FIM Super Sound (4 issues) * [2004-2007]

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FIM Super Sound (4 issues) * [2004-2007]

FIM Super Sound (4 issues)
Super XRCD24 First Impressions Music Sampler | APE + cue

Vol.1 | 286 mb | 01:02:38
Vol.2 | 255 mb | 50:53
Vol.3 | 307 mb | 58:24
Vol.4 | 368 mb | 01:15:24

Super Sound Vol.1 (2004)

Let's talk about recordings from the audiophile consumer's viewpoint. Some recordings have great music but with mediocre sonic quality. Likewise, some have great sound, but with little musical value. Audiophile consumers do not always have the fortune to find a recording which is great both in music and sound. They may follow a reviewer's recommendation, but frequently, the reviewer's subjective views may not coincide with the listener's subjective response. That is why an audiophile often feels so excited when he happens to spot one that is good both in music and sound. With this conceptual objective in mind, I compiled this special edition with meticulous care for both qualities in sound and music, and music and sound.

01 - Carmen Fantasia - Northwest Sinfonietta, Harold Farberman, conductor
02 - Autumn Yearning Fantasia - Wei Li
03 - I'm A Fool To Want You - Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio
04 - A Song For You - Jacintha, Jeremy Monteiro Trio
05 - Ida Y Vuets - Gino D'Auri, flamenco guitar, David Darling, cello
06 - Alone In My Chamber - Jeremy Monteiro & His Orchestra
07 - Amazing Grace - Gary Karr, double bass
08 - Born Free - Jeremy Monteiro
09 - The Horse Racing - Hui Fen Min
10 - JK's Drum Improvisation - Jim Keltner, drums
11 - Clair de Lune - Isabelle Perrin, harp

Super Sound Vol.2 (2005)

"Encouraged by the overwhelming success of Super Sound 1 released earlier this year, and by the many requests from distributors and individual customers for more productions in this series, we have created a second album to meet the demand of the audiophile community worldwide. As I stated at the release of our first album, some productions offer great music but mediocre sonic quality. Likewise, some can boast great sound quality, but have little of musical value to offer. Our aspiration is to produce an album which excels in both music and sound." – Winston Ma, First Impression Music

1. The Magnificent Seven - Bernstein, London Festival Orchestra, Stanley Black conducting
2. Shenandoah - arranged by Randy Peterson
3. Diverimento in D, K136 - excerpt - Mozart, Academy of St. Martin-in-the-fields, Neville Marriner conducting
4. Sinfonia Concertante K364 - Mozart, Moscow Philharmonic, Kyril Kondrashin conducting
5. The Rose - Amanda McBroom
6. With A Wave Of My Sleeve - Jeremy Monteiro and His Orchestra
7. Take Five - Domners, Hallberg, Erstrand, Riedel, Johansen
8. Limelight / Gone With The Wind - Linda Rosenthal
9. Autumn In Seattle - Yamamoto Trio
10. Taichi Concerto for Guqin & Piano - excerpt - Nai Chung Kuan
11. Intermezzo from Carmen - Bizet, All Star Percussing Ensemble, Harold Faberman conducting

Super Sound Vol.3 (2oo6)

"It is my sincere belief that Super Sound III comes as close to my elusive quest for sonic
perfection as anything I have achieved to date. It is now up to your system to reveal all of its
wonders. The ball is in your court. Please accept the challenge." - Winston Ma, producer

"When I first produced Super Sound I in 2004, my goal was to offer a true audiophile album, excelling in its choice of repertoire and mastery of sound and displaying a vast array of sonic qualities. This first attempt at summarizing my experience and knowledge turned out to be an instant hit, so much so that I had to produce a second volume in 2005 with a self-imposed challenge that it must exceed Super Sound I in every way. I think I have not disappointed my audiophile friends as I have pushed today's recording technology to its very limits. Now, the burning question becomes: What could Volume III possibly add to those two milestones? You be the judge. If the preliminary feedback I received is any indication, you are in for a treat!" – Winston MA, First Impression Music

1. Fanfare for the common man - Eugene Goossens and the Minnesota Orchestra
2. Peace in the Heart - Chic Street Man
3. La Campanella - Minoru Nojima
4. Maqam: Prelude and Dance - Orchid Ensemble
5. Suite Espaola: Austurias - New Philharmonia Orchestra, conductor - Rafael Fruhbeck De Burgos
6. Caesar - James Newton Howard, David Paich, Steve, Jeff & Joe Porcaro
7. Sway - Michael Gold
8. A Rose For Me - The Soundscapers
9. The Moon Represents My Heart - Singapore String Ensemble, conductor Jeremy Monteiro
10. Il Est N Le Divin Enfant - Kurt Bestor & His Orchestra
11. Sing Joy - Shelly Holling, Ron Anderson, Karen Harper
12. Red River Valley - Colorado String Quartet, Ethos Percussion Group, conductor Harold Farberman

Super Sound Vol.4 (2oo7)
his disc features a Super HDCD 24 Bit encoded Stereo CD layer as well as Stereo SACD or Surround Sound SACD versions of the music on the album.

"A true Audiophile Reference for all with ears to hear! Ye Olde Editor's very highest recommendation…with greatest enthusiasm!" – David W. Robinson, Editor, Positive Feedback Magazine.

Produced by Joe Harley and recorded at Record one, Ocean Way Studios, Hollywood, CA using Live direct to 2-track pure analogue tapes and Live direct to Sony Direct Stream Digital System, Advanced Intelligent tape. Features a large selection of First Impression label artists with a focus on jazz.

1. La Vezina Catina (E.Ferstl, A. White/ A. White)
2. The Swan (Camille Saint-Saens)
3. Olde London (Traditional)
4. Fiddler on the Roof ( Manuel Compinsky)
5. Georgia on My Mind (S.Carrol, H. Carmichael)
6. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
7. Hann AR Fodd (Ulla Homborg)
8. Lover's Tear (Yiu Man)
9. Misty (J. Burke, E. Garner)
10. High Life (African Folk)
11. Yang City Variations (Chinese traditional)
12. Excerpts from Messiah (George Federic Handel)
13. Deer Hunter (Palestrina)
14. Marias Vaggsang (Max Reger)
15. The Look of Love (B. Bacharach, H. David)
16. Canon in D (Pachelbel)

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