Dean Evenson - Chakra Healing (2008) [Lossless]

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Dean Evenson - Chakra Healing (2008)
Ape & Cue ~ 305 Mb | Cover included
New Age / Meditative
Label: Soundings of Planet ~ Source: My CD

Veteran flutist Dean Evenson & Friends, has brought together his musical talents and sound healing background to create the ultimate Chakra Healing album designed to resonate with each of the seven major energy centers of the body. From the deep tones of cello, viola, alto and wooden flutes to the high, crystalline tones of Tibetan bowls and silver flute, this musical journey takes the listener to a place of deep meditation and healing..
The sound of the music displays a mix of ethereal and vibrational qualities, with the latter coming in the form of drone instruments that play a constant tone in the background (a combination of the notes C-D-E-F-G-A-B). You may tone along with the tracks while meditating on the optimum performance of each Chakra. The liner notes bring to light some of the mysteries of the Chakra system. Two different systems of 'toning' the Chakras are presented along with associative colors, elements, organs, gemstones, functionality, and an affirmation for each Chakra. The music can also be a pleasing background for yoga, healing creative work and other relaxation moments…
whiteswanmusic.com; soundings.com

Song List:

01. Root Chakra - Primal Support
02. Sacral Chakra - Creative Union
03. Solar Chakra - Central Power
04. Heart Chakra - Breath of Love
05. Throat Chakra - Clear Truth
06. Third Eye Chakra – Light Vision
07. Crown Chakra - Higher Spirit
08. Chakra Balancing - Merging All