037-20-King Oliver's Orchestra-Loveless Love (Handy)
037\037-21-King Oliver's Orchestra-One More Time (deSylva - Brown - Henderson)
037\037-22-King Oliver's Orchestra-When I Take My Sugar To Tea (Fain - Kahal - Norman)

038\038-01-Original Wolverines-Royal Garden Blues
038\038-02-Original Wolverines-Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble
038\038-03-Original Wolverines-A Good Man is Hard to Find
038\038-04-Original Wolverines-The New Twister
038\038-05-Joe 'Wingy' Manone and his Club Royale Orchestra-Downright Disgusted
038\038-06-Joe 'Wingy' Manone and his Club Royale Orchestra-Fare Thee Well
038\038-07-Danny altier and his Orchestra-I'm Sorry, Sally
038\038-08-Danny altier and his Orchestra-My Gal Sal
038\038-09-Bud Freeman and his Orchestra-Craze-O-Logy
038\038-10-Bud Freeman and his Orchestra-Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
038\038-11-Ray Miller and his Orchestra-That's a Plenty
038\038-12-Ray Miller and his Orchestra-Angry
038\038-13-Barbecue Joe and his Hot Dogs-Shake that Thing
038\038-14-Barbecue Joe and his Hot Dogs-Tar Paper Stomp (Wingy's Stomp)
038\038-15-Barbecue Joe and his Hot Dogs-Up the Country Blues
038\038-16-Barbecue Joe and his Hot Dogs-Tin Roof Blues
038\038-17-Barbecue Joe and his Hot Dogs-Weary Blues
038\038-18-Barbecue Joe and his Hot Dogs-Big Butter and Egg Man
038\038-19-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-My Honey's Lovin' Arms
038\038-20-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Rockin' Chair
038\038-21-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Bugaboo
038\038-22-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Corrinne, Corrinne
038\038-23-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-How Come You Do Me Like You Do

039\039-01-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Willie The Weeper
039\039-02-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Wild Man Blues
039\039-03-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Chicago Breakdown
039\039-04-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Alligator Crawl
039\039-05-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Potato Head Blues
039\039-06-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Melancholy Blues
039\039-07-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Weary Blues
039\039-08-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Twelfth Street Rag
039\039-09-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Keyhole Blues
039\039-10-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-S O L Blues
039\039-11-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Gully Low Blues
039\039-12-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-That's When I'll Come Back to you
039\039-13-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Put 'Em Down Blues
039\039-14-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Ory's Creole Trombone
039\039-15-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-The Last Time
039\039-16-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Struttin' With Some Barbecue
039\039-17-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Got No Blues
039\039-18-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Once In A While
039\039-19-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-I'm Not Rough
039\039-20-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Hotter Than That
039\039-21-Louis Armstrong & his hot Five-Savoy Blues

040\040-01-Louis Armstrong- Fireworks
040\040-02-Louis Armstrong- Skip The Gutter
040\040-03-Louis Armstrong- A Monday Date
040\040-04-Louis Armstrong- Don't Jive Me
040\040-05-Louis Armstrong- West End Blues
040\040-06-Louis Armstrong- Sugar Foot Strut
040\040-07-Louis Armstrong- Two Deuces
040\040-08-Louis Armstrong- Squeeze Me
040\040-09-Louis Armstrong- Knee Drops
040\040-10-Louis Armstrong- Symphonic Raps
040\040-11-Louis Armstrong- Savoyagers' Stomp
040\040-12-Louis Armstrong- No (Papa, No)
040\040-13-Louis Armstrong- Basin Street Blues
040\040-14-Louis Armstrong- No One Else But You
040\040-15-Louis Armstrong- Beau Koo Jack
040\040-16-Louis Armstrong- Save It, Pretty Mama
040\040-17-Louis Armstrong- Weather Bird
040\040-18-Louis Armstrong- Muggles
040\040-19-Louis Armstrong- Hear Me Talkin' To Ya
040\040-20-Louis Armstrong- St James Infirmary
040\040-21-Louis Armstrong- Tight Like This

041\041-01-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-I Know that You Know
041\041-02-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Sweet Sue - Just You
041\041-03-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Four or Five Times
041\041-04-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Four or Five Times
041\041-05-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Every Evening (I Miss You)
041\041-06-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Every Evening (I Miss You)
041\041-07-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Ready for the River
041\041-08-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Forevermore
041\041-09-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Apex Blues
041\041-10-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Oh Sister, Ain't that Hot
041\041-11-Stovepipe Johnson-I Ain't Got Nobody
041\041-12-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Apex Blues
041\041-13-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Apex Blues
041\041-14-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-A Monday Date
041\041-15-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Blues (My Naughty Sweetheart Gives to Me)
041\041-16-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Oh! Sister, Ain't that Hot!
041\041-17-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-King Joe
041\041-18-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Sweet Lorraine
041\041-19-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Sweet Lorraine
041\041-20-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-I Must Have That Man
041\041-21-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Some Rainy Day
041\041-22-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-It's Tight Like That
041\041-23-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-It's Tight Like That
041\041-24-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Let's Sow a Wild Oat
041\041-25-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-Let's Sow a Wild Oat
041\041-26-Jimmie Noone's Apex Club Orchestra-She's Funny That Way

042\042-01-Jimmie Noone- St Louis Blues
042\042-02-Jimmie Noone- Chicago Rhythm
042\042-03-Jimmie Noone- I Got A Misery
042\042-04-Jimmie Noone- Wake Up, Chillun, Wake Up!
042\042-05-Jimmie Noone- Love Me Or Leave Me
042\042-06-Jimmie Noone- Anything You Want
042\042-07-Jimmie Noone- Birmingham Bertha
042\042-08-Jimmie Noone- Am I Blue
042\042-09-Jimmie Noone- My Daddy Rocks Me (With One Steady Roll)
042\042-10-Jimmie Noone- Apex Blues
042\042-11-Jimmie Noone- Ain't Misbehavin'
042\042-12-Jimmie Noone- That Rhythm Man
042\042-13-Jimmie Noone- Off-Time
042\042-14-Jimmie Noone- S'posin'
042\042-15-Jimmie Noone- True Blue Lou
042\042-16-Jimmie Noone- Through (How Can You Say We're Through)
042\042-17-Jimmie Noone- Satisfied
042\042-18-Jimmie Noone- I'm Doing What I'm Doin' for Love
042\042-19-Jimmie Noone- He's a Good Man to Have Around
042\042-20-Jimmie Noone- My Melancholy Baby
042\042-21-Jimmie Noone- After You've Gone
042\042-22-Jimmie Noone- Love, Your Spell Is Everywhere
042\042-23-Jimmie Noone- Love Me

043\043-01-Ikey Robinson and his Band-Got Butter On It
043\043-02-Ikey Robinson and his Band-Ready Hokum
043\043-03-The Rhythm Aces-(A) Jazz Battle
043\043-04-The Rhythm Aces-Little Willie Blues
043\043-05-The Rhythm Aces-Sleepy Time Blues
043\043-06-The Rhythm Aces-Take Your Time
043\043-07-The Rhythm Aces-Sweet 'N' Low Blues
043\043-08-The Rhythm Aces-Take Me To The River
043\043-09-The Rhythm Aces-Ace Of Rhythms
043\043-10-The Rhythm Aces-Let's Get Together
043\043-11-The Rhythm Aces-Sau-Sha Stomp
043\043-12-The Rhythm Aces-Michigander Blues
043\043-13-The Rhythm Aces-Deactur Street Tutti
043\043-14-The Rhythm Aces-Till Times Get Better
043\043-15-The Rhythm Aces-Lina Blues
043\043-16-The Rhythm Aces-Wierd (Weird) and Blue
043\043-17-The Rhythm Aces-Croonin' The Blues
043\043-18-The Rhythm Aces-I Got The Stinger
043\043-19-The Rhythm Aces-Boston Skuffle
043\043-20-The Rhythm Aces-Tanguay Blues
043\043-21-The Rhythm Aces-Band Box Stomp
043\043-22-The Rhythm Aces-Moanful Blues

044\044-01-Jelly James And His Fewsicians-Make Me Know It
044\044-02-Jelly James And His Fewsicians-Georgia Bo Bo
044\044-03-Te Roy Williams And His Orchestra-Oh! Malinda
044\044-04-Te Roy Williams And His Orchestra-Lindbergh Hop
044\044-05-Musical Stevedores-Happy Rhythm
044\044-06-Musical Stevedores-Honeycomb Harmony
044\044-07-Jungle Band (Chick Webb)-Dog Bottom
044\044-08-Jungle Band (Chick Webb)-Jungle Mama
044\044-09-Bubber Miley and his Mileage Makers-I Lost My Gal From Memphis
044\044-10-Bubber Miley and his Mileage Makers-Without You Emaline
044\044-11-Bubber Miley and his Mileage Makers-Black Maria
044\044-12-Bubber Miley and his Mileage Makers-Chinnin' and Chattin With May
044\044-13-Bubber Miley and his Mileage Makers-Loving You The Way I Do
044\044-14-Bubber Miley and his Mileage Makers-The Penalty of Love
044\044-15-Dave Nelson and The King's Men-I Ain't Got Nobody
044\044-16-Dave Nelson and The King's Men-When Day Is Done
044\044-17-Dave Nelson and The King's Men-Some Of These Days
044\044-18-Dave's Harlem Highlights-Somebody Stole My Gal
044\044-19-Dave's Harlem Highlights-Rockin' Chair
044\044-20-Dave's Harlem Highlights-Loveless Love
044\044-21-Dave's Harlem Highlights-St. Louis Blues

045\045-01-Goofus Five-Tessie! Stop Teasin' Me
045\045-02-Goofus Five-Them Ramblin' Blues
045\045-03-Goofus Five-Go Emmaline
045\045-04-Goofus Five-Hey! Hey! And Hee! Hee! (I'm Charleston Crazy)
045\045-05-Goofus Five-Choo Choo (I Gotta Hurry Home)
045\045-06-Goofus Five-Go 'Long Mule
045\045-07-Goofus Five-Everybody Loves My Baby (but My Baby Don't Love Nobody but Me)
045\045-08-Goofus Five-Oh! How I Love My Darling
045\045-09-Goofus Five-Oh! Mabel
045\045-10-Goofus Five-I Ain't Got Nobody to Love
045\045-11-Goofus Five-Alabamy Bound
045\045-12-Goofus Five-Deep Blue Sea Blues
045\045-13-Goofus Five-You Better Keep the Home Fires Burning
045\045-14-Goofus Five-Hot Tamale Molly
045\045-15-Goofus Five-I Had Someone Else Before I Had You
045\045-16-Goofus Five-I Like Pie I Like Cake - but I Like You Best of All
045\045-17-Goofus Five-Yes, Sir, That's My Baby
045\045-18-Goofus Five-Honey, I'm in Love with You
045\045-19-Goofus Five-Are You Sorry
045\045-20-Goofus Five-I'm Gonna Charleston Back to Charleston
045\045-21-Goofus Five-Loud Speakin' Papa (You'd Better Speak Easy to Me)
045\045-22-Goofus Five-Sweet Man
045\045-23-Goofus Five-Clap Hands! Here Comes Charley!
045\045-24-Goofus Five-I Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight!
045\045-25-Goofus Five-That Certain Party

046\046-01-The Goofus Five-Poor Papa (He's Got Nothin' at All)
046\046-02-The Goofus Five-I Wonder What's Become of Joe
046\046-03-The Goofus Five-You Gotta Know how to Love
046\046-04-The Goofus Five-Where'd You get Those Eyes
046\046-05-The Goofus Five-Mary Lou
046\046-06-The Goofus Five-Someone is Losin' Susan
046\046-07-The Goofus Five-Crazy Quilt
046\046-08-The Goofus Five-Sadie Green (The Vamp of New Orleans)
046\046-09-The Goofus Five-Heebie Jeebies
046\046-10-The Goofus Five-Tuck in Kentucky and Smile
046\046-11-The Goofus Five-I Need Lovin'
046\046-12-The Goofus Five-I've Got the Girl
046\046-13-The Goofus Five-Farewell Blues
046\046-14-The Goofus Five-Sister Kate
046\046-15-The Goofus Five-Muddy Water
046\046-16-The Goofus Five-The Wang-Wang Blues
046\046-17-The Goofus Five-The Wang-Wang Blues
046\046-18-The Goofus Five-The Whisper Song
046\046-19-The Goofus Five-Arkansas Blues
046\046-20-The Goofus Five-Lazy Weather
046\046-21-The Goofus Five-Vo-Do-Do-De-O Blues
046\046-22-The Goofus Five-Ain't that a Grand and Glorious Feeling
046\046-23-The Goofus Five-Clementine (from New Orleans)
046\046-24-The Goofus Five-Nothin' Does-Does like it used to Do-Do-Do
046\046-25-The Goofus Five-I Left my Sugar Standing in the Rain

047\047-01-Russell's Hot Six-29th and Dearborn
047\047-02-Russell's Hot Six-Sweet Mumtaz
047\047-03-Russell's Hot Six-Sweet Mumtaz
047\047-04-Ada Brown-Panama Limited Blues
047\047-05-Ada Brown-Tia Juana Man
047\047-06-Chicago Hottentots-All Night Shags
047\047-07-Chicago Hottentots-Put Me in the Alley Blues
047\047-08-Luis Russell's Heebie Jeebie Stompers-Plantation Joys
047\047-09-Luis Russell's Heebie Jeebie Stompers-Please Don't Turn me Down
047\047-10-Luis Russell's Heebie Jeebie Stompers-Sweet Mumtaz
047\047-11-Luis Russell's Heebie Jeebie Stompers-Dolly Mine
047\047-12-Luis Russell and his Burning Eight-Savoy Shout
047\047-13-Luis Russell and his Burning Eight-The Call of the Freaks
047\047-14-Luis Russell and his Burning Eight-It's Tight Like That
047\047-15-King Oliver and his Orchestra-West End Blues
047\047-16-King Oliver and his Orchestra-I've Got That Thing
047\047-17-King Oliver and his Orchestra-I've Got That Thing
047\047-18-King Oliver and his Orchestra-Call of the Freaks
047\047-19-King Oliver and his Orchestra-Cal of the Freaks
047\047-20-King Oliver and his Orchestra-The Trumpet's Prayer
047\047-21-King Oliver and his Orchestra-The Trumpet's Prayer
047\047-22-King Oliver and his Orchestra-Freakish Light Blues
047\047-23-King Oliver and his Orchestra-Freakish Ligh Blues
047\047-24-Jungle Town Stompers-African Jungle
047\047-25-Jungle Town Stompers-Slow as Molasses

048\048-01-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-It Should Be You
048\048-02-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-It Should Be You
048\048-03-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-It Should Be You (1929)
048\048-04-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Biff'ly Blues
048\048-05-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Biff'ly Blues (1929)
048\048-06-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Feeling Drowsy
048\048-07-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Feeling Drowsy
048\048-08-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Feeling Drowsy
048\048-09-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Swing Out
048\048-10-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Swing Out
048\048-11-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Swing Out
048\048-12-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-The new call of the Freaks
048\048-13-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Feelin' the Spirit
048\048-14-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Jersey Lightning
048\048-15-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen- Broadway Rhythm
048\048-16-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-The Way He Loves Is Just Too Bad
048\048-17-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-The Way He Loves Is Just Too Bad
048\048-18-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Make A Country Bird Fly Wild
048\048-19-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Make A Country Bird Fly Wild
048\048-20-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Funny Feathers Blues
048\048-21-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Funny Feathers Blues
048\048-22-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-How Do They Do It That Way
048\048-23-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-How Do They Do It That Way

049\049-01-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Pleasin' Paul
049\049-02-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Pleasin' Paul
049\049-03-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Doctor Blues
049\049-04-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Saratoga Shout
049\049-05-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-A song of the Swannee
049\049-06-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Give me your telephone number
049\049-07-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Higginbotham blues
049\049-08-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Sugar Hill Function
049\049-09-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-You Might Get Better, But You'll Never Get Well
049\049-10-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Everybody Shout
049\049-11-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Dancing Dave
049\049-12-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Louisiana Swing take A
049\049-13-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Louisiana Swing take C
049\049-14-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Poor li'l me
049\049-15-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-On revival day take C
049\049-16-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-On revival day take B
049\049-17-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Roamin'
049\049-18-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Pretty Songs
049\049-19-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Swinging Pretty Songs
049\049-20-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Patrol Wagon Blues
049\049-21-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-Love
049\049-22-Luis Russell & Henry Red Allen-I Fell In Love With You

050\050-01-Luis Russell and his Orchestra-Muggin' Lightly
050\050-02-Luis Russell and his Orchestra-Panama
050\050-03-Luis Russell and his Orchestra-High Tension
050\050-04-Luis Russell and his Orchestra-I Got Rhythm
050\050-05-Luis Russell and his Orchestra-Saratoga Drag
050\050-06-Luis Russell and his Orchestra-Case on Dawn (Ease on Down)
050\050-07-Luis Russell and his Orchestra-Honey that Reminds Me
050\050-08-Luis Russell and his Orchestra-You Rascal, You
050\050-09-Luis Russell and his Orchestra-Goin' to Town
050\050-10-Luis Russell and his Orchestra-Say the Word
050\050-11-Luis Russell and his Orchestra-Freakish Blues
050\050-12-Walter Pichon-Doggin' that Thing
050\050-13-Walter Pichon-Yo Yo
050\050-14-Victoria Spivey-Blood Hound Blues
050\050-15-Victoria Spivey-Dirty T.B. Blues
050\050-16-Victoria Spivey-Moaning the Blues
050\050-17-Victoria Spivey-Telephoning the Blues
050\050-18-Sweet Pea-Day-Breaking Blues
050\050-19-Sweet Pea-Heart-Breaking Blues
050\050-20-Sweet Pea-Leaving You, Baby
050\050-21-Sweet Pea-Longing for Home

051\051-01-Earl Hines-Blues in Thirds (Caution Blues)
051\051-02-Earl Hines-Off Time Blues
051\051-03-Earl Hines-Chicago High Life
051\051-04-Earl Hines-A Monday Date
051\051-05-Earl Hines-Stowaway
051\051-06-Earl Hines-Chimes in Blues
051\051-07-Earl Hines-Panther Rag
051\051-08-Earl Hines-Just Too Soon
051\051-09-Earl Hines-Caution Blues
051\051-10-Earl Hines-A Monday Date
051\051-11-Earl Hines-I Ain't Got Nobody
051\051-12-Earl Hines-Fifty-Seven Varieties
051\051-13-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Sweet Ella May
051\051-14-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Everybody Loves My Baby
051\051-15-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Good Little, Bad Little You
051\051-16-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Good Little, Bad Little You
051\051-17-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Have You Ever Felt That Way
051\051-18-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Beau Koo Jack
051\051-19-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Beau Koo Jack
051\051-20-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
051\051-21-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Chicago Rhythm
051\051-22-Earl Hines-Glad Doll Rag
051\051-23-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Grand Piano Blues
051\051-24-Earl Hines and his Orchestra-Blue Nights

052\052-01-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Sweet Mama
052\052-02-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Stack O'Lee Blues
052\052-03-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Bugle Call Rag
052\052-04-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Take it Easy
052\052-05-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Jubilee Stomp
052\052-06-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Harlem Twist (East St. Louis Toodle-oo)
052\052-07-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Black Beauty
052\052-08-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Jubilee Stomp
052\052-09-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Got Everything but You
052\052-10-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Yellow Dog Blues
052\052-11-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Tishomingo Blues
052\052-12-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Tishomingo Blues
052\052-13-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Diga Diga Doo
052\052-14-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Doin' the New Lown-Down
052\052-15-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-The Mooche
052\052-16-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Move Over
052\052-17-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Hot and Bothered
052\052-18-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-The Mooche
052\052-19-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Louisiana
052\052-20-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Bandana Babies
052\052-21-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Diga Diga Doo
052\052-22-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-I Must Have That Man
052\052-23-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-The Blues with a Feeling
052\052-24-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Goin' to Town
052\052-25-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Misty Mornin'

053\053-01-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Doin' the Voom Voom
053\053-02-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Tiger Rag, Part 1
053\053-03-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Tiger Rag, Part 2
053\053-04-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Flaming Youth
053\053-05-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Flaming Youth
053\053-06-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Saturday Night Function
053\053-07-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-High Life
053\053-08-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Doin' the Voom Voom
053\053-09-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Doin' the Voom Voom
053\053-10-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Cotton Club Stomp
053\053-11-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Misty Mornin'
053\053-12-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Arabian Lover
053\053-13-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Saratoga Swing
053\053-14-The Jungle Band-Black and Blue
053\053-15-The Jungle Band-Jungle Jamboree
053\053-16-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Mississippi
053\053-17-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-The Duke Steps Out
053\053-18-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Haunted Nights
053\053-19-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Swanee Shuffle
053\053-20-The Harlem Fotwarmers-Lazy Duke
053\053-21-The Harlem Fotwarmers-Blues of the Vagabond
053\053-22-The Harlem Fotwarmers-Syncopated Shuffle
053\053-23-The Jungle Band-Sweet Mama
053\053-24-The Jungle Band-Wall Street Wail
053\053-25-The Jungle Band-Cincinnati Daddy

054\054-01-Duke Ellington-The Mooche
054\054-02-Duke Ellington-Ragamuffin Romeo
054\054-03-Duke Ellington-East St. Louis Toodle-oo
054\054-04-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Double Check Stomp
054\054-05-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-My Gal is Good for Nothing but Love
054\054-06-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-I was Made to Love You
054\054-07-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Double Check Stomp
054\054-08-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Accordion Joe
054\054-09-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Cotton Club Stomp
054\054-10-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Sweet Dream of Love
054\054-11-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Jungle Nights in Harlem
054\054-12-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Sweet Jazz O'Mine
054\054-13-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Sweet Jazz O'Mine
054\054-14-Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra-Shout 'Em, Aunt Tillie
054\054-15-Duke Ellington-Sweet Mama
054\054-16-Duke Ellington-Hot and Bothered
054\054-17-Duke Ellington-Double Check Stomp
054\054-18-Duke Ellington-Black and Tan Fantasy
054\054-19-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Ring Dem Bells
054\054-20-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Old Man Blues
054\054-21-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Three Little Words
054\054-22-The Harlem Footwarmers-Big House Blues
054\054-23-The Harlem Footwarmers-Rocky Mountain Blues
054\054-24-The Jungle Band-Runnin' Wild
054\054-25-The Jungle Band-Mood Indigo (Dreamy Blues)

055\055-01-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-Don't Forget You'll Regret Day By Day
055\055-02-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-Meddlin' With The Blues
055\055-03-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-Paradise Wobble
055\055-04-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-Birmingham Black Bottom
055\055-05-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-Birmingham Black Bottom
055\055-06-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-Don't You Leave Me Here
055\055-07-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-Don't You Leave Me Here
055\055-08-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-You Ain't The One
055\055-09-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-You Ain't The One
055\055-10-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-Charleston Is The Best Dance After All
055\055-11-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-Charleston Is The Best Dance After All
055\055-12-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-Hot Tempered Blues
055\055-13-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-Hot Tempered Blues
055\055-14-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-The Boy In The Boat
055\055-15-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-The Boy In The Boat
055\055-16-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-Walk That Thing
055\055-17-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-Walk That Thing
055\055-18-Charlie Johnson`s Paradise Orchestra-Walk That Thing
055\055-19-Jackson and his Southern Stompers-Dusky Stevedore
055\055-20-Jackson and his Southern Stompers-Take Your Tomorrow
055\055-21-Charlie Johnson and his Orchestra-Harlem Drag
055\055-22-Charlie Johnson and his Orchestra-Harlem Drag
055\055-23-Charlie Johnson and his Orchestra-Hot Bones And Rice

056\056-01-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Rockin' Chair
056\056-02-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Rockin' in Rhythm
056\056-03-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Twelfth Street Rag
056\056-04-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-The Peanut Vendor
056\056-05-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Creole Rhapsody, Part 1
056\056-06-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Creole Rhapsody, Part 2
056\056-07-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Is that Religion
056\056-08-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Creole Rhapsody, Part 1
056\056-09-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Creole Rhapsody, Part 2
056\056-10-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Limehouse Blues
056\056-11-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Echoes of the Jungle
056\056-12-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-It's Glory
056\056-13-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-The Mystery Song
056\056-14-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Moon over Dixie
056\056-15-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-It Don't Mean a Thing (If it Ain't Got that Swing)
056\056-16-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Lazy Rhapsody (Swanee Rhapsody)
056\056-17-Duke Ellington and his Orchestra-Mood Indigo Hot and Bothered Creole Love Call
056\056-18-Duke Ellington-East St. Louis Toodle-oo Lot's O' Fingers Black and Tan Fantasy
056\056-19-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Dinah
056\056-20-Duke Ellington and his Famous Orchestra-Bugle Call Rag

057\057-01-Joe Venuti-Black and Blue Bottom
057\057-02-Joe Venuti-Stringing the Blues
057\057-03-Joe Venuti-Strining the Blues
057\057-04-Joe Venuti-Wild Cat
057\057-05-Joe Venuti-Sunshine
057\057-06-Joe Venuti-Doin' Things
057\057-07-Joe Venuti-Goin' Places
057\057-08-Red McKenzie and his Music Box-There'll Be Some Changes Made
057\057-09-Red McKenzie and his Music Box-My Syncopated Melody Man
057\057-10-Annette Hanshaw-I'm Somebody's Somebody Now
057\057-11-Annette Hanshaw-I Like What You Like
057\057-12-Annette Hanshaw-Ain't that a Grand a Glorious Feeling
057\057-13-Annette Hanshaw-Who-oo You-oo, That's Who!
057\057-14-Annette Hanshaw-Under the Moon
057\057-15-Joe Venuti's Blue Four-Kickin' the Cat
057\057-16-Joe Venuti's Blue Four-Beatin' the Dog
057\057-17-Annette Hanshaw-It was only a Sunshower
057\057-18-Annette Hanshaw-Who's that Knockin' at my Door
057\057-19-Joe Venuti's Blue Four-Cheese and Crackers
057\057-20-Joe Venuti's Blue Four-A Mug of Ale
057\057-21-Joe Venuti's Blue Four-Penn Beach Blues
057\057-22-Joe Venuti's Blue Four-Four String Joe
057\057-23-Joe Venuti's Blue Four-Dinah
057\057-24-Joe Venuti's Blue Four-The Wild Dog

058\058-01-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Trumbology
058\058-02-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Clarinet Marmalade
058\058-03-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Singin' The Blues
058\058-04-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Ostrich Walk
058\058-05-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Riverboat Shuffle
058\058-06-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-I'm Coming, Virginia
058\058-07-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
058\058-08-Tram, Bix & Lang-For No Reason At All In C
058\058-09-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Three Blind Mice
058\058-10-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Blue River
058\058-11-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-There's A Cradle In Caroline
058\058-12-Bix Beiderbecke Piano Solo-In A Mist
058\058-13-Tram, Bix and Lang-Wringin' And Twistin'
058\058-14-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Humpty Dumpty
058\058-15-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Krazy Kat
058\058-16-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-The Baltimore
058\058-17-Broadway Bell Hops-There Ain't No Land Like Dixieland
058\058-18-Broadway Bell Hops-There's A Cradle In Caroline
058\058-19-Benny Meroff And His Orchestra (Frank TrumBauer-Just An Hour Of Love
058\058-20-Benny Meroff And His Orchestra (Frank TrumBauer-I'm Wonderin' Who
058\058-21-Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang, New Orleans Lucky Seven-At The Jazz Band Ball
058\058-22-Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang, New Orleans Lucky Seven-Royal Garden Blues
058\058-23-Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang, New Orleans Lucky Seven-Jazz Me Blues

059\059-01-Eddie Lang-Eddie's Twister
059\059-02-Eddie Lang-April Kisses
059\059-03-Eddie Lang-Prelude (Rachmaninov)
059\059-04-Eddie Lang-A Little Love, A Little Kiss
059\059-05-Eddie Lang-Melody Man's Dream
059\059-06-Eddie Lang-Perfect
059\059-07-Eddie Lang-Rainbow Dreams
059\059-08-Eddie Lang-Add a Little Wiggle
059\059-09-Eddie Lang-Jeannine I Dream of Lilac Time
059\059-10-Eddie Lang-I'll Never be the Same (Just Pretty)
059\059-11-Bling Willie Dunn (Eddie Lang)-(Norfolk) Church Street Sobbin' Blues
059\059-12-Bling Willie Dunn (Eddie Lang)-There'll Be Some Changes Made
059\059-13-Eddie Lang and his Orchestra-Bugle Call Rag
059\059-14-Eddie Lang and his Orchestra-Freeze an' Melt
059\059-15-Eddie Lang and his Orchestra-Hot Heels
059\059-16-Eddie Lang and his Orchestra-What Kind o' Man is You
059\059-17-Eddie Lang and his Orchestra-Walkin' the Dog
059\059-18-Eddie Lang and his Orchestra-March of the Hoodlums
059\059-19-Joe Venuti's Blue Four-There's No Other Girl
059\059-20-Joe Venuti's Blue Four-Now that I Need You, You're Gone
059\059-21-Joe Venuti's Blue Four-The Wolf Wobble
059\059-22-Joe Venuti's Blue Four-To To Blues
059\059-23-Eddie Lang and Carl Kress-Pickin My Way (Guitar Mania, Part 1)
059\059-24-Eddie Lang and Carl Kress-Pickin My Way (Guitar Mania, Part 2)
059\059-25-Eddie Lang and Carl Kress-Pickin My Way (Guitar Mania, Part 3)

060\060-01-Victoria Spivey-My Handy Man (Blake - Razaf)
060\060-02-Victoria Spivey-Organ Grinder Blues (Williams)
060\060-03-Irene Gibbons & Clarence Williams Jazz Band-I'm Busy And You Can't Come In
060\060-04-Irene Gibbons & Clarence Williams Jazz Band-Jeannine I Dream Of Lilac Time
060\060-05-Texas Alexander-Work Ox Blues (Texas Alexander)
060\060-06-Texas Alexander-The Risin' Sun (Texas Alexander)
060\060-07-Blind Willie Dunn-Two Tone Stomp (Johnson - Lang)
060\060-08-Blind Willie Dunn-Have To Change Keys To Play These Blues (Johnson - Lang)
060\060-09-Texas Alexander-Tell Me Woman Blues (Texas Alexander)
060\060-10-Texas Alexander-'Frisco Train Blues (Texas Alexander)
060\060-11-Texas Alexander-St. Louis Fair Blues (Texas Alexander)
060\060-12-Texas Alexander-I Am Calling Blues (Texas Alexander)
060\060-13-Clarence Williams-In The Bottle Blues (Williams - Lang)
060\060-14-Clarence Williams-What Ya Want Me To Do (Williams - Oliver)
060\060-15-Blind Willie Dunn-Jet Black Blues (Johnson)
060\060-16-Blind Willie Dunn-Blue Blood Blues (Johnson)
060\060-17-Blind Willie Dunn-Guitar Blues (Johnson - Lang)
060\060-18-Lonnie Johnson-A Handful Of Riffs (Johnson - Lang)
060\060-19-Lonnie Johnson-Blue Guitars (Johnson - Lang)
060\060-20-Lonnie Johnson-Bull Frog Moan (Johnson - Lang)
060\060-21-Lonnie Johnson-Deep Minor Rhythm (Johnson - Lang)
060\060-22-Lonnie Johnson-Midnight Call Blues (Johnson - Lang)
060\060-23-Lonnie Johnson-Hot Fingers (Johnson - Lang)
060\060-24-Lonnie Johnson-Blue Room Blues (Johnson - Lang)

