Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (1969) {2000 SME Master Sound DSD Japan SRCS 9713}

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Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (1969) {2000 SME Master Sound DSD Japan SRCS 9713}

Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (1969) {2000 SME Master Sound DSD Japan SRCS 9713}
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Jazz / Fusion / Avant-Garde Jazz / Trumpet

With IN A SILENT WAY, the elements of popular music, blues and electronics that had been implicit in Miles Davis' previous recordings now came center stage, and the trumpeter never looked back again. IN A SILENT WAY is Miles' BIRTH OF THE COOL/MILES AHEAD/KIND OF BLUE for the rock generation. Gone are the rhythmic and harmonic trappings of bebop. In their place, Miles conjures a hypnotic, subliminal dance pulse and an airy, celestial drone of electric keyboards. Miles fell in love with the bell tones and flute-like textures of Fender/Rhodes electric pianos, and in the hands of Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Joe Zawinul (who doubles on organ), they create layer upon layer of choral texture, in great reverberant washes of color and counterpoint.

Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (1969) {2000 SME Master Sound DSD Japan SRCS 9713}

The juxtaposition of groove and impressionistic drone movements creates the inner tension in each of the extended pieces–Miles' "Shhh/Peaceful" and Zawinul's "In A Silent Way/It's About Time." Newcomer John McLaughlin's lyric, sitar-like guitar sets a serene mood on "Shhh," as bassist Dave Holland and drummer Williams essay a pulsating vamp. Miles' open horn is nuanced and graceful, combining long notes and cracked speech-like tones into one of his classic melodic statements, followed by McLaughlin's dancing figures and Wayne Shorter's chanting soprano. The title tune is a dark, dreamy, aquatic tone poem that breaks into an irresistable blues vamp. IN A SILENT WAY is one of Miles most sublimely beautiful, enduring creations.

Personnel: Miles Davis (trumpet); Wayne Shorter (soprano saxophone); Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock (electric piano); Joe Zawinul (organ); Dave Holland (bass); John McLaughlin (guitar); Tony Williams (drums).

1. Shhh / Peaceful
2. In A Silent Way / It's About That Time / In A Silent Way

Mastersound Producer: Moto Uehara
DSD Engineer: Kouji C Suzuki
Special Thanks to: Steve Berkowitz, Cindy Karp, David Smith, Mark Wilder, Bob Belden

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Miles Davis / In A Silent Way

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Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (1969) {2000 SME Master Sound DSD 			  		 	 	  		 	    	 			   		   	  		 		   		  	   	 			   		   	  		 	 	  	 			   		  		  		   				 Japan SRCS 9713}

Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (1969) {2000 SME Master Sound DSD Japan SRCS 9713}

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