In Extremo - Gold (1997)

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In Extremo - Gold (1997)

In Extremo - Gold (1997)

Folk / Medieval | mp3 | CBR@192kbps | 55 Mb

This album is not metal at all, its pure acoustics except for a 5 seconds electronic drum beat, a donkey getting beaten, or something, and one song. It is a great album though, perhaps a bit to repetative over a long period of time. The band puts good rythyms and drums in their songs but they drag them out for 3 minutes for some songs. I guess if you like classic folk you would enjoy it, but alot of metal heads don't like the same thing over and over again. I personally enjoyed it.
Also this album lacks intensity and vocals, except for one song. I don't recomend it for any people who like in extremo's other stuff or metal. Its really for folk fans. Certain points highlight the album, like really cool drums and horn instruments. Otherwise its just plain folk i guess. Don't really know much about folk music, but I do like this album and recomend it to anyone who likes acoustics, or folk.

Band homepage: In Extremo

Band: In Extremo
Album: Gold
Year: 1997
Genre: Folk / Medieval
Country: Germany
Format: mp3 CBR@192kbps Stereo
Size: 55 Mb

01. Intro - Ecce Rex Bandary (8:00)
02. Pavane (2:50)
03. Schaf Oda Nix Schaf (3:12)
04. Tourdion (4:29)
05. Neva Ceng I Harbe (3:00)
06. Fur Bo (2:34)
07. Quant Je Sui Mis Au Retour (2:53)
08. Neunerle (3:03)
09. Lulbap - Como Poden (5:37)
10. Villeman Og Magnhild (3:38)
Total playing time 39:16

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In Extremo - Gold (1997)