Lambarena - Bach to Africa (re-upload)

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Lambarena - Bach to Africa (re-upload)

Lambarena - Bach to Africa

Composer: Anonymous, Johann Sebastian Bach, Tomas Gubitsch
Conductor: Tomas Gubitsch
Performer: Nana Vasconcelos, Sami Ateba
Total time: 48:00
Audio CD (October 24, 1995)

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Together the melodies of J.S. Bach with the melodies and rhythms of Gabonese ensembles of mixed voices plus soloists and virtuoso instrumentalists, all celebrating life and the journey of humanity.

Track Listing

1. Jesus bleibet meine Freude
2. Sankanda
3. Mayingo
4. Herr, unser Herrscher
5. Mabo Maboe
6. Bombe
7. Pepa Nzac Gnon Ma
8. Mamoudo Na Sakka Baya Boudouma Ngombi
9. Agnus Dei
10. Ikoukou
11. Inongo
12 .Okoukoue
13. Lhr Lieblishste Blicke, ihr freudige Stunden
14. Jesus bleibet meine Freude

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