Fuse Patrol - Barney's Bounce (2017)

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Fuse Patrol - Barney's Bounce (2017)

Fuse Patrol - Barney's Bounce (2017)
WEB FLAC (tracks) ~ 375.37 Mb | 59:43 | Cover
Jazz / Fusion / Jazz-Rock | Country: USA | Label: Fuse Patrol

The combo consists of Eckersid Silapaswang (guitar) and Roy Suter (keyboards) spearheading inventive melodies and rich harmony over the solid and imaginative foundations poured by Chris Pott (bass) and Jason Reddish (drums).

Fuse Patrol performs with an honesty, energy, and accessibility for everyone to groove with and feel right at home – even those who aren’t usually fans of instrumental ensembles. The group combines an eclectic combination of influences with their own unique voice, and play with a great sense of both lightness and power that entertains crowds who have all kinds of musical tastes.

Based in New Jersey and performing wherever the music takes them, the band is coming off the release of their debut album, “Barney’s Bounce,” which captures their fun and innovative approach to music, and invites the listener to come enjoy their even more unique and highly improvisational live show.

Fuse Patrol recipe:
One large helping of rock and roll
One large helping of jazz
A few dollops of latin spice
Several heaping tablesporks of improvisation
Generous drizzles of fun, humor, and passion

Shake all ingredients together with confidence and proficiency, add heat, and let simmer. Apply directly to ears.

Chris Pott - bass
Jason Reddish - drums
Eckersid Silapaswang - guitar
Roy Suter - keyboard

Track List:
1. Rush to Judgment. 4:57
2. Barney's Bounce. 4:46
3. Fractal. 4:29
4. Coppermine. 6:27
5. Half Step. 6:17
6. Reflections of the Day. 2:54
7. Introspection. 6:13
8. Poetic License. 5:50
9. Swing Release. 5:40
10. Scratch Happy. 5:58
11. Northern Soul. 6:09




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