Elizabeth Naccarato - Jarrell's Cove

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Elizabeth Naccarato - Jarrell's Cove

Elizabeth Naccarato - Jarrell's Cove
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Red Chair Music (1995)

01) Jarrell's Cove
02) Wave Song
03) Annie on the Dock
04) Tales of the Harbormaster
05) Danny Boy
06) The Jig
07) Promise on the Bluff
08) Bonfire
09) Castaways
10) Lowest Tide of the Year
11) Warm Rain
12) Child in the Wind

The best new age solo pianists are able to transform the 88 keys at their disposal into unique emotional terrain that we can scarcely believe comes from a single instrument. Naccarato has the blessing of being under the guidance of Michael Gettel, whose own catalog features various new age fusion ventures, but some very powerful piano efforts as well. She's all reflective, wistful melancholy on the title track, then moves rhythmically as if floating on quick, sun splashed water for the joyful "Wave Song." "Annie on the Dock" is a soft love ballad, while "The Jig" reaches the higher register for a spirited little spring in your step dance. The mood swings continue throughout, with the fast moving "Bonfire" giving way to a murky, classical-flavored reflection like "Castaways." Gettel is also a good match due to Naccarato's similar in synchness with the rhythms of nature. Musical impressionism at its best.

Jonathan Widran, All Music Guide