Keith Jarrett - Spheres (1976) {ECM}

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Keith Jarrett - Spheres (1976) {ECM}

Keith Jarrett - Spheres (1976) {ECM}
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Jazz / Classical / Organ

Hymns/Spheres, the original double LP from which the four pieces here are drawn, was perhaps too long and somewhat self-indulgent, and ultimately risked tedium. Yet the album contained some of the most transcendent music Keith Jarrett has recorded. In 1976, he came upon the mighty Trinity Organ, built by Karl Joseph Riepp (1710-1775) at the Benedictine Abbey in Ottobeuren, and proceeded to extend its already awesome capabilities by experimenting with partial openings of its stops. The result was an array of eerie tonalities with which he could accomplish a memorable contribution to the long tradition of organ improvisation. The opening section of the nine-part "Sphere" (four selections of which comprise this release) is a grand, piercing, and elevating summoning of shadowy recesses of the spirit, and of their liberation in devotion to whatever one's gods.


Personnel: Keith Jarrett: Baroque organ

01. Spheres (1st Movement)
02. Spheres (4th Movement)
03. Spheres (7th Movement)
04. Spheres (9th Movement)

Keith Jarrett - Spheres (1976) {ECM}

Keith Jarrett - Spheres (1976) {ECM}

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