061\061-01-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-Sugar
061\061-02-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-China Boy
061\061-03-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher- Nobody's Sweetheart
061\061-04-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-Liza
061\061-05-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-Bull Frog Blues
061\061-06-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-China Boy
061\061-07-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-There'll Be Some Changes Made
061\061-08-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-I've Found a New Baby
061\061-09-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-Jazz Me Blues
061\061-10-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-Sister Kate
061\061-11-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-Nobody's Sweetheart
061\061-12-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-Jazz Me Blues
061\061-13-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-Baby Won't You Please Come Home
061\061-14-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher- Friars Point Shuffle
061\061-15-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-Darktown Strutters Ball
061\061-16-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-One Step to Heaven
061\061-17-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-Shim Me Sha Wabble
061\061-18-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-Oh Baby
061\061-19-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher- Indiana
061\061-20-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-'Round Evening
061\061-21-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-Out Of The Dawn
061\061-22-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-Cherry -A
061\061-23-Eddie Condon Frank Teschemacher-Cherry -C

062\062-01-Joe 'Wingy' Manone And His Club Royale Orchestra - Trying To Stop My Crying
062\062-02-Joe 'Wingy' Manone And His Club Royale Orchestra - Isn't There a Little Love
062\062-03-Ted Lewis And His Band - Farewell Blues
062\062-04-Ted Lewis And His Band - Wabash Blues
062\062-05-Elmer Schoebel And His Friars Society Orchestra - Copenhagen
062\062-06-Elmer Schoebel And His Friars Society Orchestra - Prince Of Wails
062\062-07-Cellar Boys - Wailing Blues -A
062\062-08-Cellar Boys - Wailing Blues -B
062\062-09-Cellar Boys - Barrelhouse Stomp -A
062\062-10-Cellar Boys - Barrelhouse Stomp -B
062\062-11-Cellar Boys - Barrelhouse Stomp -C
062\062-12-Red McKenzie And His Music Box - My Baby Came Home
062\062-13-Red McKenzie And His Music Box - From Monday On
062\062-14-Red McKenzie And His Music Box - From Monday On (C)
062\062-15-Eddie Condon And His Footwarmers - I Am Sorry I Made You Cry
062\062-16-Eddie Condon And His Footwarmers - Makin´Friends
062\062-17-Eddie Condon's Hot Shots - I´m Gonna Stomp Mr. Henry Lee
062\062-18-Eddie Condon's Hot Shots - I´m Gonna Stomp Mr. Henry Lee
062\062-19-Eddie Condon's Hot Shots - That´s A Serious Thing
062\062-20-Eddie Condon's Hot Shots - That´s A Serious Thing
062\062-21-Mound City Blues Blowers - Indiana
062\062-22-Mound City Blues Blowers - Firehouse Blues

063\063-01-Red and Miff`s Stompers-Alabama Stomp - A
063\063-02-Red and Miff`s Stompers-Alabama Stomp - B
063\063-03-Red and Miff`s Stompers-Alabama Stomp - C
063\063-04-Red and Miff`s Stompers-Stampede - A
063\063-05-Red and Miff`s Stompers-Stampede - B
063\063-06-Red and Miff`s Stompers-Stampede - C
063\063-07-Red and Miff`s Stompers-Hurricane - A
063\063-08-Red and Miff`s Stompers-Hurricane - B
063\063-09-Red and Miff`s Stompers-Hurricane - C
063\063-10-Red and Miff`s Stompers-Black Bottom Stomp - B
063\063-11-Red and Miff`s Stompers-Black Bottom Stomp - C
063\063-12-Miff Mole`s Molers-Alexander's Ragtime Band
063\063-13-Miff Mole`s Molers-Some Sweet Day
063\063-14-Miff Mole`s Molers-Hurricane
063\063-15-Red and Miff`s Stompers-Delirium
063\063-16-Red and Miff`s Stompers-Delirium
063\063-17-Red and Miff`s Stompers-Davenport Blues
063\063-18-Red and Miff`s Stompers-Davenport Blues
063\063-19-Miff Mole`s Molers-Davenport Blues
063\063-20-Miff Mole`s Molers-The Darktown Strutter's Ball
063\063-21-Miff Mole`s Molers-A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight

064\064-01-Miff Mole's Molers-Imagination
064\064-02-Miff Mole's Molers-Feelin' No Pain
064\064-03-Miff Mole's Molers-Original Dixieland One Step
064\064-04-Miff Mole's Molers-My Gal Sal
064\064-05-Miff Mole's Molers-Honolulu Blues
064\064-06-Miff Mole's Molers-The New Twister
064\064-07-Red and Miff's Stompers-Slippin' Around
064\064-08-Red and Miff's Stompers-Slippin' Around
064\064-09-Red and Miff's Stompers-Feeling No Pain
064\064-10-Miff Mole's Molers-Crazy Rhythm
064\064-11-Miff Mole's Molers-You Took Advantage of Me
064\064-12-Miff Mole's Molers-You're the Cream in my Cofee
064\064-13-Miff Mole's Molers-Wild Oat Joe
064\064-14-Miff Mole's Molers-I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling
064\064-15-Miff Mole's Molers-That's a Plenty
064\064-16-Miff Mole's Molers-That's a Plenty
064\064-17-Miff Mole's Molers-Birmingham Bertha
064\064-18-Miff Mole's Molers-Moanin' Low
064\064-19-Miff Mole's Molers-You Made Me Love You
064\064-20-Miff Mole's Molers-After You've Gone

065\065-01-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Washboard Blues
065\065-02-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Washboard Blues
065\065-03-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-That's No Bargain
065\065-04-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-That's No Bargain
065\065-05-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Buddy's Habits
065\065-06-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Boneyard Shuffle
065\065-07-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Boneyard Shuffle
065\065-08-Arkansas Travelers-Washboard Blues
065\065-09-Arkansas Travelers-That's No Bargain
065\065-10-Arkansas Travelers-Boneyard Shuffle
065\065-11-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Alabama Stomp
065\065-12-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Alabama Stomp
065\065-13-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Alabama Stomp
065\065-14-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Hurricane
065\065-15-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Hurricane
065\065-16-The Charleston Chasers-Someday, Sweetheart
065\065-17-The Charleston Chasers-After You've Gone
065\065-18-The Charleston Chasers-Farewell Blues
065\065-19-The Charleston Chasers-Davenport Blues
065\065-20-The Charleston Chasers-Wabash Blues
065\065-21-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Bugle Call Rag
065\065-22-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Back Beats

066\066-01-Arkansas Travelers-Ja Da
066\066-02-Arkansas Travelers-Sensation
066\066-03-Arkansas Travelers-Stompin' Fool
066\066-04-The Charelston Chasers-My Gal Sal
066\066-05-The Charelston Chasers-Delirium
066\066-06-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Cornfed
066\066-07-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Cornfed
066\066-08-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Five Pennies
066\066-09-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Mean Dog Blues
066\066-10-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Riverboat Shuffle
066\066-11-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Riverboat Shuffle
066\066-12-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Eccentric
066\066-13-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider
066\066-14-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Ida, Sweet as Apple Cider
066\066-15-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Feelin' No Pain
066\066-16-The Charelston Chasers-Five Pennies
066\066-17-The Charelston Chasers-Sugar Foot Strut
066\066-18-The Charelston Chasers-Imagination
066\066-19-The Charelston Chasers-Feelin' No Pain
066\066-20-Arkansas Travelers-Birmingham Breakdown
066\066-21-Arkansas Travelers-Red Head Blues
066\066-22-Arkansas Travelers-I Ain't Got Nobody
066\066-23-Red Nichols' Stompers-Sugar
066\066-24-Red Nichols' Stompers-Make My Cot Where the Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows

067\067-01-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Four Or Five Times
067\067-02-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Put It There
067\067-03-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Crying And Sighing
067\067-04-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Milenberg Joys
067\067-05-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Milenberg Joys
067\067-06-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Cherry
067\067-07-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Cherry
067\067-08-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Stop Kidding
067\067-09-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Nobody's Sweetheart
067\067-10-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Some Sweet Day
067\067-11-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble
067\067-12-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Paducah
067\067-13-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Star Dust
067\067-14-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Birmingham Breakdown
067\067-15-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Four Or Five Times
067\067-16-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-It's Tight Like That
067\067-17-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-'Round My Shoulder
067\067-18-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-It's A Precious Little Thing Called Love
067\067-19-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Save It, Pretty Mama
067\067-20-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-I've Found A New Baby
067\067-21-McKinney's Cotton Pickers-Will You, Won't You Be My Baby

068\068-01-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Beedle Um Bum
068\068-02-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Do Something
068\068-03-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Selling That Stuff
068\068-04-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Plain Dirt
068\068-05-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Gee, Ain't I Good To You
068\068-06-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-I'd Love It
068\068-07-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-The Way I Feel Today
068\068-08-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Miss Hannah (Don Redman - J. Nesbitt)
068\068-09-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Peggy
068\068-10-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Wherever There Is A Will
068\068-11-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Wherever -3
068\068-12-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-I´ll Make Fun For You
068\068-13-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Words Can´t Express The Way I Feel
068\068-14-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-If I Could Be With You
068\068-15-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Then Someone´s In Love
068\068-16-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Honeysuckle Rose
068\068-17-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Honeysuckle Rose
068\068-18-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Zonky
068\068-19-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Travelin`All Alone
068\068-20-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Just a Shade of Corn
068\068-21-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Baby Won´t You Please Come Home
068\068-22-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Okay Baby
068\068-23-McKinney´s Cotton Pickers-Blues Sure Have Got Me

069\069-01-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Trumbology
069\069-02-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Clarinet Marmalade
069\069-03-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Singin' The Blues
069\069-04-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Ostrich Walk
069\069-05-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Riverboat Shuffle
069\069-06-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-I'm Coming, Virginia
069\069-07-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
069\069-08-Tram, Bix & Lang-For No Reason At All In C
069\069-09-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Three Blind Mice
069\069-10-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Blue River
069\069-11-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-There's A Cradle In Caroline
069\069-12-Bix Beiderbecke Piano Solo-In A Mist
069\069-13-Tram, Bix and Lang-Wringin' And Twistin'
069\069-14-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Humpty Dumpty
069\069-15-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Krazy Kat
069\069-16-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-The Baltimore
069\069-17-Broadway Bell Hops-There Ain't No Land Like Dixieland
069\069-18-Broadway Bell Hops-There's A Cradle In Caroline
069\069-19-Benny Meroff And His Orchestra (Frank TrumBauer-Just An Hour Of Love
069\069-20-Benny Meroff And His Orchestra (Frank TrumBauer-I'm Wonderin' Who
069\069-21-Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang, New Orleans Lucky Seven-At The Jazz Band Ball
069\069-22-Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang, New Orleans Lucky Seven-Royal Garden Blues
069\069-23-Bix Beiderbecke And His Gang, New Orleans Lucky Seven-Jazz Me Blues

070\070-01-Chicago Loopers-Three Blind Mice
070\070-02-Chicago Loopers-Three Blind Mice
070\070-03-Chicago Loopers-Clorinda
070\070-04-Chicago Loopers-Clorinda
070\070-05-Chicago Loopers-I'm More than Satisfied
070\070-06-Chicago Loopers-I'm More than Satisfied
070\070-07-Bix Beiderbecke and his Gang-Goose Pimples
070\070-08-Bix Beiderbecke and his Gang-Sorry
070\070-09-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Cryin' All Day
070\070-10-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-A Good Man is Hard to Find
070\070-11-Bix Beiderbecke and his Gang-Since my Best Gal Turned me Down
070\070-12-Russell Gray and his Orchestra-Sugar
070\070-13-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-There'll Come a Time
070\070-14-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Jubilee
070\070-15-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Mississippi Mud
070\070-16-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Our Bungalow of Dreams
070\070-17-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Lila
070\070-18-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-Borneo
070\070-19-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-My Pet
070\070-20-Frank Trumbauer and his Orchestra-My Pet
070\070-21-Bix Beiderbecke and his Gang-Somebody Stole my Gal
070\070-22-Bix Beiderbecke and his Gang-Thou Swell
070\070-23-Bix Beiderbecke and his Gang-Thou Swell

071\071-01-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Mess-A-Stomp
071\071-02-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Blue Clarinet Stomp
071\071-03-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Blue Clarinet Stomp
071\071-04-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Cloudy
071\071-05-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Casey Jones Special
071\071-06-John Williams and his Memphis Stompers-Sumpin' Slow and Low
071\071-07-John Williams and his Memphis Stompers-Lotta Sax Appeal
071\071-08-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Corky Stomp
071\071-09-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Froggy Bottom
071\071-10-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-I Lost my Gal from Memphis
071\071-11-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Loose Ankles
071\071-12-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Snag It
071\071-13-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Sweet and Hot
071\071-14-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Mary's Idea
071\071-15-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Once or Twice
071\071-16-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Gettin' Off a Mess
071\071-17-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Dallas Blues
071\071-18-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Travellin' that Rocky Road
071\071-19-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Honey, Just for You
071\071-20-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-You Rascal, You
071\071-21-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Saturday
071\071-22-Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy-Sophomore
071\071-23-Blanche Calloway and her Joy Boys-Casey Jones Blues
071\071-24-Blanche Calloway and her Joy Boys-There's Rhythm in the River
071\071-25-Blanche Calloway and her Joy Boys-I Need Lovin'

072\072-01-Junie C. Cobb and his Grains of Corn-Endurance Stomp
072\072-02-Junie C. Cobb and his Grains of Corn-Endurance Stomp
072\072-03-Junie C. Cobb and his Grains of Corn-Yearning and Blue
072\072-04-E.C. Cobb and his Corn Eaters-Transatlantic Stomp
072\072-05-E.C. Cobb and his Corn Eaters-Barrel House Stomp
072\072-06-State Street Stompers-Rolling Mill
072\072-07-State Street Stompers-Rolling Mill
072\072-08-State Street Stompers-Panama Blues
072\072-09-Junie C. Cobb and his Grains of Corn-Shake that Jelly Roll
072\072-10-Junie C. Cobb and his Grains of Corn-Don't Cry, Honey
072\072-11-Junie C. Cobb and his Grains of Corn-Smoke Shop Drag
072\072-12-Junie C. Cobb and his Grains of Corn-Boot that Thing
072\072-13-Windy Rhythm Kings-South African Blues
072\072-14-Windy Rhythm Kings-Piggly Wiggly Blues
072\072-15-Junie C. Cobb and his Grains of Corn-Once or Twice
072\072-16-State Street Ramblers-Tiger Moan
072\072-17-State Street Ramblers-Barrel House Stomp
072\072-18-State Street Ramblers-Georgia Grind
072\072-19-State Street Ramblers-Careless Love
072\072-20-State Street Ramblers-Kentucky Blues
072\072-21-State Street Ramblers-I Want to Be Your Lovin' Man
072\072-22-State Street Ramblers-South African Blues
072\072-23-State Street Ramblers-Me and the Blues
072\072-24-State Street Ramblers-Sic 'Em, Tige'

073\073-01-Diverse- The Minor Drag
073\073-02-Diverse- Harlem Fuss
073\073-03-Diverse- Lookin' Good But Feelin' Bad
073\073-04-Diverse- I Need Someone Like You
073\073-05-Diverse- Hello, Lola
073\073-06-Diverse- One Hour
073\073-07-Diverse- Lookin' For Another Sweetie
073\073-08-Diverse- Ridin' But Walkin'
073\073-09-Diverse- Won't You Get Off It, Please
073\073-10-Diverse- When I'm Alone
073\073-11-Diverse- Girls Like You Were Meant For Boys Like Me
073\073-12-Diverse- Arkansas Blues
073\073-13-Diverse- Georgia On My Mind
073\073-14-Diverse- I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
073\073-15-Diverse- Darktown Strutters' Ball
073\073-16-Diverse- You Rascal, You
073\073-17-Diverse- Bugle Call Rag
073\073-18-Diverse- Bugle Call Rag
073\073-19-Diverse- Oh Peter
073\073-20-Diverse- Oh Peter
073\073-21-Diverse- Margie

074\074-01-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Oh Peter (You're So Nice)
074\074-02-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Oh Peter (You're So Nice)
074\074-03-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Spider Crawl
074\074-04-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Who's Sorry Now
074\074-05-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Take it Slow and Easy
074\074-06-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Bald-Headed Mama
074\074-07-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-I Would do Anything for You
074\074-08-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-I Would do Anything for You
074\074-09-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Mean Old Bed Bug Blues
074\074-10-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Mean Old Bed Bug Blues
074\074-11-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Yellow Dog Blues
074\074-12-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Yellow Dog Blues
074\074-13-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Yes Suh!
074\074-14-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Yes Suh!
074\074-15-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Who Stole the Lock (on the Hen House Door)
074\074-16-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Who Stole the Lock (on the Hen House Door)
074\074-17-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-A Shine on your Shoes
074\074-18-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-A Shine on your Shoes
074\074-19-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-A Shine on your Shoes
074\074-20-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-It's Gonna be You
074\074-21-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn
074\074-22-Billy Banks and his Orchestra-Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn

075\075-01-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- I've Found A New Baby
075\075-02-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- Market Street Stomp
075\075-03-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- Ozark Mountain Blues
075\075-04-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- You'll Cry For Me, But I'll Be Gone
075\075-05-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- Missouri Moan
075\075-06-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- I've Got Someone
075\075-07-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- ''400'' Hop
075\075-08-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- Vine Street Drag
075\075-09-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- Scotty Blues
075\075-10-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- Two Hundred Squabble
075\075-11-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- Swingin' Dem Cats
075\075-12-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- Stoppin' The Traffic
075\075-13-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- Prohibition Blues
075\075-14-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- Louder And Funnier
075\075-15-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- Gilded Kisses
075\075-16-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- Black And Blue Rhapsody
075\075-17-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- Nightmare
075\075-18-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- After You've Gone
075\075-19-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- St. James Infirmary
075\075-20-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- Clementine
075\075-21-The Missourians Alphonso Trent- I've Found A New Baby

076\076-01-Cab Calloway-Gotta Damn Good Reason
076\076-02-Cab Calloway-St. Louis Blues
076\076-03-Cab Calloway-Sweet Jenny Lee
076\076-04-Cab Calloway-Happy Feet
076\076-05-Cab Calloway-Is That Religion
076\076-06-Cab Calloway-Some of These Days
076\076-07-Cab Calloway-Nobody's Sweetheart
076\076-08-Cab Calloway-St. James Infirmary
076\076-09-Cab Calloway-Minnie the Moocher
076\076-10-Cab Calloway-Boin' The Rhumba
076\076-11-Cab Calloway-Mood Indigo
076\076-12-Cab Calloway-Farewell Blues
076\076-13-Cab Calloway-I'm Crazy Bout My Baby
076\076-14-Cab Calloway-Creole Love Song
076\076-15-Cab Calloway-The Levee Low-Down
076\076-16-Cab Calloway-Blues In My Heart
076\076-17-Cab Calloway-Black Rhythm
076\076-18-Cab Calloway-Six or Seven Times
076\076-19-Cab Calloway-It Looks Like Susie
076\076-20-Cab Calloway-Sweet Georgia Brown
076\076-21-Cab Calloway-Basin Street Blues
076\076-22-Cab Calloway-Bugle Call Rag
076\076-23-Cab Calloway-You Rascal, You

077\077-01-California Ramblers- Louisville
077\077-02-California Ramblers- Copenhagen
077\077-03-California Ramblers- Gotta Getta Girl
077\077-04-California Ramblers- Dustin The Donkey
077\077-05-California Ramblers- Tiger Rag
077\077-06-California Ramblers- Ev'rything Is Hotsy Totsy Now [1925]
077\077-07-California Ramblers- Sweet Georgia Brown [1925]
077\077-08-California Ramblers- Collegiate (take A)
077\077-09-California Ramblers- Collegiate (take B)
077\077-10-California Ramblers- Look Who's Here
077\077-11-California Ramblers- Look Who's Here!
077\077-12-California Ramblers- Stockholm Stomp
077\077-13-California Ramblers- Sidewalk Blues
077\077-14-California Ramblers- Sidewalk Blues (-alt)
077\077-15-California Ramblers- Pardon the Glove [1927]
077\077-16-California Ramblers- Yes She Do (No She Don't) [1927]
077\077-17-California Ramblers- Lazy Weather
077\077-18-California Ramblers- Vo-Do-Do-De-O Blues
077\077-19-California Ramblers- Beale Street Blues
077\077-20-California Ramblers- Delirium
077\077-21-California Ramblers- Farewell Blues

078\078-01-Lanin's Arkansas Travelers-Georgia Blues
078\078-02-Lanin's Arkansas Travelers-Lost My Baby Blues
078\078-03-The Charleston Chasers-Red Hot Henry Brown
078\078-04-The Charleston Chasers-Loud Speakin' Papa
078\078-05-Original Indiana Five-Hard-to-Get Gertie
078\078-06-Original Indiana Five-Pensacola
078\078-07-Phil Napoleon and his Orchestra-Clarinet Marmalade
078\078-08-Phil Napoleon and his Orchestra-Take You Finger out of Your Mouth
078\078-09-Phil Napoleon and his Orchestra-Go, Joe, Go
078\078-10-Tom Dorsey-It's Right Here for You
078\078-11-Tom Dorsey-Tiger Rag
078\078-12-New Orleans Black Birds-Red Head
078\078-13-New Orleans Black Birds-Playing the Blues
078\078-14-Napoleon's Emperor's-Mean to Me
078\078-15-Napoleon's Emperor's-My Kinda Love
078\078-16-Napoleon's Emperor's-Getting Hot
078\078-17-Napoleon's Emperor's-Anything (Thunder in my Dreams)
078\078-18-Napoleon's Emperor's-You Can't Cheat a Cheater
078\078-19-Napoleon's Emperor's-You Can't Cheat a Cheater
078\078-20-The Charleston Chasers-Ain't Misbehavin'
078\078-21-The Charleston Chasers-Moanin' Low
078\078-22-The Charleston Chasers-Red Hair and Freckles
078\078-23-The Charleston Chasers-Lovable and Sweet
078\078-24-The Charleston Chasers-Cinderella Brown
078\078-25-The Charleston Chasers-Sing, You Sinners

079\079-01-Thomas Waller-Fats Waller Stomp
079\079-02-Thomas Waller-Savannah Blues
079\079-03-Thomas Waller-Won't You Take Me Home
079\079-04-Thomas Waller-He's Gone Away
079\079-05-Thomas Waller-Red Hot Dan
079\079-06-Thomas Waller-Geechee
079\079-07-Thomas Waller-Please Take Me Out of Jail
079\079-08-Louisiana Sugar Babes-Willow Tree
079\079-09-Louisiana Sugar Babes-Willow Tree
079\079-10-Louisiana Sugar Babes-'Sippi
079\079-11-Louisiana Sugar Babes-'Sippi
079\079-12-Louisiana Sugar Babes-Thou Swell
079\079-13-Louisiana Sugar Babes-Thou Swell
079\079-14-Louisiana Sugar Babes-Persian Rug
079\079-15-The Little Chocolate Dandies-That's How I Feel Today
079\079-16-The Little Chocolate Dandies-Six or Seven Times
079\079-17-Fats Waller-St. Louis Blues
079\079-18-Fats Waller-After You've Gone
079\079-19-Ted Lewis and his Band-Egyptian Ella
079\079-20-Ted Lewis and his Band-I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby (and My Baby is Crazy 'Bout Me)
079\079-21-Ted Lewis and his Band-Dallas Blues
079\079-22-Ted Lewis and his Band-Royal Garden Blues
079\079-23-Fats Waller-I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby
079\079-24-Fats Waller-Draggin' My Heart Around

080\080-01-James P. Johnson-All That I Had is Gone
080\080-02-James P. Johnson-Snowy Morning Blues
080\080-03-Original Jazz Hounds-All That I Had is Gone
080\080-04-Original Jazz Hounds-Lucy Long
080\080-05-Johnson's Jazzers-Skiddle-De-Scow
080\080-06-Johnson's Jazzers-Can I Get You
080\080-07-Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds-What's the Use of Being Alone
080\080-08-Dunn's Original Jazz Hounds-Original Bugle Blues
080\080-09-Jimmy Johnson and his Orchestra-Chicago Blues
080\080-10-Jimmy Johnson and his Orchestra-Mournful Tho'ts
080\080-11-Gulf Coast Seven-Daylight Savin' Blues
080\080-12-Gulf Coast Seven-Georgia Sweet Thing (Georgia's Always on my Mind)
080\080-13-Jimmy Johnson-Riffs
080\080-14-Jimmy Johnson-Feelin' Blue
080\080-15-Jimmy Johnson and his Band-Put your Mind Right on It
080\080-16-Jimmy Johnson and his Band-Fare Thee Honey Blues
080\080-17-Jimmy Johnson and his Orchestra-You Don't Understand
080\080-18-Jimmy Johnson and his Orchestra-You've Got to be Modernistic
080\080-19-Jimmy Johnson-Crying fo the Carolines
080\080-20-Jimmy Johnson-What is this Thing Called Love
080\080-21-Jimmy Johnson-You've Got to be Modernistic
080\080-22-Jimmy Johnson-Jingles
080\080-23-Clarence Wiliams-How Could I Be Blue
080\080-24-Clarence Wiliams-I've Found a New Baby

081\081-10-Benny Goodman's Boys-Room 1411
081\081-11-Benny Goodman's Boys-Blue
081\081-12-Benny Goodman's Boys-Shirt Tail Stomp
081\081-13-Benny Goodman Trio-That's a Plenty
081\081-14-Benny Goodman Trio-Clarinetitis
081\081-15-Mils Hotsy Totsy Gang-Dardanella
081\081-16-Mils Hotsy Totsy Gang-Couldn't if I Wanted To
081\081-17-Mils Hotsy Totsy Gang-Since You Went Away
081\081-18-Whoopee Makers-Whoopee Stomp
081\081-19-Whoopee Makers-Whoopee Stomp
081\081-20-Whoopee Makers-Baby
081\081-21-Whoopee Makers-Bugle Call Rag
081\081-22-Red Nichols and his Penny Five-Chinatown, My Chinatown

082\082-01-Jack Pettis-Freshman Hop
082\082-02-Jack Pettis-Sweetest Melody
082\082-03-Jack Pettis-Bag O' Blues
082\082-04-Benny Goodman's Boys-After A While
082\082-05-Benny Goodman's Boys-Muskrat Scramble
082\082-06-Rube Bloom & His Bayou Boys-The Man From The South
082\082-07-Rube Bloom & His Bayou Boys-St James Infirmary
082\082-08-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-On Revival Day, Part 1
082\082-09-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-On Revival Day, Part 2
082\082-10-The Charleston Chasers-When Your Lover Has Gone
082\082-11-The Charleston Chasers-Walkin' My Baby Back Home
082\082-12-The Charleston Chasers-Basin Street Blues
082\082-13-The Charleston Chasers-Beal Street Blues
082\082-14-Eddie Lang-Beal Street Blues
082\082-15-Eddie Lang-After You've Gone
082\082-16-Eddie Lang-Farewell Blues
082\082-17-Eddie Lang-Someday, Sweetheart
082\082-18-Joe Venuti's Blues Six-Sweet Lorraine
082\082-19-Joe Venuti's Blues Six-Doin The Uptown Lowdown
082\082-20-Joe Venuti's Blues Six-The Jazz Me Blues
082\082-21-Joe Venuti's Blues Six-In De Ruff

083\083-01-Roger Wolfe Kahn and his Orchestra-She's a Great, Great Girl
083\083-02-Goody's Good Times-'Cause I'm in Love
083\083-03-Goody's Good Times-Diga Diga Doo
083\083-04-Goody's Good Times-Diga Diga Doo
083\083-05-Whoopee Makers-Tiger Rag
083\083-06-Whoopee Makers-Makin' Friends
083\083-07-Whoopee Makers-Sweet Liza
083\083-08-Whoopee Makers-Dirty Dog
083\083-09-Whoopee Makers-Would You Be Happy
083\083-10-Whoopee Makers-Eyes of Blue, You're my Waterloo
083\083-11-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Indiana
083\083-12-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Indiana
083\083-13-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Dinah
083\083-14-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-On the Alamo
083\083-15-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-On the Alamo
083\083-16-Louisiana Rhythm Kings-That Da Da Strain
083\083-17-Louisiana Rhythm Kings-Basin Street Blues
083\083-18-Louisiana Rhythm Kings-Last Cent
083\083-19-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Who Cares
083\083-20-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Rose of Washington Square
083\083-21-Mound City Blue Blowers-Tailspin Blues
083\083-22-Mound City Blue Blowers-Never Had a Reason to Believe in You

084\084-01-Mills Merry Makers-St. James Infirmary
084\084-02-Mills Merry Makers-When You're Smiling
084\084-03-Mills Merry Makers-Farewell Blues
084\084-04-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-I'm Just Wild About Harry
084\084-05-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-After You've Gone
084\084-06-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-I Want to be Happy
084\084-07-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Tea for Two
084\084-08-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Peg O' My Heart
084\084-09-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Peg O' My Heart
084\084-10-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Sweet Georgia Brown
084\084-11-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-China Boy
084\084-12-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-The Sheik of Araby
084\084-13-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble
084\084-14-Red Nichols and his Five Pennies-Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble
084\084-15-New Orleans Ramblers-That's the Kind of Man for Me
084\084-16-New Orleans Ramblers-I'm One of God's Children
084\084-17-New Orleans Ramblers-No Wonder I'm Blue
084\084-18-Jack Teagarden and his Orchestra-You Rascal You
084\084-19-Jack Teagarden and his Orchestra-That's What I Like About You
084\084-20-Jack Teagarden and his Orchestra-Chances Are
084\084-21-Jack Teagarden and his Orchestra-I Got the Ritz from the One I Love

085\085-01-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Beale Street Mama
085\085-02-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Don't You Think You'll Be Missed
085\085-03-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Down Hearted Blues
085\085-04-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Gulf Coast Blues
085\085-05-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-When You Walked Out
085\085-06-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Dicty Blues
085\085-07-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Doo Doodle Oom
085\085-08-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Just Hot
085\085-09-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Old Black Joes' Blues
085\085-10-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-31st Street Blues
085\085-11-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Cotton Picker's Ball
085\085-12-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Lots O' Mama
085\085-13-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Chicago Blues
085\085-14-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Feelin' the Way I Do
085\085-15-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Tea Pot Dome Blues
085\085-16-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Mobile Blues
085\085-17-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Houston Blues
085\085-18-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Muscle Shoals Blues
085\085-19-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-The Gouge of Armour Avenue
085\085-20-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Hard-Hearted Hannah
085\085-21-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Charley, My Boy
085\085-22-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-A New Kind of Man
085\085-23-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-The Meanest Kind O'Blues

086\086-01-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Nobody's Rose
086\086-02-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Pensacola
086\086-03-The Dixie Stompers-Florida Stomp
086\086-04-The Dixie Stompers-Get it Fixed
086\086-05-The Dixie Stompers-Chinese Blues
086\086-06-The Dixie Stompers-Panama
086\086-07-The Dixie Stompers-Dynamite
086\086-08-The Dixie Stompers-Jackass Blues
086\086-09-The Dixie Stompers-Jackass Blues
086\086-10-The Dixie Stompers-Static Strut
086\086-11-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-The Stampede
086\086-12-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Jackass Blues
086\086-13-The Dixie Stompers-Off to Buffalo
086\086-14-The Dixie Stompers-Brotherly Love
086\086-15-The Dixie Stompers-Alabama Stomp
086\086-16-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Henderson Stomp
086\086-17-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-The Chant
086\086-18-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Clarinet Marmalade
086\086-19-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Clarinet Marmalade
086\086-20-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Hot Mustard

