Greg Graffin - American Lesion (1997) [Original US pressing] RESTORED

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Greg Graffin - American Lesion (1997) [Original US pressing] RESTORED

Greg Graffin - American Lesion (1997)
FLAC+CUE+LOG or MP3 CBR 320 | 37:42 min | 237 or 87 MB
Folk Rock / Alternative Pop | Label: Atlantic Recording Corp. # 83067-2

Gregory Walter Graffin is an American rock musician, college professor, and author. He is most recognized as the lead vocalist and songwriter of the noted Los Angeles band Bad Religion, which he co-founded in 1979 and is the band's only constant member. American Lesion is his first solo album. Like Bad Religion's album "Into the Unknown", this album is a massive departure for Graffin, whose songs generally revolve around loud guitars and harmonies. American Lesion for the most part features Graffin's voice alone, and each song is based around an acoustic guitar or piano rather than electric guitars… Almost flawless.

The lyrical content can also be seen as a departure for Graffin. In most Bad Religion songs, he deals with subjects such as mass globalisation or world pollution. The songs on American Lesion are much more personal; the songs were apparently written during the breakup of his marriage, making the album very sentimental.

Greg Graffin - American Lesion (1997) [Original US pressing] RESTORED

Bad Religion leader Greg Graffin had a bunch of songs he'd composed that didn't really fit his explosive, melodic punk band, given the personal subject matter in the tunes. So he recorded them by himself in the home studio he usually uses for demos. The end product is a small stunner. The bulk of it is Graffin alone with either a piano or an acoustic guitar and overdubbed drums (his playing is actually adequate). Here's an LP so different from Bad Religion that, with its American Lesion moniker, you wouldn't know who was behind it if it weren't for Graffin's familiar, full, resolute voice. The overwhelming flavor is that of '70-'73 Todd Rundgren (typified by the smash hits "Hello It's Me" and "I Saw the Light"). Add a splash of Carole King's Tapestry and even a hint of Gordon Lightfoot on one song ("The Fault Line"), and you've got a gentle, up-close portrait, far removed from Graffin's band. The challenge, then, is to make such a personal, sensitive record as compelling as Bad Religion's explosive firepower, foregoing the thoughtful social protest lyrics. Graffin deftly manages this difficult transition of personas like Scrooge after his ghosts have gone. Somehow he remains intense just under the surface, even in such hushed tones. A more revealing title would be "Scenes From a Divorce." Indeed, it's hard to think of a more intimate portrait of a marriage lost's emotional kerpow. Graffin's own marriage was dying when he composed this material, yet he expresses his feelings, thoughts, and reactions straight-up without indulgence and even helplessly reserves some blame for himself. American Lesion is a silent, somber nightmare, a reality for millions of broken families. This is where art meets life, and it's a hard row to hoe sometimes.

~ Jack Rabid, all media guide

01. Opinion
02. Fate's Cruel Hand
03. Predicament
04. The Fault Line
05. When I Fail
06. Cease
07. Maybe She Will
08. The Elements
09. In The Mirror
10. Back To Earth

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all songs composed, performed, produced and mixed by Greg Graffin
Recorded at Polypterus Studio, Inthaca, February - July 2007.
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC.

Release Date: November 4, 1997
Label: Atlantic Recording Corporation
Catalog No.: 83067-2

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