Heart - Private Audition (1982)

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Heart - Private Audition (1982)

Heart - Private Audition (1982)
EAC RIP FLAC+CUE NO LOG+COVERS | RS 249 MB | 1982 | Original Recording

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Private Audition is a concept album whose cuts represent various performers singing their stuff for a decidedly phlegmatic casting director. But the concept is essentially a conceit whereby vocalist Ann Wilson can shuck the Robert Plant-sounda-like tag that's dogged her since Dreamboat Annie. This foray into uncharted musical waters by Ann and the band yields its share of mistakes. On the whole, though, the successes outweigh the embarrassments, making Private Audition Heart's bravest LP to date.

Take the title cut, a honky-tonk-piano-meets-cutie-pie ditty. At first it seems more appropriate for Bernadette Peters, but Wilson's surprisingly light vocal touch registers the double entendres in a refreshingly uncloying fashion. "This Man Is Mine," a Motown hommage far sloppier than anything Detroit would call its own, triumphs on sheer amiability. Best of the lot is "Bright Light Girl," a raveup pop tune with the spunkiest rhythm section and backup vocals ever on a Heart record.

Not so successful are "Angels," a tribute to Sean Ono Lennon that proves only that the best intentions are no substitute for a melody, and most of side two, where things get a mite too moony. But those gaffes notwithstanding, Private Audition is an admirable effort by a band gutsy enough to explore new sounds just when the marketplace has caught up with their old one. This Heart gets the part.

Ann Wilson - Flute, Guitar, Bass guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Violin, Vocals and Background vocals
Nancy Wilson - Guitar, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Harmonica, Pedal steel
Michael DeRosier - Drums
Cinde Ennis - Dance and Tap Dancer
Sue Ennis - Guitar, Piano and Vocals
Steve Fossen - Bass and Percussion
Howard Leese - Alto Recorder, Bells, Clavioline, Cymbals, Guitar, Acoustic guitar, Bass guitar, Electric guitar, Keyboards, Moog Bass, Moog synthesizer, Organ, Hammond organ, Piano, Sound effects, Special effects, Synthesizer and Vocals
Lynn Wilson - Vocals and Background vocals, Guitar, Piano, Electric piano, Piano Strings, Vocals and Background vocals
Lynn Wilson Keagle - Vocals

1. "City's Burning" (Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Sue Ennis) - 4:25
2. "Bright Light Girl" (A. Wilson, N. Wilson, Ennis) - 3:22
3. "Perfect Stranger" (A. Wilson, Ennis) - 3:52
4. "Private Audition" (A. Wilson, N. Wilson, Ennis) - 3:21
5. "Angels" (A. Wilson, Ennis) - 2:59
6. "This Man Is Mine" (A. Wilson, N. Wilson, Ennis) - 3:02
7. "The Situation" (N. Wilson, Michael Derosier) - 4:17
8. "Hey Darlin' Darlin'" (A. Wilson, Ennis) - 4:00
9. "One Word" (N. Wilson) - 4 -32
10. "Fast Times" (A. Wilson, N. Wilson, Ennis) - 4:03
11. "America" (A. Wilson, Ennis) - 2:34