Lunascape - Reflecting Seyelence

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Lunascape - Reflecting Seyelence

Lunascape - Reflecting Seyelence
mp3 | 256 kbps | 2002 Year | 47 min | 87 mb
Genre: Electronic, Trip Hop, Ambient

"Lunascapes 2002 twelve-track debut is brimming with original music, lyrics, and instrumentation, and Kyoko Baertsoen (former lead vocalist in Hooverphonic) may very well be one of the most talented female vocalists to appear on the scene in some time. At any given time, Sinead O'Connor, Dolores O'Riordan (The Cranberries), Bjork, and Anneli Drecker (Bel Canto) can be heard battling to gain control of Kyoko's voice. Moving from purest siren's call to Celt-in-the-wild banshee wail, Kyoko adds a dazzling breadth to each track on Reflecting Seylence by expertly managing the nuances of every song. Reflecting Seyelence is a multi-faceted, often breathtaking collection of twelve songs that combine elements of electronica, flamenco, mouth-music, trip-hop, pop, and rock. In fact, this melange of sounds actually work together to give Lunascape their novel sound. For example, 'Tears from the Moon,' which was co-written by Rick Nowels (who has worked with Dido and Madonna) and Billy Steinberg is a strange breeding of popular and classical music styles. The melody sounds almost as if it has been drawn from an eastern european folk tradition, but with an added contemporary spin. Particularly clever is the way in which the orchestra emphasizes the line 'Tears from the Moon fall down like Rain' with cascading strings that create the effect of something actually falling from the sky."


01. Your Shadow
02. Tears From The Moon
03. My 2nd Skin
04. Love = Creepy
05. Lane Navachi
06. Sin For Me
07. Love Leather
08. Sequoia
09. Yairo
10. Inferno
11. Mourning Star
12. Dream Scenario

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