Wallachia - Ceremony Of Ascension (2009)

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Wallachia - Ceremony Of Ascension (2009)

Wallachia - Ceremony Of Ascension (2009)
Symphonic Black Metal | Mp3 240 VBR | 66 MB | Norway

After about ten years since ‘From Behind The Light' the Norwegian Wallachia shows some form of life with their second album ‘Ceremony Of Ascension’. And I like what I’m hearing. Wallachia plays a rather melodic form of black metal with sporadic touches of epic-ness, a modern sound and at times melancholic moments. At some moments a clear Windir influence cannot be denied and were intended as an ode to Valfar.

The songs are diverse in their approach in which the tone is alternating aggressive or harmonious but never far-fetched or contrived. The artwork deserves praise as well. ‘Ceremony Of Ascension’ is a quite original album which will appeal to most fans of melodic black metal.

Track List:

1. Self-inflicted Stigmata
2. Refusalvation
3. Kamikaze Christians
4. Rival Of A Cursed Destiny
5. Sanctimonia XXIII
6. Genesis Enigma
7. Void Expansion
8. The Wreckage Of Innocence

Total playing time 35:38