Walker Hayes - boom (2017)

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Walker Hayes - boom (2017)

Walker Hayes - boom (2017)
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Country | Label: Monument Records

Waler Hayes has risen from the ashes in his second/debut album ‘Boom‘. After his first album, “Reason To Rhyme” didn’t quite go to plan Hayes took a completely different source of inspiration in his music; songs from the heart. Of the 10 tracks on the album, Hayes wrote or co-wrote every single one of them with ideas that sprout from the darkest days to simple life hearted moments.

The album opens up with “Beautiful“, a song which instantly shows his quirky songwriting talent. The beat in each of his records does not follow the ‘three chords’ approach, but offers a song that flows and yet has contrasting chords and lyrics embedded into each song. In “Beautiful“, Hayes blends a mix of sing with rap as he recounts a lost love and finds it nearly impossible to forget about her. His debut record on the album “You Broke Up With Me” has a similar feel to the first track on the album, but is altogether different as he seems to almost laugh at the idea of a woman trying to get back with him.

A sharp and edgy track on the album, “Shut Up Kenny” also looks into heartbreak, but blames a certain country superstar for reminding him of the good times. His ‘Sam Hunt’ style of blending singing with rapping really suits the conversational tone of the song as he combines fast lyrics with moments that allow for reflection. “Halloween” is a very different record to what it first appears, as Hayes uses the idea of Halloween costumes to define all the images he has hid behind as he grew up.

Some of the stand out tracks on the record include the romantically sweet “Mind Candy” which takes Hayes on a nostalgic trip to the early days of a sweet romance. “Mind Candy” like any song on the record, the story telling is one of the key strengths and sheer depth and content in the songs are impressive. “Beckett” is also one of the more light-hearted records on the album as he wishes to have the freedom and simple life of the 4 year old boy Beckett.

“Craig” is arguably one of the most poignant single on the album and it is the story behind the song that makes it all the more powerful. In the darkest days, Hayes found support and love from one of the “church folks” Craig and consequently the song was written for him.

Although the album can’t exactly be classed as a ‘country album’, the messages and heart in each song definitely fit the genre. Hayes shows depth, integrity and growth as an artist in ‘Boom’ and finds his true niche in the market for his album.


01. Beautiful
02. Shut Up Kenny
03. You Broke Up with Me
04. Halloween
05. Dollar Store
06. Beer in the Fridge
07. Beckett
08. Mind Candy
09. Prescriptions
10. Craig




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