Kamelot - The Black Halo (2005)

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Kamelot - The Black Halo (2005)

Kamelot - The Black Halo (2005)

Melodic Power Metal | mp3 | CBR@192kbps | 80Mb

With the precision of a clockwork the American/Norwegian quartet KAMELOT has been releasing its albums since 1995 now and in the course of the years has developed into one of the most original and best bands of the genre. The last album "Epica" in 2003 had without a doubt been the most ambitious epos to date, as they took on the heavy stuff in form of Goethe's "Faustus" to realise. And with "The Black Halo" they take up this theme once more and combine it with own experiences and views, which results in another very deep experience, which you can interpret in a myriad of ways, which just adds to the fascination of this album.

Band homepage: Kamelot

Band: Kamelot
Album: The Black Halo
Year: 2005
Style: Melodic Power Metal
Country: USA
Format: mp3 CBR@192kbps
Size: 80 MB

1. March of Mephisto 05:29
2. When the Lights Are Down 03:42
3. The Haunting (Somewhere in Time) 05:40
4. Soul Society 04:18 [view lyrics]
5. Interlude I: Dei Gratia 00:57
6. Abandoned 04:07
7. This Pain 03:59
8. Moonlight 05:11
9. Interlude II: Un Assassinio Molto Silenzioso 00:41
10. The Black Halo 03:43
11. Nothing Ever Dies 04:46
12. Memento Mori 08:54
13. Interlude III: Midnight - Twelve Tolls for a New Day 01:21
14. Serenade 04:33
Total playing time 57:21
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