087\087-01-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Baby, Won't You Please Come Home
087\087-02-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Some of These Days
087\087-03-The Dixie Stompers-Have It Ready
087\087-04-The Dixie Stompers-Ain't She Sweet
087\087-05-The Dixie Stompers-Sing It
087\087-06-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Rocky Mountain Blues
087\087-07-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Tozo
087\087-08-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Fidgety Feet
087\087-09-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Fidgety Feet
087\087-10-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Sensation
087\087-11-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-St. Louis Shuffle
087\087-12-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Variety Stomp
087\087-13-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-P.D.Q. Blues
087\087-14-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Livery Stable Blues
087\087-15-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Whiteman Stomp
087\087-16-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-I'm Coming Virginia
087\087-17-The Dixie Stompers-Cornfed!
087\087-18-The Dixie Stompers-Variety Stomp
087\087-19-The Dixie Stompers-The St. Louis Blues
087\087-20-The Dixie Stompers-Black Maria
087\087-21-The Dixie Stompers-Goose Pimples
087\087-22-The Dixie Stompers-(The) Baltimore
087\087-23-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Hop Off

088\088-01-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-King Porter Stomp
088\088-02-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-'d' Natural Blues
088\088-03-The Dixie Stompers-Oh, Baby!
088\088-04-The Dixie Stompers-Feeling Good
088\088-05-The Dixie Stompers-I'm Feelin' Devilish
088\088-06-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Hop Off
088\088-07-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Old Black Joe's Blues
088\088-08-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Come On, Baby!
088\088-09-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Easy money
088\088-10-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Freeze and Melt
088\088-11-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Raisin' the Roof
088\088-12-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Blazin'
088\088-13-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-The Wang-Wang Blues
088\088-14-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Chinatown, My Chinatown
088\088-15-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Somebody Loves Me
088\088-16-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Keep a Song in your Soul
088\088-17-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-What Good Am I Without You
088\088-18-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-I've Found What I Wanted in You
088\088-19-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-My Gal Sal
088\088-20-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-My Pretty Girl
088\088-21-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Sweet and Hot

089\089-01-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Clarinet Marmalade
089\089-02-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Sugar Foot Stomp
089\089-03-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Hot and Anxious
089\089-04-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Comin' and Going
089\089-05-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-After You've Gone
089\089-06-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Star Dust
089\089-07-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Tiger Rag
089\089-08-Fletcher Henderson and his Orchestra-Somebody Stole My Gal
089\089-09-Connie's Inn Orchestra-I'm Crazy 'Bout My baby
089\089-10-Connie's Inn Orchestra-Sugar Foot Stomp
089\089-11-Connie's Inn Orchestra-Just Blues
089\089-12-Connie's Inn Orchestra-Singin' the Blues (Till My Daddy Comes Home)
089\089-13-Connie's Inn Orchestra-Sugar Foot Stomp
089\089-14-Connie's Inn Orchestra-Sugar Foot Stomp
089\089-15-Connie's Inn Orchestra-Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On
089\089-16-Connie's Inn Orchestra-Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On
089\089-17-Connie's Inn Orchestra-Moan, You Moaners
089\089-18-Connie's Inn Orchestra-Moan, You Moaners
089\089-19-Connie's Inn Orchestra-Singin' the Blues
089\089-20-Connie's Inn Orchestra-Singin' the Blues
089\089-21-Connie's Inn Orchestra-Low Down on the Bayou
089\089-22-Connie's Inn Orchestra-The House of David Blues
089\089-23-Connie's Inn Orchestra-Radio Rhythm
089\089-24-Connie's Inn Orchestra-You Rascal, You

090\090-01-Lovie Austin And Her Blues Serenaders-Steppin' On The Blues
090\090-02-Lovie Austin And Her Blues Serenaders-Traveling
090\090-03-Lovie Austin And Her Blues Serenaders-Charleston Mad
090\090-04-Lovie Austin And Her Blues Serenaders-Charleston Mad
090\090-05-Lovie Austin And Her Blues Serenaders-Charleston, South Carolina
090\090-06-Lovie Austin And Her Blues Serenaders-Heebie Jeebies
090\090-07-Lovie Austin And Her Blues Serenaders-Peepin' Blues
090\090-08-Lovie Austin And Her Blues Serenaders-Mojo Blues
090\090-09-Lovie Austin's Serenaders-Don't Shake It No More
090\090-10-Lovie Austin's Serenaders-Rampart Street
090\090-11-Lovie Austin's Serenaders-Too Sweet For Words
090\090-12-Lovie Austin's Serenaders-Jackass Blues
090\090-13-Lovie Austin's Serenaders-Frog Tongue
090\090-14-Lovie Austin's Serenaders-Chicago Mess
090\090-15-Lovie Austin's Serenaders-Galion Stomp
090\090-16-Lovie Austin's Serenaders-In The Alley
090\090-17-Lovie Austin's Serenaders-Merry Maker's
090\090-18-Ollie Powers Harmony Syncopators-Play That Thing -3
090\090-19-Ollie Powers Harmony Syncopators-Play That Thing -4
090\090-20-Ollie Powers Harmony Syncopators-Play That Thing -5
090\090-21-Ollie Powers Harmony Syncopators-Play That Thing -6

091\091-01-Ma Rainey acc. by Her Georgia Jazz Band-See See Rider (version 1)
091\091-02-Ma Rainey acc. by Her Georgia Jazz Band-See See Rider (version 2)
091\091-03-Ma Rainey acc. by Her Georgia Jazz Band-Jelly Bean Blues
091\091-04-Ma Rainey acc. by Her Georgia Jazz Band-Countin' The Blues (version 1)
091\091-05-Ma Rainey acc. by Her Georgia Jazz Band-Countin' The Blues (version 2)
091\091-06-Maggie Jones-Poor House Blues
091\091-07-Maggie Jones-Anybody Here Want To Try My Cabbage
091\091-08-Maggie Jones-Thunderstorm Blues
091\091-09-Maggie Jones-I I Lose, Let Me Lose (Mama Don't Mind)
091\091-10-Maggie Jones-Screamin' The Blues
091\091-11-Maggie Jones-Good Time Flat Blues
091\091-12-Clara Smith-Nobody Knows The Way I Feel 'Dis Mornin'
091\091-13-Clara Smith-Broken Busted Blues
091\091-14-Bessie Smith-St Louis Blues
091\091-15-Bessie Smith-Reckless Blues
091\091-16-Bessie Smith-Sobbin' Hearted Blues
091\091-17-Bessie Smith-Cold In Hand Blues
091\091-18-Bessie Smith-You've Been A Good Ol' Wagon
091\091-19-Trixie Smith and Her Down Home Syncopators-You've Got To Beat Me To Keep Me
091\091-20-Trixie Smith and Her Down Home Syncopators-Mining Camp Blues (version 1)
091\091-21-Trixie Smith and Her Down Home Syncopators-Mining Camp Blues (version 2)

092\092-01-Trixie Smith-The World's Jazz Crazy And So Am I (version 1)
092\092-02-Trixie Smith-The World's Jazz Crazy And So Am I (version 2)
092\092-03-Trixie Smith-The Railroad Blues (version 1)
092\092-04-Trixie Smith-The Railroad Blues (version 2)
092\092-05-Clara Smith-Shipwrecked Blues
092\092-06-Clara Smith-Court House Blues (version 1)
092\092-07-Clara Smith-Court House Blues (version 2)
092\092-08-Clara Smith-My John Blues
092\092-09-Bessie Smith-Nashville Women's Blues (version 1)
092\092-10-Bessie Smith-Nashville Women's Blues (version 2)
092\092-11-Bessie Smith-Careless Love Blues (version 1)
092\092-12-Bessie Smith-Careless Love Blues (version 2)
092\092-13-Bessie Smith-J.C. Holmes Blues
092\092-14-Bessie Smith-I Ain't Gonin' To Play Second Fiddle
092\092-15-''Coot'' Grant and ''Kid'' Wesley Wilson-You Dirty Mistreater
092\092-16-''Coot'' Grant and ''Kid'' Wesley Wilson-Come On Coot, And Do That Thing
092\092-17-''Coot'' Grant and ''Kid'' Wesley Wilson-Have Your Chill, I'll Be Here When Your Fever Rises
092\092-18-''Coot'' Grant and ''Kid'' Wesley Wilson-Find Me At The Greasy Spoon (1)
092\092-19-''Coot'' Grant and ''Kid'' Wesley Wilson-Find Me At The Greasy Spoon (2)
092\092-20-Bertha Chippie Hill-Low Land Blues
092\092-21-Bertha Chippie Hill-Kid Man Blues
092\092-22-Blanche Calloway-Lazy Woman's Blues
092\092-23-Blanche Calloway-Lonesome Lovesick Blues

093\093-01-Bertha Chippie Hill-Lonesome, All Alone And Blue
093\093-02-Bertha Chippie Hill-Trouble In Mind
093\093-03-Bertha Chippie Hill-Georgia Man
093\093-04-Baby Mack-You've Got To Go Home
093\093-05-Baby Mack-What Kind O' Man Is That
093\093-06-Hociel Thomas-Deep Water Blues
093\093-07-Hociel Thomas-G'wan, I Told You
093\093-08-Hociel Thomas-Listen To Ma
093\093-09-Hociel Thomas-Lonesome Hours
093\093-10-Sippie Wallace-A Jealous Woman Like Me
093\093-11-Sippie Wallace-Special Delivery Blues
093\093-12-Sippie Wallace-Jack O' Diamonds Blues
093\093-13-Sippie Wallace-The Mail Train Blues
093\093-14-Sippie Wallace-I Feel Good
093\093-15-Sippie Wallace-A Man For Every Day In The Week
093\093-16-Nolan Welsh-The Bridwell Blues
093\093-17-Nolan Welsh-St. Peter Blues
093\093-18-Butterbeans And Susie-He Like It Slow
093\093-19-Bertha Chippie Hill-Pleadin' For The Blues
093\093-20-Bertha Chippie Hill-Pratt City Blues
093\093-21-Bertha Chippie Hill-Mess, Katie, Mess
093\093-22-Bertha Chippie Hill-Lovesick Blues
093\093-23-Bertha Chippie Hill-Lonesome Weary Blues

094\094-01-Jelly Roll Morton Trio-Wolverine Blues
094\094-02-Jelly Roll Morton Trio-Wolverine Blues
094\094-03-Jelly Roll Morton Trio-Mr. Jelly Lord
094\094-04-State Street Ramblers-There'll Come A Day
094\094-05-State Street Ramblers-The Weary Way Blues
094\094-06-State Street Ramblers-Cootie Stomp
094\094-07-Dixie-Land Thumpers-There'll Come A Day
094\094-08-Dixie-Land Thumpers-The Weary Way Blues
094\094-09-Jimmy Blythe's Owls-The Weary Way Blues
094\094-10-Jimmy Blythe's Owls-Poutin' Papa
094\094-11-Jimmy Blythe's Owls-Hot Stuff
094\094-12-Jimmy Blythe's Owls-Have Mercy
094\094-13-Johnny Dodds And His Black Bottom Stompers-Come On And Stomp, Stomp, Stomp
094\094-14-Johnny Dodds And His Black Bottom Stompers-After You've Gone
094\094-15-Johnny Dodds And His Black Bottom Stompers-After You've Gone
094\094-16-Johnny Dodds And His Black Bottom Stompers-Joe Turner Blues
094\094-17-Johnny Dodds And His Black Bottom Stompers-When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo
094\094-18-Chicago Footwarmers-Ballin' The Jack
094\094-19-Chicago Footwarmers-Grandma's Ball
094\094-20-Dixie-Land Thumpers-Oriental Man
094\094-21-Dixie-Land Thumpers-Sock That Thing
094\094-22-Dixie-Land Thumpers-Oriental Man
094\094-23-Chicago Footwarmers-My Baby
094\094-24-Chicago Footwarmers-Oriental Man

095\095-01-Jack Teagarden-China Boy
095\095-02-Jack Teagarden-Lies
095\095-03-Jack Teagarden-I'm Sorry Dear
095\095-04-Jack Teagarden-Tiger Rag
095\095-05-Jack Teagarden and his Orchestra-I've Got It
095\095-06-Jack Teagarden and his Orchestra-Plantation Moods
095\095-07-Jack Teagarden and his Orchestra-Plantation Moods
095\095-08-Jack Teagarden and his Orchestra-Shake your Hips
095\095-09-Jack Teagarden and his Orchestra-Someone Stole Gabriel's Horn
095\095-10-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues
095\095-11-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Ain't Cha Glad
095\095-12-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jibe
095\095-13-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Texas Tea Party
095\095-14-Jack Teagarden-Love Me
095\095-15-Jack Teagarden-Blue River
095\095-16-Jack Teagarden-A Hundred Years from Today
095\095-17-Jack Teagarden-A Hundred Years from Today
095\095-18-Jack Teagarden-I Just Couldn't Take It baby
095\095-19-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Your Mother's Son-in-Law
095\095-20-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Tappin' the Barrel
095\095-21-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Keep On Doin' What You're Doin'
095\095-22-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Riffin' the Scotch
095\095-23-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Love me or Leave me
095\095-24-Benny Goodman and his Orchestra-Why Couldn't it Be Poor Little Me

096\096-01-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Knockin' A Jug
096\096-02-Louis Armstrong and His Savoy Ballroom Five-I Can't Give You Anything But Love
096\096-03-Louis Armstrong and His Savoy Ballroom Five-Mahogany Hall Stomp
096\096-04-Seger Ellis-S'posin'
096\096-05-Seger Ellis-To be In Love
096\096-06-Victoria Spivey-Funny Feathers
096\096-07-Victoria Spivey-How Do You Do It That Way
096\096-08-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Ain't Misbehavin'
096\096-09-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-(What Did I Do To Be So) Black and Blue
096\096-10-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-That Rhythm Man
096\096-11-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Sweet Savannah Sue
096\096-12-Seger Ellis-Ain't Misbehavin'
096\096-13-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Some Of These Days (version 1)
096\096-14-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Some Of These Days (version 2)
096\096-15-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-When You're Smiling (version 1)
096\096-16-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-When You're Smiling (version 2)
096\096-17-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-After You've Gone (version 1)
096\096-18-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-After You've Gone (version 2)
096\096-19-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-I Ain't Got Nobody
096\096-20-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Dallas Blues
096\096-21-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-St. Louis Blues
096\096-22-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Rockin' Chair (version 1)
096\096-23-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Rockin' Chair (version 2)

097\097-01-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Song Of The Islands
097\097-02-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Bessie Couldn't Help It
097\097-03-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Blue, Turning grey Over Me
097\097-04-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Dear Old Southland
097\097-05-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-My Sweet
097\097-06-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
097\097-07-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Indian Cradle Song
097\097-08-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Exactly Like You
097\097-09-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Dinah
097\097-10-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Tiger Rag
097\097-11-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-I'm A Ding Dong Daddy
097\097-12-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-I'm In The Market For You
097\097-13-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-I'm Confessin'
097\097-14-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
097\097-15-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Body And Soul
097\097-16-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Memories Of You
097\097-17-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-you're Lucky To Me
097\097-18-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Sweethearts On Parade
097\097-19-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-You're Driving Me Crazy (version 1)
097\097-20-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-You're Driving Me Crazy (version 2)
097\097-21-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-The Peanut Vendor

098\098-01-Louis Armstrong and His Sebastian New Cotton Club Orchestra-Just A Gigolo
098\098-02-Louis Armstrong and His Sebastian New Cotton Club Orchestra-Shine
098\098-03-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Walkin' My Baby Back Home
098\098-04-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-I Surrender Dear
098\098-05-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-When It's Sleepy Time Down South
098\098-06-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Blue Again
098\098-07-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Little Joe
098\098-08-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-(I'll Be Glad When You're Dead) You Rascal, You
098\098-09-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Them There Eyes
098\098-10-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-When Your Lover Has Gone
098\098-11-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Lazy River
098\098-12-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Chinatown, My Chinatown
098\098-13-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (version 1)
098\098-14-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams (version 2)
098\098-15-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Star Dust (version 1)
098\098-16-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Star Dust (version 2)
098\098-17-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-You Can Depend On Me
098\098-18-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-Georgia On My Mind
098\098-19-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-The Lonesome Road
098\098-20-Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra-I Got Rhythm

099\099-01-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-Bless You Sister
099\099-02-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-Dusky Stevedore
099\099-03-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-Ol' Man River
099\099-04-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-Wa Da Da
099\099-05-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-Take Your Tomorrow
099\099-06-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-Love Affairs
099\099-07-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-Rhythm King
099\099-08-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-Louisiana
099\099-09-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-Margie
099\099-10-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-The Love Nest
099\099-11-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-The Japanese Sandman
099\099-12-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-High Up On A Hilltop
099\099-13-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-Sentimental Baby
099\099-14-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-Futuristic Rhythm
099\099-15-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-Raisin' The Roof
099\099-16-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-Louise
099\099-17-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-Wait Till You See 'Ma Cherie'
099\099-18-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-Baby Won't You Please Come Home
099\099-19-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-No One Can Take Your Place
099\099-20-Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer-I Like That

100\100-01-Bix Beiderbecke- Rockin' Chair
100\100-02-Bix Beiderbecke- Barnacle Bill The Saylor
100\100-03-Bix Beiderbecke- Loved One
100\100-04-Bix Beiderbecke- Loved One
100\100-05-Bix Beiderbecke- Deep Harlem
100\100-06-Bix Beiderbecke- Strut, Miss Lizzie
100\100-07-Bix Beiderbecke- Deep Down South
100\100-08-Bix Beiderbecke- Deep Down South
100\100-09-Bix Beiderbecke- I Don'T Mind Walkin' In The Rain
100\100-10-Bix Beiderbecke- I'll Be A Friend With Pleasure
100\100-11-Bix Beiderbecke- I'll Be A Friend With Pleasure
100\100-12-Bix Beiderbecke- Georgia On My Mind
100\100-13-Bix Beiderbecke- Bessie Couldn't Help It
100\100-14-Bix Beiderbecke- Bessie Couldn't Help It
100\100-15-Bix Beiderbecke- Oh Gee, Oh Joy!
100\100-16-Bix Beiderbecke- Why Do I Love You
100\100-17-Bix Beiderbecke- Ol' Man River
100\100-18-Bix Beiderbecke- Craddle Of Love
100\100-19-Bix Beiderbecke- Craddle Of Love

001\001-01-Miles Davis All-Stars-Tasty Pudding
001\001-02-Miles Davis All-Stars-Willie The Wailer
001\001-03-Miles Davis All-Stars-Floppy
001\001-04-Miles Davis All-Stars-For Adults Only
001\001-05-Miles Davis Quartet-When Lights Are Low
001\001-06-Miles Davis Quartet-Tune Up
001\001-07-Miles Davis Quartet-Miles Ahead
001\001-08-Miles Davis Quartet-Smooch
001\001-09-Miles Davis Quartet-Four
001\001-10-Miles Davis Quartet-Old Devil Moon
001\001-11-Miles Davis Quartet-Blue Haze
001\001-12-Miles Davis Quintet-Solar
001\001-13-Miles Davis Quintet-You Don't Know What Love Is
001\001-14-Miles Davis Quintet-Love Me Or Leave Me
001\001-15-Miles Davis Quintet-I'll Remember April

002\002-01-Miles Davis All-Stars-Kelo
002\002-02-Miles Davis All-Stars-Enigma
002\002-03-Miles Davis All-Stars-Ray's Idea
002\002-04-Miles Davis All-Stars-Ray's Idea
002\002-05-Miles Davis All-Stars-Tempus Fugit
002\002-06-Miles Davis All-Stars-Tempus Fugit
002\002-07-Miles Davis All-Stars-C.T.A.
002\002-08-Miles Davis All-Stars-C.T.A
002\002-09-Miles Davis All-Stars-I Waited For You
002\002-10-Miles Davis Quartet-Tak Off
002\002-11-Miles Davis Quartet-Lazy Susan
002\002-12-Miles Davis Quartet-The Leap
002\002-13-Miles Davis Quartet-Well You Needen't
002\002-14-Miles Davis Quartet-Weirdo
002\002-15-Miles Davis Quartet-It Never Entered My Mind

003\003-01-Miles Davis-Bag's Groove
003\003-02-Miles Davis-Bag's Groove
003\003-03-Miles Davis-Bemsha Swing
003\003-04-Miles Davis-Swing Spring
003\003-05-Miles Davis-The Man I Love
003\003-06-Miles Davis-The Man I Love
004\004-01-Miles Davis Quintet-Ah-Leu-Cha
004\004-02-Miles Davis Quintet-Stablemates
004\004-03-Miles Davis Quintet-Hom Am I To Know
004\004-04-Miles Davis Quintet-Just Squeeze Me
004\004-05-Miles Davis Quintet-There Is No Greater Love
004\004-06-Miles Davis Quintet-Theme (The Theme)
004\004-07-Miles Davis Quintet-S'posin'
004\004-08-Miles Davis Quintet-Dear Old Stockholm
004\004-09-Miles Davis Quintet-Bye Bye Birdie
004\004-10-Miles Davis Quintet-Tadd's Delight
004\004-11-Miles Davis Quintet-All of You
004\004-12-Miles Davis Quintet-'Round Midnight

005\005-01-Dave Brubeck-These Foolish Things
005\005-02-Dave Brubeck-Perdido
005\005-03-Dave Brubeck-Stardust
005\005-04-Dave Brubeck-The Way You Look Tonight
005\005-05-Dave Brubeck-How High The Moon
005\005-06-Dave Brubeck-Lullaby In Rhythm
005\005-07-Dave Brubeck-I'll Never Smile Again
005\005-08-Dave Brubeck-Laura
005\005-09-Dave Brubeck-All The Things You Are

006\006-01-Dave Brubeck Quartet-For All We Know
006\006-02-Dave Brubeck Quartet-I Remember You
006\006-03-Dave Brubeck Quartet-Out of Nowhere
006\006-04-Dave Brubeck Quartet-Le Souk
006\006-05-Dave Brubeck Quartet-Balcony Rack
006\006-06-Dave Brubeck Quartet-Take the 'A' Train
006\006-07-Dave Brubeck Quartet-The Song is You
006\006-08-Dave Brubeck Quartet-I Want to be Happy
006\006-09-Dave Brubeck Quartet-Don't Worry 'Bout Me

007\007-01-Lee Konitz-Indiana
007\007-02-Lee Konitz-Star Eyes
007\007-03-Lee Konitz-Nesuhi's Instant
007\007-04-Lee Konitz-All Of Me
007\007-05-Lee Konitz-Sweet And Lovely
007\007-06-Lee Konitz-Everything Happens To Me
007\007-07-Lee Konitz-Kary's Trance
007\007-08-Lee Konitz-Cork 'N' Bib

008\008-01-Shorty Rogers-Popo
008\008-02-Shorty Rogers-Didi
008\008-03-Shorty Rogers-Four Mothers
008\008-04-Shorty Rogers-Over The Rainbow
008\008-05-Shorty Rogers-Apropos
008\008-06-Shorty Rogers-Sam And The Lady
008\008-07-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
008\008-08-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-These Foolish Things
008\008-09-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Too Marvelous For Words
008\008-10-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Oh Lady Be Good
008\008-11-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Lady Be Good
008\008-12-Gerry Mulligan Tentet-Ballad
008\008-13-Gerry Mulligan Tentet-Westwood Walk
008\008-14-Gerry Mulligan Tentet-Walkin' Shoes
008\008-15-Gerry Mulligan Tentet-Rocker
008\008-16-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Lover Man
008\008-17-Gerry Mulligan Tentet-Sextett
008\008-18-Gerry Mulligan Tentet-Taking A Chance On Love
008\008-19-Gerry Mulligan Tentet-Flash
008\008-20-Gerry Mulligan Tentet-Simbah
008\008-21-Gerry Mulligan Tentet-Ontet
008\008-22-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Broadway
008\008-23-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Almost Like Being In Love
008\008-24-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-I'll Remember April
008\008-25-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-All The Things You Are

009\009-01-Tony Scott Quintet-I Remember You
009\009-02-Tony Scott Quintet-Lullaby Of The Leaves
009\009-03-Tony Scott Quintet-The Chant
009\009-04-Tony Scott Quintet-Portrait Of Ravi
009\009-05-Tony Scott Quintet-I Can’t Get Started
009\009-06-Tony Scott Quintet-The Explorer
009\009-07-Tony Scott Quintet-Third Moon
009\009-08-Tony Scott Quintet-Five
009\009-09-Tony Scott Quintet-Blues For Three Horns
009\009-10-Tony Scott Quintet-There Will Never Be Another You
009\009-11-Tony Scott Quintet-Just One Of Those Things
009\009-12-Tony Scott Quintet-Blues For Five
009\009-13-Tony Scott Quintet-Over And Over (The Chant)

010\010-01-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Too Marvelous For Words
010\010-02-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Jay
010\010-03-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Old Devil Moon
010\010-04-J. J. Johnson Quintet-It's You Or No One
010\010-05-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Time After Time
010\010-06-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Coffee Pot
010\010-07-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Daylie Double
010\010-08-J. J. Johnson Quintet-You're Mine, You
010\010-09-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Pennies From Heaven
010\010-10-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Groovin'
010\010-11-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Viscosity
010\010-12-J. J. Johnson Quintet-Portrait Of Jenny

011\011-01-Lennie Tristano-Line Up
011\011-02-Lennie Tristano-Requiem
011\011-03-Lennie Tristano-Turkish Mambo
011\011-04-Lennie Tristano-East Thirty-Second Street
011\011-05-Lennie Tristano-These Foolish Things
011\011-06-Lennie Tristano-You Go To My Head
011\011-07-Lennie Tristano-All The Things You Are
011\011-08-Lennie Tristano-Ghost Of A Chance
011\011-09-Lennie Tristano-If I Had You

012\012-01-Modern Jazz Quartet-All the Things You Are
012\012-02-Modern Jazz Quartet-Le Ronde
012\012-03-Modern Jazz Quartet-Vendome
012\012-04-Modern Jazz Quartet-Rose of the Rio Grande
012\012-05-Modern Jazz Quartet-The Queen's Fancy
012\012-06-Modern Jazz Quartet-Delauney's Dilemna
012\012-07-Modern Jazz Quartet-Autumn in New York
012\012-08-Modern Jazz Quartet-But Not For Me
012\012-09-Modern Jazz Quartet-Django
012\012-10-Modern Jazz Quartet-One Bass Hit
012\012-11-Modern Jazz Quartet-Milano
012\012-12-Modern Jazz Quartet-Le Ronde Suite Part 1-4

013\013-01-Modern Jazz Quartet-Ralph's New Blues
013\013-02-Modern Jazz Quartet-All Of You
013\013-03-Modern Jazz Quartet-I'll Remember April
013\013-04-Modern Jazz Quartet-Gershwin Medley
013\013-05-Modern Jazz Quartet-Concorde
013\013-06-Modern Jazz Quartet-Softly As In A Morning Sunrise
013\013-07-Sonny Rollins - Modern Jazz Quartet-In A Sentimental Mood
013\013-08-Sonny Rollins - Modern Jazz Quartet-The Stopper
013\013-09-Sonny Rollins - Modern Jazz Quartet-Almost Like Being In Love
013\013-10-Sonny Rollins - Modern Jazz Quartet-No Moe

014\014-01-Stan Getz Quintet-Stella by Starlight
014\014-02-Stan Getz Quintet-Time on my Hands
014\014-03-Stan Getz Quintet-'Tis Autumn
014\014-04-Stan Getz Quintet-The Way You Look Tonight
014\014-05-Stan Getz Quintet-Lover Come Back to Me
014\014-06-Stan Getz Quintet-Body and Soul
014\014-07-Stan Getz Quintet-Stars Fell on Alabama
014\014-08-Stan Getz Quintet-You Turned the Tables on Me
014\014-09-Stan Getz Quintet-Thanks for the Memory
014\014-10-Stan Getz Quintet-How Deep is the Ocean
014\014-11-Stan Getz Quintet-Hymn to the Orient
014\014-12-Stan Getz Quintet-These Foolish Things
014\014-13-Stan Getz Quintet-Nobody Else but Me
014\014-14-Stan Getz Quintet-With the Wind and the Rain in your Hair
014\014-15-Stan Getz Quintet-I Hadn't Anyone 'till You
014\014-16-Stan Getz Quintet-Down by the Sycamore Tree

015\015-01-Stan Getz Quintet-Thou Swell
015\015-02-Stan Getz Quintet-The Song is You
015\015-03-Stan Getz Quintet-Parker 51
015\015-04-Stan Getz Quintet-Mosquito Knees
015\015-05-Stan Getz Quintet-Budo
015\015-06-Stan Getz Quintet-Yesterdays
015\015-07-Stan Getz Quintet-Jumpin' with Symphony Sid
015\015-08-Stan Getz Quintet-Pennies from Heaven
015\015-09-Stan Getz Quintet-Move
015\015-10-Stan Getz Quintet-Rubberneck
015\015-11-Stan Getz Quintet-Hershey Bar
015\015-12-Stan Getz Quintet-Signal
015\015-13-Stan Getz Quintet-Everything Happens to Me

016\016-01-Stan Getz And Lionel Hampton-Cherokee
016\016-02-Stan Getz And Lionel Hampton-Louise
016\016-03-Ballad Medley Tenderly-Autumn In New York East Of The Sun I Can't Get Started
016\016-04-Stan Getz And Lionel Hampton-Jumpin' At The Woodside
016\016-05-Stan Getz And Lionel Hampton-Gladys

017\017-01-Stan Getz-Four
017\017-02-Stan Getz-East Of The Sun
017\017-03-Stan Getz-Night In Tunesia
017\017-04-Stan Getz-Suddenly It's Spring
017\017-05-Stan Getz-Summertime
017\017-06-Stan Getz-Shine

018\018-01-Chet Baker and The Lighthouse All-Stars-Pirourette
018\018-02-Chet Baker and The Lighthouse All-Stars-Witch Doctor
018\018-03-Chet Baker and The Lighthouse All-Stars-Loaded
018\018-04-Chet Baker and The Lighthouse All-Stars-I’ll Remember April
018\018-05-Chet Baker and The Lighthouse All-Stars-Winter Wonderland

019\01-Chet Baker and Strings-I Married An Angel
019\02-Chet Baker and Strings-Love Walked In
019\03-Chet Baker and Strings-A Little Duet
019\04-Chet Baker and Strings-You'd Better Go Now
019\05-Chet Baker and Strings-Why Shouldn't I
019\06-Chet Baker and Strings-Trickleydidlier
019\07-Chet Baker and Strings-I'm Thru With Love
019\08-Chet Baker and Strings-You Don't Know What Love Is
019\09-Chet Baker Quartet-But Not For Me
019\10-Chet Baker Quartet-I Get Along Without You Very Well
019\11-Chet Baker Quartet-I Fall In Love To Easily
019\12-Chet Baker Quartet-But Not For Me
019\13-Chet Baker Quartet-Time After Time
019\14-Chet Baker Quartet-There Will Never Be Another You
019\15-Chet Baker Quartet-Look For The Silver Lining
019\16-Chet Baker and Strings-What A Diference A Day Made
019\17-Chet Baker and Strings-The Wind
019\18-Chet Baker and Strings-Love
019\19-Chet Baker and Strings-I Love You
019\20-Chet Baker Quintet-All The Things You Are

