Burgundy Grapes - Short Stories, Lasting Shadows (2017)

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Burgundy Grapes - Short Stories, Lasting Shadows (2017)

Burgundy Grapes - Short Stories, Lasting Shadows (2017)
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Indie Rock, Acoustic, Neofolk | Country: Greece | Label: Inner Ear Records

Burgundy Grapes, an instrumental act led by core duo George Kolyvas and Alexandros Miaoulis, create unique soundscapes that result from introspection rather than contrived compliance with current music trends. Combining gracefully expressed emotion with elements of classical minimalism as well as psychedelic and cinematic references, the group has managed, through each of its releases to date, to offer a distinctive touch to the vast ocean that is music.

The outfit returns in the autumn of 2017 with its third album, “Short Stories, Lasting Shadows”, released as a special limited edition vinyl and digital album by Inner Ear.

The album was recorded at a number of locations over various periods in recent years, while the songwriting duo, which, as usual, played guitars and a variety of other instruments, was once again joined by its regular cast of esteemed players (Giorgos Tsiatsoulis – accordion/organ; Stavros Parginos – cello; Nikos Veliotis – cello; Fotis Siotas – viola; George Katsanos – harmonium), as well as new collaborators (Thodoris Rellos – baritone sax, Dionysis Makris, double bass).

The result, reflective, pensive and captivating, features melody as an integral element, while luminous moments of hope carry listeners away from troubles of the past and present, offering a less threatening dimension to the future.

Track List:
1. Corduroy Summer (6:30)
2. Unexpected Guest (3:10)
3. Thickening Clouds and Twinkling Stars (5:26)
4. Chance Encounter (1:35)
5. Boulder Crush (6:44)
6. Introspection Tank (2:58)
7. Wordlessly Adored (4:30)
8. Overboard (4:19)
9. Migratory Bird Confusion (3:26)
10. Continental Drift (6:39)

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