James Asher - Globalarium

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James Asher - Globalarium

James Asher - Globalarium
mp3 | 256 kbps | 1993 | 130 mb | 67 min
Genre: World, Ethnic, Fusion

"Globarium is a collecion of pieces, whose central theme is a portrait of a unified world in harmony, through a light-hearted fusion of multiple ethnic music styles. Drawing much from rhythmic inspiration, and balancing on the central pivot of Western style 'grooves', the music sees the meeting of such diverse elements as didgeridoo, classical flute, trumpet, shakuhachi, recorder, steel drum as well as a large selection of sampled and electronic sounds."

James Asher: Keyboards, Drums, Shak-Shak, Bottle, Handclaps
Suzanne Bramson: Vocals
Acoris Andipa: Vocals, Handclaps, Keys
Hossam Ramzy: Percussion
Joji Hirota: Shakuhachi
Tim Wheater: Flute (tracks 6 and 9), Native American Flute (track 9)
Michael Cox: Flute (tracks 1 and 4)
Phil Thornton: Recorder/Elbow Guitar
Ted Emmett: Trumpet
Andy Peters: Didgeridoo
Ricky De Cairos: Steel Drum

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01. The Medicine Wheel
02. Tabasco Rhythm
03. Paint The Moon Red
04. August Moon
05. Zammo-Zansa
06. Bushwhackers
07. Send In The Tribes
08. Canyon Of The Big Didge
09. Navajo Sky
10. Campfire On The Dunes

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