Frank Zappa - 1978.02.15, Deutschlandhalle, Berlin

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Frank Zappa - 1978.02.15, Deutschlandhalle, Berlin

Frank Zappa - 1978.02.15, Deutschlandhalle, Berlin (2 discs)
MP3 | 128 Kbp/s | 71:56+77:16 Min | 66+70.8 Mb | Sound quality A/A+
Genre: Progressive Rock | Bootleg | Covers inside

Berlin - Deutschlandhalle 15.2.78 Part 1 (CD) 66.0 Mb - 71:56 Min
Berlin - Deutschlandhalle 15.2.78 Part 2 (CD) 70.8 Mb - 77:16 Min

* Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, 15-Feb-1978 - A/A+

Label: ZAPP 1002-A/B (Germany)

Musicians: Frank Zappa, Adrian Belew, Patrick O'Hearn, Tommy Mars, Peter Wolf, Ed Mann and Terry [listed as Terri :)] Bozzio
Part 1

1. Intro ["The Purple Lagoon"] (01:21)
2. Dancin' Fool (03:33)
3. Peaches en Regalia (02:27)
4. The Torture Never Stops (13.50) [see below!]
5. Tryin' to Grow a Chin (03:27)
6. City of Tiny Lites (07:13)
7. Baby Snakes (01:49)
8. A Pound for a Brown on the Bus (05:50)
9. Boutique Girl ["Is This Guy Kidding or What?"] (04:46)
10. I Have Been in You (05:08)
11. Flakes (07:23)
12. Broken Hearts Are for Assholes (03:46)
13. Instrumental ["King Kong"] (08:46)

Track 1 is a spoken intro over a repeat of the first part of "The Purple Lagoon", which segues into "Dancin' Fool". This "The Torture Never Stops" solo is the original recording that was edited down to "Rat Tomago" on the Sheik Yerbouti album! "King Kong" goes into a very loose improvisation and fades out after 8 or 9 minutes. Track 9 is the intro to "I Have Been in You", along the lines of "Is This Guy Kidding or What?" on Stage #6.

On the disc is the "young Frank" picture from the Ruben & the Jets album. The same picture is under the tray. The cover shows an extremely sleazy Zappa with a Barbie doll and a cigarette; the back of the booklet has Zappa in a robe, witch hat and lady's glasses holding a basket of fruit and dentures (the same picture was used on the back cover of The Untouchables).
Part 2

The CD has 3 tracks:

1. Wild Love
2. ["Wild Love" solo by Adrian Belew]
3. Yo Mama
4. Titties & Beer
5. The Black Page #2
6. Jones Crusher
7. Little House I Used to Live In [intro]
8. The Sheik Yerbouti Tango [!]
9. Little House I Used to Live In [finale]
10. Dong Work for Yuda

11. Bobby Brown
12. Envelopes
13. Drum Solo
14. Disco Boy

15. Dinah-Moe Humm
16. Camarillo Brillo
17. Muffin Man

Cover track list is wrong; the above is more correct. "Track" 7 is the orchestrated intro from "Little House I Used to Live In" followed by a solo section (as on Project-Object) - track 8 is the full-length recording of "The Sheik Yerbouti Tango" on Sheik Yerbouti, which was part of the "Little House I Used to Live In" solos! It occupies 38:07-44:05; the official edit covers 39:47-43:40, so both beginning and end are unreleased. Track 9 is the "Little House I Used to Live In" intro coming back as a closer.

The cover depicts Zappa by the Hendrix Strat, as on page 97 of Dominique Chevalier's book Viva! Zappa. This time, there is no picture on the disc, but the "young Frank" picture from Ruben & the Jets is still under the tray.

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