John Gregory (Chaquito) - TV Themes

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John Gregory (Chaquito) - TV Themes

John Gregory (Chaquito) and his Orchestra delivers big, brassy, powerful interpretations of some popular, and obscure, TV detective and fantasy themes. His takes on "It Takes a Thief" and "The Names of The Game" are simply fantastic… and the best versions of either track available anywhere and provide a great listening experience. His line up of the cream of session musicians provide some of the most authentic sounding themes around, including many you simply won't hear anywhere else. There is a great big-band feel to the arrangements, while also featuring elements of funk and rock too. Give it a try…you won't be disappointed!

New links RS (oct 2009)

Part 1 (88 MB)

Part 2 (90 MB)

Covers included (hi res)


Track Listings

1. Mission Impossible
2. The Rockfor Files
3. Cannon
4. Softly Softly
5. Columbo
6. M Squad
7. Ironside
8. Griff
9. The Untouchables
10. Mannix
11. Route 66
12. McMillan & Wife
13. Harry-O
14. Streets Of San Francisco
15. The Six Million Dollar Man
16. Hawaii 5-0
17. It Takes A Thief
18. Theme From S.W.A.T.
19. I Spy
20. McCloud
21. Perry Mason
22. The Name Of The Game
23. Banacek
24. Johnny Staccato
25. Policewoman
26. The Sweeney
27. The Original Avengers Theme
28. Kojak

Enjoy the music (¡mirrors welcome!)