Jeff Beal - House Of Cards: Season 5 (Music From The Netflix Original Series) (2017)

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Jeff Beal - House Of Cards: Season 5 (Music From The Netflix Original Series) (2017)

Jeff Beal - House Of Cards: Season 5 (Music From The Netflix Original Series) (2017)
Soundtrack | 1:43:56 | MP3, 320 kbps | 243 MB
Label: Varese Sarabande

Trumpeter and composer Jeff Beal's music, much of it done for film and television enterprises, encompasses threads of jazz, classical, and new age sounds, and his best compositions feature a logically arranged synthesis of both improvisatory and composed elements. Beal was born June 20, 1963 in Hayward, California, and began studying the trumpet in the third grade, writing his first long-form composition while he was a student in high school, developing the merging of improvisation and classical composition that would become his professional signature. He studied composition and trumpet at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, graduating in 1985. Beal moved to New York City, where he recorded his first album, Liberation, for Island Records, the first of several solo albums. Relocating to Los Angeles, his skills at writing accessible orchestral compositions that allowed room for improvisation found him working increasingly in film and television scoring, beginning with his work on Ed Harris' directorial debut, Pollock, in 2001. His many credits in the field include the main theme for the USA Network series Monk, as well as scoring work on HBO's Carnivale and Rome, Ridley Scott's CIA series The Company, and for numerous films, including Appaloosa, No Good Deed, Little Red Wagon, Georgia O'Keeffe, and Wilde Salome, among others, as well as working on the Golden Globe-winning series Ugly Betty and Netflix's House of Cards television series. Beal conducts and orchestrates his own scores, and often performs on them.


01. Jeff Beal - Nothing To Be Afraid Of
02. Jeff Beal - How We Met
03. Jeff Beal - House Of Cards Theme
04. Jeff Beal - Dial Up The Terror
05. Jeff Beal - Infamy
06. Jeff Beal - About My Father
07. Jeff Beal - Almost There
08. Jeff Beal - Is The Damper Open?
09. Jeff Beal - Tom Yates
10. Jeff Beal - Simple Truths
11. Jeff Beal - Find A Judge
12. Jeff Beal - Tom, Stop
13. Jeff Beal - Where Are You
14. Jeff Beal - Are We Together
15. Jeff Beal - He Lived
16. Jeff Beal - Russians In Antarctica
17. Jeff Beal - Election Results
18. Jeff Beal - Artfully Confident
19. Jeff Beal - Then What
20. Jeff Beal - Access To Everything
21. Jeff Beal - New Election Day
22. Jeff Beal - The Bunker
23. Jeff Beal - Playing Both Sides
24. Jeff Beal - Dead To Rights

01. Jeff Beal - Elysium Fields
02. Jeff Beal - No Good Deed
03. Jeff Beal - Left For Dead
04. Jeff Beal - A Million Years Ago
05. Jeff Beal - Lunch With Petrov
06. Jeff Beal - America I Hear You
07. Jeff Beal - Slow Burn
08. Jeff Beal - Your Job
09. Jeff Beal - Let Them Forgive You
10. Jeff Beal - Saved My Life
11. Jeff Beal - Do You Like It
12. Jeff Beal - Don't Go Their Way
13. Jeff Beal - Note From Tom
14. Jeff Beal - Before I Take It Back
15. Jeff Beal - Who's The Leak
16. Jeff Beal - Implicate Yourself
17. Jeff Beal - Night Vigil
18. Jeff Beal - Shut It Down
19. Jeff Beal - The One To Watch
20. Jeff Beal - Real Power
21. Jeff Beal - Women In Combat
22. Jeff Beal - Heavy Heart
23. Jeff Beal - Contingencies
24. Jeff Beal - Swallowing Poison
25. Jeff Beal - For Now
26. Jeff Beal - Lee Ann Missing
27. Jeff Beal - Nuclear Codes