Lady Antebellum - Ocean (2019)

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Lady Antebellum - Ocean (2019)

Lady Antebellum - Ocean (2019)
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Country | Label: Big Machine Records

Country trio Lady Antebellum has shared details of their new album Ocean and debuted a video for the title track. The 13-song album, out Nov. 15, was produced by Dann Huff. “There’s this theme of returning to the core of who we are – as writers, vocalists and people – that came out in each of these songs,” Dave Haywood explained, in a release. “Our time in the studio with Dann had an excitement that felt like we were making our first album all over again.”

The collection includes the anthemic “You Can Do You,” the Celtic-inspired “Boots” and a collaboration with Little Big Town, “The Thing That Wrecks You.”

Hillary Scott said of the title track: “It's such a cinematic and theatrical melody that really tied together our standpoint of this record as a whole. ‘Ocean’ stands for all of the things that we think and feel when we hear the word. Its parallel with those feelings much like the songs about barely keeping your head above water and others that make you feel like everything is smooth sailing.”
1. What If I Never Get Over You (03:26)
2. Pictures (02:58)
3. Crazy Love (03:25)
4. You Can Do You (04:08)
5. What I’m Leaving For (03:23)
6. Be Patient With My Love (05:06)
7. Alright (03:16)
8. Let It Be Love (03:38)
9. On a Night Like This (03:23)
10. Boots (03:33)
11. The Thing That Wrecks You (feat. Little Big Town) (04:35)
12. Mansion (03:12)
13. Ocean (03:30)




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