020\020-01-Chet Baker Quartet-Summertime
020\020-02-Chet Baker Quartet-Tenderly
020\020-03-Chet Baker Quartet-You Go to my Head
020\020-04-Chet Baker Quartet-There's a Small Hotel
020\020-05-Chet Baker Quartet-Autumn in New York
020\020-06-Chet Baker Quartet-Lover Man
020\020-07-Chet Baker Quartet-I'll Remember April
020\020-08-Chet Baker Quartet-These Foolish Things
020\020-09-Chet Baker Quartet-Alone Together
020\020-10-Chet Baker Quartet-Exitus
020\020-11-Chet Baker Quartet-Once in a While

021\021-01-Chet Baker-Helena
021\021-02-Chet Baker-Lucious Lu
021\021-03-Chet Baker-Medium Rock
021\021-04-Chet Baker-Revelation
021\021-05-Chet Baker-Slightly Aboce Moderate
021\021-06-Chet Baker-Something For Liza
021\021-07-Chet Baker-Worrying The Life Out Of Me
021\021-08-Chet Baker-To Mickey's Memory
021\021-09-Chet Baker-Pawnee Junction
021\021-10-Chet Baker-Chippyin'
021\021-11-Chet Baker-Jumpin' Of A Clef
021\021-12-Chet Baker-Music To Dance By

022\022-01-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Bernie's Tune
022\022-02-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Lullaby of the Leaves
022\022-03-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Line for Lyons
022\022-04-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Carioca
022\022-05-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-My Funny Valentine
022\022-06-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Bark for Barksdale
022\022-07-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Nights at the Turntable
022\022-08-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Frenesi
022\022-09-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Aren't You Glad You're You
022\022-10-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Walkin' Shoes
022\022-11-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Freeway
022\022-12-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Limelight
022\022-13-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-The Lady is a Tramp
022\022-14-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Turnstile
022\022-15-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Moonlight in Vermont
022\022-16-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Half Nelson
022\022-17-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Lady Bird
022\022-18-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Speak Low
022\022-19-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Varsity Drag
022\022-20-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Love Me or Leave Me
022\022-21-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Swing House

023\023-01-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Bernie's Tune
023\023-02-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Walkin' Shoes
023\023-03-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-The Nearness of You
023\023-04-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Motel
023\023-05-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Love Me or Leave Me
023\023-06-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Soft Shoe
023\023-07-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Bark for Barksdale
023\023-08-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-My Funny Valentine
023\023-09-Gerry Mulligan Quartet-Utter Chaos Turnstile

024\024-01-Gerry Mulligan-Bernie's Tune
024\024-02-Gerry Mulligan-Mud Bug
024\024-03-Gerry Mulligan-Apple Core
024\024-04-Gerry Mulligan-Sweet And Lovely
024\024-05-Gerry Mulligan-Broadway
024\024-06-Gerry Mulligan-Nights At The Turntable
024\024-07-Gerry Mulligan-Everything Happens To Me
024\024-08-Gerry Mulligan-The Lady Is A tramp

025\025-01-Gerry Mulligan Sextet-Body And Soul
025\025-02-Gerry Mulligan Sextet-Blues In Time
025\025-03-Gerry Mulligan Sextet-Wintersong
025\025-04-Gerry Mulligan Sextet-Fall Out
025\025-05-Gerry Mulligan Sextet-Line For Lyons
025\025-06-Gerry Mulligan Sextet-Battle Hymn Of The Republican
025\025-07-Gerry Mulligan Sextet-Stand Still

026\026-01-Clifford Brown-Dahoud
026\026-02-Clifford Brown-Finders Keepers
026\026-03-Clifford Brown-Joy Spring
026\026-04-Clifford Brown-Gone With The Wind
026\026-05-Clifford Brown-Gone With The Wind
026\026-06-Clifford Brown-Bones For Jones
026\026-07-Clifford Brown-Blueberry Hill
026\026-08-Clifford Brown-Tiny Capers
026\026-09-Clifford Brown-Tiny Capers
026\026-10-Clifford Brown-Philly J J
026\026-11-Clifford Brown-Choose Now
026\026-12-Clifford Brown-Choose Now
026\026-13-Clifford Brown-Dial 'B' For Beauty
026\026-14-Clifford Brown-Theme Of No Repeat

027\027-01-Jimmy Giuffre-Do It
027\027-02-Jimmy Giuffre-All for You
027\027-03-Jimmy Giuffre-I Only Have Eyes for You
027\027-04-Jimmy Giuffre-Four Brothers
027\027-05-Jimmy Giuffre-Sultana
027\027-06-Jimmy Giuffre-Nutty Pine
027\027-07-Jimmy Giuffre-Wrought of Iron
027\027-08-Jimmy Giuffre-Iranic
027\027-09-Jimmy Giuffre-Someone to Watch Over Me
027\027-10-Jimmy Giuffre-A Ring-tail Monkey
027\027-11-Jimmy Giuffre Trio-Gotta Dance
027\027-12-Jimmy Giuffre Trio-Voodoo
027\027-13-Jimmy Giuffre Trio-The Train and the River
027\027-14-Jimmy Giuffre Trio-The Song is You
027\027-15-Jimmy Giuffre Trio-That's the Way It Is
027\027-16-Jimmy Giuffre Trio-Two Kinds of Blues
027\027-17-Jimmy Giuffre Trio-Crazy She Calls Me
027\027-18-Jimmy Giuffre Trio-My All
027\027-19-Jimmy Giuffre Trio-Crawdad Suite

028\028-01-Jimmy Giuffre-Chirpin' Time
028\028-02-Jimmy Giuffre-Scintilla 2
028\028-03-Jimmy Giuffre-This Is My Beloved
028\028-04-Jimmy Giuffre-Finger Snapper
028\028-05-Jimmy Giuffre-Scintilla 1
028\028-06-Jimmy Giuffre-Rhetoric
028\028-07-Jimmy Giuffre-Lazy Tones
028\028-08-Jimmy Giuffre-Scintilla 3
028\028-09-Jimmy Giuffre-The Leprechaun
028\028-10-Jimmy Giuffre-Scintilla 4

029\029-01-Art Pepper Quartet-Holiday Flight
029\029-02-Art Pepper Quartet-Too Close for Comfort
029\029-03-Art Pepper Quartet-Webb City
029\029-04-Art Pepper Quartet-Surf Ride
029\029-05-Art Pepper Quartet-Body and Soul
029\029-06-Art Pepper Quartet-Begin the Beguine
029\029-07-Art Pepper Quartet-Summertime
029\029-08-Art Pepper Quartet-Fascinating Rhythm
029\029-09-Art Pepper Quartet-Long Ago and Far Away
029\029-10-Art Pepper Quartet-I Can't Believe that You're in Love with Me
029\029-11-Art Pepper Quartet-The Breeze and I
029\029-12-Art Pepper Quartet-Without a Song

030\030-01-Howard Rumsey-Four Others
030\030-02-Howard Rumsey-Viva Zapata No. 2
030\030-03-Howard Rumsey-Creme De Menthe
030\030-04-Howard Rumsey-Solitaire
030\030-05-Howard Rumsey-Bernie's Tune
030\030-06-Howard Rumsey-Morgan Davis
030\030-07-Howard Rumsey-La Soncailli
030\030-08-Howard Rumsey-All The Things You Are

031\031-01-Shelly Manne-On The Street Where You Live
031\031-02-Shelly Manne-Get Me To The Church On Time
031\031-03-Shelly Manne-Ascot Gavotte
031\031-04-Shelly Manne-I Could Have Danced All Night
031\031-05-Shelly Manne-I've Grown Accustom To Her Face
031\031-06-Shelly Manne-With A Little Bit Of Luck
031\031-07-Shelly Manne-Wouldn't I t Be Lovely
031\031-08-Shelly Manne-Show Me

032\032-01-Herb Geller Quartet-If I Were A Bell
032\032-02-Herb Geller Quartet-Bewitched
032\032-03-Herb Geller Quartet-The Answer Man
032\032-04-Herb Geller Quartet-Heather On The Hill
032\032-05-Herb Geller Quartet-Suppertime
032\032-06-Herb Geller Quartet-I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling
032\032-07-Herb Geller Quartet-Patterns
032\032-08-Herb Geller Quartet-Two Of A Kind
032\032-09-Herb Geller Quartet-Love, Your Magic Spell Is Everywhere
032\032-10-Herb Geller Quartet-Arapahoe
032\032-11-Herb Geller Quartet-Come Rain Or Come Shine
032\032-12-Herb Geller Quartet-Blues In The Night

033\033-01-Herb Geller Sextette-Outpost Incident
033\033-02-Herb Geller Sextette-Crazy She Calls Me
033\033-03-Herb Geller Sextette-Rockin' Chair
033\033-04-Herb Geller Sextette-You'd be so Nice to Come Home to
033\033-05-Herb Geller Sextette-Vone May
033\033-06-Herb Geller Sextette-Tardi at Zardi's
033\033-07-Herb Geller Sextette-Owl Eyes
033\033-08-Herb Geller Sextette-Gin for Fluegelhorns

034\034-01-Serge Chaloff-I've Got The World On A String
034\034-02-Serge Chaloff-Thanks For The Memory
034\034-03-Serge Chaloff-The Goof And I
034\034-04-Serge Chaloff-A Handful Of Stars
034\034-05-Serge Chaloff-Susie's Blues (Funky Blues)
034\034-06-Serge Chaloff-All The Things You Are
034\034-07-Serge Chaloff-Stairway To The Stars
034\034-08-Serge Chaloff-How About You

035\035-01-Barney Kessel Quintet-On a Slow Boat to China
035\035-02-Barney Kessel Quintet-Speak Low
035\035-03-Barney Kessel Quintet-A Foggy Day
035\035-04-Barney Kessel Quintet-Prelude to a Kiss
035\035-05-Barney Kessel Quintet-Love is Here to Stay
035\035-06-Barney Kessel Quintet-How Long Has This Been Going On
035\035-07-Barney Kessel Quintet-64 Bars on Wilshire Boulevard
035\035-08-Barney Kessel Quintet-Barney's Blues
035\035-09-Barney Kessel Quintet-Jeepers Creepers
035\035-10-Barney Kessel Quintet-I Didn't Know What Time It Was
035\035-11-Barney Kessel Quintet-You Stepped Out of My Dream
035\035-12-Barney Kessel Quintet-My Old Flame
035\035-13-Barney Kessel and his All-Stars-Let's Cook!
035\035-14-Barney Kessel and his All-Stars-Time Remembered
035\035-15-Barney Kessel and his All-Stars-Just in Time

036\036-01-Barney Kessel SeptetQuintet-Happy Feeling
036\036-02-Barney Kessel SeptetQuintet-Contemporary Blues
036\036-03-Barney Kessel SeptetQuintet-Wail Street
036\036-04-Barney Kessel SeptetQuintet-Louisiana
036\036-05-Barney Kessel SeptetQuintet-Indiana
036\036-06-Barney Kessel SeptetQuintet-Moten Swing
036\036-07-Barney Kessel SeptetQuintet-12th Street Rag
036\036-08-Barney Kessel SeptetQuintet-Begin the Blues
036\036-09-Barney Kessel SeptetQuintet-Embraceable You
036\036-10-Barney Kessel SeptetQuintet-Midnight Sun
036\036-11-Barney Kessel SeptetQuintet-Don't Blame Me

037\037-01-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Powder Puff
037\037-02-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-The Pesky Serpent
037\037-03-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Bunny
037\037-04-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Piroutte
037\037-05-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Morpo
037\037-06-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Diablo's Dance
037\037-07-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Mambo Del Crow
037\037-08-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Indian Club
037\037-09-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Coop de Graas
037\037-10-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Inifinity Promenade
037\037-11-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Short Stop
037\037-12-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Boar-Jibu
037\037-13-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Contours
037\037-14-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Tale Of An African Lobster
037\037-15-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Chiquito Loco
037\037-16-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Sweeheart Of Sigmund Freud
037\037-17-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Blues For Brando
037\037-18-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Chino
037\037-19-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-The Wild One (Hot Blood)
037\037-20-Shorty Rogers and his Giants-Windswept

038\038-01-Lou Donaldson-Bellarosa
038\038-02-Lou Donaldson-Carving the Rock
038\038-03-Lou Donaldson-Cookin'
038\038-04-Lou Donaldson-Brownie Speaks
038\038-05-Lou Donaldson-De Dah
038\038-06-Lou Donaldson-You Go to My Head
038\038-07-Clifford Brown Sextet-Wail Bait
038\038-08-Clifford Brown Sextet-Hymn of the Orient
038\038-09-Clifford Brown Sextet-Brownie Eyes
038\038-10-Clifford Brown Sextet-Cherokee
038\038-11-Clifford Brown Sextet-Easy Living
038\038-12-Clifford Brown Sextet-Minor Mood

039\039-01-Clifford Brown and his Orchestra-Brown Skins
039\039-02-Clifford Brown and his Orchestra-Deltitnu
039\039-03-Clifford Brown and his Orchestra-Keepin' Up with Jonesy
039\039-04-Clifford Brown Sextet-Conception
039\039-05-Clifford Brown Sextet-All the Things You Are
039\039-06-Clifford Brown Sextet-I Cover the Waterfront
039\039-07-Clifford Brown Sextet-Goofin' with Me
039\039-08-Clifford Brown-Minority
039\039-09-Clifford Brown-Salute to the Band Box
039\039-10-Clifford Brown-Strictly Romantic
039\039-11-Clifford Brown-Baby
039\039-12-Clifford Brown Quartet-Blue and Brown
039\039-13-Clifford Brown Quartet-I Can Dream, Can't I
039\039-14-Clifford Brown Quartet-The Song is You
039\039-15-Clifford Brown Quartet-Come Rain or Come Shine
039\039-16-Clifford Brown Quartet-It Might as Well be Spring
039\039-17-Clifford Brown Quartet-You're a Lucky Guy

040\40-01-Clifford Brown - Max Roach Quintet-Clifford's Axe
040\40-02-Clifford Brown - Max Roach Quintet-Tenderly
040\40-03-Clifford Brown - Max Roach Quintet-Sunset Eyes
040\40-04-Clifford Brown - Max Roach Quintet-All God's Chillun Got Rhythm
040\40-05-Clifford Brown - Max Roach Quintet-Jordu (Minor Encamp)
040\40-06-Clifford Brown - Max Roach Quintet-I Can't Get Started
040\40-07-Clifford Brown - Max Roach Quintet-I Get a Kick out of You
040\40-08-Clifford Brown - Max Roach Quintet-Parisian Thoroughfare

041\041-01-Clifford Brown All-Stars-Coronado
041\041-02-Clifford Brown All-Stars-You Go To My Head
041\041-03-Clifford Brown All-Stars-Caravan
041\041-04-Clifford Brown All-Stars-Autumn In New York

042\042-01-Clifford Brown-Delilah
042\042-02-Clifford Brown-Darn That Dream
042\042-03-Clifford Brown-Parisian Thoroughfare
042\042-04-Clifford Brown-Jordu
042\042-05-Clifford Brown-Sweet Clifford
042\042-06-Clifford Brown-I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance
042\042-07-Clifford Brown-Stompin' At The Savoy
042\042-08-Clifford Brown-I Get A Kick Out Of You
042\042-09-Clifford Brown-I'll String Along With You
042\042-10-Clifford Brown-Joy Spring
042\042-11-Clifford Brown-Mildama
042\042-12-Clifford Brown-Daahoud

043\043-01-Art Blakey Quintet-Split Kick
043\043-02-Art Blakey Quintet-Once in a While
043\043-03-Art Blakey Quintet-Quicksilver
043\043-04-Art Blakey Quintet-A ight in Tunisia
043\043-05-Art Blakey Quintet-Mayreh Lullaby of Birdland
043\043-06-Art Blakey Quintet-Wee Dot
043\043-07-Art Blakey Quintet-If I Had You
043\043-08-Art Blakey Quintet-Quicksilver
043\043-09-Art Blakey Quintet-Now's the Time
043\043-10-Art Blakey Quintet-Confirmation

044\044-01-Introduction-Soft Winds
044\044-02-The Jazz Messengers-The Theme
044\044-03-The Jazz Messengers-Minor's Holiday
044\044-04-The Jazz Messengers-Alone Together
044\044-05-The Jazz Messengers-Prince Albert

045\045-01-Art Blakey-Sportin' Crowd
045\045-02-Art Blakey-Like Someone In Love
045\045-03-Art Blakey-Yesterdays
045\045-04-Art Blakey-Avila And Tequila
045\045-05-Art Blakey-I Waited For You

046\046-01-Art Blakey-Almost Like Being In Love
046\046-02-Art Blakey-There But For You I Go
046\046-03-Art Blakey-They Call The Wind Maria
046\046-04-Art Blakey-On The Street Where You Live
046\046-05-Art Blakey-I Talk To The Trees
046\046-06-Art Blakey-I Could Have Danced All Night
046\046-07-Art Blakey-Off The Wall
046\046-08-Art Blakey-A Night In Tunisia
046\046-09-Art Blakey-Couldn't It Be You
046\046-10-Art Blakey-Theory Of Art

047\047-01-Art Blakey + Thelonius Monk-I Mean You
047\047-02-Art Blakey + Thelonius Monk-Evidence
047\047-03-Art Blakey + Thelonius Monk-Blue Monk
047\047-04-Art Blakey + Thelonius Monk-Purple Shades
047\047-05-Art Blakey + Thelonius Monk-Rhythm-A-Ning
047\047-06-Art Blakey + Thelonius Monk-In Walked Bud

048\048-01-Sonny Rollins-Sonny Rollins Quartet - My Reverie
048\048-02-Sonny Rollins-Sonny Rollins Quartet - The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
048\048-03-Sonny Rollins-Sonny Rollins Quartet - Paul's Pal
048\048-04-Sonny Rollins-Sonny Rollins Quartet - When Your Lover Has Gone
048\048-05-Sonny Rollins-Sonny Rollins Quintet - Tenor Madness
048\048-06-Sonny Rollins-Sonny Rollins Quartet - You Don't Know What Love Is
048\048-07-Sonny Rollins-Sonny Rollins Quartet - St. Thomas
048\048-08-Sonny Rollins-Sonny Rollins Quartet - Strode Rode
048\048-09-Sonny Rollins-Sonny Rollins Quartet - Blue Seven
048\048-10-Sonny Rollins-Sonny Rollins Quartet - Moritat (Mack the knife)

049\049-01-Sonny Rollins Quintet-Decision
049\049-02-Sonny Rollins Quintet-Plain Jane
049\049-03-Sonny Rollins Quintet-Bluesnote
049\049-04-Sonny Rollins Quintet-Sonnysphere
049\049-05-Sonny Rollins Quintet-How Are Things In Glocca Morra

050\050-01-Sonny Rollins Trio-I'm an Old Cowhand
050\050-02-Sonny Rollins Trio-Way Out West
050\050-03-Sonny Rollins Trio-Come, Gone
050\050-04-Sonny Rollins Trio-There Is No Greater Love
050\050-05-Sonny Rollins Trio-Wagon Wheels
050\050-06-Sonny Rollins Trio-Solitude

051\051-01-Sonny Rollins Quintet-Why Don't I
051\051-02-Sonny Rollins Quintet-You Stepped Out Of A Dream
051\051-03-Sonny Rollins Quintet-Poor Butterfly
051\051-04-Sonny Rollins Quintet-Wail March
051\051-05-Sonny Rollins Quintet-Misterioso
051\051-06-Sonny Rollins Quintet-Reflections

052\052-01-Sonny Rollins Quintet-There's No Business Like Show Business
052\052-02-Sonny Rollins Quintet-Paradox
052\052-03-Sonny Rollins Quintet-Raincheck
052\052-04-Sonny Rollins Quintet-There Are Such Things
052\052-05-Sonny Rollins Quintet-It's All Right With Me
052\052-06-Sonny Rollins Quintet-I feel A Song Coming Up
052\052-07-Sonny Rollins Quintet-Pent-Up house
052\052-08-Sonny Rollins Quintet-Valse hot
052\052-09-Sonny Rollins Quintet-Kiss And Run
052\052-10-Sonny Rollins Quintet-Count Your Blessings

053\053-01-Horace Silver Trio-Safari
053\053-02-Horace Silver Trio-Thou Swell
053\053-03-Horace Silver Trio-Yeah
053\053-04-Horace Silver Trio-Horace-scope
053\053-05-Horace Silver Trio-Quicksilver
053\053-06-Horace Silver Trio-Ecaroh
053\053-07-Horace Silver Trio-Prelude to a Kiss
053\053-08-Horace Silver Trio-Knowledge Box
053\053-09-Horace Silver Trio-Opus de Funk
053\053-10-Horace Silver Trio-Day In, Day Out
053\053-11-Horace Silver Trio-How About You
053\053-12-Horace Silver Trio-I Remember You
053\053-13-Horace Silver Trio-Silverware
053\053-14-Horace Silver Trio-Buhaina

054\054-01-Horace Silver Quintet-Room 608
054\054-02-Horace Silver Quintet-Creepin' In
054\054-03-Horace Silver Quintet-Stop Time
054\054-04-Horace Silver Quintet-Doodlin'
054\054-05-Horace Silver Quintet-The Preacher
054\054-06-Horace Silver Quintet-Hippy
054\054-07-Horace Silver Quintet-Hankerin'
054\054-08-Horace Silver Quintet-To Whom It May Concern

055\055-01-Charles Mingus-Pithecanthropus Erectus
055\055-02-Charles Mingus-A Foggy Day
055\055-03-Charles Mingus-Love Chant
055\055-04-Charles Mingus-Profile OfJackie

056\056-01-Thad Jones-The Blue Room
056\056-02-Thad Jones-Little Girl Blue
056\056-03-Thad Jones-Scratch
056\056-04-Thad Jones-Tarriff
056\056-05-Thad Jones-Zec
056\056-06-Thad Jones Quintet-April in Paris
056\056-07-Thad Jones Quintet-If Someone Had Told Me
056\056-08-Thad Jones Quintet-Billie Doo
056\056-09-Thad Jones Quintet-If I Love Again
056\056-10-Thad Jones Quintet-Thedia
056\056-11-Thad Jones Quintet-I've Got a Crush on You

057\057-01-John Coltrane-Wee Jah
057\057-02-John Coltrane-Polka Dots And Moonbeams
057\057-03-John Coltrane-On It
057\057-04-John Coltrane-Avalon
057\057-05-John Coltrane-Mating call
057\057-06-John Coltrane-Soultrane
057\057-07-John Coltrane-Gnid
057\057-08-John Coltrane-Super Jet
057\057-09-John Coltrane-On A Misty Night
057\057-10-John Coltrane-Romas

058\058-01-Four Tenor Saxes-Tenor Conclave
058\058-02-Four Tenor Saxes-Just You, Just Me
058\058-03-Four Tenor Saxes-Bob's Boys
058\058-04-Four Tenor Saxes-How Deep Is The Ocean

059\059-01-John Coltrane Sextet-Straight Street
059\059-02-John Coltrane Sextet-While My Lady Sleeps
059\059-03-John Coltrane Sextet-Chronic Blues
059\059-04-John Coltrane Sextet-Bakai
059\059-05-John Coltrane Sextet-Violets For Your Furs
059\059-06-John Coltrane Sextet-Time Was
059\059-07-John Coltrane Sextet-I Hear A Rhapsody

060\060-01-John Coltrane-Trane's Slo Blues
060\060-02-John Coltrane-Slowtrane (Trane's Slo Blues)
060\060-03-John Coltrane-Like Someone In Love
060\060-04-John Coltrane-I Love You
060\060-05-John Coltrane-You Leave Me Breathless
060\060-06-John Coltrane-Bass Blues
060\060-07-John Coltrane-Soft Lights And Sweet Music
060\060-08-John Coltrane-Traneing In
060\060-09-John Coltrane-Slow Dance

061\061-01-John Coltrane-Blue Train
061\061-02-John Coltrane-Moment's Notice
061\061-03-John Coltrane-Locomotion
061\061-04-John Coltrane-I'm Old Fashioned
061\061-05-John Coltrane-Lazy Bird

062\062-01-Lee Morgan-Roccus
062\062-02-Lee Morgan-Reggie Of Chester
062\062-03-Lee Morgan-The Lady
062\062-04-Lee Morgan-Little T
062\062-05-Lee Morgan-Gaza Strip
062\062-06-Lee Morgan-Stand By
062\062-07-Lee Morgan-Hassan's Dream
062\062-08-Lee Morgan-Domingo
062\062-09-Lee Morgan-I Remember Clifford
062\062-10-Lee Morgan-Mesabi Chant
062\062-11-Lee Morgan-Tip-Toeing

063\063-01-Lee Morgan Sextet-Whisper Not
063\063-02-Lee Morgan Sextet-Latin Hangover
063\063-03-Lee Morgan Sextet-His Sister
063\063-04-Lee Morgan Sextet-Slightly Hep
063\063-05-Lee Morgan Sextet-Where am I
063\063-06-Lee Morgan Sextet-D's Fink

064\064-01-Cannonball Adderley-With Apologies To Oscar
064\064-02-Cannonball Adderley-Hear Me Talkin' To Ya
064\064-03-Cannonball Adderley-Willow Weep For Me
064\064-04-Cannonball Adderley-Bohemia After Dark
064\064-05-Cannonball Adderley-Chasm
064\064-06-Cannonball Adderley-Late Entry
064\064-07-Cannonball Adderley-Spontaneous Combustion
064\064-08-Cannonball Adderley-Still Talkin' To Ya
064\064-09-Cannonball Adderley-A Little Taste
064\064-10-Cannonball Adderley-Carribean Cutie
064\064-11-Cannonball Adderley-Flamingo

065\065-01-Cannonball Adderley All-Stars-The Song Is You
065\065-02-Cannonball Adderley All-Stars-Cynthai's In Love
065\065-03-Cannonball Adderley All-Stars-Hurricane Connie
065\065-04-Cannonball Adderley All-Stars-Purple Shades
065\065-05-Cannonball Adderley All-Stars-Cannonball
065\065-06-Cannonball Adderley All-Stars-(Nat's) Everglade
065\065-07-Cannonball Adderley All-Stars-You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To
065\065-08-Cannonball Adderley All-Stars-Willows
065\065-09-Cannonball Adderley All-Stars-Fallen Feathers
065\065-10-Cannonball Adderley All-Stars-Rose Room

066\066-01-Cannonball Adderley Quintet-Spectacular
066\066-02-Cannonball Adderley Quintet-Miss Jackie's Delight
066\066-03-Cannonball Adderley Quintet-Tribute To Brownie
066\066-04-Cannonball Adderley Quintet-Cobbweb
066\066-05-Cannonball Adderley Quintet-18th Century Ballroom
066\066-06-Cannonball Adderley Quintet-Lover Man
066\066-07-Cannonball Adderley Quintet-A Foggy Day
066\066-08-Cannonball Adderley Quintet-Hoppin' John
066\066-09-Cannonball Adderley Quintet-Jeannie
066\066-10-Cannonball Adderley Quintet-The Way You Look Tonight
066\066-11-Cannonball Adderley Quintet-Porky
066\066-12-Cannonball Adderley Quintet-Another Kind Of Soul
066\066-13-Cannonball Adderley Quintet-Spring Is Here
066\066-14-Cannonball Adderley Quintet-That Funky Train
066\066-15-Cannonball Adderley Quintet-Edie McLin

067\067-01-Johnny Griffin-The Way You Look Tonight
067\067-02-Johnny Griffin-Ball Bearing
067\067-03-Johnny Griffin-All The Things You Are
067\067-04-Johnny Griffin-Smoke Stack

068\068-01-Max Roach Quintet-The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
068\068-02-Max Roach Quintet-I'll Take Romance
068\068-03-Max Roach Quintet-Blues Waltz
068\068-04-Max Roach Quintet-Little Folks
068\068-05-Max Roach Quintet-Valse Hot
068\068-06-Max Roach Quintet-Lover
068\068-07-Max Roach Quintet-Lover

069\069-01-Kenny Dorham-La Rue
069\069-02-Kenny Dorham-But Beautiful
069\069-03-Kenny Dorham-Falling In Love With Love
069\069-04-Kenny Dorham-My Old Flame
069\069-05-Kenny Dorham-I'll Remember April
069\069-06-Kenny Dorham-La Villa

070\070-01-Prestige All-Stars-Anatomy
070\070-02-Prestige All-Stars-Interplay
070\070-03-Prestige All-Stars-Light Blue
070\070-04-Prestige All-Stars-Soul Eyes
070\070-05-Taylor's Wailers-C.T.A.

