Massive Attack - Blue Lines

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Massive Attack - Blue Lines

Massive Attack - Blue Lines (1991)
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Blue Lines is Massive's debut record and is the second musical union of Bristol's renowned collective, Wildbunch. The emotional purging and beat-driven orchestral movement of "Unfinished Sympathy" was among the first signs of life in contemporary English trip-hop culture. Other masterpieces, like "Daydreaming," which features Shara Nelson, Tricky, and other friends on the mic, throb with deep, dubby beats and soulful ambiance. Blue Lines marks the beginning of a musical legacy that is ever expanding.

Hard to believe Blue Lines is an album from 1991. Taking elements from hip-hop beats, adding dub and ambient effects, plus a few rap rhymes and vocalists created the genre known as "trip-hop". What impresses most is the vision and creativity from Massive Attack to produce an album with such timeless and amazing sounds that it still sounds brand new 15 years later.

An essential recording. Few albums produce the ambience that Blue Lines creates. Blue Lines is the soundtrack of an urban landscape, it turns elements of city life into sounds, a soundscape of the city. From a musical standpoint there is no argument against the genius of this album, looking at it 15 years from its release date only adds more greatness to it.

Massive Attack - Blue Lines

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