Alice Cooper - Flush the Fashion (1980) [Warner-Pioneer 1990] *RE-UP

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Alice Cooper - Flush the Fashion (1980) [Warner-Pioneer 1990] *RE-UP

Alice Cooper - Flush the Fashion (1980)
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Rock / Hard Rock / New Wave | TT - 28:41 mins | Label: Warner-Pioneer Corp. | Cat. # WPCP-3497

Flush the Fashion is an album by Alice Cooper, released in 1980. Musically the album was a drastic change of style for Alice Cooper, leaning towards a new wave influence. Though the lead single "Clones (We're All)" only touched the Billboard Top 40, the album was Cooper's most successful album in 4 years and is widely considered by fans as a hidden gem in his musical catalogue.

The album's ten tracks touch on themes such as the loss of identity, taking on other roles, and the usual Alice Cooper-esque dementia. This is evident even in the lyrics of Flush the Fashion's cover songs (for example the "Clones" single). Cooper also performs several "story" songs, presenting a series of intriguing vignettes in lieu of more traditional subject matter. says:
After several self-indulgent albums in the late '70s (Lace and Whiskey, From the Inside), Alice Cooper decided to reinvent himself as a new waver for 1980's Flush the Fashion. As a result of a hooking up with Cars producer Roy Thomas Baker, the sound is glossier; Baker also replaced the gritty guitar riffs that served as the basis for past Cooper rock compositions with icy synthesizers. The best-known song ended up being the cover "Clones (We're All)," which was in turn covered by the Smashing Pumpkins for their 1995 box set The Aeroplane Flies High. Other highlights include the stately sounds of "Pain," the brief album-opening "Talk Talk," and one of the album's few riff rockers, "Grim Facts" (although the lyrics from the latter aren't quite up to snuff with those from "Talk Talk"). It was around this time that Cooper relapsed into alcoholism, and his subsequent early-'80s releases (Special Forces, Zipper Catches Skin, Dada) became more unpredictable and more uncharacteristic of the expected Alice Cooper direction and sound.


01. Talk Talk
02. Clones (We're All)
03. Pain
04. Leather Boots
05. Aspirin Damage
06. Nuclear Infected
07. Grim Facts
08. Model Citizen
09. Dance Yourself To Death
10. Headlines

Produced by Roy Thomas Baker.

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