071\071-01-Jimmy Smith-Judo Mambo
071\071-02-Jimmy Smith-Autumn Leaves
071\071-03-Jimmy Smith-Fiddlin' the Minors
071\071-04-Jimmy Smith-Willow, Weep for Me
071\071-05-Jimmy Smith-Lover Come Back to Me
071\071-06-Jimmy Smith-Wll You Needn't
071\071-07-Jimmy Smith-I Cover the Waterfront
071\071-08-Jimmy Smith-I Can't Give You Anything but Love

072\072-01-Jimmy Smith-After Hours
072\072-02-Jimmy Smith-My Funny Valentine
072\072-03-Jimmy Smith-Slightly Monkish
072\072-04-Jimmy Smith-Laura
072\072-05-Jimmy Smith-Just Friends
072\072-06-Jimmy Smith-Imagination
072\072-07-Jimmy Smith-Lover Man
072\072-08-Jimmy Smith-Body And Soul

073\073-01-Dexter Gordon-Daddy Plays the Horn
073\073-02-Dexter Gordon-Confirmation
073\073-03-Dexter Gordon-Darn That Dream
073\073-04-Dexter Gordon-Number Four
073\073-05-Dexter Gordon-Autumn in New York
073\073-06-Dexter Gordon-You Can Depend on Me
073\073-07-Dexter Gordon-Rhythm Mad
073\073-08-Dexter Gordon-Bonna Rue
073\073-09-Dexter Gordon-Cry Me a River
073\073-10-Dexter Gordon-Don't Worry 'Bout Me
073\073-11-Dexter Gordon-I Hear Music
073\073-12-Dexter Gordon-I Should Care
073\073-13-Dexter Gordon-Blowin' for Dootsie
073\073-14-Dexter Gordon-Tenderly

074\074-01-Hank Mobley-Hank's shout
074\074-02-Hank Mobley-Bet
074\074-03-Hank Mobley-Ballad Medley
074\074-04-Hank Mobley-Nostalgia
074\074-05-Hank Mobley-Thad's blues
074\074-06-Hank Mobley-A-1
074\074-07-Hank Mobley-Doug'sminor B'OK

075\075-01-Sonny Clark-Dial S For Sonny
075\075-02-Sonny Clark-Bootin' It
075\075-03-Sonny Clark-It Could Happen To You
075\075-04-Sonny Clark-Sonny's Mood
075\075-05-Sonny Clark-Shoutin' On A Riff
075\075-06-Sonny Clark-Love Walked In

076\076-01-Miles Davis All-Star Sextet-Blue 'n' Boogie
076\076-02-Miles Davis All-Star Sextet-Walkin'
076\076-03-Miles Davis Quintet-Airegin
076\076-04-Miles Davis Quintet-Oleo
076\076-05-Miles Davis Quintet-But Not for Me
076\076-06-Miles Davis Quintet-But Not fot Me
076\076-07-Miles Davis Quintet-Doxy
076\076-08-Miles Davis Quintet-In Your Own Sweet Way
076\076-09-Miles Davis Quintet-No Line
076\076-10-Miles Davis Quintet-Vierd Blues

077\077-01-Paul Chambers-I'M Confassin'
077\077-02-Paul Chambers-Chasin' The Bird
077\077-03-Paul Chambers-Dear Old Stockholm
077\077-04-Paul Chambers-The Theme
077\077-05-Paul Chambers-Yesterdays
077\077-06-Paul Chambers-You'd Be Nice To Come Home To

078\078-01-Thelonius Monk-Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
078\078-02-Thelonius Monk-Manganese (Wee See)
078\078-03-Thelonius Monk-Portrait of an Ermite (Reflections)
078\078-04-Thelonius Monk-Off Minor
078\078-05-Thelonius Monk-Eronel
078\078-06-Thelonius Monk-Well You Needn't
078\078-07-Thelonius Monk-Hackensack
078\078-08-Thelonius Monk-'Round Midnight
078\078-09-Thelonius Monk-Evidence
078\078-10-The Thelonius Monk Trio-Monk's Mood
078\078-11-Thelonius Monk Quartet-Ruby My Dear
078\078-12-Thelonius Monk Quartet-Trinkle Tinkle
078\078-13-Thelonius Monk Quartet-Nutty

079\079-01-Thelonius Monk Quintet-Bemsha Swing
079\079-02-Thelonius Monk Quintet-Pannonica
079\079-03-Thelonius Monk Quintet-Brilliant Corners
079\079-04-Thelonius Monk Quintet-Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are
079\079-05-Thelonius Monk-I Surrender Dear

080\080-01-East Coast All-Stars-Blues for Tomorrow
080\080-02-Thelonius Monk-Epistrophy
080\080-03-Thelonius Monk-Epistrophy (fragment)
080\080-04-Thelonius Monk-Crepuscule with Nellie
080\080-05-Thelonius Monk-Well You Needn't
080\080-06-Thelonius Monk-Off Minor
080\080-07-Thelonius Monk-Off Minor
080\080-08-Thelonius Monk-Ruby My Dear
080\080-09-Thelonius Monk-Abide with Me

081\081-01-Jackie McLean-Sentimental Journey
081\081-02-Jackie McLean-Why Was I Born
081\081-03-Jackie McLean-Contour
081\081-04-Jackie McLean-When I Fall In Love
081\081-05-Jackie McLean-Abstraction
081\081-06-Jackie McLean-Confirmation
081\081-07-Jackie McLean-A Long Drink Of The Blues

082\082-01-Nat Adderley Quintet-Fort Lauderdale
082\082-02-Nat Adderley Quintet-Sun Dance
082\082-03-Nat Adderley Quintet-Friday Nite
082\082-04-Nat Adderley Quintet-Blues for Bohemia
082\082-05-Nat Adderley Quintet-Watermelon
082\082-06-Nat Adderley Quintet-Little Joan Walks
082\082-07-Nat Adderley Quintet-Two Brothers
082\082-08-Nat Adderley Quintet-I Should Care
082\082-09-Nat Adderley Quintet-Crazy Baby
082\082-10-Nat Adderley Quintet-New Arrivals

083\083-01-Nat Adderley Quintet-Bimini
083\083-02-Nat Adderley Quintet-Sermonette
083\083-03-Nat Adderley Quintet-Hayseed
083\083-04-Nat Adderley Quintet-Rattler's Groove
083\083-05-Nat Adderley Quintet-Jackleg
083\083-06-Nat Adderley Quintet-Room
083\083-07-Nat Adderley Quintet-The Fat Man
083\083-08-Nat Adderley Quintet-Sam's Tune
083\083-09-Nat Adderley Quintet-The Nearness Of You
083\083-10-Cannonball Adderley with Strings-Street Of Dreams
083\083-11-Cannonball Adderley with Strings-Falling In Love With Love
083\083-12-Cannonball Adderley with Strings-You Are Too Beautiful
083\083-13-Cannonball Adderley with Strings-Polka Dots And Moonbeams
083\083-14-Cannonball Adderley with Strings-Two Sleepy People
083\083-15-Cannonball Adderley with Strings-The Masquerade Is Over
083\083-16-Cannonball Adderley with Strings-Surrey With The Fringe On Top
083\083-17-Cannonball Adderley with Strings-I'll Never Stop Lovin' You
083\083-18-Cannonball Adderley with Strings-Lonely Dreams
083\083-19-Cannonball Adderley with Strings-A Foggy Day
083\083-20-Cannonball Adderley with Strings-I Cover The Waterfront
083\083-21-Cannonball Adderley with Strings-I've Never Been In Love Before

084\084-01-Oscar Peterson-Get Happy
084\084-02-Oscar Peterson-Jumpin' With Symphony Sid
084\084-03-Oscar Peterson-Robbins Nest
084\084-04-Oscar Peterson-Exactly Like You
084\084-05-Oscar Peterson-Trio Tico
084\084-06-Oscar Peterson-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
084\084-07-Oscar Peterson-Deep Purple
084\084-08-Oscar Peterson-I'll Remeber April
084\084-09-Oscar Peterson-Squatty Roo
084\084-10-Oscar Peterson-Easy To Love
084\084-11-Oscar Peterson-Taking A Chance On Love
084\084-12-Oscar Peterson-After All

085\085-01-Buddy DeFranco-Sweet And Lovely
085\085-02-Buddy DeFranco-Fascinatin' Rhythm
085\085-03-Buddy DeFranco-Love For Sale
085\085-04-Buddy DeFranco-Easy to Love
085\085-05-Buddy DeFranco-Pick Yourself Up
085\085-06-Buddy DeFranco-They Can't Take That Away From Me

086\086-01-Birdland Stars-Two Pairs Of Aces
086\086-02-Birdland Stars-Roulette
086\086-03-Birdland Stars-A Bit Of Blues
086\086-04-Birdland Stars-Ah Funky New Baby
086\086-05-Birdland Stars-Last Lap
086\086-06-Birdland Stars-Phil'er Up
086\086-07-Birdland Stars-Conte's Condolences
086\086-08-Birdland Stars-For Kicks Only
086\086-09-Birdland Stars-Hip Boots
086\086-10-Birdland Stars-Minorin' the Blues
086\086-11-Birdland Stars-Birdland Fantasy
086\086-12-Birdland Stars-Playboy

087\087-01-Al Cohn + Zoot Sims-You Are A Lucky Guy
087\087-02-Al Cohn + Zoot Sims-Halley's Comet
087\087-03-Al Cohn + Zoot Sims-Chasin' The Blues
087\087-04-Al Cohn + Zoot Sims-Two Funky People
087\087-05-Al Cohn + Zoot Sims-The Wailing Boat
087\087-06-Al Cohn + Zoot Sims-Brand 'n Beer
087\087-07-Al Cohn + Zoot Sims-Gone With The Wind
087\087-08-Al Cohn + Zoot Sims-Just You Just Me
087\087-09-Al Cohn + Zoot Sims-It's A Wonderful World

088\088-01-Herb Ellis-Patti Cake
088\088-02-Herb Ellis-Blues For Janet
088\088-03-Herb Ellis-Big Red's Boogie Woogie
088\088-04-Herb Ellis-Tin Roof Blues
088\088-05-Herb Ellis-Royal Garden Blues
088\088-06-Herb Ellis-Blues For Junior
088\088-07-Herb Ellis-Soft Winds
088\088-08-Herb Ellis-Pap's Blues

089\089-01-Jay And Kai-Riviera
089\089-02-Jay And Kai-Dinner For One, Please James
089\089-03-Jay And Kai-Hip Bones
089\089-04-Jay And Kai-Wind Bag
089\089-05-Jay And Kai-We'll Be Together Again
089\089-06-Jay And Kai-Don't Argue
089\089-07-Jay And Kai-How Long Has This Been Going On
089\089-08-Jay And Kai-Bag's Groove
089\089-09-Jay And Kai-Give Me The Simple Life
089\089-10-Jay And Kai-This Can't Be Love
089\089-11-Jay And Kai-Trombone For Two
089\089-12-Jay And Kai-We Two
089\089-13-Jay And Kai-Let's Get Away From It All
089\089-14-Jay And Kai-Turnabout
089\089-15-Jay And Kai-It's Sand, Man
089\089-16-Jay And Kai-Close As Pages In A Book
089\089-17-Jay And Kai-The Whiffenpoof Song
089\089-18-Jay And Kai-Goodbye

090\090-01-The Four Brothers-Ten Years Later
090\090-02-The Four Brothers-Here We Go Again
090\090-03-The Four Brothers-Four Brothers
090\090-04-The Four Brothers-Four In Hand
090\090-05-The Four Brothers-The Swinging Door
090\090-06-The Four Brothers-Aged In Wood
090\090-07-The Four Brothers-So Blue
090\090-08-The Four Brothers-The Pretty One
090\090-09-The Four Brothers-Four And One More
090\090-10-The Four Brothers-A Quick One

091\091-01-Erroll Garner-I'll Remember April
091\091-02-Erroll Garner-Teach Me Tonight
091\091-03-Erroll Garner-Mambo carmel
091\091-04-Erroll Garner-Autumn Leaves
091\091-05-Erroll Garner-It's All Right With Me
091\091-06-Erroll Garner-Red Top
091\091-07-Erroll Garner-April In Paris
091\091-08-Erroll Garner-They Can't Take That Away From Me
091\091-09-Erroll Garner-How Youlld You Do A Thing Like That To Me
091\091-10-Erroll Garner-Where Or when
091\091-11-Erroll Garner-Errolls's Theme

092\092-01-Dizzy Gillespie - Sonny Rollins - Sonny Stitt-Wheatleigh Hall
092\092-02-Dizzy Gillespie - Sonny Rollins - Sonny Stitt-Sumphin'
092\092-03-Dizzy Gillespie - Sonny Rollins - Sonny Stitt-Con Alma
092\092-04-Dizzy Gillespie - Sonny Rollins - Sonny Stitt-Haute Mon!
092\092-05-Dizzy Gillespie - Sonny Rollins - Sonny Stitt-On The Sunny Side Of The Street
092\092-06-Dizzy Gillespie - Sonny Rollins - Sonny Stitt-The Eternal Triangle
092\092-07-Dizzy Gillespie - Sonny Rollins - Sonny Stitt-After Hours
092\092-08-Dizzy Gillespie - Sonny Rollins - Sonny Stitt-I Know That You Know

093\093-01-Dizzy Gillespie-Girl Of My Dreams
093\093-02-Dizzy Gillespie-It Don't Mean A Thing
093\093-03-Dizzy Gillespie-It's The Talk Of The Town
093\093-04-Dizzy Gillespie-Siboney, Pt. 1
093\093-05-Dizzy Gillespie-Siboney, Pt. 2
093\093-06-Dizzy Gillespie-Exactly Like You
093\093-07-Dizzy Gillespie-I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
093\093-08-Dizzy Gillespie-Impromptu

094\094-01-Dizzy Gillespie All-Stars-Be-Bop
094\094-02-Dizzy Gillespie All-Stars-Wee
094\094-03-Dizzy Gillespie All-Stars-Dark Eyes
094\094-04-Dizzy Gillespie All-Stars-Lover Come Back To Me

095\095-01-Milt Jackson-Lover
095\095-02-Milt Jackson-Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
095\095-03-Milt Jackson-The Lady Is A Tramp
095\095-04-Milt Jackson-Angel Face
095\095-05-Milt Jackson-Sometimes I'm Happy
095\095-06-Milt Jackson-What's New

096\096-01-Mose Allison-Town
096\096-02-Mose Allison-Mojo Woman
096\096-03-Mose Allison-Crepuscular Air
096\096-04-Mose Allison-Carnival
096\096-05-Mose Allison-I'll Never Be Free
096\096-06-Mose Allison-Don't Ever Say Goodbye
096\096-07-Mose Allison-Ain't You A Mess
096\096-08-Mose Allison-Trouble In Mind
096\096-09-Mose Allison-Lost Mind
096\096-10-Mose Allison-Parchman Farm

097\097-01-Kenny Burrell-Your Host
097\097-02-Kenny Burrell-Cotton Tail
097\097-03-Kenny Burrell-Tom's Thumb
097\097-04-Kenny Burrell-Afternoon In Paris
097\097-05-Kenny Burrell-You Turned The Tables On Me
097\097-06-Kenny Burrell-Apothegm
097\097-07-Kenny Burrell-East Wind
097\097-08-Kenny Burrell-Kansas City Side
097\097-09-Kenny Burrell-Over The Rainbow
097\097-10-Kenny Burrell-Southern Exposure
097\097-11-Kenny Burrell-Wess Side

098\098-01-Quincy Jones-Stockholm Sweetnin'
098\098-02-Quincy Jones-Scuse These Blues
098\098-03-Quincy Jones-Falling In Love With Me
098\098-04-Quincy Jones-Lover Come Back To Me
098\098-05-Quincy Jones-Pogo Stick
098\098-06-Quincy Jones-Liza
098\098-07-Quincy Jones-Jones Bones
098\098-08-Quincy Jones-Sometimes I'm Happy

099\099-01-Zoot Sims-920 Special
099\099-02-Zoot Sims-The Man I Love
099\099-03-Zoot Sims-55th And State
099\099-04-Zoot Sims-The Blue Room
099\099-05-Zoot Sims-Gus's Blues
099\099-06-Zoot Sims-That Old Feeling
099\099-07-Zoot Sims-Bohemia After Dark
099\099-08-Zoot Sims-Woody'n You
099\099-09-Zoot Sims-Blinuet
099\099-10-Zoot Sims-The Trouble With Me Is You
099\099-11-Zoot Sims-Zonkin'
099\099-12-Zoot Sims-Pegasus
099\099-13-Zoot Sims-Noshin'
099\099-14-Zoot Sims-Minor-Minor

100\100-01-All-Star Live Jam Session-What Is This Thing
100\100-02-All-Star Live Jam Session-Move
100\100-03-All-Star Live Jam Session-You Go To My Head
100\100-04-All-Star Live Jam Session-Bess You Is My Woman Now - It Might As Well Be Spring
100\100-05-All-Star Live Jam Session-Lover Come Back To Me
100\100-06-All-Star Live Jam Session-I'll Remember April

001\001-01-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-The River's Takin' Care Of Me
001\001-02-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Ain't Cha Got Music
001\001-03-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Stringin' Along On A Shoe String
001\001-04-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Shadows On The Swanee
001\001-05-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Hush My Mouth
001\001-06-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-You're Gonna Lose Your Gal
001\001-07-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Dark Clouds
001\001-08-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-My Galveston Gal
001\001-09-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-I Wish I Were Twins
001\001-10-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-I Never Slept A Wink Last Night
001\001-11-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Why Don't You Practice What You Preach
001\001-12-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Don't Let Your Love Go Wrong
001\001-13-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-There's A House In Harlem For Sale
001\001-14-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Pardon My Southern Accent
001\001-15-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Rug Cutter Swing
001\001-16-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-How's About Tomorrow Night
001\001-17-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Believe It Beloved
001\001-18-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Believe It Beloved
001\001-19-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-It's Written All Over Your Face
001\001-20-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Smooth Sailing [We're Gonna Have]
001\001-21-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Whose Honey Are You
001\001-22-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Rosetta
001\001-23-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Body And Soul
001\001-24-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-I'll Never Say 'Never Again' Again
001\001-25-Henry Allen And His Orchestra-Get Rhythm In Your Feet

002\002-01-Leon Berry-Now You're Talking My Language
002\002-02-Leon Berry-Indiana (1)
002\002-03-Leon Berry-Indiana (2)
002\002-04-Leon Berry-Too Marvelous For Words
002\002-05-Leon Berry-Limehouse Blues
002\002-06-Leon Berry-Chuberry Jam
002\002-07-Leon Berry-Maelstrom
002\002-08-Leon Berry-My Secret Love Affair
002\002-09-Leon Berry-Ebb Tide
002\002-10-Leon Berry-Annie Laurie
002\002-11-Leon Berry-Loch Lomond
002\002-12-Leon Berry-Down Stream
002\002-13-Leon Berry-Where's The Waiter
002\002-14-Leon Berry-My Mariuccia Take A Steamboat
002\002-15-Leon Berry-In The Land Of Yamo Yamo
002\002-16-Leon Berry-Sittin' In
002\002-17-Leon Berry-Star Dust
002\002-18-Leon Berry-Body And Soul
002\002-19-Leon Berry-Forty Six West Fifty Two

003\003-01-Leon Berry-Downright Disgusted Blues
003\003-02-Leon Berry-Corrine Corrina
003\003-03-Leon Berry-I'm Real Kinda Papa
003\003-04-Leon Berry-Jumpy Nerves
003\003-05-Leon Berry-Casey Jones
003\003-06-Leon Berry-Boogie Woogie
003\003-07-Leon Berry-Royal Garden Blues
003\003-08-Leon Berry-Beale Street Blues
003\003-09-Leon Berry-In The Barrel
003\003-10-Leon Berry-Farewell Blues
003\003-11-Leon Berry-Fare Thee, My Baby, Fare-Thee-Well
003\003-12-Leon Berry-Limehouse Blues
003\003-13-Leon Berry-Blue Lou
003\003-14-Leon Berry-Sudan
003\003-15-Leon Berry-How Long Blues
003\003-16-Leon Berry-When The Saints Go Marching In
003\003-17-Leon Berry-My Honey's Lovin' Arms
003\003-18-Leon Berry-When My Sugar Walks Down The Street
003\003-19-Leon Berry-Blowing Up A Breeze
003\003-20-Leon Berry-On The Sunny Side Of The Street
003\003-21-Leon Berry-Monday At Minton's
003\003-22-Leon Berry-Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You

004\004-01-Benny Carter-The Moon Is Low
004\004-02-Benny Carter-Stairway To The Stars
004\004-03-Benny Carter-Bye Bye Blues
004\004-04-Benny Carter-I Don't Know Why I Love You, Like I Do
004\004-05-Benny Carter-Isn't It Romantic
004\004-06-Benny Carter-Some Other Spring
004\004-07-Benny Carter-These Things You Left Me
004\004-08-Benny Carter-Gone With the Wind
004\004-09-Benny Carter-I Got It Bad
004\004-10-Benny Carter-Long Ago (And Far Away)
004\004-11-Benny Carter-I've Got The World On A String
004\004-12-Benny Carter-‘Round Midnight
004\004-13-Benny Carter-Alone Together
004\004-14-Benny Carter-Bewitched
004\004-15-Benny Carter-Cocktails For Two
004\004-16-Benny Carter-Key Largo
004\004-17-Benny Carter-Street Scene
004\004-18-Benny Carter-Imagination
004\004-19-Benny Carter-Pick Yourself Up
004\004-20-Benny Carter-I Get A Kick Out Of You

005\005-01-Benny Carter-Moonglow
005\005-02-Benny Carter-My One And Only Love
005\005-03-Benny Carter-Our Love Is Here To Stay
005\005-04-Benny Carter-This Can't Be Love
005\005-05-Benny Carter-Tenderly
005\005-06-Benny Carter-Unforgettable
005\005-07-Benny Carter-Ruby
005\005-08-Benny Carter-Moon Song
005\005-09-Benny Carter-Laura
005\005-10-Benny Carter-That Old Black Magic
005\005-11-Benny Carter-Angel Eyes
005\005-12-Benny Carter-The Song Is You
005\005-13-Benny Carter-Just One Of Those Things
005\005-14-Benny Carter-Marriage Blues

006\006-01-Art Tatum-My Blue Heaven
006\006-02-Art Tatum-Blues in B Flat
006\006-03-Art Tatum-Blues in C
006\006-04-Art Tatum-A Foggy Day
006\006-05-Art Tatum-(I'm Left with the) Blues in My Heart
006\006-06-Art Tatum-Street of Dreams
006\006-07-Art Tatum-Idaho
006\006-08-Art Tatum-You're Mine, You
006\006-09-Art Tatum-Undecided
006\006-10-Art Tatum-Under a Blanket of Blue
006\006-11-Art Tatum-Makin' Whoopee
006\006-12-Art Tatum-Old Fashioned Love
006\006-13-Art Tatum-'S Wonderful
006\006-14-Art Tatum-Hands Across the Table

007\007-01-Charlie Christian-Flying Home
007\007-02-Charlie Christian-Rose Room (In Sunny Roseland)
007\007-03-Charlie Christian-Star Dust
007\007-04-Charlie Christian-Homeward Bound (Flying Home)
007\007-05-Charlie Christian-Memories Of You
007\007-06-Charlie Christian-Soft Winds
007\007-07-Charlie Christian-Seven Come Eleven
007\007-08-Charlie Christian-Honeysuckle Rose
007\007-09-Charlie Christian-Shivers
007\007-10-Charlie Christian-Ac-Dc Current
007\007-11-Charlie Christian-Till Tom Special
007\007-12-Charlie Christian-Gone With 'What' Wind
007\007-13-Charlie Christian-The Sheik
007\007-14-Charlie Christian-Poor Butterfly
007\007-15-Charlie Christian-I Surrender Dear
007\007-16-Charlie Christian-Boy Meets Goy (Grand Slam)
007\007-17-Charlie Christian-Six Appeal
007\007-18-Charlie Christian-These Foolish Things
007\007-19-Charlie Christian-Wholly Cats
007\007-20-Charlie Christian-Wholly Cats
007\007-21-Charlie Christian-Royal Garden Blues
007\007-22-Charlie Christian-As Long As I Live
007\007-23-Charlie Christian-Benny's Bugle

008\008-01-Charlie Christian-I Can't Give You Anything But Love
008\008-02-Charlie Christian-Gilly (1)
008\008-03-Charlie Christian-Gilly (2)
008\008-04-Charlie Christian-Gilly (3)
008\008-05-Charlie Christian-Breakfast Feud
008\008-06-Charlie Christian-On The Alamo
008\008-07-Charlie Christian-I Found A New Baby
008\008-08-Charlie Christian-Gone With What Draft (1)
008\008-09-Charlie Christian-Gone With What Draft (2)
008\008-10-Charlie Christian-Jamming In Four
008\008-11-Charlie Christian-Edmond Hall Blues
008\008-12-Charlie Christian-Profoundly Blue
008\008-13-Charlie Christian-Profoundly Blue No. 2
008\008-14-Charlie Christian-Celestial Express
008\008-15-Charlie Christian-Solo Flight (1)
008\008-16-Charlie Christian-Solo Flight (2)
008\008-17-Charlie Christian-Blues In B-Flat
008\008-18-Charlie Christian-Waitin' For Benny (Incl. 'A Smo-O-Oth One')
008\008-19-Charlie Christian-A Smo-O-O-Oth One (1)
008\008-20-Charlie Christian-A Smo-O-O-Oth One (2)
008\008-21-Charlie Christian-Good Enough To Keep (Air Mail Special)

009\009-01-Roy Eldridge-Swingin' At That Famous Door
009\009-02-Roy Eldridge-Farewell Blues
009\009-03-Roy Eldridge-Christopher Columbus
009\009-04-Roy Eldridge-I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music
009\009-05-Roy Eldridge-Mutiny In The Parlor
009\009-06-Roy Eldridge-I'm Gonna Clap My Hands
009\009-07-Roy Eldridge-Swing Is Here
009\009-08-Roy Eldridge-Mary Had A Little Lamb
009\009-09-Roy Eldridge-Too Good To Be True
009\009-10-Roy Eldridge-Warmin' Up
009\009-11-Roy Eldridge-Blues In C Sharp Minor
009\009-12-Roy Eldridge-Wabash Stomp
009\009-13-Roy Eldridge-Florida Stomp
009\009-14-Roy Eldridge-Heckler's Hop
009\009-15-Roy Eldridge-Where The Lazy River Goes By
009\009-16-Roy Eldridge-That Thing
009\009-17-Roy Eldridge-After You've Gone
009\009-18-Roy Eldridge-It's My Turn Now
009\009-19-Roy Eldridge-You're A Lucky Guy
009\009-20-Roy Eldridge-Pluckin' The Bass
009\009-21-Roy Eldridge-I'm Getting Sentimental Over You

010\010-01-Roy Eldridge-High Society
010\010-02-Roy Eldridge-Muskrat Ramble
010\010-03-Roy Eldridge-Who Told You I Cared
010\010-04-Roy Eldridge-Does Your Heart Beat For Me
010\010-05-Roy Eldridge-The Gasser
010\010-06-Roy Eldridge-Jump Through The Window
010\010-07-Roy Eldridge-Minor Jive
010\010-08-Roy Eldridge-Stardust
010\010-09-Roy Eldridge-Don't Be That Way
010\010-10-Roy Eldridge-I Want To Be Happy
010\010-11-Roy Eldridge-Fiesta In Brass
010\010-12-Roy Eldridge-St. Louis Blues
010\010-13-Roy Eldridge-Can't Get Started
010\010-14-Roy Eldridge-After You've Gone
010\010-15-Roy Eldridge-Body And Soul
010\010-16-Roy Eldridge-Fish Market
010\010-17-Roy Eldridge-Twilight Time
010\010-18-Roy Eldridge-St. Louis Blues
010\010-19-Roy Eldridge-The Grabtown Grabble
010\010-20-Roy Eldridge-The Sad Sack
010\010-21-Roy Eldridge-Little Jazz Boogie
010\010-22-Roy Eldridge-Embraceable You

011\011-01-Roy Eldridge-Scuttlebutt
011\011-02-Roy Eldridge-The Gentle Grifter
011\011-03-Roy Eldridge-Misterioso
011\011-04-Roy Eldridge-Misterioso
011\011-05-Roy Eldridge-Hop Skip And Jump
011\011-06-Roy Eldridge-Tea For Two
011\011-07-Roy Eldridge-Old Rob Roy
011\011-08-Roy Eldridge-Roy Meets Horn
011\011-09-Roy Eldridge-I've Found A New Baby
011\011-10-Roy Eldridge-All The Cats Join In
011\011-11-Roy Eldridge-Ain't That A Shame
011\011-12-Roy Eldridge-Hi Ho, Trailus Boat Whip
011\011-13-Roy Eldridge-Tippin' Out
011\011-14-Roy Eldridge-Yard Dog
011\011-15-Roy Eldridge-Les Bounce
011\011-16-Roy Eldridge-Lover Come Back To Me
011\011-17-Roy Eldridge-Rockin' Chair
011\011-18-Roy Eldridge-It's The Talk Of The Town

012\012-01-Roy Eldridge-Honeysuckle Rose
012\012-02-Roy Eldridge-Lover
012\012-03-Roy Eldridge-Flip And Jazz
012\012-04-Roy Eldridge-How High The Moon
012\012-05-Roy Eldridge-King David
012\012-06-Roy Eldridge-It Don't Mean A Thing
012\012-07-Roy Eldridge-Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
012\012-08-Roy Eldridge-Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
012\012-09-Roy Eldridge-Undecided
012\012-10-Roy Eldridge-Ain't No Flies On Me
012\012-11-Roy Eldridge-The Man I Love
012\012-12-Roy Eldridge-The Man I Love
012\012-13-Roy Eldridge-Easter Parade
012\012-14-Roy Eldridge-Easter Parade
012\012-15-Roy Eldridge-Wild Driver
012\012-16-Roy Eldridge-If I Had You
012\012-17-Roy Eldridge-Nuts
012\012-18-Roy Eldridge-Someone To Watch Over Me
012\012-19-Roy Eldridge-Goliath Bounce

013\013-01-Roy Eldridge-I Remember Harlem
013\013-02-Roy Eldridge-Baby Don't Do Me Like That
013\013-03-Roy Eldridge-Une Petit Laitue
013\013-04-Roy Eldridge-L'Isle Adam
013\013-05-Roy Eldridge-Black And Blue
013\013-06-Roy Eldridge-Tu Disais Que Tu M'amais
013\013-07-Roy Eldridge-Oh, Shut Up
013\013-08-Roy Eldridge-Hollywood Pastime
013\013-09-Roy Eldridge-I'd Love Him So
013\013-10-Roy Eldridge-Tres Chaud (The Heat Is On)
013\013-11-Roy Eldridge-Wild Man Blues
013\013-12-Roy Eldridge-Fireworks
013\013-13-Roy Eldridge-Baby, What's The Matter With You
013\013-14-Roy Eldridge-Yard Dog
013\013-15-Roy Eldridge-Sweet Lorraine
013\013-16-Roy Eldridge-Jumbo The Elephant
013\013-17-Roy Eldridge-Basin Street Blues
013\013-18-Roy Eldridge-I Remember Harlem
013\013-19-Roy Eldridge-Easter Parade
013\013-20-Roy Eldridge-I See Everybody's Baby

014\014-01-Roy Eldridge-Roy's Riff
014\014-02-Roy Eldridge-Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams
014\014-03-Roy Eldridge-Rockin' Chair
014\014-04-Roy Eldridge-Little Jazz
014\014-05-Roy Eldridge-Love For Sale
014\014-06-Roy Eldridge-Dale's Wail
014\014-07-Roy Eldridge-The Man I Love
014\014-08-Roy Eldridge-Oscar's Arrangement
014\014-09-Roy Eldridge-Willow Weep For Me
014\014-10-Roy Eldridge-Somebody Loves Me
014\014-11-Roy Eldridge-When Your Lover Has Gone
014\014-12-Roy Eldridge-When It's Sleepy Time Down South
014\014-13-Roy Eldridge-Feeling A Draft
014\014-14-Roy Eldridge-Don't Blame Me
014\014-15-Roy Eldridge-Echoes Of Harlem
014\014-16-Roy Eldridge-I Can't Get Started

015\015-01-Roy Eldridge-If I Had You
015\015-02-Roy Eldridge-Blue Moon
015\015-03-Roy Eldridge-Stormy Weather
015\015-04-Roy Eldridge-Sweethearts on Parade
015\015-05-Roy Eldridge-A Foggy Day
015\015-06-Roy Eldridge-I Only Have Eyes for You
015\015-07-Roy Eldridge-Sweet Georgia Brown
015\015-08-Roy Eldridge-The Song Is Ended
015\015-09-Roy Eldridge-Wheres Art
015\015-10-Roy Eldridge-I Dont Know
015\015-11-Roy Eldridge-Striding
015\015-12-Roy Eldridge-Wailing

016\016-01-Roy Eldridge-I Still Love Him So
016\016-02-Roy Eldridge-The Moon Is Low (1)
016\016-03-Roy Eldridge-The Moon Is Low (2)
016\016-04-Roy Eldridge-Close Your Eyes
016\016-05-Roy Eldridge-I Missed My Hat
016\016-06-Roy Eldridge-Polite Blues
016\016-07-Roy Eldridge-I've Got The World On A String
016\016-08-Roy Eldridge-I Surrender Dear
016\016-09-Roy Eldridge-The Moon Is Low
016\016-10-Roy Eldridge-You Took Advantage Of Me
016\016-11-Roy Eldridge-I Won't Dance
016\016-12-Roy Eldridge-Moon Song
016\016-13-Roy Eldridge-This Can't Be Love
016\016-14-Roy Eldridge-In A Sentimental Mood
016\016-15-Roy Eldridge-Night And Day

