Dream Theater Discography (11 albums)

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Dream Theater Discography (11 albums)

Dream Theater Discography | since February 2007 | Genre : Progressive Metal

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Dream Theater is a progressive metal band formed by three students at the Berklee College of Music in 1985. In the 22 years since their inception, they have become one of the most commercially successful progressive bands since the height of progressive rock in the mid-1970s, despite being relatively unknown in mainstream pop/rock circles. Their two highest selling albums are Images and Words (1992), which was awarded a gold record and is consistently regarded as a seminal progressive metal release, although it reached only #61 on the Billboard 200 charts and Awake (1994) which reached #32 on the Billboard 200. Dream Theater has sold over 2 million albums in the U.S. , and over 6 million albums and DVDs worldwide.


(1989) When Dream And Day Unite
(1992) Images And Words
(1993) Live at the Marquee
(1995) A Change Of Seasons
(1997) Falling Into Infinity
(1998) Once In A LIVEtime
(1999) Metropolis Pt. 2- Scenes From A Memory
(2001) Live Scenes from New York
(2002) Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence
(2003) Dream Theater - Train Of Thought
(2005) Dream Theatre - Octavarium

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