The Kinks - Kinda kinks (1965)

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The Kinks - Kinda kinks (1965)

The Kinks - Kinda kinks (1965)
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Label: Essential / Castle - 23 Tracks

Kinda Kinks is a rock and roll album by the English band The Kinks, released in 1965. It was released in the United States as Kinks Kinkdom with a highly altered track list made up mostly from singles. All tracks from the U.S. release can be found on CD releases of Kinda Kinks, The Kink Kontroversy, and Face to Face as bonus tracks. Wikipedia


01. Look For Me Baby
02. Got My Feet On The Ground
03. Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me From Worryin' 'Bout That Gir
04. Naggin' Woman
05. Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
06. Tired Of Waiting For You
07. Dancing In The Street
08. Don't Ever Change
09. Come On Now
10. So Long
11. You Shouldn't Be Sad
12. Something Better Beginning
13. Everybody's Gonna Be Happy / Bonus
14. Who'll Be The Next In Line / Bonus
15. Set Me Free / Bonus
16. I Need You / Bonus
17. See My Friends / Bonus
18. Never Met A Girl Like You Before / Bonus
19. Wait Till Summer Comes Along / Bonus
20. Such A Shame / Bonus
21. Well Respected Man / Bonus
22. Don't You Fret / Bonus
23. I Go to Sleep /Bonus / Demo