Mel Torme & Buddy Rich - Together Again for the First Time

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Mel Torme & Buddy Rich - Together Again for the First Time

Mel Torme & Buddy Rich - Together Again for the First Time

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Mel Torme & Buddy Rich - Together Again for the First Time

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Album Info

1. When I Found You
2. Here's That Rainy Day
3. Blues in the Night
4. Bluesette
5. You Are the Sunshine of My Life
6. I Won't Last a Day Without You
7. Oh, Lady Be Good

Though singer Torme and drummer Rich were friends for years, they never made a recording together until relatively late in their careers. In this album, a new release of a 1993 recording, we hear two giants in their fields having fun together in a direct-to-disc LP which sounds like a live performance. Rich and his band cede artistic control here to Torme, whose arrangements are featured on all but "Blues in the Night," which, incidentally, is an amazing song, full of unusual sounds and tempos, lasting a full eight minutes, and featuring a solo of jazz tuba. Torme has perfect pitch, and Rich has perfect tempo, and together they create a jazz album which goes way beyond the traditional interpretations of these well-known songs, breaking new ground and leaving a legacy for modern performers to emulate.

The album starts traditionally enough with "When I Found You," with the trumpets sounding somewhat distant, allowing Torme's mellow voice to flourish. "Here's That Rainy Day" is one of my favorites here, its introduction also featuring "Soon It's Gonna Rain," followed by a tenor sax solo by Phil Woods (brought in for the occasion), which then continues in the background as Torme turns this traditional song into a slow, bluesy ballad, full of drama, long-held notes, and his lovely vibrato. "Bluesette" features a great Buddy Rich solo, which gradually becomes softer and continues in the background as the bluesy trumpets enter and Torme takes over.

"Lady Be Good," Torme's famous tribute to Ella Fitzgerald is almost totally scat, with musical references to Ella's famous "Yellow Basket." Rich plays noticeable, but not intrusive, riffs throughout. This is an imaginative, interesting, and unusual album, certain to appeal to jazz buffs and fans of Torme and Rich, a collaboration of two of the greats, whose interpretations here bring new sounds and meanings to old favorites. At this price, how can you lose? n Mary Whipple