Little Miss Higgins - My Home, My Heart (2017)

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Little Miss Higgins - My Home, My Heart (2017)

Little Miss Higgins - My Home, My Heart (2017)
WEB FLAC (tracks) ~ 254.62 Mb | 41:46 | Cover
Contemporary Blues | Country: Canada | Label: Morning Noise Records

From the Great Northern Plains, Little Miss Higgins struts and serenades her way onto any stage playing music brewed up in early country blues, jazz and folk. For over 15 years, she has performed, toured, collaborated, recorded and released 5 independent albums. Her music has won three Western Canadian Music Awards and received JUNO and Maple Blues Awards nominations. Now, along with motherhood, Higgins has the newest addition to her list of accomplishments, My Home, My Heart.

Recorded at The Song Shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, MY HOME, MY HEART is a collection of fresh songs from a unique artist, who remains true to her roots, but has ventured into new territory. Her voice has never been richer or songwriting riper, and the crew of Winnipeg musicians Higgins has brought together on this musical steam ship shines with talent. Co-produced with Scott Nolan and engineered by Jamie Sitar of Outta Town Sound, this album is an effortless addition to this artist’s impressive body of work. To top it all off, her hand-drawn ink artwork is used for the album cover design.

Little Miss Higgins (aka Jolene Higgins) was born in Brooks, Alberta, and raised in Independence, Kansas. Music entered her life early. “When I was about four my dad brought home an old mini-grand piano and told me it was mine. I carved my name in the side of it and then I had to start taking piano lessons.”

Higgins now uses guitar and voice as her main instruments as well as her theatre background to bring a refreshing sound and story to the stage. Higgins settled in Saskatchewan from 2002-2013 and that’s when music took the driver’s seat. Over that time she built her career touring across Canada performing in clubs, theatres and festivals.

As a songwriter and musician, Higgins has been influenced by a range of artists from Memphis Minnie and Billie Holiday to Joni Mitchell and Dolly Parton as well as the vast array of Canadian musicians and bands she has had the fortune to see live or even share a stage with like Big Dave McLean, Corb Lund and the Deep Dark Woods to name a few.

In 2011, Higgins opened kd lang’s album release tour in Britain and has appeared live on many CBC radio shows such as Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Café, Michael Enright’s Sunday Edition and Rich Terfry’s Drive. Her talents have also been put to use in the creation of a dust-bowl folk opera in collaboration with the Old Trout Puppet Workshop of Calgary, Alberta. Sharing her abilities with others, young and old, is another passion; she has taught songwriting at many schools and workshops including the Hornby Island Blues Workshop and Play & Record at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg MB.

Higgins has since made the province of Manitoba her home with her partner and son. Though motherhood takes up most of her time these days, she continues to perform, write, paint, and cultivate her creative spirit.

Track List:
01. Put The Needle On 03:40
02. Drawn To You 04:36
03. Swept Away 04:39
04. My Home, My Heart 03:29
05. ABC Blues 03:29
06. Belly Full Of Baby 02:00
07. Cow Cow Boogie 03:45
08. Top Of The Mountain 03:45
09. Little Joe's Lullaby 03:12
10. Full Contact Sport 02:55
11. Radville (Revisited) 06:16




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