Aldi Dallo Spazio - Quasar (2017/2019)

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Aldi Dallo Spazio - Quasar (2017/2019)

Aldi Dallo Spazio - Quasar (2017/2019)
WEB FLAC (tracks) ~ 261.41 Mb | 43:33 | Cover
Progressive Rock | Country: Italy | Label: Jolly Roger Records

Aldi dallo Spazio is a music project born in 2015 that combines all together the different musical influences of 5 young musicians from Ravenna: Dario Federici (Lead Vocals, Keyboards), Simone Sgarzi (Guitars), Davide Mosca (former Witchwood / Guitars), Marco Braschi (Bass), Lorenzo Guardigli (Drums).

The project aims to keep the spontaneous sound of rock music but wants to break free those barrier created by modern music genres.
The sound takes inspiration from the golden era of progressive rock (being all members fans of bands like Yes, Genesis and PFM) but colored and redefined by old and new influences, skipping from Hendrix to ambient music, from Pink Floyd to Supertramp.
From this idea was created Quasar, a concept album entirely written, recorded and self-produced by the 5 Aldi members in late 2017.
The album will be remixed, remastered and published by Jolly Roger Records on Cd, Lp, Digital in summer 2019.

Track List:
01. Long Time Lover [00:07:20]
02. The Distance [00:10:21]
03. Little Piggy Will [00:06:51]
04. Santana (A Freedom Song) [00:07:20]
05. Epiphany [00:11:40]

Dario Federici (Vocals, Keyboards)
Simone Sgarzi (Guitar)
Davide Mosca (former Witchwood / Guitar)
Marco Braschi (Bass)
Lorenzo Guardigli (Drums)




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