017\017-01-Barny Bigard And His Jazzopators-Clouds In My Heart
017\017-02-Barny Bigard And His Jazzopators-Frolic Sam
017\017-03-Barny Bigard And His Jazzopators-Caravan
017\017-04-Barny Bigard And His Jazzopators-Stompy Jones
017\017-05-Cootie Williams And His Rug Cutters-I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
017\017-06-Cootie Williams And His Rug Cutters-Downtown Uproar
017\017-07-Cootie Williams And His Rug Cutters-Digga Digga Doo
017\017-08-Cootie Williams And His Rug Cutters-Blue Reverie
017\017-09-Cootie Williams And His Rug Cutters-Whispering Tiger (Tiger Rag)
017\017-10-The Gotham Stompers-My Honey's Lovin' Arms
017\017-11-The Gotham Stompers-Did Anyone Ever Tell You
017\017-12-The Gotham Stompers-Alabamy Home
017\017-13-The Gotham Stompers-Where Are You
017\017-14-Barny Bigard And His Jazzopators-Solace (Lament For A Lost Love)
017\017-15-Barny Bigard And His Jazzopators-Four And One Half Street
017\017-16-Barny Bigard And His Jazzopators-Demi-Tasse (Each Day)
017\017-17-Barny Bigard And His Jazzopators-Jazz A La Carte
017\017-18-Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra-Foolin' Myself
017\017-19-Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra-A Sailboat In The Moonlight
017\017-20-Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra-You'll Never Go To Heaven
017\017-21-Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra-Peckin'
017\017-22-Duke Ellington's Jazz Ensemble-Get It Southern Style
017\017-23-Duke Ellington's Jazz Ensemble-Moonlight Fiesta
017\017-24-Duke Ellington's Jazz Ensemble-Sponge Cake And Spinach
017\017-25-Duke Ellington's Jazz Ensemble-If You're Ever In My Arms

018\018-01-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-Jubilesta (Emperor Jones)
018\018-02-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-Watchin'
018\018-03-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-Pigeons and Peppers
018\018-04-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-I Can't Give You Anything but Love
018\018-05-Barney Bigard and his Jazzopators-Drummer's Delight (Jump Barney Jump)
018\018-06-Barney Bigard and his Jazzopators-If I Thought You Cared (Imagination)
018\018-07-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-Have a Heart (Lost in meditation)
018\018-08-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-Echoes of Harlem
018\018-09-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-My Day
018\018-10-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-Silvery Moon and Golden Sands
018\018-11-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-Jeep's Blues
018\018-12-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-(What Would You Do) If You Were in My Place
018\018-13-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-I Let a Song Go out of My Heart
018\018-14-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-Rendezvous with Rhythm
018\018-15-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-A Lesson in C
018\018-16-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-Swingtime in Honolulu
018\018-17-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-Carnival in Caroline
018\018-18-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-Ol' Man River
018\018-19-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-You Walked Out of the Picture
018\018-20-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-Pyramid
018\018-21-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-Empty Ballroom Blues
018\018-22-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-Lost in Meditation

019\019-01-Duke Ellington-A Blues Serenade
019\019-02-Duke Ellington-Love In Swingtime
019\019-03-Duke Ellington-Swingin' In The Dell
019\019-04-Duke Ellington-Jitterbug's Lullaby
019\019-05-Duke Ellington-Chasin‘ Chippies
019\019-06-Duke Ellington-Blue Is The Evening
019\019-07-Duke Ellington-Sharpie
019\019-08-Duke Ellington-Swing Pan Alley
019\019-09-Duke Ellington-Prelude To A Kiss
019\019-10-Duke Ellington-There's Something About An Old Love
019\019-11-Duke Ellington-The Jeep Is Jumpin'
019\019-12-Duke Ellington-Krum Elbow Blues
019\019-13-Duke Ellington-I'm In Another World
019\019-14-Duke Ellington-Hodge Podge
019\019-15-Duke Ellington-Dancing On The Stars
019\019-16-Duke Ellington-Wanderlust
019\019-17-Duke Ellington-Delta Mood
019\019-18-Duke Ellington-The Boys From Harlem
019\019-19-Duke Ellington-Mobile Blues
019\019-20-Duke Ellington-Gal-Avantin'
019\019-21-Duke Ellington-Like A Ship In The Night
019\019-22-Duke Ellington-Mississippi Dream Boat
019\019-23-Duke Ellington-Swingin' On The Campus
019\019-24-Duke Ellington-Dooji Wooji

020\020-01-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-A Beautiful Romance
020\020-02-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-Boudoir Benny
020\020-03-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-Ain' the Gravy Good
020\020-04-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-She's Gone
020\020-05-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-Savoy Strut
020\020-06-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-Rent Party Blues
020\020-07-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-Dance of the Goon
020\020-08-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-Good Gal Blues
020\020-09-Duke Ellington Trio-Finesse (Night Wind)
020\020-10-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-Kitchen Mechanic's Day
020\020-11-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-My Heart Jumped Over the Moon
020\020-12-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-You can Count on Me
020\020-13-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-Home Town Blues
020\020-14-Barney Bigard and his Jazzopators-Utt-Da-Zay (The Tailor Song)
020\020-15-Barney Bigard and his Jazzopators-Chew-Chew-Chew (Your Bubble-Gum)
020\020-16-Barney Bigard and his Jazzopators-Barney Ain't Easy
020\020-17-Barney Bigard and his Jazzopators-Just Another Dream
020\020-18-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-Night Song
020\020-19-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-Blues a 'Poppin'
020\020-20-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-Top and Bottom
020\020-21-Cootie Williams and his Rug Cutters-Black Beauty
020\020-22-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-The Rabbit's Jump
020\020-23-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-Moon Romance
020\020-24-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-Truly Wonderful
020\020-25-Johnny Hodges and his Orchestra-Dream Blues

021\021-01-Duke Ellington's Jazz Ensemble-Pitter Panther Patter
021\021-02-Duke Ellington's Jazz Ensemble-Body And Soul
021\021-03-Duke Ellington's Jazz Ensemble-Sophisticated Lady
021\021-04-Duke Ellington's Jazz Ensemble-Mr. J.B. Blues
021\021-05-Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra-Day Dream
021\021-06-Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra-Good Queen Bess
021\021-07-Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra-That's The Blues Old Man
021\021-08-Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra-Junior Hop
021\021-09-Barny Bigard And His Orchestra-Charlie The Chulo
021\021-10-Barny Bigard And His Orchestra-Lament For Javanette
021\021-11-Barny Bigard And His Orchestra-A Lull At Dawn
021\021-12-Barny Bigard And His Orchestra-Ready Eddy
021\021-13-Rex Stewart And His Orchestra-Some Saturday
021\021-14-Rex Stewart And His Orchestra-Subtle Slough
021\021-15-Rex Stewart And His Orchestra-Menelik (The Lion Of Judah)
021\021-16-Rex Stewart And His Orchestra-Poor Bubber
021\021-17-Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra-Squatty Roo
021\021-18-Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra-Passion Flower
021\021-19-Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra-Things Ain't What They Used To Be
021\021-20-Johnny Hodges And His Orchestra-Goin' Out The Back Way
021\021-21-Barny Bigard And His Orchestra-Brown Suede
021\021-22-Barny Bigard And His Orchestra-Noir Bleu
021\021-23-Barny Bigard And His Orchestra-'C' Blues
021\021-24-Barny Bigard And His Orchestra-June

022\022-01-Benny Goodman-After You've Gone
022\022-02-Benny Goodman-After You've Gone
022\022-03-Benny Goodman-Body And Soul
022\022-04-Benny Goodman-Body And Soul
022\022-05-Benny Goodman-Who
022\022-06-Benny Goodman-Someday Sweetheart
022\022-07-Benny Goodman-China Boy
022\022-08-Benny Goodman-More Than You Know
022\022-09-Benny Goodman-All My Life
022\022-10-Benny Goodman-Oh, Lady Be Good
022\022-11-Benny Goodman-Nobody's Sweetheart
022\022-12-Benny Goodman-Too Good To Be True
022\022-13-Benny Goodman-Moon Glow
022\022-14-Benny Goodman-Moon Glow
022\022-15-Benny Goodman-Dinah
022\022-16-Benny Goodman-Exactly Like You
022\022-17-Benny Goodman-Vibraphone Blues
022\022-18-Benny Goodman-Sweet Sue-Just You
022\022-19-Benny Goodman-My Melancholy Baby
022\022-20-Benny Goodman-Tiger Rag

023\023-01-Benny Goodman-Stompin' At The Savoy (1)
023\023-02-Benny Goodman-Stompin' At The Savoy (2)
023\023-03-Benny Goodman-Whispering
023\023-04-Benny Goodman-Tiger Rag (1)
023\023-05-Benny Goodman-Tiger Rag (2)
023\023-06-Benny Goodman-Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider
023\023-07-Benny Goodman-Tea For Two
023\023-08-Benny Goodman-Runnin' Wild
023\023-09-Benny Goodman-Avalon
023\023-10-Benny Goodman-Handful Of Keys
023\023-11-Benny Goodman-The Man I Love
023\023-12-Benny Goodman-Smiles
023\023-13-Benny Goodman-Liza
023\023-14-Benny Goodman-Where Or When
023\023-15-Benny Goodman-Silhouetted In The Moonlight
023\023-16-Benny Goodman-Vieni, Vieni
023\023-17-Benny Goodman-I'm A Ding Dong Daddy (From Dumas) (1)
023\023-18-Benny Goodman-I'm A Ding Dong Daddy (From Dumas) (2)
023\023-19-Benny Goodman-Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen, Part 1
023\023-20-Benny Goodman-Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen, Part 2

024\024-01-Benny Goodman-Sweet Lorraine
024\024-02-Benny Goodman-The Blues In Your Flat
024\024-03-Benny Goodman-The Blues In My Flat
024\024-04-Benny Goodman-Sugar
024\024-05-Benny Goodman-Dizzy Spells
024\024-06-Benny Goodman-Opus ½ (BG 4)
024\024-07-Benny Goodman-I Must Have That Man (BG 3)
024\024-08-Benny Goodman-Sweet Georgia Brown (BG 4)
024\024-09-Benny Goodman-'S Wonderful (BG 4)
024\024-10-Benny Goodman-Pick-A-Rib (Part 1)
024\024-11-Benny Goodman-Pick-A-Rib (Part 2)
024\024-12-Benny Goodman-I Cried For You
024\024-13-Benny Goodman-I Know That You Know
024\024-14-Benny Goodman-Opus ¾ I
024\024-15-Benny Goodman-Opus ¾ II
024\024-16-Benny Goodman-If I Had You
024\024-17-Benny Goodman-Limehouse Blues
024\024-18-Benny Goodman-Blues In The Night
024\024-19-Benny Goodman-Where Or When
024\024-20-Benny Goodman-On The Sunny Side Of The Street

025\025-01-Lionel Hampton-My Last Affair (1)
025\025-02-Lionel Hampton-My Last Affair (2)
025\025-03-Lionel Hampton-Jivin' The Vibres
025\025-04-Lionel Hampton-The Mood That I'm In
025\025-05-Lionel Hampton-Stomp
025\025-06-Lionel Hampton-Buzzin' Around With The Bee
025\025-07-Lionel Hampton-Whoa Babe
025\025-08-Lionel Hampton-Stompology
025\025-09-Lionel Hampton-On The Sunny Side Of The Street
025\025-10-Lionel Hampton-Rhythm, Rhythm (I Got Rhythm)
025\025-11-Lionel Hampton-China Stomp (Chinatown)
025\025-12-Lionel Hampton-I Know That You Know
025\025-13-Lionel Hampton-Confessin'
025\025-14-Lionel Hampton-Drum Stomp (Crazy Rhythm)
025\025-15-Lionel Hampton-Piano Stomp (Shine)
025\025-16-Lionel Hampton-I Surrender, Dear
025\025-17-Lionel Hampton-The Object Of My Affection (1)
025\025-18-Lionel Hampton-The Object Of My Affection (2)
025\025-19-Lionel Hampton-Judy
025\025-20-Lionel Hampton-Baby, Won't You Please Come Home
025\025-21-Lionel Hampton-Everybody Loves My Baby
025\025-22-Lionel Hampton-After You've Gone
025\025-23-Lionel Hampton-I Just Couldn't Take It, Baby

026\026-01-Lionel Hampton-You're My Ideal
026\026-02-Lionel Hampton-The Sun Will Shine Tonight
026\026-03-Lionel Hampton-Ring Dem Bells
026\026-04-Lionel Hampton-Don't Be That Way
026\026-05-Lionel Hampton-I'm In The Mood For Swing
026\026-06-Lionel Hampton-Shoe Shiner's Drag
026\026-07-Lionel Hampton-Any Time At All
026\026-08-Lionel Hampton-Muskrat Ramble
026\026-09-Lionel Hampton-Down Home Jump
026\026-10-Lionel Hampton-Rock Hill Special
026\026-11-Lionel Hampton-Fiddle Diddle
026\026-12-Lionel Hampton-I Can Give You Love
026\026-13-Lionel Hampton-High Society
026\026-14-Lionel Hampton-It Don't Mean A Thing
026\026-15-Lionel Hampton-Johnny Get Your Horn And Blow It
026\026-16-Lionel Hampton-Sweethearts On Parade
026\026-17-Lionel Hampton-Shufflin' At The Hollywood (1)
026\026-18-Lionel Hampton-Shufflin' At The Hollywood (2)
026\026-19-Lionel Hampton-Denison Swing
026\026-20-Lionel Hampton-Wizzin' The Wizz

027\027-01-Lionel Hampton-If It's Good (Then I Want It)
027\027-02-Lionel Hampton-Stand By For Further Announcements
027\027-03-Lionel Hampton-Ain't Cha Comin' Home
027\027-04-Lionel Hampton-Big-Wig In The Wigwam
027\027-05-Lionel Hampton-Memories Of You
027\027-06-Lionel Hampton-The Jumpin' Jive
027\027-07-Lionel Hampton-12th Street Rag
027\027-08-Lionel Hampton-When Lights Are Low (1)
027\027-09-Lionel Hampton-When Lights Are Low (2)
027\027-10-Lionel Hampton-One Sweet Letter From You
027\027-11-Lionel Hampton-Hot Mallets
027\027-12-Lionel Hampton-Early Session Hop
027\027-13-Lionel Hampton-I'm On My Way From You
027\027-14-Lionel Hampton-Haven't Named It Yet
027\027-15-Lionel Hampton-The Heebie Jeebies Are Rockin' The Town (1)
027\027-16-Lionel Hampton-The Heebie Jeebies Are Rockin' The Town (2)
027\027-17-Lionel Hampton-The Munson Street Breakdown
027\027-18-Lionel Hampton-I've Found A New Baby
027\027-19-Lionel Hampton-I Can't Get Started
027\027-20-Lionel Hampton-Four Or Five Times
027\027-21-Lionel Hampton-Gin For Christmas

028\028-01-Lionel Hampton-Dinah
028\028-02-Lionel Hampton-Dinah
028\028-03-Lionel Hampton-My Buddy
028\028-04-Lionel Hampton-Singin' The Blues
028\028-05-Lionel Hampton-Shades Of Jade
028\028-06-Lionel Hampton-Till Tom Special
028\028-07-Lionel Hampton-Flying Home
028\028-08-Lionel Hampton-Save It, Pretty Mama
028\028-09-Lionel Hampton-Tempo And Swing
028\028-10-Lionel Hampton-House Of Morgan
028\028-11-Lionel Hampton-I'd Be Lost Without You
028\028-12-Lionel Hampton-Central Avenue Breakdown
028\028-13-Lionel Hampton-Jack The Bellboy
028\028-14-Lionel Hampton-Dough-Ra-Me
028\028-15-Lionel Hampton-Jivin' With Jarvis
028\028-16-Lionel Hampton-Blue (Because Of You)
028\028-17-Lionel Hampton-I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance
028\028-18-Lionel Hampton-Tempo And Swing
028\028-19-Lionel Hampton-Flying Home

029\029-01-Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra-Just for Laughs
029\029-02-Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra-Martin on Every Block
029\029-03-Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra-Pig Foot Sonata
029\029-04-Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra-Charlie was a Soldier
029\029-05-Lionel Hampton and his Sextette-Lost Love
029\029-06-Lionel Hampton and his Sextette-I nearly Lost My Mind
029\029-07-Lionel Hampton and his Sextette-Altitude
029\029-08-Lionel Hampton and his Sextette-Fiddle Dee Dee
029\029-09-Lionel Hampton and his Sextette-Bogo Jo
029\029-10-Lionel Hampton and his Sextette-Open House
029\029-11-Lionel Hampton and his Sextette-Smart Alec
029\029-12-Lionel Hampton and his Sextette-Bouncing at the Beacon
029\029-13-Lionel Hampton and his Sextette-Give Me Some Skin
029\029-14-Lionel Hampton and his Sextette-Now That You're Mine
029\029-15-Lionel Hampton and his Sextette-Chasin' with Chase
029\029-16-Lionel Hampton and his Sextette-Three-Quarter Boogie
029\029-17-Lionel Hampton Sextet-Royal Family
029\029-18-Lionel Hampton Sextet-I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me
029\029-19-Lionel Hampton Sextet-Blues in the News
029\029-20-Lionel Hampton Sextet-Exactly Like You

030\030-01-Coleman Hawkins-The Day You Came Along
030\030-02-Coleman Hawkins-Jamaica Shout
030\030-03-Coleman Hawkins-Heart Break Blues
030\030-04-Coleman Hawkins-It Sends Me
030\030-05-Coleman Hawkins-I Ain't Got Nobody
030\030-06-Coleman Hawkins-On The Sunny Side Of The Street
030\030-07-Coleman Hawkins-Lullaby
030\030-08-Coleman Hawkins-Lady Be Good
030\030-09-Coleman Hawkins-Lost In A Fog
030\030-10-Coleman Hawkins-Honeysuckle Rose
030\030-11-Coleman Hawkins-Some Of These Days
030\030-12-Coleman Hawkins-After You've Gone
030\030-13-Coleman Hawkins-I Only Have Eyes for You
030\030-14-Coleman Hawkins-I Wish I Were Twins
030\030-15-Coleman Hawkins-Hands Across The Table
030\030-16-Coleman Hawkins-Blue Moon
030\030-17-Coleman Hawkins-Avalon
030\030-18-Coleman Hawkins-What A Difference A Day Made
030\030-19-Coleman Hawkins-Stardust
030\030-20-Coleman Hawkins-Chicago
030\030-21-Coleman Hawkins-Meditation
030\030-22-Coleman Hawkins-What Harlem Means To Me
030\030-23-Coleman Hawkins-Netcha's Dream

031\031-01-Coleman Hawkins-Love Cries
031\031-02-Coleman Hawkins-Sorrow
031\031-03-Coleman Hawkins-Tiger Rag
031\031-04-Coleman Hawkins-It May Not Be True
031\031-05-Coleman Hawkins-I Wanna Go Back To Harlem
031\031-06-Coleman Hawkins-Consolation
031\031-07-Coleman Hawkins-A Strange Fact
031\031-08-Coleman Hawkins-Original Dixieland One Steo
031\031-09-Coleman Hawkins-Smiles
031\031-10-Coleman Hawkins-Something Is Gonna Give Me Away
031\031-11-Coleman Hawkins-Honeysuckle Rose
031\031-12-Coleman Hawkins-Crazy Rhythm
031\031-13-Coleman Hawkins-Out Of Nowhere
031\031-14-Coleman Hawkins-Sweet Georgia Brown
031\031-15-Coleman Hawkins-Lamentation
031\031-16-Coleman Hawkins-Devotion
031\031-17-Coleman Hawkins-Star Dust
031\031-18-Coleman Hawkins-Well, All Right Then
031\031-19-Coleman Hawkins-Blues Evermore
031\031-20-Coleman Hawkins-Dear Old Southland
031\031-21-Coleman Hawkins-Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
031\031-22-Coleman Hawkins-I Know That You Know
031\031-23-Coleman Hawkins-When Buddha Smiles
031\031-24-Coleman Hawkins-Swinging In The Groove

032\032-01-Coleman Hawkins-Meet Doctor Foo
032\032-02-Coleman Hawkins-Fine Dinner
032\032-03-Coleman Hawkins-She's Funny That Way
032\032-04-Coleman Hawkins-Body And Soul
032\032-05-Coleman Hawkins-When Day Is Done
032\032-06-Coleman Hawkins-The Sheik Of Araby
032\032-07-Coleman Hawkins-My Blue Heaven
032\032-08-Coleman Hawkins-Bouncing With Bean
032\032-09-Coleman Hawkins-Smack
032\032-10-Coleman Hawkins-I Surrender Dear
032\032-11-Coleman Hawkins-I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
032\032-12-Coleman Hawkins-Dedication
032\032-13-Coleman Hawkins-Passin' It Around
032\032-14-Coleman Hawkins-Serenade To A Sleeping Beauty
032\032-15-Coleman Hawkins-Rocky Comfort
032\032-16-Coleman Hawkins-Forgive A Fool
032\032-17-Coleman Hawkins-Esquire Bounce
032\032-18-Coleman Hawkins-Boff Boff
032\032-19-Coleman Hawkins-My Ideal
032\032-20-Coleman Hawkins-Esquire Blues

033\033-01-Coleman Hawkins-Voodte
033\033-02-Coleman Hawkins-How Deep Is The Ocean
033\033-03-Coleman Hawkins-Hawkins Barrel House
033\033-04-Coleman Hawkins-Stumpy
033\033-05-Coleman Hawkins-Lover Come Back To Me
033\033-06-Coleman Hawkins-Blues Changes
033\033-07-Coleman Hawkins-Crazy Rhythm
033\033-08-Coleman Hawkins-Get Happy
033\033-09-Coleman Hawkins-The Man I Love
033\033-10-Coleman Hawkins-Sweet Lorraine
033\033-11-Coleman Hawkins-I Only Have Eyes For You
033\033-12-Coleman Hawkins-S Wonderful
033\033-13-Coleman Hawkins-I'm In The Mood For Love
033\033-14-Coleman Hawkins-Bean' At The Met
033\033-15-Coleman Hawkins-Flame Thrower
033\033-16-Coleman Hawkins-Imagination
033\033-17-Coleman Hawkins-Night And Day
033\033-18-Coleman Hawkins-Cattin' At Keynote
033\033-19-Coleman Hawkins-Pick Up Boys
033\033-20-Coleman Hawkins-Porgy
033\033-21-Coleman Hawkins-Uptown Lullaby
033\033-22-Coleman Hawkins-Salt Peanuts

034\034-01-Coleman Hawkins-On The Sunny Side Of The Street
034\034-02-Coleman Hawkins-Three Little Words
034\034-03-Coleman Hawkins-Battle Of The Saxes
034\034-04-Coleman Hawkins-Louise
034\034-05-Coleman Hawkins-Make Believe
034\034-06-Coleman Hawkins-Don't Blame Me
034\034-07-Coleman Hawkins-Just One Of Those Things
034\034-08-Coleman Hawkins-Hallelujah
034\034-09-Coleman Hawkins-All The Things You Are
034\034-10-Coleman Hawkins-Step On It
034\034-11-Coleman Hawkins-Riding On 52nd Street
034\034-12-Coleman Hawkins-Memories Of You
034\034-13-Coleman Hawkins-In The Hush Of The Night
034\034-14-Coleman Hawkins-Out To Lunch
034\034-15-Coleman Hawkins-Every Man For Himself
034\034-16-Coleman Hawkins-Look Out Jack
034\034-17-Coleman Hawkins-I'm Yours
034\034-18-Coleman Hawkins-Under A Blanket Of Blue
034\034-19-Coleman Hawkins-Beyond The Blue Horizon
034\034-20-Coleman Hawkins-A Shanty In Old Shanty Town

035\035-01-Charlie Shavers' All American Five-My Man
035\035-02-Charlie Shavers' All American Five-El Salon De Gutbucket
035\035-03-Charlie Shavers' All American Five-Embraceable You
035\035-04-Charlie Shavers' All American Five-Undecided
035\035-05-Coleman Hawkins Quartet -Recollections
035\035-06-Coleman Hawkins Quartet -Drifting On A Reed
035\035-07-Coleman Hawkins Quartet -Flyin' Hawk
035\035-08-Coleman Hawkins Quartet -On The Bean
035\035-09-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-Sportman's Hop
035\035-10-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-Bean Stalking
035\035-11-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-Ready For Love
035\035-12-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-Ladies Lullaby
035\035-13-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-The Night Ramble
035\035-14-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-Leave My Heart Alone
035\035-15-Coleman Hawkins-Hawk's Variations, Part 1
035\035-16-Coleman Hawkins-Hawk's Variations, Part 2
035\035-17-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-April In Paris
035\035-18-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-Rifftide
035\035-19-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-Stardust
035\035-20-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-Stuffy
035\035-21-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-Hollywood Stampede
035\035-22-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-I'm Through With Love
035\035-23-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-What Is There To Say
035\035-24-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams

036\036-01-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-It's Only A Papermoon
036\036-02-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-Sih-Sah
036\036-03-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-Bean's Talking Again
036\036-04-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-Bah-U-Bah
036\036-05-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-I Surrender Dear
036\036-06-Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra-Sophisticated Lady
036\036-07-Coleman Hawkins And His All+Stars-Get Happy
036\036-08-Coleman Hawkins And His All+Stars-Lullaby Of Birdland
036\036-09-Coleman Hawkins And His All+Stars-Out Of Nowhere
036\036-10-Coleman Hawkins And His All+Stars-Blue Lou
036\036-11-Coleman Hawkins And His All+Stars-Stompin' At The Savoy
036\036-12-Coleman Hawkins And His All+Stars-Just You, Just Me
036\036-13-Coleman Hawkins And His All+Stars-If I Had You
036\036-14-Coleman Hawkins And His All+Stars-Ain't Misbehavin'
036\036-15-Coleman Hawkins And His All+Stars-Cheek To Cheek
036\036-16-Coleman Hawkins And His All+Stars-Honeysuckle Rose

037\037-01-Coleman Hawkins+Roy Eldridge-Bean Stalkin'
037\037-02-Coleman Hawkins+Roy Eldridge-Tea For Two
037\037-03-Coleman Hawkins+Roy Eldridge-The Walker
037\037-04-Coleman Hawkins+Roy Eldridge-The Nearness Of You
037\037-05-Coleman Hawkins+Roy Eldridge-Time On My Hands
037\037-06-Coleman Hawkins+Roy Eldridge-Blue Moon
037\037-07-Coleman Hawkins+Roy Eldridge-Kerry
037\037-08-Coleman Hawkins+Roy Eldridge-Cocktails For Two
037\037-09-Coleman Hawkins And His Confreres-Sunday
037\037-10-Coleman Hawkins And His Confreres-Hanid
037\037-11-Coleman Hawkins And His Confreres-Honey Flower
037\037-12-Coleman Hawkins And His Confreres-Nabob

038\038-01-John Kirby-Rehearsin' For A Nervous Breakdown
038\038-02-John Kirby-From A Flat To C
038\038-03-John Kirby-Pastel Blue (Blue Dilemma)
038\038-04-John Kirby-Undecided
038\038-05-John Kirby-By The Waters Of The Minnetonka
038\038-06-John Kirby-It Feels Good
038\038-07-John Kirby-Effervescent Blues
038\038-08-John Kirby-The Turf
038\038-09-John Kirby-Dawn On The Desert
038\038-10-John Kirby-Anitra's Dance
038\038-11-John Kirby-Sweet Georgia Brown
038\038-12-John Kirby-Drink To Me With Thine Eyes
038\038-13-John Kirby-Minute Waltz
038\038-14-John Kirby-Front And Center
038\038-15-John Kirby-Royal Garden Blues
038\038-16-John Kirby-Opus 5
038\038-17-John Kirby-Impromptu
038\038-18-John Kirby-Blues Skies
038\038-19-John Kirby-Rose Room
038\038-20-John Kirby-I May Be Wrong (But I Think You're Wonderful)
038\038-21-John Kirby-Little Brown Jug
038\038-22-John Kirby-Nocturne
038\038-23-John Kirby-One Alone
038\038-24-John Kirby-Humoresque
038\038-25-John Kirby-Serenade

039\039-01-John Kirby-Jumpin' in The Pump Room
039\039-02-John Kirby-Milumbu
039\039-03-John Kirby-Go Your Way
039\039-04-John Kirby-20th Century Closet
039\039-05-John Kirby-Temptation
039\039-06-John Kirby-Blues Petite
039\039-07-John Kirby-On A Little Street In Singapore
039\039-08-John Kirby-Chloe
039\039-09-John Kirby-Andiology
039\039-10-John Kirby-Can't We Be Friends
039\039-11-John Kirby-Then I'll Be Happy
039\039-12-John Kirby-I Love You Truly
039\039-13-John Kirby-Frasquita Serenade
039\039-14-John Kirby-Sextet From 'Lucia'
039\039-15-John Kirby-Coquette
039\039-16-John Kirby-Zooming At the Zombie
039\039-17-John Kirby-Bounce Of The Sugar Plum Fairy
039\039-18-John Kirby-Beethoven Riffs On
039\039-19-John Kirby-Double Talk
039\039-20-John Kirby-Cuttin' The Campus

040\040-01-John Kirby-Coquette
040\040-02-John Kirby-Royal Garden Blues
040\040-03-John Kirby-Close Shave
040\040-04-John Kirby-Bugler's Dilemma
040\040-05-John Kirby-It's Only A Paper Moon
040\040-06-John Kirby-Fifi's Rhapsody
040\040-07-John Kirby-Night Whispers
040\040-08-John Kirby-Tweed Me
040\040-09-John Kirby-Move Over
040\040-10-John Kirby-Wondering Where
040\040-11-John Kirby-Schubert's Serenade
040\040-12-John Kirby-Toselli's Serenade
040\040-13-John Kirby-Keep Smilin'
040\040-14-John Kirby-Comin' Back
040\040-15-John Kirby-No Blues At All
040\040-16-John Kirby-St. Louis Blues
040\040-17-John Kirby-Do You Savvy
040\040-18-John Kirby-Tunisian Trail
040\040-19-John Kirby-9-20 Special
040\040-20-John Kirby-Crossroads
040\040-21-John Kirby-Can't We Be Friends

041\041-01-All Star Band-Blue Lou
041\041-02-All Star Band-The Blues
041\041-03-Metronome All Star Band-King Porter Stomp
041\041-04-Metronome All Star Nine-All Star Strut
041\041-05-Metronome All Star Band-Bugle Call Rag
041\041-06-Metronome All Star Band-One O'Clock Jump
041\041-07-Metronome All Star Band-Royal Flush (1)
041\041-08-Metronome All Star Band-Royal Flush (2)
041\041-09-Metronome All Star Band-Dear Old Southland
041\041-10-Metronome All-Star Leaders-I Got Rhythm (1)
041\041-11-Metronome All-Star Leaders-I Got Rhythm (2)
041\041-12-Esquire All-American Award Winners-Long Long Journey
041\041-13-Esquire All-American Award Winners-Snafu
041\041-14-Esquire All-American Award Winners-The One That Got Away
041\041-15-Esquire All-American Award Winners-Gone With The Wind
041\041-16-Metronome All Star Band-Look Out
041\041-17-Metronome All Star Band-Metronome All Out
041\041-18-Esquire All-American Award Winners-Indiana Winter
041\041-19-Esquire All-American Award Winners-Indian Summer
041\041-20-Esquire All-American Award Winners-Blow Me Down
041\041-21-Esquire All-American Award Winners-Buckin' The Blues

