Anugama - Spiritual Environment: Tantra

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Anugama - Spiritual Environment: Tantra

Anugama - Spiritual Environment: Tantra
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Genre: New Age

Tantra is one of the CDs in the Spiritual Environment series by Anugama. This deep and lush symphonic synthesizer set is full of beauty, serenity, and tranquility. Anugama's technique involves six levels of overtone harmonics and biorhythmic niceties. He has designed these atmospheres for use with Tantra, an ancient healing art that captures the essences of love and sexual energy. The series, in general, enhances spiritual awareness, so this CD is full of positive energy. It is, indeed, a set of romantic atmospheres with subtle textures and gentle timbres. The soundscapes are downright seductive and sexy. This is definitely a CD for lovers.

The teachings of Tantra suggest that everything on earth is infused with spirit, and God is in the details. Anugama certainly plays music like it's a sacred act. In addition to creating blissful sounds with flute and keyboards, he also employs a variety of audio techniques to evoke heaven on earth. His 'Brainwave Sync' technology uses a frequency that oscillates from the left speaker to the right speaker, slowing brainwave activity. Computer-generated overtones are said to 'nourish the brain'. Sounds from nature, human heartbeats, and vocal chants produce a nurturing and calming effect.


1. Tantric Day - 25 min
2. Full Moon Night - 25 min


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Anugama - Spiritual Environment: Tantra