Enerbridge - A Livetime In Eden (Live)

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Enerbridge - A Livetime In Eden

204 Kbps

Recorded at various places on the „Aphelion”-Tour 2003/2004 by Andy Horn
Mixed and mastered by Andy Horn at Famous Kitchen, Adelsheim (Germany)
Produced by Lanvall
Additional editing by Frank Pitters and Lanvall
Cover artwork and booklet design by Alexander Rauser

Track Listing
1. Intro
2. The Undiscovered Land
3. Skyward
4. Holy Fire
5. Fly On A Rainbow Dream
6. Forever Shine On
7. Starlight Reverie
8. Perennial Dreams
9. The Final Curtain
10. Suspiria
11. Arcana
12. Medley: Sunrise In Eden / My Last Step Beyond
13. Cheyenne Spirit