042\042-01-Milton Mezzrow-Free Love
042\042-02-Milton Mezzrow-Dissonance
042\042-03-Milton Mezzrow-Swinging With Mezz
042\042-04-Milton Mezzrow-Love, You're Not The One For Me
042\042-05-Milton Mezzrow-Old Fashioned Love
042\042-06-Milton Mezzrow-Apologies
042\042-07-Milton Mezzrow-Sendin' The Vipers
042\042-08-Milton Mezzrow-35th & Calumet
042\042-09-Milton Mezzrow-A Melody From The Sky
042\042-10-Milton Mezzrow-Lost
042\042-11-Milton Mezzrow-Mutiny In The Parlor
042\042-12-Milton Mezzrow-The Panic Is On
042\042-13-Milton Mezzrow-I'se A Muggin' Pt. 1
042\042-14-Milton Mezzrow-I'se A Muggin' Pt. 2
042\042-15-Milton Mezzrow-Blues In Disguise
042\042-16-Milton Mezzrow-That's How I Feel Today
042\042-17-Milton Mezzrow-Hot Club Stomp
042\042-18-Milton Mezzrow-The Swing Session's Called To Order
042\042-19-Milton Mezzrow-Revolutionary Blues
042\042-20-Milton Mezzrow-Comin' On With The Come On + Part 1
042\042-21-Milton Mezzrow-Comin' On With The Come On + Part 2
042\042-22-Milton Mezzrow-Swingin' For Mezz (Careless Love)

043\043-01-Frankie Newton and his Uptown Serenaders-You Showed Me the Way
043\043-02-Frankie Newton and his Uptown Serenaders-Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
043\043-03-Frankie Newton and his Uptown Serenaders-Who's Sorry Now
043\043-04-Frankie Newton and his Uptown Serenaders-I've Found a New Baby
043\043-05-Frankie Newton and his Uptown Serenaders-The Brittwood Stomp
043\043-06-Frankie Newton and his Uptown Serenaders-There's No Two Ways About It
043\043-07-Frankie Newton and his Uptown Serenaders-'Cause My baby Says It's So
043\043-08-Frankie Newton and his Orchestra-Easy Living
043\043-09-Frankie Newton and his Orchestra-The Onyx Hop
043\043-10-Frankie Newton and his Orchestra-Where or When
043\043-11-Frankie Newton and his Orchestra-Rosetta
043\043-12-Frankie Newton and his Orchestra-Minor Jive
043\043-13-Frankie Newton and his Orchestra-The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
043\043-14-Frankie Newton and his Orchestra-Who
043\043-15-Frankie Newton and his Orchestra-The Blues My Baby Gave to Me
043\043-16-Frankie Newton and his Orchestra-Rompin' (Romping at the Victor)
043\043-17-Frankie Newton and his Café Society Orchestra-Tab's Blues
043\043-18-Frankie Newton and his Café Society Orchestra-Jitters
043\043-19-Frankie Newton and his Café Society Orchestra-Frankie's Jump
043\043-20-Frankie Newton and his Café Society Orchestra-Jam Fever
043\043-21-Frankie Newton and his Café Society Orchestra-Vamp
043\043-22-Frankie Newton and his Café Society Orchestra-Parallel Fifths

044\044-01-Oscar Peterson-I Got Rythm
044\044-02-Oscar Peterson-Louise
044\044-03-Oscar Peterson-My Blue Heaven
044\044-04-Oscar Peterson-The Sheik of Araby
044\044-05-Oscar Peterson-Flying Home
044\044-06-Oscar Peterson-The C Jam Blues
044\044-07-Oscar Peterson-If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
044\044-08-Oscar Peterson-Humoresque
044\044-09-Oscar Peterson-Blue Moon
044\044-10-Oscar Peterson-In a Little Spanish Town
044\044-11-Oscar Peterson-Time on My Hands
044\044-12-Oscar Peterson-China Boy
044\044-13-Oscar Peterson-Runnin' Wild
044\044-14-Oscar Peterson-Sweet Lorraine
044\044-15-Oscar Peterson-Honeydripper
044\044-16-Oscar Peterson-East of the Sund (West of the Moon)
044\044-17-Oscar Peterson-Back Home Again in Indiana
044\044-18-Oscar Peterson-Margie
044\044-19-Oscar Peterson-I Surrender Dear
044\044-20-Oscar Peterson-I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You

045\045-01-Oscar Peterson-Oscar's Boogie
045\045-02-Oscar Peterson-Smiles
045\045-03-Oscar Peterson-Stairway To The Stars
045\045-04-Oscar Peterson-Poor Butterfly
045\045-05-Oscar Peterson-Oop Bop Sh'Bam
045\045-06-Oscar Peterson-Sweet Georgia Brown
045\045-07-Oscar Peterson-Sleepy Time Gal
045\045-08-Oscar Peterson-Rockin' In Rhythm
045\045-09-Oscar Peterson-Fine And Dandy
045\045-10-Oscar Peterson-My Heart Stood Still
045\045-11-Oscar Peterson-Somebody Loves Me
045\045-12-Oscar Peterson-At Sundown
045\045-13-Oscar Peterson-Jumpin' With Symphony Sid
045\045-14-Oscar Peterson-Robbins Nest
045\045-15-Oscar Peterson-Tico Tico
045\045-16-Oscar Peterson-Get Happy
045\045-17-Oscar Peterson-Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
045\045-18-Oscar Peterson-Exactly Like You
045\045-19-Oscar Peterson-Deep Purple
045\045-20-Oscar Peterson-I'll Remember April
045\045-21-Oscar Peterson-Easy To Love
045\045-22-Oscar Peterson-Taking A Chance On Love
045\045-23-Oscar Peterson-Squatty Roo
045\045-24-Oscar Peterson-After All

046\046-01-Django Reinhardt-I'se A-Muggin'
046\046-02-Django Reinhardt-I Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby
046\046-03-Django Reinhardt-Oriental Shuffle
046\046-04-Django Reinhardt-After You've Gone
046\046-05-Django Reinhardt-Are You In The Mood
046\046-06-Django Reinhardt-Limehouse Blues
046\046-07-Django Reinhardt-Nagasaki
046\046-08-Django Reinhardt-Swing Guitars
046\046-09-Django Reinhardt-Georgia On My Mind
046\046-10-Django Reinhardt-Shine (Foxtrot)
046\046-11-Django Reinhardt-In The Still Of The Night
046\046-12-Django Reinhardt-Sweet Chorus
046\046-13-Django Reinhardt-Exactly Like You
046\046-14-Django Reinhardt-Charleston
046\046-15-Django Reinhardt-You're Driving Me Crazy
046\046-16-Django Reinhardt-Tears
046\046-17-Django Reinhardt-Solitude
046\046-18-Django Reinhardt-Hot Lips
046\046-19-Django Reinhardt-Ain't Misbehavin'
046\046-20-Django Reinhardt-Rose Room
046\046-21-Django Reinhardt-Body & Soul
046\046-22-Django Reinhardt-When Day Is Done

047\047-01-Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France-Runnin' Wild
047\047-02-Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France-Chicago
047\047-03-Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France-Liebestraum No. 3
047\047-04-Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France-Miss Annabelle Lee
047\047-05-Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France-A Little Love, A Little Kiss
047\047-06-Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France-Mystery Pacific
047\047-07-Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France-In A Sentimental Mood
047\047-08-Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France-The Sheik Of Araby
047\047-09-Django Reinhardt-Improvisation
047\047-10-Django Reinhardt-Parfum
047\047-11-Stephane Grappelli-Alabammy Bound
047\047-12-Django Reinhardt -St. Louis Blues
047\047-13-Django Reinhardt -Bouncin' Around
047\047-14-Eddie South-Eddie's Blues
047\047-15-Eddie South-Sweet Georgia Brown
047\047-16-Trio De Violons-Lady Be Good
047\047-17-Eddie South + Stephane Grappelli-Dinah
047\047-18-Eddie South + Stephane Grappelli-Daphne
047\047-19-Michel Warlop + Stephane Grappelli-You Took Advantage Of Me
047\047-20-Stephane Grappelli-I've Found A New Baby

048\048-01-Eddie South-Somebody Loves Me
048\048-02-Eddie South-I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
048\048-03-Eddie South-Interpretation Swing J.S. Bach, Part 1
048\048-04-Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France-Minor Swing
048\048-05-Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France-Viper's Dream
048\048-06-Eddie South-Fiddle's Blues
048\048-07-Eddie South-Improvisation J.S. Bach Part 2
048\048-08-Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France-Swinging With Django
048\048-09-Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France-Paramount Stomp
048\048-10-Le Quintette Du Hot Club De France-My Serenade
048\048-11-Django Reinhardt-You Rascal You
048\048-12-Michel Warlop-Tea For Two
048\048-13-Michel Warlop-Christmas Swing
048\048-14-Stephane Grappelli-Stephen's Blues
048\048-15-Stephane Grappelli-Sugar
048\048-16-Django Reinhardt-Sweet Georgia Brown
048\048-17-Django Reinhardt-Tea For Two
048\048-18-Philippe Brun-Blues
048\048-19-Philippe Brun 'Jam' Band -It Had To Be You
048\048-20-Michel Warlop-Sweet Sue

049\049-01-Alabama Jug Band-Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider
049\049-02-Alabama Jug Band-My Gal Sal
049\049-03-Alabama Jug Band-Gulf Coast Blues
049\049-04-Alabama Jug Band-I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
049\049-05-Alabama Jug Band-Jazz It Blues
049\049-06-Alabama Jug Band-Somebody Stole My Gal
049\049-07-Alabama Jug Band-Crazy Blues
049\049-08-Alabama Jug Band-Sugar Blues
049\049-09-Willie Smith (The Lion) And His Cubs-There's Gonna Be The Devil To Pay
049\049-10-Willie Smith (The Lion) And His Cubs-Streamline Gal
049\049-11-Willie Smith-What Can I Do With A Foolish Little Girl Like You
049\049-12-Willie Smith-What Can I Do With A Foolish Little Girl Like You
049\049-13-Willie Smith (The Lion) And His Cubs-Harlem Joys
049\049-14-Willie Smith (The Lion) And His Cubs-Echos Of Spring
049\049-15-Willie Smith (The Lion) And His Cubs-Echos Of Spring
049\049-16-Willie Smith (The Lion) And His Cubs-Breeze (Blow My Baby Back To Me)
049\049-17-Willie Smith (The Lion) And His Cubs-Swing, Brother, Swing
049\049-18-Willie Smith (The Lion) And His Cubs-Sittin' At The Table (Opposite You)
049\049-19-Willie Smith (The Lion) And His Cubs-The Swampland Is Calling Me
049\049-20-Willie Smith (The Lion) And His Cubs-More Than That
049\049-21-Willie Smith (The Lion) And His Cubs-I'm All Out Of Breath
049\049-22-Willie Smith (The Lion) And His Cubs-I Can See You All Over The Place

050\050-01-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Baby Brown
050\050-02-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-No Lovers Allowed
050\050-03-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Dust Off That Old Pianna
050\050-04-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Dust Off That Old Pianna
050\050-05-New Orleans Rhythm Kings-Since We Fell Out Of Love
050\050-06-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-Big Butter And Egg Man
050\050-07-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-Someday Sweetheart
050\050-08-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-Eccentric
050\050-09-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-That Da Da Strain
050\050-10-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-At The Jazz Band Ball
050\050-11-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate
050\050-12-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-Dipper Mouth Blues
050\050-13-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-Livery Stable Blues (Barnyard Blues)
050\050-14-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-Riverboat Shuffle
050\050-15-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-Relaxin' At The Touro
050\050-16-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-At Sundown
050\050-17-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-Bluin' The Blues
050\050-18-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-Lonesome Road
050\050-19-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-Dinah
050\050-20-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-(What Did I Do To Be So) Black And Blue
050\050-21-Muggsy Spanier And His Ragtime Band-Mandy, Make Up Your Mind

051\051-01-Rex Stewart And His Fifty+Second Street Stompers -Rexatious
051\051-02-Rex Stewart And His Fifty+Second Street Stompers -Lazy Man's Shuffle
051\051-03-Rex Stewart And His Fifty+Second Street Stompers -The Back Room Romp
051\051-04-Rex Stewart And His Fifty+Second Street Stompers -Love's In My Heart (Swing, Baby, Swing)
051\051-05-Rex Stewart And His Fifty+Second Street Stompers -Sugar Hill Shim Sham
051\051-06-Rex Stewart And His Fifty+Second Street Stompers -Tea And Trumpets
051\051-07-Rex Stewart And His Fifty+Second Street Stompers -San Juan Hill
051\051-08-Rex Stewart And His Fifty+Second Street Stompers -I'll Come Back For More
051\051-09-Rex Stewart’s Big Seven-Cherry
051\051-10-Rex Stewart’s Big Seven-Solid Rock
051\051-11-Rex Stewart’s Big Seven-Bugle Call Rag
051\051-12-Rex Stewart’s Big Seven-Diga Diga Doo
051\051-13-Rex Stewart And His Orchestra-Without A Song
051\051-14-Rex Stewart And His Orchestra-Without A Song
051\051-15-Rex Stewart And His Orchestra-My Sunday Gal
051\051-16-Rex Stewart And His Orchestra-Mobile Bay
051\051-17-Rex Stewart And His Orchestra-Mobile Bay
051\051-18-Rex Stewart And His Orchestra-Linger Awhile
051\051-19-Rex Stewart And His Orchestra-Linger Awhile

052\052-01-Art Tatum-Tea For Two
052\052-02-Art Tatum-St. Louis Blues
052\052-03-Art Tatum-Tiger Rag
052\052-04-Art Tatum-Sophisticated Lady
052\052-05-Art Tatum-Moon Glow
052\052-06-Art Tatum-When A Woman Loves A Man
052\052-07-Art Tatum-Emaline
052\052-08-Art Tatum-Love Me
052\052-09-Art Tatum-Cocktails For Two
052\052-10-Art Tatum-After You've Gone
052\052-11-Art Tatum-Ill Wind
052\052-12-Art Tatum-The Shout
052\052-13-Art Tatum-Liza
052\052-14-Art Tatum-(I Would Do) Anything For You
052\052-15-Art Tatum-When A Woman Loves A Man
052\052-16-Art Tatum-After You've Gone
052\052-17-Art Tatum-Star Dust
052\052-18-Art Tatum-I Ain't Got Nobody
052\052-19-Art Tatum-Beautiful Love
052\052-20-Art Tatum-Liza
052\052-21-Art Tatum And His Swingsters-Body And Soul
052\052-22-Art Tatum And His Swingsters-With Plenty Of Money And You
052\052-23-Art Tatum And His Swingsters-What Will I Tell My Heart
052\052-24-Art Tatum And His Swingsters-I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

053\053-01-Art Tatum-Gone With The Wind
053\053-02-Art Tatum-Stormy Weather
053\053-03-Art Tatum-Chloe
053\053-04-Art Tatum-The Sheik Of Araby
053\053-05-Art Tatum-Tea For Two
053\053-06-Art Tatum-Deep Purple
053\053-07-Art Tatum-Elegie
053\053-08-Art Tatum-Humoresque
053\053-09-Art Tatum-Sweet Lorraine
053\053-10-Art Tatum-Get Happy
053\053-11-Art Tatum-Lullaby Of The Leaves
053\053-12-Art Tatum-Tiger Rag
053\053-13-Art Tatum-Emaline
053\053-14-Art Tatum-Moonglow
053\053-15-Art Tatum-Love Me Tonight
053\053-16-Art Tatum-Cocktails For Two
053\053-17-Art Tatum-St. Louis Blues
053\053-18-Art Tatum-Begin The Beguine
053\053-19-Art Tatum-Rosetta
053\053-20-Art Tatum-Indiana
053\053-21-Art Tatum And His Band-Wee Baby Blues
053\053-22-Art Tatum And His Band-Stompin' At The Savoy
053\053-23-Art Tatum And His Band-Last Goodbye Blues
053\053-24-Art Tatum And His Band-Battery Bounce

054\054-01-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-Break It Down
054\054-02-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-Juba Dance
054\054-03-Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra-Fare-Thee-Well To Harlem
054\054-04-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-China Boy
054\054-05-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-Emaline
054\054-06-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-In A Mist
054\054-07-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-Long About Midnight
054\054-08-Jack Teagarden-Fare-Thee-Well To Harlem
054\054-09-Jack Teagarden-Ol' Pappy
054\054-10-Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra-G' Blues
054\054-11-Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra-Christmas Night In Harlem
054\054-12-Benny Goodman And His Orchestra-I Ain't Lazy, I'm Just Dreaming
054\054-13-Benny Goodman And His Orchestra-As Long As I Live
054\054-14-Benny Goodman And His Orchestra-Moonglow
054\054-15-Benny Goodman And His Orchestra-Breakfast Ball
054\054-16-Jack Teagarden -Junk Man
054\054-17-Jack Teagarden -Stars Fell On Alabama
054\054-18-Jack Teagarden -Your Guess Is Just As Good As Mine
054\054-19-Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra-Nobody's Sweetheart Now
054\054-20-Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra-Ain't Misbehavin'
054\054-21-Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra-Darktown Strutters' Ball
054\054-22-Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra-Farewell Blues
054\054-23-Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra-Announcer's Blues

055\055-01-Wingy Mannone And His Orchestra-Every Now And Then
055\055-02-Wingy Mannone And His Orchestra-I've Got A Feeling You're Fooling
055\055-03-Wingy Mannone And His Orchestra-You're My Lucky Star
055\055-04-Wingy Mannone And His Orchestra-I've Got A Note (1)
055\055-05-Wingy Mannone And His Orchestra-I've Got A Note (2)
055\055-06-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-Flight Of A Haybag
055\055-07-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-Breakin' In A New Pair Of Shoes
055\055-08-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-Announcer's Blues
055\055-09-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-I Hope Gabriel Likes My Music
055\055-10-The Three T's-I'se A Muggin', Part 1
055\055-11-The Three T's-I'se A Muggin', Part 2
055\055-12-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-Somebody Loves Me
055\055-13-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-The Mayor Of Alabam'
055\055-14-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-Ain't Misbehavin'
055\055-15-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-S Wonderful
055\055-16-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-I'm An Old Cowhand
055\055-17-Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra-Diga Diga Doo
055\055-18-Eddie Condon And His Windy City Seven-Embraceable You
055\055-19-Eddie Condon And His Windy City Seven-Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland
055\055-20-Eddie Condon And His Windy City Seven-Diane
055\055-21-Eddie Condon And His Windy City Seven-Serenade To A Shylock

056\056-01-Fats Waller- Handful Of Keys
056\056-02-Fats Waller- Numb Fumblin'
056\056-03-Fats Waller- Ain't Misbehavin'
056\056-04-Fats Waller- Sweet Savannah Sue
056\056-05-Fats Waller- I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling
056\056-06-Fats Waller- Love Me Or Leave Me (1)
056\056-07-Fats Waller- Love Me Or Leave Me (2)
056\056-08-Fats Waller- Gladyse
056\056-09-Fats Waller- Valentine Stomp (1)
056\056-10-Fats Waller- Valentine Stomp (2)
056\056-11-Fats Waller- Waiting At The End Of The Road
056\056-12-Fats Waller- Baby, Oh! Where Can You Be
056\056-13-Fats Waller- Goin' About (1)
056\056-14-Fats Waller- Goin' About (2)
056\056-15-Fats Waller- My Feelin's Are Hurt
056\056-16-Fats Waller- Smashin' Thirds
056\056-17-Fats Waller- My Fate Is In Your Hand
056\056-18-Fats Waller- Turn On The Heat
056\056-19-Fats Waller-Fats Waller & Bennie Paine - St Louis Blues
056\056-20-Fats Waller-Fats Waller & Bennie Paine - After You've Gone
056\056-21-Fats Waller-Fats Waller - African Ripples
056\056-22-Fats Waller-Fats Waller - Clothes Linen Ballet
056\056-23-Fats Waller-Fats Waller - Alligator Crawl
056\056-24-Fats Waller-Fats Waller - Viper's Drag

057\057-01-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-A Porter's Love Story
057\057-02-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-I Wish I Were Twins
057\057-03-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-Armful o' Sweetness
057\057-04-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-Do Me a Favor
057\057-05-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-Georgia May
057\057-06-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-Then I'll Be Tired of You
057\057-07-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-Don't Let it Bother You
057\057-08-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-Have a Little Dream on Me
057\057-09-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-Serenade for a Wealthy Widow
057\057-10-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-How Can You Face Me
057\057-11-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-Sweetie Pie
057\057-12-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-Mandy
057\057-13-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-Let's Pretend There's a Moon
057\057-14-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-You're Not the Only Oyster in the Stew
057\057-15-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-Honeysuckle Rose
057\057-16-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-Believe It beloved
057\057-17-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-Dream Man (Make Me Dream Some More)
057\057-18-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-I'm Growing Fonder of You
057\057-19-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-If It Ain't Love
057\057-20-Fats Waller and his Rhythm-Breakin' the Ice

058\058-01-Fats Waller-I'm A Hundred Per Cent For You (vocal)
058\058-02-Fats Waller-I'm A Hundred Per Cent For You (non vocal)
058\058-03-Fats Waller-Baby Brown (vocal)
058\058-04-Fats Waller-Baby Brown (non vocal)
058\058-05-Fats Waller-Night Wind
058\058-06-Fats Waller-Because Of Once Upon A Time
058\058-07-Fats Waller-I Believe In Miracles
058\058-08-Fats Waller-You Fit Into The Picture
058\058-09-Fats Waller-Louisiana Fairy Tale
058\058-10-Fats Waller-I Ain't Got Nobody (vocal)
058\058-11-Fats Waller-I Ain't Got Nobody (non vocal)
058\058-12-Fats Waller-Whose Honey Are You (vocal)
058\058-13-Fats Waller-Whose Honey Are You (non vocal)
058\058-14-Fats Waller-Rosetta (vocal)
058\058-15-Fats Waller-Rosetta (non vocal)
058\058-16-Fats Waller-Pardon My Love
058\058-17-Fats Waller-What's The Reason (vocal)
058\058-18-Fats Waller-What's The Reason (non vocal)
058\058-19-Fats Waller-Cinders
058\058-20-Fats Waller-(Oh Susannah) Dust Off That Old Pianna

059\059-01-Ben Webster Quintet-Cottontail
059\059-02-Ben Webster Quintet-Danny Boy (Londonderry Air)
059\059-03-Ben Webster Quintet-Bounce Blues
059\059-04-Ben Webster And His Orchestra-That's All
059\059-05-Ben Webster And His Orchestra-Pennies From Heaven
059\059-06-Ben Webster And His Orchestra-Tenderly
059\059-07-Ben Webster And His Orchestra-Jive At Six
059\059-08-Ben Webster And His Orchestra-Don't Get Around Much Anymore
059\059-09-Ben Webster And His Orchestra-That's All
059\059-10-Ben Webster Quartet-Love's Away
059\059-11-Ben Webster Quartet-You're Mine You
059\059-12-Ben Webster Quartet-My Funny Valentine
059\059-13-Ben Webster Quartet-Sophisticated Lady
059\059-14-Ben Webster With Ralph Burns’ Orchestra-Love Is Here To Stay
059\059-15-Ben Webster With Ralph Burns’ Orchestra-It Happens To Me
059\059-16-Ben Webster With Ralph Burns’ Orchestra-All Too Soon
059\059-17-Ben Webster With Ralph Burns’ Orchestra-Chelsea Bridge
059\059-18-Ben Webster With Ralph Burns’ Orchestra-Almost Like Being In Love

060\060-01-Gene Krupa -Imagination
060\060-02-Gene Krupa -Don't Take Your Love From Me
060\060-03-Gene Krupa -Midget
060\060-04-Gene Krupa -I'm Coming Virginia
060\060-05-Gene Krupa -Payin' Them Dues Blues
060\060-06-Gene Krupa -Jungle Drums
060\060-07-Gene Krupa -Showcase
060\060-08-Gene Krupa -Swedish Schnapps
060\060-09-Johnny Hodges-In A Mellow Tone
060\060-10-Johnny Hodges-I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
060\060-11-Johnny Hodges-Don't Get Around Much Anymore
060\060-12-Illinois Jacquet-The Kid And The Brute
060\060-13-Illinois Jacquet-I Wrote This For The Kid

061\061-01-Ben Webster With Ralph Burns’ Orchestra-Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
061\061-02-Ben Webster With Ralph Burns’ Orchestra-Prelude To A Kiss
061\061-03-Ben Webster With Ralph Burns’ Orchestra-Willow Weep For Me
061\061-04-Ben Webster With Ralph Burns’ Orchestra-Come Rain Or Come Shine
061\061-05-Bill Harris And Friends-Crazy Rhythm
061\061-06-Bill Harris And Friends-It Might As Well Be Spring
061\061-07-Bill Harris And Friends-Just One More Chance
061\061-08-Bill Harris And Friends-I Surrender Dear
061\061-09-Bill Harris And Friends-In A Mellow Tone
061\061-10-Bill Harris And Friends-Where Are You
061\061-11-Bill Harris And Friends-I'm Getting Sentimental Over You

062\062-01-Buddy Rich Ensemble-Sunday
062\062-02-Buddy Rich Ensemble-The Monster
062\062-03-Buddy Rich Ensemble-Ballad Medley- linernotes
062\062-04-Benny Carter-Old Fashioned Love
062\062-05-Benny Carter-Blue Lou
062\062-06-Benny Carter-A Walkin' Thing
062\062-07-Benny Carter-I'm Coming Virginia
062\062-08-Benny Carter-How Can You Lose

063\063-01-Ben Webster Quintet-Lover Come Back To Me
063\063-02-Ben Webster Quintet-Where Are You
063\063-03-Ben Webster Quintet-Makin' Whoopee
063\063-04-Ben Webster Quintet-Ill Wind
063\063-05-Ben Webster Quintet-Late Date
063\063-06-Ben Webster Quintet-Time On My Hands
063\063-07-Ben Webster Quintet-Soulville
063\063-08-Red Norvo Sextet-Sunrise Blues
063\063-09-Red Norvo Sextet-Easy On The Eye
063\063-10-Red Norvo Sextet-The Night Is Blue
063\063-11-Red Norvo Sextet-Just A Mood

064\064-01-Harry Edison-Opus 711
064\064-02-Harry Edison-Walkin' With Sweets
064\064-03-Harry Edison-Love Is Here To Stay
064\064-04-Harry Edison-How Deep Is The Ocean
064\064-05-Harry Edison-Hollering At Watkins
064\064-06-Harry Edison-Used To Be Basie
064\064-07-Harry Edison-Studio Call
064\064-08-Harry Edison-Willow Weep For Me
064\064-09-Harry Edison-K.M. Blues
064\064-10-Harry Edison + Ben Webster-Blues For Piney Brown
064\064-11-Harry Edison + Ben Webster-Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
064\064-12-Harry Edison + Ben Webster-Blues For The Blues
064\064-13-Harry Edison + Ben Webster-You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me
065\065-01-Harry Edison + Ben Webster- Blues For Bill Basie

065\065-02-Harry Edison + Ben Webster- Taste On The Place
065\065-03-Harry Edison + Ben Webster- Moonlight In Vermont
065\065-04-Ben Webster + Coleman Hawkins- Blues For Yolande
065\065-05-Ben Webster + Coleman Hawkins- Maria
065\065-06-Ben Webster + Coleman Hawkins- It Never Entered My Mind
065\065-07-Ben Webster + Coleman Hawkins- Prisoner Of Love
065\065-08-Ben Webster + Coleman Hawkins- Tangerine
065\065-09-Ben Webster + Coleman Hawkins- La Rosita
065\065-10-Ben Webster + Coleman Hawkins- Cocktails For Two
065\065-11-Ben Webster + Coleman Hawkins- Shine On, Harvest Moon
065\065-12-Ben Webster + Coleman Hawkins- You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To

066\066-01-Art Tatum + Ben Webster- All The Things You Are
066\066-02-Art Tatum + Ben Webster- My One And Only Love
066\066-03-Art Tatum + Ben Webster- My Ideal
066\066-04-Art Tatum + Ben Webster- Gone With The Wind
066\066-05-Art Tatum + Ben Webster- Have You Met Miss Jones
066\066-06-Art Tatum + Ben Webster- Night And Day
066\066-07-Art Tatum + Ben Webster- Where Or When
066\066-08-Barney Kessel And His All Stars- Tiger Rag
066\066-09-Barney Kessel And His All Stars- Jersey Bounce

067\067-01-Teddy Wilson-Somebody Loves Me
067\067-02-Teddy Wilson-Sweet And Simple
067\067-03-Teddy Wilson-Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)
067\067-04-Teddy Wilson-Rosetta
067\067-05-Teddy Wilson-Every Now And Then
067\067-06-Teddy Wilson-It Never Dawned On Me
067\067-07-Teddy Wilson-Liza (All The Clouds'll Roll Away)
067\067-08-Teddy Wilson-Rosetta
067\067-09-Teddy Wilson-I Found A Dream
067\067-10-Teddy Wilson-On Treasure Island
067\067-11-Teddy Wilson-I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze
067\067-12-Teddy Wilson-Breaking In A New Pair Of Shoes
067\067-13-Teddy Wilson-Don't Blame Me
067\067-14-Teddy Wilson-Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
067\067-15-Teddy Wilson-That Old Feeling
067\067-16-Teddy Wilson-My Blue Heaven
067\067-17-Teddy Wilson-Loch Lomond
067\067-18-Teddy Wilson-Tiger Rag
067\067-19-Teddy Wilson-I'll See You In My Dreams
067\067-20-Teddy Wilson-Alice Blue Gown
067\067-21-Teddy Wilson-Coquette
067\067-22-Teddy Wilson-China Boy
067\067-23-Teddy Wilson-Melody In F
067\067-24-Teddy Wilson-When You And I Were Young, Maggie

068\068-01-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-I Wished on the Moon
068\068-02-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-What a Little Moonlight Can Do
068\068-03-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-Miss Brown to You
068\068-04-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-A Sunbonnet Blue (and a Yellow Straw Hat)
068\068-05-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-What a Night, What a Moon, What a Girl
068\068-06-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-I'm Painting the Town Red
068\068-07-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-It's Too hot for Words
068\068-08-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-Sweet lorraine
068\068-09-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-Liza
068\068-10-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-Twenty-Four Hours a Day
068\068-11-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-Yankee Doodle Never Went to Town
068\068-12-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-Eeny Meeny Miney Mo
068\068-13-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-If You Were Mine
068\068-14-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-These 'n' That 'n' Those
068\068-15-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-Sugar Plum
068\068-16-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-You let Me Down
068\068-17-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-Spreadin' Rhythm Around
068\068-18-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-Life Begins When You're in Love
068\068-19-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-(If I Had) Rhythm in My Nursery Rhymes
068\068-20-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-Christopher Columbus
068\068-21-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-My Melancholy Baby
068\068-22-Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra-All My Life

069\069-01-Teddy Wilson-It's Like Reaching For The Moon
069\069-02-Teddy Wilson-These Foolish Things
069\069-03-Teddy Wilson-Why Do I Lie To Myself Over You
069\069-04-Teddy Wilson-I Cried For You
069\069-05-Teddy Wilson-Guess Who
069\069-06-Teddy Wilson-You Came To My Rescue
069\069-07-Teddy Wilson-Here's Love In Your Eyes
069\069-08-Teddy Wilson-You Turned The Tables On Me
069\069-09-Teddy Wilson-Sing, Baby, Sing!
069\069-10-Teddy Wilson-Easy To Love
069\069-11-Teddy Wilson-With Thee I Swing
069\069-12-Teddy Wilson-The Way You Look Tonight
069\069-13-Teddy Wilson-Who Loves You
069\069-14-Teddy Wilson-Who Loves You
069\069-15-Teddy Wilson-Pennies From Heaven
069\069-16-Teddy Wilson-That's Life I Guess
069\069-17-Teddy Wilson-Sailin'
069\069-18-Teddy Wilson-I Can't Give You Anything But Love
069\069-19-Teddy Wilson-I'm With You (Right Or Wrong)
069\069-20-Teddy Wilson-Where The Lazy River Goes By
069\069-21-Teddy Wilson-Tea For Two
069\069-22-Teddy Wilson-I'll See You In My Dreams

