ensemble nu:n - Maningem Herzen (2019)

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ensemble nu:n - Maningem Herzen (2019)

ensemble nu:n - Maningem Herzen (2019)
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Classical, Sacred, Vocal | Label: Raumklang

Inspired by Meister Eckhart, who described the “now” (German: Nun) in the mystical sense as a moment in which the past and future merge together, the ensemble gave itself its name nu:n. On this CD, the three musicians delve into the earliest surviving sources of the music, and give it a new sonic guise of our time. From various concerts, we hear wonderful recordings of secular and sacred hymns, eloquent and sensitive texts, and enchanting melodies informed by profound and virtuoso improvisation.

Cora Schmeiser, voice
Gert Anklam, saxophone
Falk Zenker, guitar
1. Manigem herzen (06:33)
2. Unicornis Captivatur (06:46)
3. O chorusscans lux (06:12)
4. De moi dolereus vos chant (03:53)
5. Quis dabit (07:34)
6. Conditor alme siderum (03:40)
7. Quant je voi les vergiers florir (06:40)
8. Benedicamus Domino (04:35)
9. Atressi com lo leoç (07:00)
10. Sys willekomen, heirre kerst (04:41)




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