The Kinks - The Kink Kontroversy (1965)

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The Kinks - The Kink Kontroversy (1965)

The Kinks - The Kink Kontroversy (1965)
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Label: Castle Music America - 16 Tracks

The Kink Kontroversy is a rock and roll album by the English band The Kinks, released in 1965. It is a transitional work, with elements of both the earlier Kinks' styles (heavily blues-influenced songs such as "Milk Cow Blues," and variations on the band's hits from 1964-65 such as "Till the End of the Day") and early indications of the future direction of Ray Davies songwriting styles ("The World Keeps Going Round" and "I'm On an Island"). The album's title is a mocking reference to the notorious reputation the band had developed over the previous year, including onstage fights and concert riots in Europe, which led to a ban on the group's concerts in the United States. Wikipedia


01. Milk Cow Blues
02. Ring The Bell
03. Gotta Get The First Plane Home
04. When I See That Girl Of Mine
05. I Am Free
06. Till The End Of The Day
07. The World Keeps Going Around
08. I'm On An Island
09. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
10. It's Too Late
11. What's In Store For Me
12. You Can't Win
13. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion / Bonus
14. Sittin' On My Sofa / Bonus
15. When I See That Girl Of Mine / Bonus/Demo
16. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion / Bonus/Alt.