070\070-01-Teddy Wilson-He Ain't Got Rhythm
070\070-02-Teddy Wilson-This Year's Kisses
070\070-03-Teddy Wilson-Why Was I Born
070\070-04-Teddy Wilson-I Must Have That Man!
070\070-05-Teddy Wilson-The Mood That I'm In
070\070-06-Teddy Wilson-You Showed Me The Way
070\070-07-Teddy Wilson-Sentimental And Melancholy
070\070-08-Teddy Wilson-(This Is) My Last Affair
070\070-09-Teddy Wilson-Carelessly
070\070-10-Teddy Wilson-How Could You
070\070-11-Teddy Wilson-Moanin' Low
070\070-12-Teddy Wilson-Fine And Dandy
070\070-13-Teddy Wilson-There's A Lull In My Life
070\070-14-Teddy Wilson-It's Swell Of You
070\070-15-Teddy Wilson-How Am I To Know
070\070-16-Teddy Wilson-I'm Coming, Virginia
070\070-17-Teddy Wilson-Sun Showers
070\070-18-Teddy Wilson-Yours And Mine
070\070-19-Teddy Wilson-I'll Get By
070\070-20-Teddy Wilson-Mean To Me

071\071-01-Teddy Wilson-Foolin' Myself
071\071-02-Teddy Wilson-Easy Living
071\071-03-Teddy Wilson-I'll Never Be The Same
071\071-04-Teddy Wilson-I've Found A New Baby
071\071-05-Teddy Wilson-You're My Desire
071\071-06-Teddy Wilson-Remember Me
071\071-07-Teddy Wilson-The Hour Of Parting
071\071-08-Teddy Wilson-Coquette
071\071-09-Teddy Wilson-Big Apple
071\071-10-Teddy Wilson-You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming
071\071-11-Teddy Wilson-If I Had You
071\071-12-Teddy Wilson-You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me
071\071-13-Teddy Wilson-Ain't Misbehavin'
071\071-14-Teddy Wilson-Ain't Misbehavin'
071\071-15-Teddy Wilson-Just A Mood - Part 1
071\071-16-Teddy Wilson-Just A Mood - Part 2
071\071-17-Teddy Wilson-Honeysuckle Rose
071\071-18-Teddy Wilson-Nice Work If You Can Get It
071\071-19-Teddy Wilson-Things Are Looking Up
071\071-20-Teddy Wilson-My Man
071\071-21-Teddy Wilson-Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man

072\072-01-Teddy Wilson-My First Impression Of You
072\072-02-Teddy Wilson-When You're Smiling
072\072-03-Teddy Wilson-When You're Smiling
072\072-04-Teddy Wilson-I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me (1)
072\072-05-Teddy Wilson-I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me (2)
072\072-06-Teddy Wilson-If Dreams Come True
072\072-07-Teddy Wilson-Moments Like This
072\072-08-Teddy Wilson-I Can't Face The Music
072\072-09-Teddy Wilson-Don't Be That Way
072\072-10-Teddy Wilson-If I Were You
072\072-11-Teddy Wilson-You Go To My Head
072\072-12-Teddy Wilson-I'll Dream Tonight
072\072-13-Teddy Wilson-Jungle Love
072\072-14-Teddy Wilson-Now It Can Be Told
072\072-15-Teddy Wilson-Laugh And Call It Love
072\072-16-Teddy Wilson-On The Bumpy Road To Love
072\072-17-Teddy Wilson-A Tisket, A Tasket
072\072-18-Teddy Wilson-Everybody's Laughin'
072\072-19-Teddy Wilson-Here It Is Tomorrow Again
072\072-20-Teddy Wilson-Say It With A Kiss
072\072-21-Teddy Wilson-April In My Heart
072\072-22-Teddy Wilson-I'll Never Fail You
072\072-23-Teddy Wilson-They Say

073\073-01-Smith Incorporated-Shoe Shine Boy
073\073-02-Smith Incorporated-Evenin'
073\073-03-Smith Incorporated-Boogie Woogie
073\073-04-Smith Incorporated-Oh, Lady Be Good
073\073-05-Count Basie Ensemble-Mortgage Stomp
073\073-06-Count Basie Ensemble-Don't Be That Way
073\073-07-Count Basie Ensemble-Blues With Helen
073\073-08-Count Basie Ensemble-Song Of The Wanderer
073\073-09-Count Basie Ensemble-Allez Oop
073\073-10-Kansas City Six-'Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
073\073-11-Kansas City Six-Countless Blues
073\073-12-Kansas City Six-Them There Eyes
073\073-13-Kansas City Six-I Want A Little Girl
073\073-14-Kansas City Six-Pagin' The Devil
073\073-15-Basie's Bad Boys-I Ain't Got Nobody
073\073-16-Basie's Bad Boys-Goin' To Chicago Blues
073\073-17-Basie's Bad Boys-Live And Love Tonight
073\073-18-Basie's Bad Boys-Love Me Or Leave Me
073\073-19-Glenn Hardman And His Hammond Five-China Boy
073\073-20-Glenn Hardman And His Hammond Five-Exactly Like You
073\073-21-Glenn Hardman And His Hammond Five-On The Sunny Side Of The Street
073\073-22-Glenn Hardman And His Hammond Five-Upright Organ Blues
073\073-23-Glenn Hardman And His Hammond Five-Who
073\073-24-Glenn Hardman And His Hammond Five-Jazz Me Blues

074\074-01-Count Basie's Kansas City Seven-Dickie's Dream
074\074-02-Count Basie's Kansas City Seven-Lester Leaps In
074\074-03-Kansas City Six-Pagin' The Devil
074\074-04-Kansas City Six-Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
074\074-05-Kansas City Six-Good Morning Blues
074\074-06-Count Basie All Star Octet-Blues (Ad Lib Blues)
074\074-07-Count Basie All Star Octet-I Never Knew
074\074-08-Count Basie All Star Octet-Charlie's Dream
074\074-09-Count Basie All Star Octet-Lester's Dream
074\074-10-Count Basie All Star Octet-Wholly Cats
074\074-11-Una Mae Carlisle-Blitzkrieg Baby
074\074-12-Una Mae Carlisle-Beautiful Eyes
074\074-13-Una Mae Carlisle-There'll Be Some Changes Made
074\074-14-Una Mae Carlisle-It's Sad But True
074\074-15-Lester Young And His Band-Tickle Toe
074\074-16-Lester Young And His Band-Taxi War Dance
074\074-17-Sammy Price And His Texas Blusicians-The Goon Drag (Gone Wid De Goon)
074\074-18-Sammy Price And His Texas Blusicians-Thing's About Coming My Way
074\074-19-Sammy Price And His Texas Blusicians-Lead Me Daddy, Straight To The Bar
074\074-20-Sammy Price And His Texas Blusicians-Just Jivin' Around
074\074-21-Lester And Lee Young's Band-Untitled Blues
074\074-22-Unknown Band-Just A Little Bit South

075\075-01-Lester Young + King Cole Trio-Indiana
075\075-02-Lester Young + King Cole Trio-I Can't Get Started
075\075-03-Lester Young + King Cole Trio-Tea For Two
075\075-04-Lester Young + King Cole Trio-Body And Soul
075\075-05-Dickie Wells And His Orchestra-I Got Rhythm
075\075-06-Dickie Wells And His Orchestra-I'm Fer It Too
075\075-07-Dickie Wells And His Orchestra-I'm Fer It Too
075\075-08-Dickie Wells And His Orchestra-Hello Babe
075\075-09-Dickie Wells And His Orchestra-Hello Babe
075\075-10-Dickie Wells And His Orchestra-Linger Awhile
075\075-11-Lester Young Quartet-Just You, Just Me
075\075-12-Lester Young Quartet-I Never Knew
075\075-13-Lester Young Quartet-Afternoon Of A Basie-ite
075\075-14-Lester Young Quartet-Sometimes I'm Happy
075\075-15-Kansas City Seven-After Theatre Jump
075\075-16-Kansas City Seven-Six Cats & A Prince
075\075-17-Kansas City Seven-Lester Leaps Again
075\075-18-Kansas City Seven-Destination K.C.

076\076-01-Kansas City Six-Three Little Words
076\076-02-Kansas City Six-Jo-Jo
076\076-03-Kansas City Six-I Got Rhythm
076\076-04-Kansas City Six-Four O'Clock Drag
076\076-05-Kansas City Six-Empty Hearted
076\076-06-Kansas City Six-Circus In Rhythm
076\076-07-Kansas City Six-Circus In Rhythm
076\076-08-Kansas City Six-Circus In Rhythm
076\076-09-Kansas City Six-Poor Little Plaything
076\076-10-Kansas City Six-Poor Little Plaything
076\076-11-Kansas City Six-Tush
076\076-12-Kansas City Six-Tush
076\076-13-Johnny Guarnieri Swing Men-These Foolish Things
076\076-14-Johnny Guarnieri Swing Men-Exercise In Swing
076\076-15-Johnny Guarnieri Swing Men-Salute To Fats
076\076-16-Johnny Guarnieri Swing Men-Basie English
076\076-17-Johnny Guarnieri Swing Men-Exercise In Swing
076\076-18-Johnny Guarnieri Swing Men-Exercise In Swing
076\076-19-Johnny Guarnieri Swing Men-Exercise In Swing
076\076-20-Johnny Guarnieri Swing Men-Salute To Fats
076\076-21-Johnny Guarnieri Swing Men-Salute To Fats
076\076-22-Johnny Guarnieri Swing Men-Basie English

077\077-01-Lester Young Quintet-Blue Lester
077\077-02-Lester Young Quintet-Ghost Of A Chance
077\077-03-Lester Young Quintet-Indiana
077\077-04-Lester Young Quintet-Jump Lester, Jump
077\077-05-Jammin' The Blues-Midnight Symphony
077\077-06-Jammin' The Blues-On The Sunny Side Of The Street
077\077-07-Jammin' The Blues-Sweet Georgia Brown
077\077-08-Jammin' The Blues-If I Could Be With You
077\077-09-Jammin' The Blues-Blues For Marvin
077\077-10-Jammin' The Blues-Jammin' The Blues
077\077-11-Jammin' The Blues-Jammin' The Blues
077\077-12-Lester Young And His Band-D.B. Blues
077\077-13-Lester Young And His Band-Lester Blows Again
077\077-14-Lester Young And His Band-These Foolish Things
077\077-15-Lester Young And His Band-Jumpin' At Mesners
077\077-16-Helen Humes And Her All Stars-Riffin' Without Helen
077\077-17-Helen Humes And Her All Stars-Please Let Me Forget
077\077-18-Helen Humes And Her All Stars-He Don't Love Me Anymore
077\077-19-Helen Humes And Her All Stars-Pleasing Man Blues
077\077-20-Helen Humes And Her All Stars-See See Rider
077\077-21-Helen Humes And Her All Stars-It's Better To Give Than To Receive

078\078-01-Lester Young And His Band- It's Only A Paper Moon
078\078-02-Lester Young And His Band- After You've Gone
078\078-03-Lester Young And His Band- Lover Come Back To Me
078\078-04-Lester Young And His Band- Jamming With Lester
078\078-05-Lester Young - Buddy Rich Trio- Back To The Land
078\078-06-Lester Young - Buddy Rich Trio- I Cover The Waterfront
078\078-07-Lester Young - Buddy Rich Trio- I Cover The Waterfront
078\078-08-Lester Young - Buddy Rich Trio- Somebody Loves Me
078\078-09-Lester Young - Buddy Rich Trio- I've Found A New Baby
078\078-10-Lester Young - Buddy Rich Trio- The Man I Love
078\078-11-Lester Young - Buddy Rich Trio- Peg O'my Heart
078\078-12-Lester Young - Buddy Rich Trio- I Want To Be Happy
078\078-13-Lester Young - Buddy Rich Trio- Mean To Me
078\078-14-Lester Young-Nat 'king' Cole- These Foolish Things
078\078-15-Lester Young-Nat 'king' Cole- Lester Leaps In
078\078-16-Lester Young Quartet- D.B. Blues

079\079-01-Jubilee All Stars-I Got Rhythm
079\079-02-Jubilee All Stars-Oh Lady Be Good
079\079-03-Jubilee All Stars-Sweet Georgia Brown
079\079-04-Lester Young And His Band-You're Driving Me Crazy
079\079-05-Lester Young And His Band-New Lester Leaps In
079\079-06-Lester Young And His Band-Lester's Be Bop Boogie
079\079-07-Lester Young And His Band-She's Funny That Way
079\079-08-Lester Young And His Band-Sunday
079\079-09-Lester Young And His Band-S.M. Blues
079\079-10-Lester Young And His Band-Jumpin' With Symphony Sid
079\079-11-Lester Young And His Band-No Eyes Blues
079\079-12-Lester Young And His Band-Sax-O-Be-Bop
079\079-13-Lester Young And His Band-On The Sunny Side Of The Street
079\079-14-Lester Young And His Band-Easy Does It
079\079-15-Lester Young And His Band-Easy Does It
079\079-16-Lester Young And His Band-Movin' With Lester
079\079-17-Lester Young And His Band-One O'Clock Jump
079\079-18-Lester Young And His Band-Jumpin' At The Woodside (Every Tub)
079\079-19-Lester Young And His Band-Confessin'
079\079-20-Lester Young And His Band-Lester Smoothes It Out
079\079-21-Lester Young And His Band-Just Cooling

080\080-01-Lester Young-Tea For Two
080\080-02-Lester Young-East Of The Sun
080\080-03-Lester Young-The Sheik Of Araby
080\080-04-Lester Young-Something To Remember You By
080\080-05-Lester Young-Crazy Over J-Z
080\080-06-Lester Young-Ding Dong
080\080-07-Lester Young-Blues 'n' Bells
080\080-08-Lester Young-June Bug
080\080-09-Lester Young-Too Marvelous For Words
080\080-10-Lester Young-Too Marvelous For Words
080\080-11-Lester Young-Deed I Do
080\080-12-Lester Young-Encore
080\080-13-Lester Young-Polka Dots And Moonbeams
080\080-14-Lester Young-Up 'n' Adam
080\080-15-Lester Young-Three Little Words
080\080-16-Lester Young-Count Every Star
080\080-17-Lester Young-It All Depends On You
080\080-18-Lester Young-Neenah
080\080-19-Lester Young-Jeepers Creepers

081\081-01-Lester Young Quartet-Thou Swell
081\081-02-Lester Young Quartet-Thou Swell
081\081-03-Lester Young Quartet-September In The Rain
081\081-04-Lester Young Quartet-Undercover Girl Blues
081\081-05-Lester Young Quartet-Frenesi
081\081-06-Lester Young Quartet-Pete's Cafe
081\081-07-Lester Young Quartet-Little Pee Blues
081\081-08-Lester Young Quartet-A Foggy Day
081\081-09-Lester Young Quartet-In A Little Spanish Town
081\081-10-Lester Young Quartet-Let's Fall In Love
081\081-11-Lester Young Quartet-Down 'n' Adam
081\081-12-Lester Young Quartet-Lester Swings
081\081-13-Lester Young Quartet-Slow Motion Blues
081\081-14-Lester Young With The Oscar Peterson Trio-Ad Lib Blues
081\081-15-Lester Young With The Oscar Peterson Trio-Just You, Just Me
081\081-16-Lester Young With The Oscar Peterson Trio-Tea For Two
081\081-17-Lester Young With The Oscar Peterson Trio-Indiana

082\082-01-Lester Young With The Oscar Peterson Trio-These Foolish Things
082\082-02-Lester Young With The Oscar Peterson Trio-I Can't Get Started
082\082-03-Lester Young With The Oscar Peterson Trio-Stardust
082\082-04-Lester Young With The Oscar Peterson Trio-On The Sunny Side Of The Street
082\082-05-Lester Young With The Oscar Peterson Trio-Almost Like Being In Love
082\082-06-Lester Young With The Oscar Peterson Trio-I Can't Give You Anything But Love
082\082-07-Lester Young With The Oscar Peterson Trio-There'll Never Be Another You
082\082-08-Lester Young With The Oscar Peterson Trio-I'm Confessin'
082\082-09-Metronome All Stars-How High The Moon Part 1 & 2
082\082-10-Metronome All Stars-St. Louis Blues Part 1 & 2
082\082-11-Lester Young Quintet-Willow Weep For Me
082\082-12-Lester Young Quintet-This Can't Be Love
082\082-13-Lester Young Quintet-Can't We Be Friends
082\082-14-Lester Young Quintet-Tenderly
082\082-15-Lester Young Quintet-New D.B. Blues
082\082-16-Lester Young Quintet-Jumpin' At The Woodside
082\082-17-Lester Young Quintet-I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
082\082-18-Lester Young Quintet-Oh! Lady Be Good

083\083-01-Lester Young Quintet-Another Mambo
083\083-02-Lester Young Quintet-Come Rain Or Come Shine
083\083-03-Lester Young Quintet-Rose Room
083\083-04-Lester Young Quintet-Somebody Loves Me
083\083-05-Lester Young Quintet-Touch Me Again (Kiss Me Again)
083\083-06-Lester Young Quintet-It Don't Mean A Thing
083\083-07-Lester Young Quintet-I'm In The Mood For Love
083\083-08-Lester Young Quintet-Big Top Blues
083\083-09-Lester Young + Harry Edison-Mean To Me
083\083-10-Lester Young + Harry Edison-Thats All
083\083-11-Lester Young + Harry Edison-Red Boys Blues
083\083-12-Lester Young + Harry Edison-Pennies From Heaven
083\083-13-Lester Young + Harry Edison-She's Funny That Way
083\083-14-Lester Young + Harry Edison-One O'clock Jump

084\084-01-The Jazz Giants '56-I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan
084\084-02-The Jazz Giants '56-I Didn't Know What Time It Was
084\084-03-The Jazz Giants '56-Gigantic Blues
084\084-04-The Jazz Giants '56-This Year's Kisses
084\084-05-The Jazz Giants '56-You Can Depend On Me
084\084-06-Pres And Teddy-Pres Returns
084\084-07-Pres And Teddy-Prisoner Of Love
084\084-08-Pres And Teddy-Taking A Chance On Love
084\084-09-Pres And Teddy-All Of Me
084\084-10-Pres And Teddy-Louise

085\085-01-Pres And Teddy-Love Is Here To Stay
085\085-02-Pres And Teddy-Love Me Or Leave Me
085\085-03-Lester Young All-Stars-St. Tropez
085\085-04-Lester Young All-Stars-Flic
085\085-05-Lester Young All-Stars-Love Is Here To Stay
085\085-06-Count Basie All-Stars-Dickie's Dream
085\085-07-Count Basie All-Stars-I left My Baby
085\085-08-Billie Holliday with Mal Waldon All-Stars-Fine And Mellow
085\085-09-Lester Young Sextet-Waldorff Blues
085\085-10-Lester Young Sextet-Sunday
085\085-11-Lester Young Sextet-You're Getting To be A Habit With Me

086\086-01-The Chocolate Dandies-Blue Interlude
086\086-02-The Chocolate Dandies-I Never Knew
086\086-03-The Chocolate Dandies-Once Upon A Time
086\086-04-The Chocolate Dandies-Krazy Kapers
086\086-05-Red Norvo And His Swing Octet-Honeysuckle Rose
086\086-06-Red Norvo And His Swing Octet-With All My Heart And Soul
086\086-07-Red Norvo And His Swing Octet-Bughouse
086\086-08-Red Norvo And His Swing Octet-Blues In E Flat
086\086-09-Gene Gifford And His Orchestra-Nothin' But The Blues
086\086-10-Gene Gifford And His Orchestra-New Orleans Twist
086\086-11-Gene Gifford And His Orchestra-Squareface
086\086-12-Gene Gifford And His Orchestra-Dizzy Glide
086\086-13-Mildred Bailey And Her Swing Band-I'd Love To Take Orders From You
086\086-14-Mildred Bailey And Her Swing Band-I'd Rather Listen To Your Eyes
086\086-15-Mildred Bailey And Her Swing Band-Someday Sweetheart
086\086-16-Mildred Bailey And Her Swing Band-When Day Is Done
086\086-17-Mildred Bailey And Her Alley Cats-Willow Tree
086\086-18-Mildred Bailey And Her Alley Cats-Honeysuckle Rose
086\086-19-Mildred Bailey And Her Alley Cats-Squeeze Me
086\086-20-Mildred Bailey And Her Alley Cats-Down-Hearted Blues
086\086-21-A Jam Session At Victor's (Rca All Stars)-Honeysuckle Rose
086\086-22-A Jam Session At Victor's (Rca All Stars)-Blues
087\087-01-Mildred Bailey And Her Orchestra-If You Ever Should Leave Me

087\087-02-Mildred Bailey And Her Orchestra-The Moon Got In My Eyes
087\087-03-Mildred Bailey And Her Orchestra-Heaven Help This Heart Of Mine
087\087-04-Mildred Bailey And Her Orchestra-It's The Natural Thing To Do
087\087-05-Dicky Wells And His Orchestra-Bugle Call Rag
087\087-06-Dicky Wells And His Orchestra-Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
087\087-07-Dicky Wells And His Orchestra-I Got Rhythm
087\087-08-Dicky Wells And His Orchestra-Sweet Sue
087\087-09-Dicky Wells And His Orchestra-Hangin' Around Boudon
087\087-10-Dicky Wells And His Orchestra-Japanese Sandman
087\087-11-All Star Jam Band-For He's A Jolly Good Fellow
087\087-12-All Star Jam Band-Jammin' The Waltz
087\087-13-All Star Jam Band-Let's Get Happy
087\087-14-All Star Jam Band-Clementine
087\087-15-Timme Rosenkrantz And His Barrelhouse Barons-A Wee Bit Of Swing
087\087-16-Timme Rosenkrantz And His Barrelhouse Barons-Is This To Be My Souvenir
087\087-17-Timme Rosenkrantz And His Barrelhouse Barons-When Day Is Done
087\087-18-Timme Rosenkrantz And His Barrelhouse Barons-The Song Is Ended
087\087-19-Frank Newton Quintet-Daybreak Blues
087\087-20-Port Of Harlem Jazzmen-Port Of Harlem Blues
087\087-21-Port Of Harlem Jazzmen-Mighty Blues
087\087-22-Port Of Harlem Jazzmen-Rockin' The Blues

088\088-01-Frank Newton Quintet-After Hour Blues
088\088-02-Port Of Harlem Jazzmen-Blues For Tommy
088\088-03-Port Of Harlem Jazzmen-Summertime
088\088-04-Port Of Harlem Jazzmen-Pounding Heart Blues
088\088-05-Leonard Feather’s All Star Jam Band-Twelve Bar Stampede
088\088-06-Leonard Feather’s All Star Jam Band-Feather Bed Lament
088\088-07-Leonard Feather’s All Star Jam Band-Men Of Harlem (Tempo Di Jump)
088\088-08-Leonard Feather’s All Star Jam Band-Ocean Motion
088\088-09-Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra-Perdido Street Blues
088\088-10-Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra-2.19 Blues
088\088-11-Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra-Down In Honky Tonk Town
088\088-12-Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra-Coal Cart Blues
088\088-13-Red Allen And His Orchestra-Down In Jungle Town
088\088-14-Red Allen And His Orchestra-Canal Street Blues
088\088-15-Zutty Singleton And His Orchestra-King Porter Stomp
088\088-16-Zutty Singleton And His Orchestra-Shim-Me-Sha-Wabble
088\088-17-James P. Johnson’s Blue Note Jazzmen-Blue Mizz
088\088-18-James P. Johnson’s Blue Note Jazzmen-Victory Stride
088\088-19-James P. Johnson’s Blue Note Jazzmen-Joy-Mentin'
088\088-20-James P. Johnson’s Blue Note Jazzmen-After You've Gone

089\089-01-Edmond Hall’s Blue Note Jazzmen-High Society
089\089-02-Edmond Hall’s Blue Note Jazzmen-Blues At Blue Note
089\089-03-Edmond Hall’s Blue Note Jazzmen-Night Shift Blues
089\089-04-Edmond Hall’s Blue Note Jazzmen-Royal Garden Blues
089\089-05-Ben Webster And His Orchestra-Woke Up Clipped
089\089-06-Ben Webster And His Orchestra-Teezol
089\089-07-Ben Webster And His Orchestra-Nuff Said
089\089-08-Ben Webster And His Orchestra-The Horn (I Got Rhythm)
089\089-09-Ben Webster And His Orchestra-Dirty Deal
089\089-10-Ben Webster And His Orchestra-Don't Blame Me
089\089-11-Ben Webster And His Orchestra-I Surrender Dear
089\089-12-Ben Webster And His Orchestra-Tea For Two
089\089-13-Charlie Shavers Quintet-Mountain Air
089\089-14-Charlie Shavers Quintet-Curry In A Hurry
089\089-15-Charlie Shavers Quintet-Stardust
089\089-16-Charlie Shavers Quintet-Rosetta
089\089-17-Edmond Hall Swingtet-It's Been So Long
089\089-18-Edmond Hall Swingtet-I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
089\089-19-Edmond Hall Swingtet-Big City Blues
089\089-20-Edmond Hall Swingtet-Steamin' And Beamin'

090\090-01-Sidney De Paris’ Blue Note Jazzmen-Everybody Loves My Baby
090\090-02-Sidney De Paris’ Blue Note Jazzmen-Ballin' The Jack
090\090-03-Sidney De Paris’ Blue Note Jazzmen-Who's Sorry Now
090\090-04-Sidney De Paris’ Blue Note Jazzmen-The Call Of The Blues
090\090-05-Red Norvo All Star Septet-Russian Lullaby
090\090-06-Red Norvo All Star Septet-I Got Rhythm
090\090-07-Cozy Cole’s All Stars-Memories Of You
090\090-08-Cozy Cole’s All Stars-Comes The Don
090\090-09-Cozy Cole’s All Stars-When Day Is Done
090\090-10-Cozy Cole’s All Stars-The Beat (The Drag)
090\090-11-Sir Walter Thomas And His Band-The Bottle's Empty
090\090-12-Sir Walter Thomas And His Band-Save It, Pretty Mama
090\090-13-Sir Walter Thomas And His Band-For Lovers Only
090\090-14-Sir Walter Thomas And His Band-Peach Tree Street Blues
090\090-15-Pete Johnson’s Housewarming-Pete's Lonesome Blues
090\090-16-Pete Johnson’s Housewarming-Mr. Drum Meets Mr. Piano
090\090-17-Pete Johnson’s Housewarming-Mutiny In The Doghouse
090\090-18-Pete Johnson’s Housewarming-Mr. Clarinet Knocks Twice
090\090-19-Pete Johnson’s Housewarming-Ben Rides Out
090\090-20-Pete Johnson’s Housewarming-Page Mr. Trumpet
090\090-21-Pete Johnson’s Housewarming-J.C. From K.C.
090\090-22-Pete Johnson’s Housewarming-Pete's Housewarming

091\091-01-Norman Granz Jam Session-Jam Blues
091\091-02-Norman Granz Jam Session-What is this thing called love
091\091-03-Norman Granz Jam Session-Ballad Medley
091\091-04-Norman Granz Jam Session-Funky Blues

092\092-01-Norman Granz Jam Session-Apple Jam
092\092-02-Norman Granz Jam Session-Oh, Lady Be Good
092\092-03-Norman Granz Jam Session-Blues For The Count
092\092-04-Norman Granz Jam Session-Ballad Medley Indian Summer

093\093-01-Norman Granz Jam Session-Jam Blues
093\093-02-Norman Granz Jam Session-Blue Lou
093\093-03-Norman Granz Jam Session-Just You, Just Me
093\093-04-Norman Granz Jam Session-Jammin' For Clef

094\094-01-Norman Granz-Ballad Medley
094\094-02-Norman Granz-Rose Room
094\094-03-Norman Granz-Moten Swing
094\094-04-Norman Granz-Sentimental Journey

095\095-01-Buck Clayton Jam Session-Lean Baby
095\095-02-Buck Clayton Jam Session-The Huckle Buck
095\095-03-Buck Clayton Jam Session-Robbins' Nest
095\095-04-Buck Clayton Jam Session-Christopher Columbus

096\096-01-Buck Clayton Jam Session-How High The Fi
096\096-02-Buck Clayton Jam Session-Blue Moon
096\096-03-Buck Clayton Jam Session-Jumpin' At The Woodside
096\096-04-Mel Powell And His All Stars-I Found A New Baby
096\096-05-Mel Powell And His All Stars-After You've Gone

097\097-01-Eddie Condon And His All Stars-Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me
097\097-02-Eddie Condon And His All Stars-How Come You Do Me Like You Do
097\097-03-Eddie Condon And His All Stars-Medley When My Sugar Walks Down The Street
097\097-04-Eddie Condon And His All Stars-There'll Be Some Changes Made
097\097-05-Eddie Condon And His All Stars-Tin Roof Blues
097\097-06-Buck Clayton Jam Session-Don't Be That Way
097\097-07-Buck Clayton Jam Session-Undecided
097\097-08-Buck Clayton Jam Session-Blue And Sentimental

098\098-01-Buck Clayton Jam Session-Rock-A-Bye Basie
098\098-02-Buck Clayton Jam Session-Out Of Nowhere
098\098-03-Buck Clayton Jam Session-Blue Lou
098\098-04-Buck Clayton Jam Session-Broadway
098\098-05-Session At Midnight-Moten Swing
098\098-06-Session At Midnight-Stompin' At The Savoy
098\098-07-Session At Midnight-Session At Midnight
098\098-08-Session At Midnight-Sweet Georgia Brown
098\098-09-Session At Midnight-Making The Scene
098\098-10-Session At Midnight-Blue Lou

099\099-01-Buck Clayton Jam Session-All The Cats Join In
099\099-02-Buck Clayton Jam Session-Don't You Miss Your Baby
099\099-03-Jam Session At Riverside-Undecided
099\099-04-Jam Session At Riverside-Broadway
099\099-05-Jam Session At Riverside-I Want To Be Happy
099\099-06-Jam Session At Riverside-Session At Riverside
099\099-07-Jam Session At Riverside-Escape Hatch
099\099-08-Jam Session At Riverside-Out Of Nowhere
099\099-09-Buck Clayton And His All Stars-You Can Depend On Me
099\099-10-Buck Clayton And His All Stars-Newport Jump
099\099-11-Buck Clayton And His All Stars-In A Mellow Tone

100\100-01-Rex Stewart & Cootie Williams-Alphonse And Gaston
100\100-02-Rex Stewart & Cootie Williams-I'm Beginning To See The Light
100\100-03-Rex Stewart & Cootie Williams-Do Nothin' Till You Hear
100\100-04-Rex Stewart & Cootie Williams-I Knew You When
100\100-05-Rex Stewart & Cootie Williams-I Gotta Right To Sing The Blues
100\100-06-Rex Stewart & Cootie Williams-Walkin' My Baby Back Home
100\100-07-Rex Stewart & Cootie Williams-When Your Lover Has Gone
100\100-08-Count Basie All Stars-Fast And Happy Blues
100\100-09-Count Basie All Stars-I Left My Baby
100\100-10-Count Basie All Stars-Dickie's Dream
100\100-11-Billie Holiday With Mal Waldron All Stars-Fine And Mellow