Greg Graffin - Cold As The Clay (2006) RESTORED

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Greg Graffin - Cold As The Clay (2006) RESTORED

Greg Graffin - Cold As The Clay
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Cold as the Clay is the second solo album by Bad Religion's vocalist Greg Graffin released in 2006 on the label ANTI- (a sublabel of Epitaph Records). It follows on from Graffin's 1997 release of American Lesion. The new album is an amalgamation of new songs by Graffin and 18th- and 19th-century American folk songs. Featuring guest appearances by Jolie Holland, and The Weakerthans. Produced by Brett Gurewitz.

In many ways Cold as the Clay is a highly unconventional record. First of all it combines traditional American old-time music with original rock compositions. Secondly it's offered up by Greg Graffin, an artist best known for his work with Bad Religion as one of the most successful and prolific punk rock performers in the world. Lastly, it was recorded and mixed in accordance with the raw integrity of it's origins in only eight days, with a group of talented musicians who had never played together before, utilizing inspired live takes and not much else in the way of studio contrivances. Happily, the results are as gratifying artistically as they are unconventional conceptually.

We set out create a record that would honor the legacy of American music, and it is my hope that we were able to capture a lasting musical moment. I wanted to show how my work with Bad Religion was informed by other, seemingly disparate and unconventional genres of music that at first glance may appear to have nothing to do with punk. My hope is that this project will live to pass along the tradition of American songwriting to others long after I am buried and cold as the clay.

~ Greg Graffin, booklet liner notes
With this dusky and starkly recorded collection, longtime Bad Religion howler Graffin becomes the second guy in recent months to temporarily trade in his rock'n'roll pedigree for that of an old-timey troubadour bringing old folk songs back to life. But where Bruce Springsteen used his "We Shall Overcome" stage to make mostly joyful noise, Graffin, as you'd expect from a lifelong punk, is more comfortable swimming around in folk's dark side; the characters he highlights are faithful but hope-free ("Talk About Suffering"), abandoned lovers ("Willie Moore") or simple stone-cold killers ("Omie Wise", "Little Sadie"). His icy rasp perfectly suited to such blackhearted tales, Graffin also uses the stripped-away detour to contribute a few of his own tracks, which figure exactly into the album's sense of dusty isolation.

~ Jeff Vrabel,
Following a solo album released in 1997 under the alias American Lesion, Cold as the Clay comes as the first effort from Bad Religion frontman Greg Graffin issued under his own name. Unlike the simple singer/songwriter approach of American Lesion, this album finds Graffin – backed by members of the Weakerthans, among other musicians – paying homage to his early upbringing in Wisconsin (where family singalongs were prevalent) with what the album sticker proclaims as "a heart-rending collection of old-timey American folk". And essentially, that's exactly what Cold as the Clay is. Recorded and mixed in a week with players sitting in the studio as though around a campfire, the reflective songs range from mere acoustic numbers to ones that further incorporate banjo, mandolin, harmonica, and more. Graffin penned five of the 11 songs presented, the rest of the record containing reworked versions of traditional classics; however, all tracks intermingle as though they were always from the same time period and nothing sounds contrived. And even with the absolute lack of the revved-up punk that Graffin is normally associated with – which may catch some Bad Religion fans off guard – his distinctive unwavering vocal delivery remains the exact same. From the weary resilience of "Don't Be Afraid to Run" to the spiritual lament of "One More Hill" to the harmony-laden (with Jolie Holland) "Talk About Suffering", the album draws its strength from Graffin's compelling presence. Take away the banjos, turn up the speed, and Cold as the Clay could very well pass as a stripped-down Bad Religion record. This fact is even more interesting when one thinks about how much folk music has obviously inspired Graffin, and consequently, Bad Religion as well – not to mention every band subsequently influenced by their music. As aforementioned, this album will not be everyone's cup of tea. Still, there's really nothing better than stripping such a potent singer as Graffin down to his roots. And when the folky result is as engaging as it is comforting, well, Cold as the Clay shouldn't be missed.

~ Corey Apar, all media guide

01. Don't Be Afraid To Run
02. Omie Wise
03. Cold As The Clay
04. Little Sadie
05. Highway
06. Rebel's Goodbye
07. Talk About Suffering
08. Willie Moore
09. California Cotton Fields
10. The Watchmaker's Dial
11. One More Hill

all songs written by Greg Graffin except "9" by Frazier/Montgomery, and "2,4,7,8,11" - traditional.

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Produced & Mixed Brett Gurewitz. Engineered by Pete Martinez
Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at the The Mastering Lab.

• Greg Graffin – lead & backing vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, piano
- Stephen Carroll – guitar, slide guitar
- Chris Berry – guitar, banjo
- Joe Wack – guitar
- David Bragger – banjo, mandolin, fiddle
- Greg Smith – bass guitar
- Jason Tait – drums
- Brett Gurewitz – background vocals
- Jolie Holland – background vocals

Release Date: July 11, 2006
Label: ANTI- Inc. (Epitaph U.S.)
Catalog No.: 86809-2

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