Cryptic Wintermoon - A Coming Storm (2003)

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Cryptic Wintermoon - A Coming Storm (2003)

Cryptic Wintermoon - A Coming Storm (2003)
Black Metal | CBR 192 Kbps | 83 Mb

“Well, I really would not have expected a new CRYPTIC WINTERMOON album anymore, as the first full album had been released back in 1999. But what takes a long time finally gets done well (or in this case evil). Who does not know the band so far, with "The Cataclysm" the German Black Metallers released one of the best Symphonic Black Metal albums of all times, which is standing in one line with the masterworks of DIMMU BORGIR and Co!!!”

Band homepage: Cryptic Wintermoon

Band: Cryptic Wintermoon
Album: A Coming Storm
Year: 2003
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Germany
Format: mp3 CBR@192kbps Stereo
Size: 83 Mb

01-Hate Revealed (5:13)
02-Messiah (6:15)
03-Supersatan (3:38)
04-Nocturnal Whispers (2:17)
05-The Shadowkeep (4:23)
06-Dark Crusade (4:03)
07-Bastard (5:02)
08-A Coming Storm (4:58)
09-Darkness Forever (5:43)
10-Obsidian Fragments (2:39)
11-The Righteous Slayer (4:00)
12-Necromancer (3:29)
13-Nightcrawler (4:51)
14-When All Is Said And Done (2:42)
Total playing time 59:13

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Cryptic Wintermoon - A Coming Storm (2003)